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Chennai Boy with His Galfriend

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This all happened one day I joined the computer class(NIIT Anna Nager) and we had to take the same bus as her college was on the way to my computer class. But during the first two days we never talked. Somehow I gathered my courage and slowly walked towards her and introduced myself “Hi I’m Arun. Which college rare you studying in?” She was hesitant in replying. I just wanted to have a friendship with her. But she didn’t speak a word and by the time the bus came and we had to leave.

I was very much ashamed of this incidence and didn’t smile at her for the next 2 days, one day she came to me and said “Hi’ how are you?” I said “I’m fine and how are you?” She apologized for not responding the other day as her relatives where also with her. From that day we became nice friends. I used to come 15min earlier and spent time with her talking about her college life and my class(more over ma home was very near to ma comp class, just 3 stopping’s). She said most of her friends had boy friends and she didn’t have one before me and she is happy that I’ve found her. She said that with a blush. This continued for 2 months and after that my computer class finished, and we couldn’t meet, so we made an arrangement to meet in a cafe. It was nice in the evening, the climate was very romantic. as we were chatting, she asked what I liked in her. I said “Your smile and your eyes”. “Is that the only thing thatu like in me?” She again pressed with a naughty smile. I can’t figure out what came over me, but said “Yes..” I asked the same question to her she said “Your smile”. By then it was around 7pm and we left the cafe. As we had to walk to our house about 3kms she came close to me and held my hand and said ‘I like you… I need you now” I was totally astonished and looked at her eyes she said ‘You come in my dreams and make me wet. I can no longer wait please take me”

Since it was around 730pm and was very late we left for our homes. Those words were in my mind and that night I masturbated twice thinling of her. After a week she told she had a special gift for me. On Saturday afternoon at 2pm she invited me to her friend’s place and she had made arrangements for the first fuck we were about to have. She was wearing a red salwar wore a flower on her hair which made the atmosphere very exotic. I was in my T shirt and jeana. As we entered the house we were no longer able to control ourselves and we hugged each other. She whispered “Arun fuck meeee.. I need you badly”

I kissed her lips and tasted her tounge, wooww she was very sweet and both of us were sweating and very hot since it was our first encounter. It was hot, I could feel the blood flowing in her lips, I kissed her even more passionately, by inserting my tongue into her mouth, and she responded by exploring my mouth with her soft tongue. It was nice to feel her tongue touching my mouth. She started kissing all over my lips and ears and behind my neck. Her hands where grabbing my buttocks. I took her in my arms and placed on the bed and I knelt down beside her. I then cupped her boobs and it was becoming firm. Then I helped her remove her salwar and she too undressed me. She was in her bra and panties and i was in my brief. She smiled as she saw my cock which was 7inches and i was like a tent under the brief. She slowly moved her hands over my cock inside my brief as we were kissing each other. The aroma of our sweat and the flower on her head filled the entire room.

She then removed her bra exposing her breasts and I stared at them for a moment. I jumped on her and started sucking her boobs and she started to moan..ahhh..’Suck it hard’ and I was squeezing her other booba, pressing hard and making circles around the nipples, it was becoming like a cherry. And I sucked them so hard. And slowly I moved one hand towards her virgin pussy.

She quickly pushed me aside and took off her pantie. As she lay back again she opened her legs a bit and I saw her cunt for the first time. It was hairy and the juice was overflowing. Ohh it was becoming very wet and slippery. Around her cunt it was very bushy. I inserted one finger into her vagina. She gave a great moan ”’aaaaahhhh..usrhhh’. And she was still holding the head of my cock and moving its foreskin back and forth. I then left her breast and started kissing her belly and then moved my head into her love triangle. I licked around her cunt and tasted the cunt juice that was flowing from it. It was like heaven on earth. Mmmm it was slippery and salty. As I started to lick it she started to wiggle her hips and was shaking and she clutched the pillow unable to control herself. She spread her legs wide spread apart as she could no longer hold it off and had her first orgsm of that evening. I drank her love juice that was overflowing down her thighs.

She wanted to fuck me now. She invited me to enter her. She spread her legs far out and up. I lowered my hips on to hers and taking my penis in my right hand guided it into her wet slippery cunt. As I started to enter her, she pushed my buttocks onto hers. Since it was her first fuck it her cunt entrance was very tight. She started screaming with a mixture of excitement, pain and pleasure. I entered her slowly pushing my hard tool into her hot wet virgin vagina slowly. I had to make many small thrusts to advance the first couple of inches. As I did so she was giving moans, and with a sudden final thurst I entered her deep. Now my penis was all inside her. At this point our hips were in total contact with no gap. My penis was deeply burried in her virgin pussy. She started to shout in excitement. She asked me “Is it inside fully?” I said “Yes, my love.”

I then slowly began to move my hip back and forth. Her cunt was on fire. It was very tight and gripping my penis at its entrance. As I kept on pushing in and pulling out my penis in her vagina we were both enjoying making a lot of moaning “Lathhaaa,. you asshole I love you.. you have a wonderful cunt.” She said “You are a great fuker .. fuck me hard” My cock was very much lubricated by her cunt juice and after 10min I was on the verge of shooting.. we both started to move faster and with some deep deliberate final pushes I cummed in her. She also came in great spasms and had a great orgasm holding me tight. I pumped the last drop of semen into her cunt which now mixed with her cunt juice and flooded her vagina. I slumped on her and she lowered her legs. We both were now relaxed since we were able to satisfy our needs. We lay there like that for a while. My penis slid out of her vagina and soon came the flood of a mixture of my semen and her cum out of her cunt which she wiped with her pantie.

We were nude in that house and she went to prepare some coffee for us. As I followed her into the kitchen I saw her ass swaying. I pressed her ass and cupped her tits from behind and my cock was getting harder again. I pressed it against the split of her ass. As we were waiting for the water to boil, I turned her around towards me and cupped her ass cheeks putting my finger between them.

I entered my middle finger in her ass and slowly she speard her legs and as I fingered her she got hold of my penis which was already getting an erection again ready for the next round. I made her sit on the edge of the kitchen table. She sat leaning her weight on her hands on the table behind her. I licked her once again. She started squirming on the kitchen table and kept holding my head running her fingers through my hair. She asked me to particularly lick at the top of her cunt where her clitoris is. As I licked her clit and darted my tongue in and out of her cunt which smelt of my own semen, she wiggled her hip in a frency and finally had another mind blowing orgasm….

Next I wanted her to suck my cock. She gave me a smile and held the giant which was only responding to her charms. She gave it a kiss on the tip and sucked the pre cum juices and the cunt juices that were sticking on it..oohhh i was like feeling some gentle electric shock flowing through my entire body. I started to move my cock deep in to her throat and I held her head and pushed it to the fullest extent and she was enjoying it like a bitch…”Lathaaaa…mmm dry me out … mmm.. u bitch Lathaa…” She was enjoying those dirty words.. and made her sucking faster and my cock was getting ready to shed its load again….and i was about to shoot my cum I asked whether she wanted it in her mouth. She nodded her head in acceptance with my cock still inside her mouth and looking up into my eyes. I held her head and she sucked like a little baby sucking the lolly pop. Oh it was a great pleasure shooting my cum into her sucking hot wet mouth.

That first day we fucked in all different positions and I’ll write back again. imagining those days make me hot again and I often masturbate thinking of those times with Latha. It was the greatest fuck till date.

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October 23, 2009 at 5:25 pm

Innocent Girl

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I am new to this site and after reading all the stories posted here, I thought to post my story too. This is a real life incident that happened before 3 years.

Let me describe about myself first, i am Ramesh, good looking and average built man and I had been doing my UG degree when this wonderful incident happened. It all started when my sister’s friend named Deepa (name changed) who was doing MBA came to my home for doing her project. Since she (she refers Deepa) hadn’t got any computer in her home she came to my home to use my computer for preparing documentation and other works.

Describing her man she is an angel who is gorgeous, damn sexy. I am not that good in explaining assets but she had 34c and a wonderful hip and lovely ass which sway across making me totally uncomfortable when ever I saw her. Now lets move on to the story. One day as usual she came to do her documentation works and came to my room to use my computer. I had been allotted a big room all alone in d first floor with a computer and internet and all that I need, everyone else will be on the ground floor. I was busy downloading some music when she came in and I hadn’t noticed her coming in, I was dumbstruck when I turned by her side when she touched my head, she was wearing a chudithar which is semi-transparent. I somehow controlled myself and woke up and gave her the system for her to do her work.

From that day onwards I often used to think about her and masturbate several times a day, this was happening for a long time and on my attempts to get her on bed I started to talk with her. At first she didn’t spoke that good but later she started to speak so frankly and she even used to stay on my home after she became close to me for doing her project works. At those times when she stays she used to be in my room and she will lie in my bed itself without any hesitations. I started to suffer by not being able to control myself from touching her and I used to touch her breasts and thighs when she sleeps but used to withdraw them because of fear, this continued for quite a long time.

Then came the day when she as usual came to my room but I was unaware of her presence and I was surfing thru some porn websites, at a stage I realized she was in my room but I thought its my golden opportunity and went on surfing thru it, her eyes were struck in d monitor and she was watching them without even blinking a second, then I closed the browser as if I had noticed her and pretended as if nothing happened, she at once started to come near me and touched me in head but this touch was really special, I was able to feel it. I gave way for her to work on system. This day changed everything, she instead of doing her work went on constantly speaking about my girl friends and even asked me about my sex life, that’s interesting…isn’t it??

I sensed the opportunity and frankly said with a cunning smile that I cant look after another girl after I saw her too close, her face blushed and she sat silent and started to look in to monitor. I made my feast ready, that night after our lunch as usual she came and lied in my bed but this time it was little bit close than usual, I wanted her to make the first move, so I started to tempt her as if I am not interested in her and I was pretending to be sleeping. I never use to wear shirt and I only used to wear a trouser at night, she was totally uncomfortable. For the first time in my life I felt a lady touching my bare chest and that’s Deepa. I felt a shocking wave all across my body.
I happily made way for her to feel me at her will and at one stage she put her hands inside my shorts and caught my dick and started to stroke it hard i was unable to control anymore. I suddenly opened my eyes and turned to her side to see her. I can see her eyes was full of lust, I gave a French kiss which lasted for about ten minutes in which she made my lips sore, but that never bothered. I slowly said her in her ears that “I was longing for this from a long time ever since I saw her”. She smiled at me naughtily and hugged me so tight that even air couldn’t pass through. That’s it I at once threw away all her dress and made her entirely nude and started to suck her pussy so bad that it was already dripping its fresh juices, in a 69 position I was sucking her pussy and she was eating my cock. It was heaven… it continued for more than half an hour with loud moaning from her side.

Then after a while she was unable to bear the itching of her sex drive she begged me to fuck her, I at once accepted her invitation and drove my six inch cock to her sweet pussy, God ! She is damn beautiful and she is a virgin, I understood it when I tried to insert it in to her pussy it was very tight and I used my saliva and her fresh juices as lubricant and made my way in that love whole. When I entered in and broke her hymen wall she literally shouted, thank God that I was kissing her while I did that… After entering in her pussy it was blood that came out of her pussy and she was in terrible pain but after I started stroking constantly with slow speed she became comfortable and even she started accompanying me by moving her hips front and back, it was heaven…

V had tried several positions that night and got exhausted but she somehow woke up as usual and went saying that she will cal me but I was totally exhausted, from that day onwards v used to have sex at all possible time even if its for 30 minutes. I am enjoying my sex life very much. I used to have sex with who asks for it and who is missing that worldly pleasure; any young girls or married unsatisfied female’s u can mail me at and post me your feedbacks…
Based on the feedbacks a lot of true stories are yet to be revealed…

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October 23, 2009 at 5:24 pm

Virginity Breaks

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Hi everybody, I was a frequent reader of this website and now I would like to narrate an incident in my life.
But first let me tell you about myself. Well my name is Apurva Deshpande, I am 5’5, 34-28-36 not too fair, but attractive , I can see that boys drooling and do want to fuck me. As both my parents are doctors based in Nasik I was grown up into a very conservative and shy girl until the day which has changed my life forever. Now I am 20, studying in TYBCOM in bytco Nasik. Now when I finally have decided to run off I have thought why not post my experiences here. Out of the many encounter hers the first one that started it all off.

I was 17, and was head over heels for this crush of mine right from school days, his name was faheem . we both used to eye each other and exchanged smiles but nobody made any move. This went on for till I was 18, that’s when we really started talking , when one rainy afternoon when I was returning home , and there wasn’t any auto that could drop me to my home. I saw him standing at Upnagar bus stop, while I waited desperately for either an auto or that the rain would stop. After some time I thought it was pointless waiting and took off in the rain itself. I had only walked for a couple of minutes then a car stopped in front of me and a hand waved out. My god it was my dream boy.

I went close the window. He shyly said, hi, would you like a ride home. I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. He opened the door and I sat beside him. He drove very slowly and and on he way, I said thanks faheem, my name is apurva. Faheem said, yes I know , I know a lot about you, and by the way it is my pleasure to drive with you.

I said how do you know my name , to which he just smiled. I guess he too did his homework like me. Pretty soon we reached my house. I saw a lock on the main door and told him to wait. And I called my parents to see where they are. They told me that they had kept the key at my aunts house nearby and had to leave urgently as one of our relative was serious in icu and would return late at night. I asked faheem if he would drive near to my aunts place to bring the key. He quickly agreed and we drove collected the key, even after much of my aunts insist that I stay until it stops to rain, I left anyways as I had some plans. We quickly reached my place and I invited faheem in for a coffee ,

We entered my house and were quite wet, I was drenched and dripping , my t-shirt fabric was thin and I did not wear a bra that day,hmm luckily I guess , I saw him starring at my chest, I looked and blushed , my tits were completely visible through white color t shirt, I quickly covered up myself. With my bag. I told him to have a seat while I change.

This great chance just might be it, and I wasn’t going to miss it for anything. I gave him a naughty smile and left for my room, just beside the hall, I left the door half open, and then removed all my clothes and and slowly went from behind the door to to corner of the room where he is sure to get some glimpses of me, and indeed he was having a hard time to avoid peeping, in the meanwhile I changed into my best outfit, a skin tight low back red t shirt and a black mini skirt, and left my hair open. And I decided not wear anything underneath. Then I went towards him and handed him the same towel that I cleaned myself from. He too dried his hair an adjusted his clothing’s, while I made some coffee for 3 people. Why I’ll let you know right now. Well I though was a virgin then but I still had watched some b movies that pooja and neha and myself watched together and did some lesbian stuffs, although we aren’t them but we still enjoyed it, if you want I can tell that too just let me know.

Anyways I brought two cups of coffee and kept mine on the table, and started to hand him the other cup, and just as he was about to grab it. I sneezed , it was no accident,
And spilled the cup of coffee on his jeans. I said “ oops, sorry , sorry, I am extremely sorry, let me help you,” saying this , I started removing the coffee from the jeans using a towel, and said that it might be burning and started to give wind by my mouth as well as rubbing my hands all over his thighs and his tool, I many a time even touched it also, giving him a hell of a turn-on. He didn’t stop me, and I went on and on, until he stopped me. Saying its ok. Oh shucks, I thought. He said that he needed to use the bathroom to get himself cleaned up. I guided him to my personal bathroom, told him to clean up while I bring him something else. I always have a habit of keeping my undergarments in my bathroom, and sure enough he noticed. Another turn on for him I brought my fathers night pants, I hand out those to him and took his jeans for washing, and put it in the washing machine. he came out, I again apologized and and told him that he would get his jeans cleaned in the next hour. He again sat on the sofa, I brought him another cup of coffee. While taking my own, I sat opposite to him. He quietly drank the coffee, in the meanwhile I sat with my legs folded one over the other, and he was watching me closely.

I took the liberty of again going near him and sat beside him. Again I thanked him for the lift and apologized to him for spilling the coffee on him, and saying this again kept my hand on his lap and started rubbing asked whether its paining, again he got a full erection , instantly, and this was visible through the pants. I accidentally touched it many a times, this giving me a arousal as well, my tits were getting harder , and visible though my t shirt, he too was looking at my face and my breasts. Suddenly, I stopped and just started starring at his male organ, he saw me looking and looked at me and said , would you like to touch it. While watching movies I had always thought how would such a thing feel like and what would it taste like. I said nothing to him and just smiled. He dropped his pants down and his under wear as well. I said faheem its huge, but of course it wasn’t that big , it was circumcised, kind of dark brown color, 5.5 inches I guess, I saw bigger things when I saw others. He said go on ahead touch it, feel it for yourself. I quickly grabbed It and started stroking it. He was immensely enjoying it. He pulled me closer to him, and started kissing me vigorously, I was very very happy, I beginning to get wet already, I held him with both my hands tightly . he again guided my one hand to his cock, and still kissing me all over. I started massaging his cock. He left the kiss and removed my t shirt.

Out sprang my breasts. He removed his t shirt also. And he started kissing me again, and massaging my boobs, while I massaged his cock , and we kept on like this for 5 mins. Soon enough he lifted me in his arms, now that’s what I would call a real lift, and carried me to my bed room. he put me on the bed , and removed my skirt as well only to find out that I had no panties on. He jumped on me and started kissing me all over the body. First he kissed me on my lips and then on my neck, for a while, I had gotten fully hot, by now, I started rubbing my nails on his back, his cock was touching me on my love hole , my hole was aching for it, he kept on kissing me, then he moved on to my breasts, he kissed and sucked on my right breast while kneaded the other, the did the same for the other as well. He moved down further, kissed my stomach, my belly button, and then finally went to my clitoris, started sucking there, I was in heaven, while he did this he got into 6 9 position, and asked me to suck his cock, and started sucking my vagina and massaging the clitoris with his fingers, it was unbearable for I came once, twice , and trice already, he ate all the juice that flowed, his cock and balls kept hanging above my face, I took his cock by the hand and started massaging it and licking it. I tasted his precut, it was bit salty but tasted quite good, and slowly started inserting it my mouth and sucking it like a lollypop lightly applying a bit pressure, a bit tongue , and little teeth not biting but just lightly, he too was enjoying it, and in that excitement, stopped sucking me, I too stopped, seeing this he again started sucking me, I also did the same thing but this time , a little fast again, again, he got excited and stopped. I stopped too. He sighed , and then got into missionary position. He again got over me and kissed me passionately , he took his cock and rubbed it against my love hole, and slowly started inserting it. My virgin hole was experiencing pain never experienced before, tears were rolling down my checks, but at the same time I was loving it. He continued to kiss me , that eased the pain a bit.
He inserted it slowly, and finally it fully in. he pushed in a few thrusts and removed it, there was pain but I still wanted it in me, there was blood on his cock, as well as on my hole , it was dripping from it and on the bed sheet. He wiped my hole, and his cock with a towel, and again started to enter me. This time he was thrusting his cock into my hole full speed , slowed it a couple of time and again thrusting it heavily, I was biting my lips , screaming with pain, he kissed me , to avoid the excessive noise. Pretty soon he was about to cum, so he removed his cock and sprayed all over me.
And just kept lying on me we stayed still like that for a while in each others arms.
Then we moved to the bath room, I was all out of energy, he carried me in his arms to the bath tub. We cleaned ourselves the, took a bath together, I gave him a good 20 min blowjob. He kept playing with my hair. He then made me stand and fucked me in standing position, I was pressed against the wall, he again kissed me and fucked me hard, pushing his cock even deeper than before. And I was biting him on his ears, held him tightly. Till he came again, and this time too he removed his cock and sprayed over me…
This was my very first time , a time I’d never forget.
There are much other encounters as well, a gangbang, one with my father, and another of faheem’s brother. if you like do let me know I’ll post them too..
you tell me… we can even share our tips.

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October 23, 2009 at 5:20 pm

Mohabbat Ka Shock

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Hello doston mera naam rehan hai. mein rawalpindi mein rehta hun..meri height 5.10 hai…agar koi larki/aunty mere sath sex try karna chati hai mukamal raazdari k sath to mujhe mail kareen at abhi 20 saal ka hoon,
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DOTS walay condom ke waja say us ko kafi pain hoie.Abb main nay apne speed kafi teez kee our us ke choot ko deewana war chood reha tha.2 minutes kay baad us nay apnay nails mere kamar main ghushana shurro kiay, main samaj gaya yeah discharge honay wale hay. Then main nay be speed tezz keee our pehlay wo dischage hoie, us ke choot say red red pani nikela pehlay , jis say us ke seal toot gaye our choot phat gaye.Then main be release hownay walay thaa, ,main jub release honay laga then main nay last jerk mar kur poora lun choot main under tuk dala our mujay feel howa mera garam garam liquid nikel reha hay. Jub liquid release howa main nay lun bahir nikela then us pur kafi blood laga howa tha. main nay Zoya ko kissing ke , wo bohat khudh thhe.

Main nay Zoya ko us raat 1 bar our chooda , phir us ke 2 months baad shadi ho gaye our wo apnay husband kay sath canada chalee gaye hay. lakin us say kabi kabi chat ho jate hay , us nay bataya kay us ka husband us ke choot nehe chatha our wo jub be Pakistan aye ge then again sex kurray ge meray sath.Mujay yaqeen hay kay mere yeah sotry be lahore ke girls ko bohat pasand aye ge.Agar koie rawalpindi,islamabad ya lahore ke larkee sex relation rekhna chatee hay , i welcome her. Main sex poori razdari say kurta hoon , agar koie married larkee jis ka husband out of country ho our wo sex ka maza lena chatee ho, wo mujay add kurray
if any girl/lady in pakistan especially in islamabad,rawalpindi and nearby places wanna have safe and secure sex
. Mera mail id hai so please all
Females do mail me and try sex with me. Aap mujhse yahoo
Messenger par bhi chat kar sakte hai ager mujhe se phone pe sex karna ho tu email karoo..secrecy will be dont hesitate females.u can also chat with me….

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Chacha Aor Main

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Main meri maa aur chacha eikathe rehate thei. meri maa aur chacha dono service karate thei. mere papa bahar rehate thei. maa aur chacha jab apane kaam par chale jate to main ghar mein akeli hoti thie. padhayee mein kamzor hone aur mera padhayee ki aur dil na hone ki vajah se meri padhayee chhudawa dee thie. ghar mein computor par achanak eik din eik sexy kahaniyon ka channel lag gaya. voh kahaniya padhane ke baad mere dil mein bhi kisi ke saath sex karane ki chahat hone lagi, lekin mera ghar se bahar nikalana na hone ke kaaran mera koyee dost bhi nahin tha jis se main man ki baat kar sakun.
eik din maine eik kahani padhi jis mein dever bhabi ki chudayee ke baare mein likha tha. mera chacha alag kamare mein sote thei aur meri maa alag kamare mein aur mera alag kamara tha. drawing room mein television par eikathe programme dekhane ke baad sab apane apane kamare mein chale jate thei, lekin kayeen baar der tak programme dekhate dekhate usi kamarei mein so jate thei. kabhi maa beech mein so jati thei aur eik aur main aur doosari aur chacha so jate thei. kabhi kabhi chacha beech mein so jate thei. T.V. par mere chacha jayadatar english picture dekhate thei, jis mein kisses ke seen aam hote thei, jineh dekh kar mere man mein hulchal hoti thei aur kuchh kar bhi nahin sakati thie.
raat ko eik baar meri neend khuli to maine dekha ke maa aur chacha vahan nahin thei. main bhi uthi ke apane kamare mein jaa kar so janyu. jab main maa ke kamare ke paas pahunchi to dekha ke maa apane kamare mein nahin thie. pehale maine socha ke toilet gayee hogi, lekin jab main chacha ke kamare ke paas pahunchi to ander se awaz aa rahin thie. kamare mein jhankane ki koshish kee lekin kahin koyee surakh nazar nahin aaya. lekin dheemi dheemi awazein aa rahin thie. iska matlab huya ke chacha kamare mein eikalie nahin thei aur doosara maa ke alawa kaun ho sakata hei, kayon ke voh apane kamare mein bhi nahin thie. chacha aur maa kamarei mein kaya kar rahein hein main yeh dekh to nahin paa rahi thei leikin main ab itani chhoti bhi nahin thei ke yeh na samajh sakun ke voh dono kamarei mein kaya kar rahe hei. main apane kamare mein jaane ki bajaye maa ke kamare mein jaa kar leit gayee, sone ka to sawal hi nahin uthata tha neend gayab ho chuki thie.
koyee do ghante ke baad maa kamarei mein aayee aur mujhe apane kamare mein dekh kar haiaran ho gayee aur pareshan bhi ho gayee. lekin jab main uske hilane par bhi nahin uthie to use shayad kuchh tasalli go gayee. voh mere paas hi so gayee, subah apani aadat ke mutabik voh jaladi uth kar mere liye chaye layee aur kehane lagi main tere chacha ko bhi chayee de anyun.
jaise hi voh chaye le kar chacha ke kamare mein gayee main apani chaye chhod kar unhen dekhane ke liye gayee lekin maa ne chacha ke kamare mein jane ke baad darwaza band kar liya tha. ab mera shak aur bhi pakka hota ja raha tha lekin jab tak main dekh na loon main koyee baat nahin karana chahati thie.
eik raat jab T.V. par picture dekh rahe thei aur kiss ke seen dekhate hi main uth kar apane kamare mein jane lagi aur daraze ke paas pahunchi thei to maine suna maa keh rahi thie’ tumeh kayee baar kaha hei ke ab ladaki jawan ho gayee hei aisi picture na lagaya karo.’ ‘ jawan ho gayee hei to use jaroor dekhani chahiye, is mein hei hi kaya sirf kiss hi ho rahi hei koyee sex to nahin kar rahe thei. main to soach raha hun ke T.V. apane kamare mein bhi laga loon aur blue film dekha karein. tum dekho gi to tumeh sex ka maza jayada aaye ga.’ ‘ han doosaron ko nanga dekh kar tumeh maza jayada aaye ga mujhe dekh kar to ab maza aana kam ho gaya hoga.’ ‘ yeh baat nahin jab tum dekho gi to tumeh bhi naye naye tareeke se sex karana aa jayega,’ ‘ mujhe ab bhi bahut tareeke aate hein aur maza to cudayee ka hi hota hei tareeka jo marazi kar lo.’ ‘ voh baat to theek hei jo chudayee ka maza tum deti ho voh koyee aur de nahin sakata.’ aur aisa kehate huye chacha ne maa ko apani goad mein khench liya aur hounton ko choosana laga. ab to saaf ho gaya tha unki baatein sun kar aur maa ko chacha ki goad mein baith kar chumma karate huye. maine eik baar soacha ke main kamare mein chali jayun taki uneh pata lag jaye ke un ka raaz khul gaya hei leikin main abhi unko chudayee karate huye dekhana chahti thei aur yeh mauka bhi jaladi hi mujhe mil gaya. eik raat maa shayad chacha ke kamare mein nahin gayee ya chacha ke lund ne jaladi machayee hogi. chacha maa ke kamarei mein ja kar maa ki chudayee karane pahunch gaya. us raat chacha ne jaladi mein kamarei ka darwaza band nahin kiya aur main achanak vahan pahunch gayee aur darwaze mein se maine unheh jis halat mein dekha mere badan mein aag lag gayee. jaise hi chacha maa ke paas bed par pahuncha aur us ne maa ko hila kar jagane ki koshish kee maa ne chacha ko apani bahon mein lapet liya aur apane hount uske hounton par laga kar unhen choosana shuru kar diya. sabse badi hairani ki baat thie ke maa pehale se hi nangi soyee huyee thie aur us ne chacha ke kapade bhi apane aap utare aur use apane upar lekar bistar par aise giri jaise behoush ho gayee ho. aur sach mein use housh tha bhi nahi aur voh sex ke nashe mein madhoush ho rahi thei. dono ko nange aur chudayee karate huye dekh kar mera dil karane laga ke main bhi abhi ander ja kar chacha ko kahun ke mujhe bhi aise hi chode, lekin maine suna tha ke kisi ko aise mouke par disturb nahin karana chahiye. koyee eik ghante tak main unki chudayee aur chumma chati dekhati rahi aur phir main jab apane ko control nahin kar payee to apane kamare mien aa gayee.
agali raat ko jab T.V dekhate huye maine sone ka natak kiya aur unhon ne socha ke main so gayee to chacha ne maa se kaha aaj tujhe kisi aur ki blue film nahin teri aur apani chudayee ki firm dikhata hun aur us ne eik CD laga di jismein maa aur chacha bilkul nange hein aur maa ne chacha ka lund apane munh mein le rakha hei. thodi der baad lund jab paani chhodata hei to maa use pee jati hei. phir chacha ka munh maa ki choot par aur chacha ka lund maa ke munh mein kar ke dono bistar par leit jate hein. thodi der baad voh eik doosare ki bagal mein leit kar hounton ka ras peene lagate hein. maa lund ko apane haath mein lekar hilati hei aur thodi der mein lund phir khada ho jata hei. chacha ab neeche leit jaata hei aur maa chacha ke lund par chad kar lund ko apani choot mein dal kar uchhalne lagati hei. chacha nei maa ke mammon ko apane haath mein le kar marodate huye thoda upar ho kar munh me lekar choosana shuru kar diya.
raat ko jab voh dono apane kamare main chale gaye to maine unki yeh CD nikal kar uski jagah doosari CD laga dee aur us CD ko apane paas chhupa kar rakh liya. din mein maa ne voh cd vcr se nikal lee lekin use yeh nahin pata tha ke asali cd mere paas hei. din mein jab voh dono ghar par nahin thei to maine unki cd ki copy kar lei.
eik din maa ki tabiyat theek na hone ki vajah se voh kaam par nahin gayee. maine kaha maa koyee film dekhani hei to cd laga doon. maa ke jawab ki intezar kiye bina maine voh cd laga dee. maa use dekh kar kehane lagi ‘ yeh kaya laga diya hei band kar aisi film ko tujhe bhi yeh chasaka pad gaya hei blue film dekhane ka.’ maine kaha ‘ maa yeh blue film nahin hei tumahari apani vidio film hei jo chacha ne banayee thei.’ ‘ tujhe kahan se mili yeh cd.’ ‘ tum ne us raat yeh cd vcr mein hi chhod dee thie.’ ‘ lekin maine to din mein voh cd nikal lee thei.’ ‘ jo cd tumne nikali thie voh to maine eik film ki lagayee thie aur tumahri cd bahar nikal kar paas hi mein rakh dee thie.’ ‘ chalo band karo yeh cd.’ ‘ maa us raat to tum ne chacha ko nahin kaha ke band karo.’ ab maa kuchh naram pad kar kehane lagi ‘ beti tu ab jawan ho gayee hei tujhe to ab is darad ka eihsaas hota hoga.’ ‘ hota to hei aur tumeh dekh kar mere ander bhi kuchh karane ko dil karata hei lekin maine to kabhi kisi ke saath aisa nahin kiya.’ ‘ kaya tu karana chahati hei.’ ‘ dil to karata hei.’ ‘ theek hei tuje chhuti hei tu jis se chahe kar lein mujhe koyee eitraz nahin hoga leikn tu yeh raaz apane tak hi rakhana, chacha ko bhi na pata chale ke tujhe yeh pata hei.’
maa ne mujhe yeh to keh diya ke tujhe chhutti hei tu kisi ke saath kar sakati hei, lekin jab raat ko maine chacha ki aur maaa ki baatein suni to hairan reh gayee. maa ne chacha se kaha ‘ chhori ko humari sab baatein pata lag gayee hien, iska koyee itezam karana hoga varana yeh hamarei liye khatara ban sakati hei.’ ‘ chacha ne kaha ‘ is ka to eik hi tareeka hei ya to use apane mein shamil kar liya jaye varan rasate se hata diya jaye.’ ‘ apane mein shamil karane ka kaya matlab hei.’ ‘ us ki bhi chudayee kar dee jaye aur us ki CD bana kar use chup kara diya jaye.’ ‘ tumahara matlab hei ke tu beti ko chodana chahata hei.’ ‘ ismein kaya harz hei aakhir voh jawan ho gayee hei aur us ka bhi dil karata hoga.’ ‘ tujhe sharam aani chahiye voh teri beti jaisi hei.’ ‘ beti jaisi hei beti to nahin.’ ‘ meri to beti hei, kaya mein use tujhe chodane doongi, kabhi nahin.’ ‘ to phir kaya kiya jaye use maar diya jaye, kaya tu uski jaan le sakati hei lekin chudayee nahin karwa sakati.’ ‘ use maine keh diya hei ke tu kisi se chudayee karwa sakati hei.” kisi se karwa sakati hei mere se nahin.’ ‘ teri koyee beti hoti aur voh jawan ho kar kisi se chudayee karwati to tu kaya kehata ke bahar se nahin karwa mein hi tujhe chod deta hun,’ ‘ bilkul bahar se to achha hei ke apane aap chod lo, badnami to nahi hoti.’ ‘ theek hei jaise teri marzi.’ iske baaad maa ko shak ho gaya ke chacha meri chudayee na kar de isliye voh use mere nazdeek bhi nahi aane deti thie. main bahut pareshan rehane lagi. main jo sapana dekh rahi thie ke main maa ko aur chacha ko range haathon pakad kar apani chudayee bhi chacha se karwanyu gi voh band ho gaya lekin eik baat theek ho gayee ke agar main kahin jane ke liye kahati to maa haan kar deti aur rokati nahin thei. maine apane salahkar jis ki kahani padh kar meri dil mein chudayee ka khayal aaya tha ko email kar ke us ka adress poochha aur maa se izazat le kar uske paas chali gayee aur us ke saath sex karate huye mujhe bada maza aaya aur main bhool gayee chacha ko. jab uska lund maine dekha to hairan reh gayee aur usne jab apana lund meri choot mein daala to jo main dar rahi thei ke lund lene se darad hota hei, sara dar nikal gaya. us ne bade payar se pehale mere hounton ko choosate huye mere mammon ko choosa aru jab meri choot geeli hone lagi dheere dheere lund meri choot mein daala. ab to main use jor jor se jhatake maar maar kar chodane ke liye kehati hoon. sari raat eik hi bistar par sote hein aur khoob chudayee ke maze lete hein.
agar yeh kahani jo eik sachi kahani hei tumeh achhi lage aur kisi ladaki ko lund lene ki ichha ho to bejhijak likhe (

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Urdu Choot Ka Maza

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i m rehan from islamabad with a athletic body and 5.9 height. i m 21 years old..if any girl/lady from anywhere in paksitan wanna have secrect affair with me on phone or in real than mail me at

Mere pados me bahut si hot girls rehti hai. But mere ghar ke attached ghar me ek ladki rehti hai. Uska naam Sophie(20)ai. Jaisa ki maine bata meri colony me sexy ladkiyo ki kami nahi but sophie ki to bat hi kuch aur hai. She is very sexy, fair, cute n having mind blowing figure of 34 28 34

n use jab b dekhta to mujhe kuch ho jata. Main use like karney laga tha aur wo b mujhe like karti thi jo ki mujhe bad me usne bataya. Ek din wo mere ghar aai mujhse help lene kyoki uske laptop me kuch gadbad ho gai thi. To maine use laptop k liye puch to usne kaha tum mere saath ghar chalo wahi main tumhe dikha dungi. Main khush hua aur uske saath uske ghar gaya. Usne mujhe shofe pe bithaya aur mere liye pani laai aur laptop mujhe thama diya aur wo hum dono k liye coffee banane lagi.

Uske ghar me koi nahi tha. Maine uska laptop thik kar diya koi software problem thi. Wo coffee le k aai. Usne jeans aur t-shirt pehen li thi. Usne coffee table pe rakhi aur mere samne smile karti hui khadi ho gai. Man she was looking damn sexy n i was gone. Man to kar rah tha ki abi use apni baho me le lu. Aur main khud ko control nahi kar pa raha tha. Mera dick to apni full size me tha. Wo mere pas aa kar beth gai aur mujhe smile dete hue ghure ja rahi thi. For a moment there was complete silence. Fir usne mujhse puch “Adi tumhari kitni girlfriends hai?” maine uski taraf dekhte hue smile di aur kaha tum ye kyo puch rahi ho? To usne reply diya “Yar tum itne cute ho, itni achi persnaliti hai tumhar, good natured ho. Koi b ladki tumpe fida ho jaye.”

Maine kaha really! To wo boli ki “I also like you so much Adi.” Ye sunte hi maine god ko thanx kaha ese luck k liye. Fir main uske hath apne hath me le ke kaha “Agar main tumse kahu to kya tum meri girlfriend banogi?” To wo boli “Adi main to kab se yahi chahti thi but kabi keh nai pai. I Love You Adi.” Ye sunke main aur apne control se bahar ho gaya aur uske hath maine apne shoulders par rakhe aur aur use smooch karne laga. Wo b bade pyar se reply dene lagi. We smooched each other for 15 mins. Fir hum dono apne control se bahar ho gaya. Wo mera jeans kholne lagi aur me uska t-shirt kolne laga. Usne black bra pehen rakhi thi. Fir mene uska jeans b khol diya. Ab wo black bra panty me thi. Dude kya lag rahi thi uske milky white boobs aur ass dekh k main pagal ho gaya. Tab tak usne b mere saare kapde utar diye the.

Main use utha kar bedroom me le gaya aur hum bed par let gaye. Fir maine uski bra nikali aur uske sexy boobs bahar aa gaye. Main uske boobs ko chusne laga to wo aahe bharne lagi. Ab hum dono wild ho chuke the. Fir usne meri underwear b nikal ke fek di aur mera 8″ bada lund bahar aa gaya. Use dekh kar wo khush ho gai aur usne mera pura lund apne muh me le liya. Mujhe bahut maja aa raha tha itni sexy ladki mera lund choos rahi hai. Main to heaven me tha. Fir maine uski panty utar feki. Uski pussy ekdum clean or milky thi jise dekhte hi mai pagal ho gaya.

Fir maine usko bed pe letaya aur uski choot ko apni tounge se chatne laga. Maine apni puri tounge uski choot main dal di. Uski choot pehle hi gili ho chuki thi. Thodi der me usne apna cum chod diya mere muh me. Uska tase b bahut hi acha tha. Fir hum dono ne smooch kia.

Wo kehne lagi “Dear ab mujhse raha nahi jata. Fuck me now.” Fir main uske upar let gaya aur apna lund uski choot pe rakha. Wo bilkul virgin thi. Main janta tha ki ab ye chillayegi so maine uske lips apne lips me daba diye aur apna dick uski pussy main ek jatke ke saath dala. Wo chikhi but mere muh me hi. Mera lund sirf 1″ ya usse thoda jaada andar gaya tha. Main use taklif nahi pahuchana chata tha bcoz i love her. Fir main thodi der uske upar hi lete hue smooch kar raha tha. Fir maine dusra dhaka mara aur lund thoda aur uski choot me gad gaya. Uski pussy bahut hi tight thi. Uski aankhen bhar gai thi. Ye dekh k maine usse puch “Are u alright?” Wo boli “Ha jaanu i m ok tum mujhe bas pyar karte raho.” Fir maine ek aur dhaka mara aur apna lund pura andar ghusa diya. Wo chiki but maine uske hoth apne hoth me daba rakhe the so awaz bahar nai gai. Uska hymen toot chuka tha aur thodi bleeding b ho rahi thi.

Maine usko kas k apni baho me bhar liya aur ese hi leta raha. Jab uska dard band ho gaya to fir main use fuck karna start kiya. Main usko chod raha tha aur use b maza aa raha tha. Usne apne nakhun meri peeth me gad diye. Par wo b mujhe maza de rahe the. Maine apni speed badhai aur 45 mins baad main jadne wala tha to maine apna sara sperm uske muh me dal diya jesa ki usne kaha tha. Is 45 mins me wo 3 baar jadh chuki thi. Fir hum ese hi nude ek dusre ki baho me lete rahe. Us din humne 4 bar aur sex kiya. Fir main apne ghar chala gaya aur uske parents b thodi der me aa gaye. Ab hum jab b milte hai to smooch karte hai aur mouka milne par khub sex karte hai.

this is my story.. girls and ladies from pakistan..its ur rite to have sex.. and i can ensure u that sex will be remain totally secret with me.. i now its hard to trust on a starnger but i m a educated guy.. i will totatlly cooperate with you. And any girls,ladies from rawalpindi/islamabad and nearby places wish to spend their time with me or wanna have phone sex or real sex can contact me at
secrecy is with full confidence. dont hesitate females… everything will be totally secret and safe,,, i will wait for ur mails

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Rehan Aor Ayesha Ki Love Story

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i m rehan from islamabad with a athletic body and 5.9 height. i m 21 years old..if any girl/lady from anywhere in paksitan wanna have secrect affair with me on phone or in real than mail me at my home one girl used to live .her name Ayesha {name changed} .she was so sexy if any one see her will 1st think to have a sex with her. Her age was 20 .she was fully like Katrina .she always used to see and laugh me. I have many thoughts on her to fuck day i got a chance to fuck her when no one is ther in my home. My parents went to marriage and they will come after 2 days. She used to come in our house and used to chit chat with my sister. like that only she came and asked for my sister i said that she went to marriage .she said oo i c. i said then want chat if u don’t mind .she smiled and said ok . I said her to take a seat. She sat on sofa. I sat in front of her. She was looking so sexy with good figure like Katrina kaif .she was very sexy in looking.i saw her twice and twice. She asked me are you alone in home .i said yes. Then i slowly asked her
.do u has any bf. She smiled and said no. then i asked r u interested in having a bf.she smiled and kept her head down by shying. Then i got a signal that she is interested in me. Den i got up and in front of her and sat beside her .she said nothing’s was seeing in her eyes .she was seeing down ..I slowly kept my hand on her shoulder .she said nothing and closed her eyes. Then i thought i got a first chance in my life to have a sex .i slowly rubbed my hand. she closed her eyes .then i cant over get that position .i took my other hand and put it on the boobs .she said nothing .her boobs where so cute ..Of size 32… I didn’t move my hand from the boobs and pressing it. Now she to get the mood and she hugged me. When she hugged me i felt very hot .that was my 1st hug with a girl. I felt that i was in heaven when she hugged me tightly. Then i kissed her cheeks .which were very soft and cute. and i came to lips .and i kissed her in French style .we fell in kissing for 10 minutes after that i slowly removed her khamiz .and i to removed my shirt ..I kissed her boobs and sucked it. While i am kissing and sucking it .she was mouning aah aahhhh…ooahhhhh.ohhh
Then i slowly moved my hand near her pussy.and i rubbed it she was again mouning .waw its feeling good sallu again u do it she is saying and i did. She kissed me all my chest and neck. Then i said her to open the salwar .she was saying no i can’t. I said her and pleased her. She was
Saying no i will not open the salwar.i said y .she said 1ft u remove u r s paint .then i will remove my salwar .then i fast removed my paint .then she to removed her salwar..She was on panty and bra and i am on underwear. then i hugged her and kissed for 10 mins she to liked then i unhooked her bra .the boobs were shining and looking good figure … i was amazed to see her nude i cant control my cock it became harder …i removed her panty. Her pussy was shave with some little hairs on it was looking like heaven…i slowly touched it. she shouted a loud….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….then by listening that i got again eager to fuck her . Then we both slept on the bed for 15 minutes by hugging and kissing…..after that .i came in between her legs .and slowly rubbed her pussy she was mouning sweetly with her sweet voice. Then i put one of my finger in her pussy .she was mouning. Ahh sallu how nice you are doing .i am you are s do what u wants to do. By listening this i put another finger also she said that is paining .i said it will be. Then after that she said salllu do it fast. i did it den after sometime her cum came with a huge quantity .while her cum is coming she catch me tightly and hugged me so tightly ….and then she said wow what an heaven sallu u r.i felt so nice sallu she said. then she took my cock in her hand and she said that too wow what a big and hard cock i love it she said and started playing with it .then she slowly putted the cock in her mouth .and started sucking the cock i was feeling very nice and i catches her hairs and forcing he to go more cock in her mouth
after some time my cum came and it fell on her mouth she drunk it all……. and then after that we both laid on bed for 10 for rest after that again my cock became harder .then i said her to lay on bed she did it. i came in between her legs and i started licking her pussy.after sometime she said that she want to be get a fuck harder…she was a virgin and i was also having 1st time sex in my life …. I took my cock and slowly rubbed on her pussy lips .she began to moun .ohh what a good cock…then i slowly inserted my cock tip in her pussy .her feelings no changed into cries. She said no sallu i don’t want fuck i want only oral sex. Then i said her sex is better than that. She said ok. And said to insert it slowly. I slowly pushed it inside half of cock was inside her .she began to cry please salman leave me i didn’t listen her and again i pushed my cock inside her hardly whole my cock was inside her, she crying with tears. And some blood was coming from her pussy and i slowly took my cock outside.
My cock is full with blood. She was crying so i leaved her and kissed her and started her hugging her, then after again 10 minutes i said now we will have a hard fuck u had loosed your virginity .no pain will be for u. She laughed and kissed me. And i slowly started to insert my penis in her pussy no she was also enjoying and saying sallu fast. Ahhhh ohh fast. Then we reached to cum at the same time .i removed the cock from her pussy and placed on the booobs .all the cum fell on the boobs. Then she said to me
when u want to have a sex with me u can have a sex ….i thought i was the lucky man….but soon after sex .she went to her house by saying it was to late over by coming her so she went…soon after the next day also i fucked her after that my parents came .i didn’t got a chance to have a sex eighth her .after a month she got a married and now she is in Saudi Arabia……..

Well gals and ladies how did u like it. I hope i covered all of the events that took place that day. Well the reason i rate this as one of the best times ive had sex is cuz the girl i was having with had an amazin time. Sex becomes much better if both sides enjoy it. Well this was one of my many experinces. Do tell me everyone how did u like it?plz do let me know about that. And any girls,ladies from rawalpindi/islamabad and nearby places wish to spend their time with me or wanna have phone sex or real sex can contact me at
secrecy is with full confidence. dont hesitate females… everything will be totally secret and safe,,, i will wait for ur mails

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