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A Married Lady in Islamabad

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Hi friends. This is rehan. Name changed of course for obvious reasons. Let me describe a little about myself. I am 5 feet 9 inches tall slim almost athletic body 21 years old. I just came across this website and decided to publish my own story.
if any girl/lady from pakistan especially from islamabad,rawalpindi, lahore and nearby places wanna have phone sex or real sex with full secrecy..than dont hesitate to mail me at boy_reason@yahoo.com…
secrecy will be maintained…come on ladies.. dont hesitate.. everything will be totally secrect

I live in islamabad.pakistan,
The experience I am going with you is about a friend whom I went to school with a long time ago.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I had left work early to rest before a long hectic weekend. I decided go to the gym early so I could nap before the night started. Upon arriving at the reception of the gym I noticed a familiar face standing at the counter getting some information. When I looked closer it was a friend from school who was pretty average looking back then but now had turned into this gorgeous mature looking woman. We exchanged smiles and acknowledged the fact that we knew each other but did not speak.

Being a reserved person I usually do not make an effort with people but somehow I knew I wanted to get talking with Aliya (name changed of course)

I walked up to the counter with an excuse and flashed my executive card (sometimes you need to flash your money to get attention) and asked the receptionist some silly question. Just then Aliya looked and said “rehan”? I acknowledged her name and we got talking. She told me she had been married for 4 years now.

I told her about my life and we made conversation for about ten minutes. Those ten minutes I just kept staring at her face and her body admiring her and wondering why I had ignored her during school and college days and only if I knew she would turn out to be so gorgeous I would make more of an effort.

She was one of those not so bold and outgoing girls in school. Never even got a chance to go abroad to study.. Anyways I found out she was about to join the gym and I offered her a tour. During the short tour I didn’t know much about the gym myself so we spoke more about life. I learned that her husband was quite well off but I got the feeling he wasn’t treating her right.

I gathered up the courage to ask her number knowing it was completely inappropriate but did so anyways with the excuse saying if she decided to join she should give me call. Surprisingly she gave me her number and we left saying goodbye. I knew she would never call me and I couldn’t call because asking for her number would be totally out of line.

Two days went normal I got busy with work and I totally forgot about my meeting with Aliya. On Monday I got a text from a random number saying “Hey it’s me. Are you a regular at the gym I just joined today didn’t see you there so was wondering if it was just bad timing or if you had decided not to go at all”

I got excited by the idea of a married girl messaging me. I obviously took my time to reply and told her I usually get lazy and my timings are off and if I had a gym buddy I would be more regular.

One message led to another and we started talking till late night. I purposely did not ask about her husband and spoke to her like I would talk to any normal single girl. The messages started getting flirtatious after a while but we both knew it was just jokes. I bugged her about being such a loser in school and she bugged me about the type of girls I hung out with.

We decided to meet at the gym. At the gym she wanted to exchange ipods with me because she claimed she was sick of her music. After our workout was done I could not handle my curiosity and asked her where her husband was and why he was never mentioned. She told me he was in Dubai and she did not like the life there so decided to stay back.

Knowing I had a chance since we had gotten so friendly I asked her if we should have a meal together. To which she completely refused and I pretended to be slightly offended and said an abrupt goodbye because I was in a rush. Later she messaged me saying that she did want to hang out with me but since islamabad was such a small city she did not want people to see her with another man.

I instantly grabbed the opportunity and invited her over saying I was going to cook and if it made her feel comfortable I would have another female friend over.

The weekend finally arrived and she agreed to come over. She came wearing normal clothes looking gorgeous as usual but smelling irresistible. I knew I wanted to try my luck with her and did not want to regret not making a move on her later so I complemented her perfume. We sat and talked and she got comfortable in the surroundings.

After an early dinner which I had cooked and she was completely in love with my cooking skills I was hoping she wouldn’t leave so I asked if she wanted to watch a movie. After a little hesitation she agreed and we started watching The Notebook and things got extremely romantic.

We didn’t get through the whole movie and I started getting closer to her. She responded and soon her leg was on top of mine and she was getting extremely restless. I asked her if everything was ok and if she was uncomfortable we could do something else or move outside for some fresh air. She just kept quiet and told me she was enjoying it but didn’t feel right.

I knew she was extremely nervous and fragile and would agree to anything in confusion so I just asked her if I kiss her would she feel better.

She obviously did not answer so I bent over and kissed her on her lips. She surprisingly kissed back and we started feeling each other up.

I could tell she was extremely horny by now and would not object to my further advances so I started kissing and licking her neck and ears.

Within no time we had our hands inside each other clothes and I had opened her bra strap so I could get my hands inside her bra and feel them.

I hinted at taking her kameez off and soon she was only in her underwear. She said it wasn’t fair that she was the only one who was naked so she took my clothes off too.

I picked her up and took her to the bed, parted her legs pushed her panties on the side and kissed her pussy. I was shocked since from her moves I could tell that this was the first time someone was going down on her. Soon I had my tongue inside her pussy and she was going wild moaning and screaming. She pulled my hair so hard and pushed my face deeper. She Aliya smelt out of this world and tasted even better.

She came in my mouth and started shivering after.. Knowing her first orgasm was great and she had experienced such an intense one for the first time I knew what would follow would be great.

She hugged me tight and told me it was wrong but she didn’t care and pulled my underwear down and took my cock in her mouth and gave me one of the best blowjobs I have ever had.

Feeling the need to satisfy her more I stopped her and pushed her on the bed and slowly rub her clit with my tip till she couldn’t take it anymore and wanted me deep inside her.

Once inside I could tell that her husband was not that big because he pussy was tight and her screams were intense. We fucked for good 25 minutes in all positions. I even did her on the stairs.

Looking at her roam around naked in my house I could not believe this normal looking school friend would turn out to have such a hot body and gorgeous face and I hate to admit that I was jealous that her husband could have her anytime he wanted.

Getting back on the bed I made her climb on top of me and we did a 69 and she had the most intense orgasm as I sucked her clit with my finger stimulating her ass. She knew it was my turn now and sucked me till I was about to cum. I tried pushing her head away but she swallowed my entire load and looked like the most beautiful thing on her knees just staring at my cock and making love to it.

She said she had to leave but I forced her to stay a few more hours.

The following months we had the steamiest meetings and explored and satisfied each other till we both decided it was starting to ruin her marriage and it was best if we stopped

if any girl/lady from pakistan especially from islamabad,rawalpindi, lahore and nearby places wanna have phone sex or real sex with full secrecy..than dont hesitate to mail me at boy_reason@yahoo.com…
secrecy will be maintained…come on ladies.. dont hesitate.. everything will be totally secrect

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August 19, 2009 at 4:40 pm

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Chudai Special

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I’m Ali from Islamabad. I’m 21 years old smart and with a athletic body.

Friends kafi dinoo say mujhy koi choot nahi mili thi or mayra lund choot kay ley baytab tha or aj kal sirf muth per guzara tha aj kal farig tha ACCA part 2 ho gia tha or time pass nahi ho raha ths to mary friend nay kaha kay tum farigh ho to tution parhado may nay hami bahri kay chaloo time pas ho jayga mayra friend mujhy un kay gahr lay gia who brother sister thay bahi 10th ja student tha oe us ki bahan 9th ki student thi bahi ka nam nabeel or larki ka nam mahak tha kahir un ki mother say bat ho gi un kay husban dubai may jab karty thay or who yahan rahti thin.

Who kahtoon kahin say bhi in bachoon ki mother nahi lagti thi bilkul young sadool badan munasib figer lamby kaly bal jin may brown key hoy bal who ak dilkash kahtoon thin bad may maloom hoa kay who in bachoo ki stap mother thi mahak bhi apni umar say bari lagti thi who 9th ki student nahi lagti thi lamba qad ubhry hoy naring kay size kay mumy.

Who bhi zabardast thi may bus in doono kay kahyal may rahta tha.

Mujhy tution pahrty hoy 15 din ho gay thay ak din may un kay gahr gia to mahak nay gate kohla or dring room may ja kar bath gia may nay mahak say kaha nabell kahan hay or tum doono ajyoo bag lay kar to mahak kahny lagi kay bahi to dadi kay yahan gia hay.

Aj to mahak gazab ki lag rahi thi aj us nay pink color ka choori dar pajama or wite kurta pahna hoa tha mahak ki gaand choori dar pajamy may bohat sexy lag rahi thi us ki gaand dakh kar mary lund nay hiljul start kar di thi lakin may nay us ko control kia mahak apni books lay kar mary pas akar bath gi aj who kuch zayda mary sath lag kar bathi hoi thi us ka jism mary sath tuch ho raha tha or us kay jism ki garmi say mayra lund kahra ho gia tha mujhy us ka narm or gram jism achha lag raha tha may nay apna ak hat us ki peth per rakha or ahista ahisra nechy us ki gand tak laygia who kuch nahi boli or apna kam karti rahi may apny hath say us gand ko sahlaraha tha may nay shalwar qameez pahni hoi thi or aj under ware bhi nahi pahna tha jis ki waja say mayra lund azadi kay sath kahra tha mahak ko bhi kuch mahsoos hoa kay mayra hath us ki gand ko sahlaraha us ko bhi kuch maza araha tha achanak us kay hath say pen nechy gir gia or who pen uthany ko juhki to may nay apna hath or agy kia choori dar pajamy ki waja say us gand per hath pahrny may asni ho rahi thi who jab pen utha kar sidhi hoi to mayra hath us ki gand kay necy tha or who mayray hth per bathi hoi thi or mayra hath us ki gand kay nechy tha.

Ab us ko bhi kuch maza a raha tha us ka face red ho raha tha or jism ki garmi bhi bahr rahi thi us nay mari shlwar ki traf daykha to boli sir ya ap nay kia chuppia hoa hay many kaha kuch nahi to us nay mary lund ko hath lagia or boli ya kia cheez hay ab mujh say bardast nahi ho raha tha may nay us ko utha kar apni good may bithlia or mayra lund us ki gaand ko tuch karny laga many kaha ya lund hay or ya choot kay under jata hay to who hansany lagi jahny lagi mujy patta hay ammi net per lund or choot dakhti hain many ak din rat ko chup kar dekha tha ammi rat ko net per naked site dakhti hain may ya sun kar hayran ho gia kay is ko sub patta hay many pouchha tum ko kis nay batya kay ya lund hay who kahny lagi ammi ak din abu say ph per kah rahi thin kay mari choot ko thumra lund chay hay jaldi ajyoo mujhy thumara lund chay hay mari choot bohat tang karti hay.

Mujhy ya sun kar hayrani hoi kay is ko sub maloom hay ab maynay us kay chooty chooty mummo ko dabana shroo kr dia us kay mummy mary hatoon may thay or who mazy ly rahi thi or apni gand mary und per ragar rahi thi or agay pechy ho rahi thi many us ko apni good say uthya or us ka munh apni traf kia or us ko apni good may bethlia ab us ka munh mary samny tha many apna lund us ki choot per lagia or us kay lips per kis karny laga us nay mujhy kas kar apny sath chipta lia or mujh ko kiss karny lagi
Or mazy say siskian lay rahi thi haaaa sir bohat maza a rha hay haaaaa please sir mary mummo ko dabyian haaaaaaaaaaa may nay us ka kurta uper kia or us kay gory mummy or pink color kay nipple dakh kar mujh say raha nahi gia or many us kam mummy ko pora munh may lay kar choosny laga us kay chooty choty.

Naringyoo ki thrah mummy thay jo puri tahra mary munh kay under thay may us kay nunno ko chhooooooos raha tha or who ful enjoy kar rahi thi haaaa ufffff sir haaaa bohat mazaaa a raha or necy say who maru lund ko pakar kar agy pechy kar ahi thi mynay kaha or maza layna hay to who boli han sir or maza layna hay many us ko kahra kia or us ka pajama utra to mary samny us ki choti si gori or narm choot mari ankhoon kay samny thi uf kia zabardast choot thi halky bal jo na hony kay braber thay or pohhli hoi choot ko dakr mayry hoosh ur gay many us ko kamar say pakr or us ki choooooooot per apni zaban rakh di abhi maynay apni zaban hi rakhi thi who to pagal ho gai or mayry sar ko apni choot per dadia or may us ki kunwari choot ko apni zaban say chatny laga or who enjoy kar rahi thi haaaa ufffff sir or chatian mari chooot ko haaaa mazza agia haa sir u are garte aj to apny kamal kardia haaaaa us ki choot gili ho chuki thi many apni finger us ki choot nay dalni chai lakin us ki chooot kafi tight thi mari finger nahi ja rahi thi.

Us nay kaha sir apn lund dekhyian maynay apni shalwar koli us nay jo mara 8inch ka mota lund daykha to hayran ho gai or apny doono hatoon say mayry lund ko sahlany lagi mayna kaha maynay thumri choot lo maza dia hay jia tum mary lund ko maza nahi doogi to who boli sir may kasy maza doon many us necy bethia or apna lund us kay munh ki traf kia pahly to who thora sa jijhki phir mayra lund pakar kar munh may lagi or mary lund ko bohat peyar say chooosny lagi or mayra lund ander bahar karny lagi may apny lund say us kay munh ko chood raha tha haaa mari to jan nikal rahi thi ab mahak ko bhi maza a raha tha may ra lund chooooooosny may or mayra lund pura us kay munh may nahi ja raha tha may nay us ka kurta bhi utar dia tha ab who nagi nar samny bathi hoi nayra lund choos rahi thi or mujyak ajeeb sa saroor a rha tha jo may bata nahi sakta.

Phir many us ko sofe per litia aj may us ko choodna nahi chata tha kunkay us ki chooot bohat chooti thi kuch masla ho sakta tha us ko sofe per litny kay bad many apna lund us ki choot per ragny laga or us kay mumoo ko chooosna start kardia jab maynay apna lund us ki chooot per rakha to who mujh say lipt gi or apni choot say mart lund ko ragny lagi or mary hontoon ko choosny lagi or who bohat gram ho gi thi mujhy us ko sanblna muskil ho rha tha who to may ra lund apni chooot may layna chah rahi thi or whoooo zor zor say apni choot ko agy pechy kar rahi thi hhaaa sir plz is ko mari choot kay under dalo haaa uffff sir ap ka lund kitna gram hoooo raha hay haa sir mari chooy marian mari choot ko ap ka lund layna hay please sir mujhy choodna sir mari chooot ko aj chood do haaa bohat maza a rha hay many apny lund ki topi ko tohra sa under kia to us ko.

Tohra dard hoa maynay kaha mahak aj itna looo phir kisi din pura lund thumri choot kau under doonga mahak kahny lagi sir promis karian ap mari choot marian gay mujhy kab chooodyian gay plz sir batian na may nay kaha abhi ya maza loo phir chuddai ka maza bhi layna or who man gai may ny us ki choot per apny lund ko ragar or us kau mummo ko chooos chooos kar lal kar dia ab mayra lund farigh ho na chahta tha many apni topi us ki choot may under bahar ki or mary lund nay apni mani say us ki chooot ko bahr dia ab us ko bhi sakooon ho gia tha may us kay uper say uth gia us nay jo itni sari mani apni chot per dakhi to hayran hoi kahny lagi ya kia hay may nay kaha ya ice crem hay us nay hath say sari mani apni choot per mal li or bathroom jany lagi to us nay kaha sir ap bhi ajian apny lund ko saf kar lain hum doono bath rooom gay us nay mary lund per sabn laga kar us ko saf kia or many us ki choot ko saf kia.

Agar koi larki/aunty/married/widow/unmarried/ pakistan mein especially lahore/rawalpindi ya islamabad mein mere sath mukamal raazdari k sath sex karna chati hain ya friendship karna chahti hain to muje mail kareen at ali_farhan61@yahoo.com relation ki raazdari ki 100 percent guarenty hai… Come on females I will wait for your response.

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Islamabad The Beautiful

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Mera naam ali hai aur mein pakistan ki city rawalpindi mein rehta hun..meri umer 23 saal hai.. Aur height 5.9 hai.mera id ali_farhan61@yahoo.com hai..main jab 20 sal ka tha tab hum flate main raha karte the main gharme mere mom dad ke sath rehta tha, tab mere mom dad dono hi job karte the, us time meri pados mein ek yong couple rehne ke liey aaya tha. Ab situation is tarah thi ki mere gar or uska gar aamne samne tha so zahir si bat he ki mere gar ki sari chis unhe dikhti or unke gar ki sari chize hame dikhti thi jab darvaja khula hota tha, jab mene pehli bar meri nai padosan ko dekha to main tang reh gaya usk badan makhmal jesa tha vo generaly sari pehnti thi, uske.

Boobs uski sari ke blouse mainse abhi bahar aa jene vale ho itne bade the kariband 38 ki size thi. Or uske hips to mane jab chalte the to ese uchalte the ki muzse to raha nahi ja raha tha ki kab uski chudai karu. Meri mom or vo achhe dost ban gaye thode mahino main. Ek bar main school se vapas gar aa raha tha tab mom or nita dono mere gar main bethe the , to vo dek kar main ander chala gaya lekin muze unlogo ki baten sun ni thi so maine apna room ka darwaja thoda khula rakha tha. Tab maine suna ki vo dono apne husband ke sex karne ke bare main bat kar rahe the, nita tab boli ki” mere pati ka to bahot chhota hai mere under tak jata hi nahi , isse munze satisfaction hi nahi hota or vo week main ek bar hi karta hai or kabhi kabhi to mahino tak apne business ke silsile main bahar rehta hai. E bat sunkar main tang reh gaya or meri use chodne ki tamana or bad gai. Ab uske lie main ek moke ki talash main tha, tab hi thode dino ke bad mom ne muze nita ko kuch dene ke liey uske gar bheja jab main vahan gaya tab vo akeli thi or uska pati mahine ke liey bahar gaya hua tha, or usne ek goun pehna tha patle kapde valan lekin usne bra nahi pehni thi isley uske badi si nipple tani hui gown main se saf dikh rahi thi ye dekh kar mera lund sawdhan ki position ki tarah tang ho gaya kunki mene itne pass se kisike boob nahi dekhe the. Nita ki nazar meri nazar padi ki main uske nipple ko dekh raha hun ye dekh kar usne apne hoth nasili tarah se apne danto se daboch liey, fir maine unko mom ne jo dene ko kaha vo dekar nikal gaya. Lekin meri usko chodne ki ichha or bad gayi.

Ek din vo mere gar par aayi tab mom or dad dono job gaye the or main upne computer pe blue film dekh raha tha ,main gar ka darvaj band karna bhul gaya tha kynki mom dad abhi gaye the to vo sidhi hi ander chili aayi or usne dekh liya ki main adult movie dekh rahan maine jab use notis kiya tab tak usne bhi thodi film dekh li thi to mene jaldi se vo band kar di. To mene puch aapko kuch kam tha kya to usne kaha main akeli bore ho rahi thi to tumari mom se milne aai thi. To mene kaha mom chali gai hai agar aapko time pass karna hain to mere sath baten kijiey. To vo mere pas aakar beth hai tab usne kale colour ki sari pehini hu thi usme vo bahot sexi dikh rahi thi. Usne muze pucha ki tum kya dekh rahe the? To main thoda sarma ke bola to aapne dekh liya. To usne kaha muze bhi dekhna hai ye sun kar main tang reh gaya or maine soch liya ki aaj to ise chod kar hi rahunga. To maine movie fir se lagai. Vo dekhte hi dekhte hot hone lagi or usme hi usne muzse pucha tumne esa kabhi kiya hai , to (man main bola aaj karunga) maine bola nahi, lekin karna chahta hun to vo has padi or muze kis karne lagi hotho per to main bi thodi der bad use sath dene laga. Vo bahot jor jor se muze kis karne lagi or mere jib ko chusne lagi main bi ab taiyar ho gaya tha maine bhi mere ek hath se uske boobs dabane saru kiye sari ke upper se. Vo bhi mere lund ko pakad kar masalne lagi. To mene uske blouse ka buutan khola to black bra main uske boll bahot bade or khubsurat dikh rahe the. Uske dono bol ko bra se bahar nikal kar jor jor se dono hatho se dabane laga uske munh se ohhhhh siiiiii jesi aavaze aane lagi or boli mere raja aaj ise masal dalo. Uske bad mene uske bol ko bari bari se chusna su ru kiya or mere ek hath uske petty cott ke ander ja kar uski penti par sehlane laga usse vo bahut utejit ho gai fir hum dono ne apne sare kapde utar diye. Fir usne mera lund dekha to boli mere raja tera to bahot bada hena muze iski to talash thi. Iski ke sat usne blowjob dena saru kar diya is vajese main bahut exite ho gaya or maine kaha mere main se nikalne vala hai to usne kaha aane do main ye lawaras ko pi jangi or iske bad main nita ke munh main sara ras thalwa diya. Vo boli ke mere raja ab tumhari bari tab maine apnni ungli uski gulabi pankhdivali clean shaved pussy main dal kar fingare fucking saru kiya or uske bad main bhi uski pussy ko icecream ki tarah use chat ne laga jis se vo sisskari kar rahi thi ohhhhh mere raja use khhhhhhhaa jaooooo usee chusssss loooooo… vahhhhhh maza aaagayyyaaa , maine uski pussy ko 15 min tak chata uske bad usne bhi uska sara laava mere munpe chod diya , vo main thoda nigal gaya or thoda uski sari se pochh liya. Uske bad mene upna lund uski puussy per rakh kar uske boll chusne laga to.

Usne mere lund pakad kar uski pussy main thoda gused diya or kaha mere raja chal ab suru jo ja , usko itne time se kisine choda n hone ki vajese uski pussy bahot tite thi to main ekbar zatka mara to aadha gus gaya to uske munh se chikh nikal gai lekin dusre zatke se mera lund pura ander chala gaya kunku uski pussy wet ho gayi thi , fir maine apne zatko ki speed badhai to uske munh se ohhhhhh chodo jor jor se chod ohhhhhh mar gai main to…. Fad do meri chut ko aaj tum ….or jor or jor se. Maine kariband use 20 min tak chodne ke bad mera sara lava uske pussy main chala gaya or vo bhi kafi thak chuki thi lekin mere main ab tak uski gand marni ke ichha baki thi to main use dogi style main hone ko kaha vo boli mere raja kya karne ka irada hai maine kaha nita teri gand bahot mazedar uska bhi thoda maza le lu. Usne kaha lekin kuch tel zesa laga lo to main khane ke tel thoda apni ungli main laga kar uski gand main guseddi use thoda dard hua lekin vo fir usse comfertable thi.

Main apne or uski gand pe thoda tel lagaya or ek zatka diya to vo zor se chilaayi areeeeeee mar gai aaj to fad di meri gand ko. Fir main thodi der ese hi bina hilaye mere lund ko uski gand main rakhe rakha, fir dhire se maine ek or zatka mara jisse mera land under chala gaya is time use itna dard nahi hua fir main apni speed badhai vo bhi maze lene lagi or bolne lagi… Or jor se..or jor se…raja, vah aaj to mere barso ki pyas aaj buzi hai ab to main tere pas hi chudvaungi. Uski gand 15 min marne ke bad maine apna sara lava uski gand main chod diya. Ab main or vo dono bahot thak gaye the to hum dono vohi halat maine thodi dere mare bed per so gaye fir thode time ke bad vo uth kar mere sir ko kis kar ke boli muze isse pehle esa sex ka annand kabhi nahi mila to mene kaha mere rani main iske liye hi to beth hun. Uske bad usne apni saheliyo ko bhi mere sath chodne ke liye introduce karvaya agar koi larki/aunty pakistan.. Especially isb/rwp mujhse sex karna chati hai ya kisi bi tarah ka relation rakhna chati hai to muje mail kareen at ali_farhan61@yahoo.com

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Sex Ki Pyaas

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My name is Rehan. I’m 20 years old with a 5.9 height. I’m from Islamabad (Pakistan). I love sex and I’m seeking for a partner. My experience about a girl Suman who lives in my locality. At that time I was 22 yrs old. I’m living in a 2 storied house in Islamabad in my compartment complex had been constructed just beside it so we had 12 new neighbors on the 1st floor was a couple with a daughter in class 10. Her name was Supriya and she was around 5’5” with a figure of 38-32-38.she looked big for her age and to top it she would only wear micro minis and tank tops. All the guys in the locality used to stare at her whenever she passed us and would make us hot. Slowly we were introduced and got to know that she had failed a couple of times in school and that she was 18 years of age.

I don’t know what is there in Islamabad that the girls and ladies have such lovely faces and mind boggling figures.. Anyways back to Suman she would talk to me whenever we met outside and my friends started to tease me about it, believe me at first I never thought of anything with her since she was my neighbor and her parents were very nice to me and I did not want any complications in my locality. She had computers as her subject and would at times ask me certain things which she couldn’t understand and also started to use my pc for her school projects. I would help her by finding all the data and she got an ad in computers as well as her projects which were done by me.

Once we were working on something and she suddenly asked me whether I chat on the computer. I replied yes sometimes, with whom? She asked further and I said friends. Girlfriends? I replied few, mostly my batch mates and cousins all over the world. I asked her what about you do you have any boyfriends? She said no. I replied you expect me to believe that? She became quiet and sad. I asked her what the matter is. She broke down in small sobs and said that she had a boyfriend in the place where she came from but her parents as well as his parents were against the relationship and that she missed him terribly. I asked her can I do something. She replied no. I asked why?

She said that he had dumped her and was now going around with a girl his parents had chosen and was already engaged to her. I said that’s mean. She looked up at me and started to cry. I went forward to console her and held her back and gave her my hanky to wipe her face and she hugged me tightly. I slowly kissed her forehead to reassure her that she was a very beautiful girl and could get anybody as her boyfriend. She said anybody? I said yes. She replied would you be my boyfriend? I was completely taken off guard and became red. She started smiling and started staring at my face. I said i’ve never thought of you as a girlfriend. She became sad and told me why am I not good enough for you? I told her no she was but she stopped me midway and kissed me on my lips.

I asked her what that was. She replied kiss and did it again. I asked her who has taught you all this and she just smiled and said they remember I had a boyfriend once. I asked her what else did you guys do she said everything .I asked what do you mean by that? She said do you want to hear all? I nodded yes, she replied we had started kissing and fondling 2 years ago and past six months they had also started to make love and oral sex and that she missed him terribly when she got horny and that was like almost every day. She told me he would make love to her almost every day and they would spend a lot of time together. I was feeling very horny hearing all this and my cock had started to get hard.

She then looked up at me and said do you want to make love to me? I looked at her from top to bottom and kept quiet she just came into my arms and hugged me. I kissed her on her lips and we were kissing each other for 10-15 minutes and I moved her up from the chair to my bed and started to fondle her breasts .she moaned uhhhh uhhhhhhhh I opened her top and her brassiere and let her breasts out. Wow they were like big and still firm with pink areolas the size of 1 inch and light brown nipples poking out about a centimeter between them. I sucked and fondled them for 15 -20 minutes and the nipples grew bigger she asked me to bite them and I did the same sending her into a deep breath. Now I started to caress her thighs and opened her skirt and pushed it down.

I held her panty elastic and yanked it off her in no time. She had lovely shaven pussy which was completely wet by now.. I kissed her on the pussy and she started to remove my tee-shirt and open my shorts and pulled them down too. Since I was wearing no undies my 8 inch cock sprang out like a hissing snake which she held tightly and moved it up and down. She looked up at my cock and started staring at it .I asked her what happened .she replied its nice and big ,much bigger and thicker than my previous boyfriends and that she was scared it might hurt her. I said no ill take care and she said thanks. We got into a 69 position with her on top and I started to lick her dripping wet pussy while she fondled my balls and sucked on my cock. In between she would suck my balls too.

I was about to explode and told her that I’m going to cum .she said ok and kept on sucking my cock till I came in her mouth in jets .she swallowed all my sperm and said that its very tasty. We then got freshened up and came back to my bed and started to kiss one another In no time my cock started to rise again and she held it and said that this time I want you to cum inside my pussy .I said ok and started to enter her .she spread her legs and I entered her slowly after a few slow strokes I started pumping her like mad. After about 5-6 minutes I asked her to change the position she said which 1 I replied doggy. She got on her elbows and legs and pushed her pussy towards me I entered her from behind holding her hips with one hand and fondling her hanging breasts with the other.

I pumped her for some 4-5 minutes and she said let’s get back to missionary position. I said ok .she turned around and spread her legs. I entered her once again and she held me close to her with her arms and started pushing my backside with her legs crossed around me .after a few minutes she was moaning Aaahhhh and suddenly she screamed aaaahhhhh. I to come at that moment inside her and after some moments of deep breath lay still beside her. She said that she was dreaming for a person like me when they came here and was very happy.

After that she would come to my house every evening for a course in computers and intercourse with my cock .we screwed in many positions woman on top, sideways , standing, we even screwed in the bathroom whilst bathing under a shower but the ultimate was when she had her exams . She had bought a few syllabus CD’s and loaded them on my pc. Now she would stay till 11 pm reading notes and me doing some other work. At times when we felt like I would lick and suck her whilst she was studying and sometimes we made love on the table itself by lifting her skirt and blouse and removing her bra and panty and entering her standing.

She told me not to worry about pregnancy as she started to take pills she used to before with her boyfriend. What more could a boy want? I had free pussy whenever I wanted. Wherever I wanted. Life couldn’t have been better. But alas after her class x, she went to U.S. To stay with her uncle and got admitted there in some high school. Now I feel very lonely without her and would love to meet new girls / aunties from Islamabad/Rawalpindi… If any girl or lady want to have sex than mail me at boy_reason@yahoo.com.secrecy will be maintained

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Chachi Aor Main

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Mera naam ali hai.. Aur mein rawalpindi.pakistan mein rehta hun..meri age 23 saal hai aur height.5.9 hai.mera id hai ali_farhan61@yahoo.com.meri chachi or mere sex ki kahani. Meri chahi ka nam ruby hai or uski umar 27 sal ki thi jab maine chachi ko pehli bar choda tha. Uska figur bot kamal ka tha ( 34 28 36) maine usko soch soch k bo bar muth bhi mari thi. Main mauke ki talash me tha ki kab use chodu or kha jau apni chachi ko.. Meri chachi ki shadi ko do sal ho gaye the or abhi tak unke bacha nahi hua to wo bot udas udas rehti thi or main unko dekh k sapne dekhta tha..chacha aksar kam se bahar rehte the or main chachi ki dekhbhal karte tha to hum bot ghulemile the main or chachi sath hi khate the…. Ek din mainey chachi se pucha k chachi apke abhi tak bacha kyon nahi hua pehle to wo kuch nahi boli fir gusse me uth k chali gayi… Us din chachi bot udas thi, maine chachi se bola kya hua to wo boli kuch nahi or kam karne lag gayi.. Or fir ake so gayi mainey chachi ko dekha bot sundar lag rahi thi or nighty pehni hui thi bot sexy main chachi k barey me sochta sochta muth mar k so gaya apne room me ja k… Agle din ghar me koi nahi tha.. Chacha apne kam se mumbai gaye the or sare ghar wale shadi me gaye the .. Chachi ki tbyt kharaw thi to wo nahi gayew or nere paper the isliye main nahi gaya….mujhge mauka mil gaya chachi k sath akele rehne or main bot khush ho gaya ki aub shayad chachi ko chodne ka muaka mil jaye… Agle din chachi ne subha uth k chai banayi or hum dono ne chai pi or fir se maine chachi se pucha k apke abhi tak bacha kyon nahi hua.. To wo boli k tere chacha se ja k puch le. To maine kaha chachi ap hi bata do na to wo boli k bacha kaise hota hgai tujhe pata hai to mainey bola k han pata hai to fir wo boli k tere chaha k pas time kanha hai k main maa ban jau unko to sirf kam dikhta hai….. Maine mazak me chachi se bola k main kuch help karu to wo mujhe gusse me dekhne lagi or uth k apne room me chali gayi… Main bhi thodi der me unke room me chala gaya to wo leti hui thi or udas thi to maine pucha k kya hgua to wo boli ki tange dard ho rahi hai main fatfat chachi k pas gaya or bola k main daba deta hoon to wo mana karne lagi lekin maine tange dabana start kar diya.. Usdin mainey chachi ko pehli bar chua tha or mere man me laddu foot rahe the….. Main tange dabdate dabate unki jang tak agaya unhone mujhe roka or main fir ungliya dabane laga… Jab maine unki jangh pe hath rakha to mere lund kahada hone laga tha maine pejama pehna tha to mera lund chachi ko dikhne laga tha wo bar bar mere lund ki taraf dekh rahi thi…. Fir hum uth gaye or rat me kahana kha k movie dekhne lage computer pe usme kuch sexy scene bhi the. To chachi apne honth daba k dekh rahi thi or meri taraf dekh rahi thi…

Fir chachi apne room me sone chali gayi or main apna roz ki trah muth marne laga… Thodi der me chachi ayi main bilkul nanga tha or mere hath me lund tha chachi dekhne lagi main dar gaya par chachi kuch nahi boli… Fir wo mere pas ayi or boli k aj main yanhi so jati hoon to maine bola theek hai,,,, fir main kapde pehnne laga to chachi boli rehne to aise hi ache lag rahe ho or has padi tab mera dil bagh bagh ho gaya or mujhe mera sapna sach hota dikh raha tha. Main bed pe leta tha chachi ki tarf muh karke or chachi apni pith karke…. Main koshish ki k chachi ko pishe se pakdu par dar lag raha tha thoodi der me chahi so gayi or maine apna ek pair unke per pe rakh diya wo hilne lagi to maine apna per hata liya… Fir thodi der me chachi ne apna hath mere upar rakha or ankh band karke leti hui thi…. Maine fir apna hath unke doodhoo k upar rakh diya to wo thoda pas agayi or fir maine unki choochi dabane lage laga wo kuch nahi boli fir maine bra khol di ander hath dal k or fir unhone ankh khol li..or mujhe dekh k hasne lagi or boli k ye kya kar raha hai shetan to mainey bola jo ap chahte ho meri jaan… To ho boli k tere chacha k pas to time hi nahi main bhi ek ladki hoon mujhe bhi lund chahiye…. To ainey bola main hoon na apko lund bhi doonga or bot sara pyar…..to boli k mujhe pyar karo….. Fir maine chahi k sare kapde utar diye… Meri akne fati ki fati reh gayi unka jism itna soft tha or itna sundar tha k main dekhte hi pagal ho gaya…aisa lagta tha ki 16 asl ki koi kawari ladi ho… Main paglo ki trah unko chumne laga or bich bich me dant bhi kat leta tha jisse chahi k muh se aahhhhhhh ki awaze nikal rahi thi usse main oe exite ho raha tha.. Fir maine apni chachi k doodhoo ko muh me liya or choosne laga to chachi bhi mere sath dene lagi or paglo ki trah mere bal pakad k mera ser apne breast pe dabane lagi… Main or zor zor se unke doodhoo pine laga or unko choosne laga…. Fir maine apna hath unki choot pe rakha… Rakhte hi wo aahhhhh karke mujhe zor se hug karliya or boli aj meri pyas bhujha de sahil jo mangega wo dungi tujhe.. Main khush ho gaya.. Maine unki choot me ungli dal di, mano ki aag nikal rahi thi usme se fir apni ungli andar bahara karne laga to chachi ne mujhe bot zor se dant kaat liye mere hatho pe or meri hatho ki ungliya muh me le k choosne lagi…. Maine pehle kabhi aisa maza nahi liya tha …..

Fir main chachi ki tango k beech me ake beth gaya or unki raswali choot ko dekhne laga maine bhi chachi ke chutar ko dono haton se pakar liya aur unki gand sahalate hue unki ras bhari choot ko chumne laga. Chachi ki choot ki pyari-pyari khusbu mere dimag me chane laga. Mai diwana ki tarah bhabhi ki choot aur uske charo taraf ke elake ko chumne laga. Bich-bich me mai apni jeev nikal kar chachi ki rano ko bhi chat leta. Chachi mastee se bhar kar siskaree lete hue bole, “hai sahil ahhhhh! Jeev se chato na. Ab aur mat tarapao rashid. Meri bur ko chato. Dal do apni jeev meri choot ke andar. Andar dal kar jeev se chodo.” Ab tak chachi ki nashelee choot ki khusboo mujhe buree tarah se pagal bana diya tha. Maine chachi ki choot par se munh uthae bina unhe keench kar palang par baitha diya aur khud jameen par baith gaya or chachi ki choot ko buri trah se choosne laga 15 mnt aise karte raha or fir ek zor dar pichkari chachi ne mere muh me chod di or bed pe gir gayi or lambi lamba sanse lene lagi… Main uth k chachi k pas gaya or bola k kya hua wo boli kuch nahi meri jaan abhi to pyar ki shurwat or keh kar mera lund pakad liya wo boli tera lund tere chacha k lund se bot bada isse to meri choot fat jayegi.. Maine bola k jaisa bhi apka hi hai or fir chahi ne mera lund ka topa apne muh me liya or choosne lagi. Fir main khada hua or chahi ki dono apne kandhe pe rakh kar apne lund se chachi ki choot ko sehlane laga to chachi madhosh ho gayi or bole lagi k dal de apna lund meri choot me or frd de meri boor k chithde uda de aj jo karna hai karle sahil meri jaan…to maine aopne lund ko ander dale ki koshish ki par wo ja nahi raha tha kyonki chachi ki choot ka ched chota tha fir maine dubara koshish par lund ander nahi gaya to chachi ne oil dila or boli apne lund pe laga le or meri choot bhi dal mainey waisa hi kiya or oil laga k lund chachi k choot k darwaje pe rakh doya or chachi se bola k tyar ho joa chachi to chachi boli k aub mat tadpa dal de apna lund jaldi or maine ek zor se jhattka mara to chachi chila padi aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nikal nikal jaldi bot dard ho raha hai to main ruk gaya fir thodi der me chachi boli k ruka kyon hai chalu karde masheen or mainey fir se zordar jhatka mara tab chachi fir chila padi aaahhhhhhhhh ooooohhhhhh maaaaaaa marrrrr gayi aaahhhhhhhhh uiiii maaaa kya jalim lund hai tumhara. Chod dala tumne mujhe. Mai gayeee” aur chachi mujhse chipak kar shant ho gaye or mera sath dene lagiapni gand oochal oochal k or maine dhake tez kardiye chachi jhad gayi or paglo ki trah mujhe choomne lagi or boli bas kar aub maine bola mera to hua nahi abhi to boli acha kar le maine apni apeed badhai or dhake pe dhake pelne laga chachi fir se jhadne wali thi or main bhi jhadne wala tha to hum dono ekdum madhosh ho gaye the fir maine apne lund nikala or chachi k muh me de diya or unki choot ko choosne laga thodi der main chachi k muh me jhad gaya or unka muh pani se bhar gaya or chachi nemere muh me pichkari chod di… Hum pasina pasina ho gaye or ek dusre se chipak kar let gaye…… Us rat maine chachi ki 4 bar chudai ki or jannat ka ser karwaya… Uske bad hum roz xsex karne lage jab tak ghar wale nahi aye or fir hume jab bhi mauka milta tha hum chudai karte hai…. Cahchi ne mujhse khush hoke mujhe tohfa diya… Tohfe me mujhe chachi ki choti behan ki choot mili uska naam reshmatha uski kahani fir kabhi sunaunga…. Dosto meri kahani kaisi lagii?? Agar achi lagi to mujhe mail kare or koi bhi ladki ya aurat apni pyas bhujhana chahti ho to mail kare main usse jannat ki ser karwaunga or kisi ko pata bhi nahi chalega mujhe mail zaroor kare…. I looovvvvv chooooottttttttt ummmmmmmmaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.. Agar koi larki/aurat rawalpindi/islamabad mein mujh se sex karna chati hai ya kisi bi tarah ka relation rakhna chati hai to muje mail kareen at ali_farhan61@yahoo.com..

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Fun in Islamabad

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Hey mera nam ali hey main islamabad ka reney walon hoon lakin main ab dubai main job karta hoon main ney ye stories pari hey is liyey main bhi aap ko apni real story sunata hoon ab meri age21 hey lakin ye kahani us waqt ki hey jab main vacution geya tha to the point .ek din main apney dost ki shop per betha tha us ki shop mobile wali thi hum log tea pee rahey they key sham 7bajey ek aunti burqa pehney aye us key sath ek larka bhi tha jo 4saal ka ho ga main apney doost key thorey fasley par hi betha hoa tha kher wo aunti 10minute bad chuli gi bad main ney rizwan sey poocha ye kon hey us ney bataya ye humari achi customer hey ab is ka mobile khrab ho geya tha wo leney aye thi wo aunti thi to burqey main lakin us ki chati bhoot bari thi main ney rizwan sey kaha is aunti ka number hey terey pass wo bola yar main kafi bar line mar chuqa hoon lakin kio respnse nahi aye main ney us ko kaha yar to number to dey us ney number dey diya .

Main thori der bad hi wahan se utah ker ghar chala gey raat ko 1 bajye main ney us key number per miss call di to wo jag rahi thi us ney foorn hi ringback ki main gabra geya main socha us ka husband ho ga kher main ney receive na kia agley din main call ki aur us sey baat ki us key betey ney phone ateya main sumajh geya main ney kaha papa kidhar hey wo bola nahi heymain ney kaha ami ko do us ney 1minute bad ami ko diya wo boli kon main ney kaha mera nam bilal hey main lahore main rehta hoon main ney ajj hi new number liya hey to app key number sey misscall arehi thi is leyey main nei ring kia maybe koi dost ho wo aunti boli sorry mera beta chota hey is liya wo number malata rehte heymain ney kaha koi baat nahi ab appko mukhtasar bata hoon aunti keyy sath gupshup achi hoo gii ek din main ney aunti sey poocha app key husband kidhar hey wo boli wo kisi wazir key sath rehtey hey aur 1month main ek bar atye hey main apni sas aur apney betey key sath rehtey hoon jab main ney us apney barey main bataya key main dubai main kam karta hoon.

Ya silsala 25din chala meri chuti 30din ki thi ek din mainus sey bola ab app jarehey ho to kia main tumhey dekh saqta hoon us ney 2din nakhrey key aur janey key 2din pehlry main ney manwaleya is tarah us ney mujay apney ghar ka pata bataya aur doophar3bajey us key ghar geya wo ghar key bahir apney betey ko awaz dey rahi thi us ney mujey dekha to mujey ishara kia key tum doosri side main ayo us key ghar ka ek door doosri gali main bhi tha main gaya to wo open tha main andar chala geya main bed per beth geya 2minute bad wo agi apas main taraf hooa hum log 30minte tak batey kartey rehey us ney green colour ki shalwal kameez pehni hoo the wo merey sath beti hoi thi us ney kaha key kuch kai gey wo bola doodh miley ga wo boli ji main abhi li fridge andar hi tha main ney kaha fresh milk miley ga wo muskrai aur doodh ka glass ley aye main us ki taref karney lag gey wo bilkul meray sath beth gi wo kahney lagi tum pehlry admi ho jo merey itney kareeb ho.

Main ney dheerey sey us key hath ko paqra aur choom liya wo kuch na boli aur meray sur main hath pher ney lag gi ab merey sey raha nahi geya main ney us ko galey laga liya wo boli bilal ya kia kar rehey ho hum achey doost hey tu main bola dosti ka farz hi ada kar raha hoon phir us ney bhi mujey zor sey galey laga liya aur ab hur line cross ho chuqii thi main ney us ko kiss karna start ho geya us ko meray sey ziyada maloom tha is leye wo mujey se badker sex kar rahi thi phir main ney direct us ki kameez utar di us ney black colour ka bra pehna hooa tha main ney wo bhi utar diya to phir kia tha main pagal ho geya us key mammy dekh ker us ka size 38 40 ka tha main ney jasey hi us ka bra utar to main us key mammy moun main leyey aur choosta raha mujey itna maza arahtha key main hur cheez bol chuka tha main is ko 45minute tak chosta raha wo apni ungli sey apney shlwar main hath deley hoi thi us key bad main ney us ki shalwar utar di aur us ki pussy main unglii marney lag geya wo apnin chonchia masalti rehi itney main us ka pani nikal geya wo tarapney lag gai aur mujey kiss karney lag gii hum 30minute.

Tak kis kartey rehey phir us ney bola key tum apney kaprey utaro phir us ney mujey leta kar meri pent shirt utar di aur main underwear main tha wo boli ya bhi utar do main ney jan bhooj kar natak ki aur main sharmaney laga wo boli main tumherey samney nangi hoon to tum bhi utaro na main ney inkar kia to wo tarapney lagi aur mint karney lagi plz plz tum meri jan ho tum meri zindagi ho tum mera sub kuch ho plz phir mujey taras ageya to main ney kaha tum apni ankeh band karo tu main ney apna underwear utar diya mera lun bhi bilkal dandey ki thra khada tha us ka size 7inch hey jab us ney us ko dekha to wo gahbra gi aur zor se ahhh bhri itna bara pehli bar dekha rehey hoon merya husband ki to chuti si loli hey.us ney us ko hath main liya aur us ko uppar neechey karney lagi main ney kaha is ko muan main lo gi wo boli is ki topi bhoot bari hey main.

Kesye loon ge main ney kaha main hoon na kuch nahi hoo ga is per main us key muan main sirf topi dee to woo chatney lage wo itney must hoo gii key main ney ek dum sey hi sura laun us key undar kar diya jis per wo kansney lag gaius key baad wo narmal ho giaur purey lun ko chusney lag gey ye matter 40minute tuk chulta raha main us key mammoo ko hath sey masalta raha aur phir wo bhoot garam ho gi aur muj sey bhi raha na geya aur main ney kaha key abb main tumhari choot main dalon ga wo boli nahhi bilal main mar jaoon gi itna bara main kasey loon gi is key baad main naraz ho geya aur ek side main beth geya is par wo meray pass aye aur muj sey boli naraz kioun hotey hoo acha theek hey lakin sirf topi aur candom dal key main bola acha is per wo mujey bed per ley gi aur daraz sey ek condom nikala merey lun pey dalaaur wo let gee aur main us key uppar ay geya aur main nain ney hath sey paqar kar apne topi us ki choot main dali to us ki choot bhoot tight thi kioun.

Key us ka abhi ek hi beta tha phir main ney thora thook lagaya aur aram sey topi uppar ragarney lag geya ahista ahista topi undar chali gi to wo chilaney lage bilal plz nikal lo main mar jaoon gi plz main mey us ki ek na suni main karta raha phir wo chup ho gi main ney muqa dekhtey hi ek jhatt se short mari aur sara lun undar kar diyaaur phir kia tha wo chalaii aur us ki ankhoon sey pani ay geya aur bilal bus bilal bus wo chila rahi thi us doran us ka beta undar ay geya wo darwaza band karna bhool gi thi wo maa key pass akar khara hoo geya ma sey kehney laga ami ye kon hey ma ney kaha koi nahi tum bahir jaoon dadi key pass wo bacha tha wo khada raha aur dekhta raha main ney us ko utha kar us ki ma ki chati chatney key liya bola aur wo us key mammey chatney lag gey itney main zor zor sey undar bhir kar raha tha aur wo lagatar chila rahi thi kher ye silsala25minute tak laga raha is doran condom bhi pat geya tha ur main ney us ko bola main farg honey waloon hoon wo.

Fooran boli bhir nikala jaldi karoo warna main prangnent ho jaoon gi tu main ney bhir nikala aur 3minute key bad mian ney pani nikala tu us ney mera sara pani apney maon mey dal liya usa key bad main bad per let geya ur us ney apney betey ko piyar sey bhir nikala aur kundi laga di is key bad hum log bathroom main chaley gay us ney mujey nihlaya aur phir hum log bed per aye gey is tarah main ney us ko 3bar chuda aur wo muj sey bhoot kush hooiaur phir main do din bad dubai ay geya, but now i have come to pakistan permenantly.

Agar koi larki/aunty/married/widow/unmarried/ pakistan mein especially lahore/rawalpindi ya islamabad mein mere sath mukamal raazdari k sath sex karna chati hain ya friendship karna chahti hain to muje mail kareen at ali_farhan61@yahoo.com.. Relation ki raazdari ki 100 percent guarenty hai… Come on females… I will wait for your response.

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Sonia Ki Chudai

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Hi to all readers. Main aaj main apni story likhne ja raha hoon coz I’m from islamabad. Firstly my name is rehan 5’9″ with 68kg wt 21 in age with wheatish color and average body and 6.5 inch tool with 2.5 thickness. Now comes to story I tell u abt my cousin Sonia 5’2″ with fair in color with 34c-26-38 figure with brown nipples. Actually she is not my real cousin I make her my cousin coz hum dono ek hi computer centre me the. Wo mujse umar me to ek saal chhoti thi par main uska student tha isliye main use didi bulata tha. Hum dono ek dusre ke ghar aate jate rehte the. Kabhi wo meri bike par baithkar centre jaya karti to uske bade boobs meri back se rub hote aur mera tool bilkul sidha ho jata.Main aksar uske naam ki muth lagaya karta tha.Ek baar mujhe kisi kaam se unke ghar jana pada wahan par wo aur uski chhoti behan thi. Maine doorbell di to uski behan ne darwaja khola wo boli didi naha rahi hai aap baitho mujhe jara bazar jana hai if u dnt mind. I say its ok. Aur uske jane ke baad main maingate close karke andar gaya aur dekha andar Sonia ki white bra aur nevy panty padi hui hai itne me Sonia ne chhoti ka naam lekar kaha ki meri bra aur panty pakdana main bhool gayi. Kyunki wo market gayi thi isliye maine bahar se use pakda diye par use nahi pata chala ki main hoon wo panty aur bra me hi bahar aa gayi use half nude dekhkar mera b tan gaya aur pent me tambu ki tarah khada ho gaya wo sharma kar kamre me chali gayi aur punjabi suit pehan kar aa gayi. Main kafi nervous tha wo boli what happend. Maine kaha tum bahut sundar ho. Wo hus di aur mere lixe tea banakar layi main itna nervous tha ki mere hath se cup slip ho gaya aur meri pant shirt par chai gir gayi wo boli ki tum change karlo main inhe sukha dejti hoon jab main change kar raha tha to maine notice kiya ki sonia bade gaur se mere bulge ko dekh rahi thi. Maine pucha kya dekh rahi ho to boli kuch nahi.Maine kaha tumne to mujhe kuch nahi dekhne diya tha fir mujhe kyun dekh rahi ho wo boli to ab dekh lo aur mere pass aakar apne suit ko utar diya maine kaha I love you aur use paglo ki tarah jahan dil kiya chumne laga wo b pura response dene lagi uske baad maine uski bra utarkar uski nipple ko muh me suck karne laga aur urki panty me hath dalkar fingering karne laga wo siskiyan lene lagi aaah ooh wow hum dono full nude ho gaye aur 69 me ek dusre ko chatne lage after 20 minutes hum dono ek dusre ke muh me jhad gaye iske bad hum dono ne recharge hone ke liye 15 min tak french kiss ki uske baad maine uski tango ko faila kar apne lund ka supda usme dala par virgin hone ki wajah se wo andar ja nahi raha tha fir maine uski chut par thoda oil lagaya aur usse apne lund par lagwaya aur pel diya to adha lund uski chvt me gaya aur wo cheeki aaah haye mar gayi thoda sa kho? N b nikal aaya but i fuck her continueously. After 16 minutes main jhad gaya aur wo b thandi ho gayi.Ab jab b mauka milta hai hum b maje lete hai aur dosto ko b dilate hai. Aapko meri story kaisi lagi plz write me ur feedback.. Any unsatisfied married, unmarried, widow or divorced girl give me a chance for any type of sex with full secrecy /phone sex,real sex any type of relation..no gays plz. Contact me at boy_reason@yahoo.com

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August 19, 2009 at 4:25 pm

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