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Rani Ne Kapde Badle

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Hi all, I am Raj, this is a story about something that happened to me a
year back when I was 19 yrs old. It was a Sunday morning; my parents
and my sister were going out for spending the day at a family friends
house. I some how convinced my parents and stayed back by telling them
I have studies to do. I had infact something else in mind, for the last
3 days I had a crazy desire for sex. I didn’t know what would cool me
down. Lot of my friends have been with prostitutes but I personally
don’t think it is safe because of the fear of STDs. So my parents left
and I thought a good adult film should work things out for me. So I got
an Indian XXX from the video shop, while coming back from the shop it
started raining heavily and I got completely wet. I was very excited
about the video because the pleasures of seeing naked Indian women is
not there in seeing the White foreigners.

I locked the main door and took my clothes off. I switched the video on
and the scenes were making me wild. The parts where the ladies took off
their sarees were my favourite. I finished watching the movie and I was
as hard as rock and warm has the oven. I decided to shag and reach the
climax on a particular scene I liked. I started to shag and all of a
sudden the door bell rang. I immediately switched the video off and put
my bath robe on and opened the door. To my greatest surprise it was my
mom’s cousine, Rani Maasi. She was nearby somewhere in a rikshaw and
got completely wet due to the rainfall. She had come to our house for
drying up. Rani maasi was 42 years old divorced women with a 12 yr old
girl. I was very close to her as she was very friendly to me when I was
a kid. She was a motherly figure for me till then. She was wearing a
green shiffon saree, shiffon sarees looked really good on her as she
was very slim. That day since she was completely wet her clothes stuck
to her body and I could see the entire shape of her body.

Since I was really hot that day I was actually looking at her in a
naughty way. I knew what I was doing was bad but sex ke samne anything
is nothing. I could see her black bra through her blouse as it was see
through for being wet. She was not even feeling a bit awkward standing
like that in front of me because she thought it was only me. But I
could only think of grabbing her butt. She had normal breasts but very
big butt compared to her other features, these things I never noticed
before. She told me she was going for a job interview and rain started
falling all of a sudden. She walked in and said she needed to change
and go for the interview as she really needed the jod. While she was
walking to wards the bathroom I saw that her saree along with her
petticoat was stuck inbetween her buttocks, and the left and right
buttock was rubbing against each other, there was heaven in her butt.
She went into the bathroom by now I was completely crazy to see her
naked, the dirty thought kept coming to my mind, mai apni maasi ki
chooth maar ne ki soch raha tha. She then came out with only a
petticoat of my mom’s that was hanging in bathroom hook, and her
breasts were covered with a towel. I got very horny thinking that we
are alone in the house and were both half naked as I was also just in
my bathrobe. She had sexy arms and her skin was like makkhan(butter),
she held the towel on her breasts with just one hand on her chest, she
told me to get her a bra, blouse and saree from my mum’s almirah.

While she was talking to me, where she was standing there was long
mirrior in the corner, and I could see her breasts from the side, as
she held it it with just 1 hand from the front the sides were
completely open. Here brests were perfect not too big not too small not
too big, nicely shaped. I asked her if she needed anything else, she
told me that she also needed a panty but my mothers panties would never
fit her as her butt was too big, and laughed. She was very free with me
and that it was ok to talk to me about all this, she still saw me as
her little nephew. I went to my mom’s almirah and took a saree and
blouse out, but I couldn’t find any bra, I found 3 of her bras in the
laundry basket actually my mum kept her undergarments in another place
which I didn’t know of. I looked on the top shelf of the almirah, I
found an old bra among her old clothes which she dosent wear anymore.
It was a black lace bra with very narrow back strap, it had no padding
inside, and made of very thin material and the elastic part had no
longer the elasic effects. I gave it to my aunt and I went out of the
room a minute later my aunt called me I went in, and to my biggest
surprise she was wearing the bra and showing me how she looked, she was
laughing at the way it fit her and thought I’ll find it very funny as
well by looking at her. It fit my aunt very loose and was almost
falling down if it hadent been for the shoulder straps, her entire
breasts could be seen except for the nipples which were covered by the
top part of the cup of the bra.

The rest was all open. My body was almost shaking by seeing this.
I faked my laughter, and she thought I was really amused, unaware of
the fact that she was standing half nude infront of a young adult.My
mouth was watering. She was very surprised at the fact that my mum’s
bra fit her so loose, because23 yrs back before mums marriage Rani
maasi and my mum had almost the same size, my mum had 36c and she had
36 D. Now it seems that my mums breast size has become 42 D. She said
your mum must have been sexually very active after she got married, I
was so surprised at this, I mean she never talked about these things
before to me. I then went to my sisters cabinet and took out 1 of her
bras and gave it to maasi. My sister was a 34 c, so she wore everything
and came out. I asked her if it fit her or not, she said it was better
as it was holding her breasts atleast. But she also said it felt like
someone was pressing her breasts. I could not control my erection. I
was sitting down so she couldn’t notice the bulge. I had to stand up to
lock the door as she was leaving for the interview, as soon as I stood
up, she was talking to me, my bathrobe fell open from the front. She
could see my entire body and my hard dic that was pointing towards her.
I got a bit embarrassed and tried to cover, she said “it is ok beta I
am only your maasi and I am just leaving you can stay naked now who is
going to see you” she had a naughty sense of humour that day. As soon
as she left, I started to shag againg watching the good old movie, well
I have seen a live show today anyways. Just when I was about to cum I
remembered that massi’s clothes were still lying in the bathroom, so I
stopped shagging.

Think of the pressures building up in me, I have been horny since
morning and shagged so much and stoped so many times before cumming. I
went to the bathroom and picked her panty and bra up and came and lay
down on my bed, I smelled her panty and the smell was musty, damp and
very erotic, there was a thing long stain of her butt hole rubbing
between her buttocks. Then I smelled her bra, boy was it nice, I
brought it close to my nose and smelled it, it gave me a feeling that I
was actually smelling her breasts, I wore her panty it was so big that
it almost let my entire dic stand in it. Well of course it had to be
stretched a bit as my dic isn’t that small. I had then cum in it. I
didn’t know what to do about it, I was scared if my maasi saw it she
would tell my parents about it. So I spread both the panty and the bra
on the bed for drying up under the fan. After a while my parents called
me up to see if things were fine, they said they are going out for
shopping with their friends and will come home in the late evening not
before that. I then started thinking what more naughty thing I could
do. 45 mins after that Rani massi came back, she told me she got the
job and was very happy. I looked at her and saw she had mud all over
her clothes, I asked her what happened, she told me that some stupid
guy drove passed her very fast and splashed the mud on the road on to
her. She said now she wanted a shower badly.

She said she needed hot water as the water was too cold due to
rainfall. She went in to the toilet and started taking her clothes off,
and told me to heat some water on the stove and give it to her in the
bathroom when ready. I heated the water and poured it in the bucket and
knocked on the bathroom door, she opened the door and told me to bring
it in, at this point my dic was getting an erection again. She told me
to take the water in because she had a back pain and couldn’t raise and
carry anything heavy. As you enter the bath room the commode is just in
the left side and when you turn left facing the commode the bath space
is on its right. This means that I had to enter the bathroom and go
completely in side and keep the bucket. I asked her if she was sure I
should come in, she said “aao na beta koi baath nehi thum tho mujhey
help karne ke liye hi undher aa rahe ho”. She was completely naked
facing the opposite wall, with one hand on the wall covering her crack,
I went in and kept the bucket there and turned around, I couldn’t help
looking at her butt. She said jokingly “ beta mere bums ko ghoor na
bandh karo, maine 6 mahino se shave nehi kiya apna butt”, as if that
was the only bad thing about looking at her butt. I thought to myself
it was now or never, I went close to her and bent down on my knees and
put my hands around her thighs from behind and up to her phuddi(cunt),
her cunt was shaved like a baby’s butt. I touched her in such a way and
that too so unexpectedly, her entire body shook, as if she got an
electric shock, with in 3 to 4 seconds she screamed “uuuuuuhh” and
started breathing heavily.

She said “beta mujhey chor do, mai thumari maasi hoon or yeh gunaah
hai.” By then I was rubbing her pussy like crazy, and I didn’t leave
her, so she removed her hand from her butt and pushed me back wards, I
fell back flat on the bathroom floor, and that’s when I had a clear
look of her butt. The buttocks were like mountains, her hole was
encircled with brown surroundings, with very little hair sticking out
of the crack, the hair was not very dense though. She ran out of the
bath room to the room, and sat on the bed where her undergarments were
and started to wear her panties. I was very horny and took bathrobe off
and ran to the room naked. She bent down to put the panties on, as soon
as she pulled the panties up to her thighs, I pulled her on to the bed
from her sitting position, I held both her hand with mine and forced
her to be in that position. Her legs were hanging down from the bed and
rest of the body was lying flat on the bed, that’s the first look I had
at her naked pussy, as earlier I only touched it from the back but
didn’t see it. I brought my face close to her breasts and buried my
face between the two hills and started to tickle her with my nose. She
was moving her legs violently to break free, she said “isse pehle ke
mai kamzor par zaaoo mujhey chor de aour hum ye gunnah karne se bach
sakthe he”. I then started to suck her nipples, they felt greast, I
realized that she had slowed down the movement of her legs. Then I
sarted to slightly bite the nipples not putting too much pressure.

Then I realized that her nipples were getting harder and getting
erected, she stopped resisting totally and started moaning as she was
holding her self for so long. “mmmmmm uuuh hhhhhh haeeeee oooi maa”. I
was sucking her right breast and pressing her left one the louder she
moaned the the harder I pressed. Then she said “ abb bus bhi kar beta
ek hi din me phor dalega kya beta apne maasi ke chooch, abb niche ki
tharaf apna moo maar, saalo se pyasi hoo”. Then I moved towards her
phuddi. We were in a 69 position, she was lying with her feet on the
bed with her knees bent and my face between her legs. I licked her
phuddi for a while it wasw so wet. Then I realized her hand going up my
thighs, se took my cock and started sucking it like mad, it sounded
like “chee chuk chook chook”. I was going wild, I had my face between
her legs but I stopped licking her phuddi as I forgot due to the
excitement. She said “ kya hua beta mera phuddi thumhe achi nehi laagi
ya uske rass thume maze nehi laga” I replied “aise rass tho mujhey
dunya mei kahi nehi milega”. I then started to suck her phuddi like one
sucks juice out of a mango, she moaned “aah hmm aise tho mujhey pehle
kabhi nehi masoos hua”. It was so tasty, after I sucked for long I
moved my head out and saw how wet the her thighs were, I put 2 of my
fingures in and after 3 strokes a fresh gush of juice came out and
rolled down, I licked it and traced it down to her gaand, I could just
reach the beggining of it as the position was such that she was lying
on her butt. Then I told her “maasi mujhey aap ki gaand chaat na hai”.
She said “mai aaj ithna kush hoo ke thum kuch bhi chaa ho mai karne ke
lye thiyaar hoo” .

We both got up from bed, she then lay down on her front on the bed and
her back up wards. She put a pillow under her stomach to raise her back
then parted her legs, she was in a frog like position. I grabbed her
buttocks with my hands and started to to fiddle with them, I had my
tounge in her crack, pushing against her as much as I can and drawing
lines in her crack, she moved her body a bit but didn’t moan a lot.
Then I concentrated on licking her hole, it was so salty in her butt. I
pushed my tongue in with all the force I could, it went in a bit then
came out fast, I did this for about 15 mins. She moaned like hell in
excitement she then said. “beta thujhey meri gaand bahuth pasand hai na
tho, thoo ghusaa q nehi detha apna laura”. She then said “pehli apni
ungli ghusa aur mera ched ko aur bhi bara banah phir thera laura aaram
se undar chala jayega”. I Put my fingure in and she raised her butt in
excitement. She said “ hhh hhh ek aur ungli ghusa”. My second had a bit
of difficulty to get in so she told me to get some lubricant. She told
me “ghee lana usse mera gaand makhan ke tharha phigal jayega aur thoo
apna poora laura aaram se ghusa saktha hai”. I went to find ghee in the
kitchen and as usual I didn’t know where it was. I told maasi that I
couldn’t find it. Then she said “ apni mummy ke room me jaake dekho,
ghee wohi pe hoga, thumhari mummy ko aapna gaand marwana bahuth pasand
hai, wohi tho mujhey ghee use karna sikhaya hai, kal Saturday raath tha
zarroor kal apni gaand marwai hogi”. I ran to my mom’s room and on my
way I thought to myself, yes, maasi is right my parents went to sleep
much earlier than they usually do.

I went to the room and wondered where it could be, I searched through
her almirah for the bra in the morning there was no ghee ka dabba in
there. There was a chest of drawer in my moms room beside her bed,
there were 3 drawers on the top part, and the bottom part had a
cabinet, which I never opened. I opened it, I got the shock of my life,
her undergarments were in there, and at the inside end of the cabinet
there was the ghee dabba, there were 5 books, of sexual positions, sex
stories, sexual exercise, many sex pics and many other sex related
stuff. There was a bottle of massage oil, a dildo, a pink transparent
gown, razor, hair removing cream. I got more excited seeing these
things. I was going back I saw that my massi was coming towards my moms
room where I was, we met at the hall way. There was big butsingle sofa
there. She told me to sit there. She put some ghee on my laura and
fingered some in her own butt. She told me to keep my legs together ,
she took my cock and adjusted it up her anus, she had 1 leg falling on
the floor over mine and she spread the other on the arm of the chair.
She had 2 of her hands on the 2 arms of her chair and told me to
support her butt from the bottom. She was now yelling with joy, “oof
aah hhhh mmmmmm hhhhhhmm ooooooo uuuuuh” and rocking like hell I was
moaning now too.She made the “hhhhhhh” sound more because I guess it
was fun but must have been very painful and she ran out of breath
almost. Because I had cum once before earlier that day I could hold
ejaculation that long but now, I couldn’t hold it anymore.

I said “ maasii mera nikal jayega rass abhii”. She jumped up, She said
“beta mera chooth bhi maar do ithna kuch kiya hai tho”. I said fine.
She went to the room and lay on the bed with her back on the bed. I
went closer to her she raised her legs, her knees touched her breasts,
I pushed my cock in, her legs were near my shoulder, she put her hands
through my armpits up my shoulders to pull her up slightly for good
penetration, I started fucking her fuddi, my face was running against
her legs. I made no sound but breathed heavily, she moaned “mmm uuuuh
mai pagal ho raho hoo, phar dall mera phuddi ko beta thoo mera acha
bacha hai”. Then I caould not hold it any more I yelled “o o ohhhhhhh”
and ejaculated in her. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

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Baby Ke Liye

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Dear friends ye meri real story hai aaj se 1 saal pahale ki hai, mein Uttar Pradesh ka rehne wala hu . Raat raat bhar main internet par chatting karta rahata tha. Net par meri dosti ek couple se hui. Hum log ghanton baaten kiya karte the. Ek din unhone mujhe ek ajeeb sa praposal diya. Couple ne kaha ki kya tum kisi ke serogate father banna pasand karoge . Maine serogate mother to suna tha par serogate father ke bare main nahi suna tha. Unhone bataya ki unke friend ki wife ko koi issue nahi hai doctor ne unke husbend ki sperm count main sperm bahut kam bataye hai isliye unke friend ki wife conceive nahi kar paa rahi hai . Maine jijakte hue poocha ki unki age kya hai tab unhone bataya lagbhag 34 ki hogi. Unhone yah bhi sart rakhi ki pregnancy concive karne ke baad aap ko ye secrate kisi ko leak nahi karna hoga aur na hi unse dobara milne ki kosis karni hogi kuino ka wo ek bahut bade business ki malik hai. Unhon ne yah bhi kaha ki ye saara programme night darkness main ho0ga aur aap unhe dekh bhi nahi paaoge. Mine kaha ki mujhe kuch time de main soch ke bataunga. Main raat bhar sochata raha ki bina romance aur forplay ke kisi educated aur innocent women ko kese pregnant kiya ja sakata hai. Doosare din phir net par hamari mulaqaat hui unhone na phir poocha ki aapne kya soocha. Maine kaha ki ek raat main kya gaurenti hai ki woo pregnant ho jaye. Tab unhone kaha ki aap agar intrested ho to hum plan bana sakte hai. Maine unhe kaha ki next week se meri 15 din ki vacation hain us may plan banaya ja sakta hai. Unhone na mujhe apne ghar bulaya jo ki dhardun ma hai main Sunday ko unke ghar gaya. Husbend wife ne meri kafi khatirdaari ki aur vacation main marri jana ke liya tyaar hone ko bola . Maine kaha ki bhabhiji mujhe dar lag raha hai . Kisi ko bina romance ke kese kiya ja sakta hai. Unhon na kaha ki aap fikar nahi kare hum log bhi aapke saath wahan par chal rahe hai. Sonia flight se wahan pahuch jaye gi. Hum teeno log by train next week Goa pahuche aur waha hum ne teen room book kar waye jo aapas main interconnected the first room mujhe diya gaya second khali tha aur third main woo dono tha. Raat ko khana khakar hum log mall road ka ek round lagakar aaye. Happy honeymoon kah kar wo apne rooms main chale gaye aur main apne room main jakar t.v. Dekhane laga. Thodi der baad mere intercom par ring baji. Doosari aur se ek ladies ne English main kaha hello Mr Ravi I am Sonia. Waiting for u in my room please come in.. Gate between our room is already open. Maine apna night gawn teek kiya aur beech wale gate ko push kiya. Please off the light of your room. She told in orderd way. Main ak dam ghabra gaya aur wapas jakar apne room ki lights band kar aaya. Bahut halki se rosani main main unke bed par pahucha. Hi I am Sonia. Usne mujhse haanth milaya aur bed ki taraf ishara kia or baitne ko kaha, bo English main hi mujhse meri family, friends wagera ke bare main baaten karti rahi. Sach much bari business lady lag rahi thi. Usne baaaton hi baton main bataya ki uske husbend ko ek accident ke baad sex power kho chuka hai. Hum log late gayi pr kafi der tak baaten karte rahe. Usne batya ka uska husbend use bahut cahate hai. Lekin wo ek child bhi cahate hai. Un dono ke aapas ki pyar ki baton ko sunkar mujhe sex karne ka man hi nahi hua.

Phir hum log good night kahkar apne apne blanket main let gaye. Main sochane laga ki ye kis chakar main phas gaya hoon. Thodi der baad maine apna haand uske boobs ki taraf badaya. Aur uske boobs par haand ghumane laga. Uske boobs bhut big size ke the. Dhere dhere uski mexi ko oper kia or tango ko bhi khol liya aur nighty ko oper tak khol kar bra se breast ko aazad kar diya. Usne bhi mere 9″ lambay aur 3″ motay tool ko mere pajame se bahar nikal kar apne haanth main le liya. Mera tool khada hokar poora tan chukka tha aur humne bahut ziada romance kiaye bgar maina usa fuck kar diya. Thodi der main uski oper leta raha our uske boobs se khelta raha uske baad hum log alag alag apni apni blanket main so gaye. Subah teen baje ka qarin meri ankh Khuli to maine uske blanket main ghuskar uski nighty ko peeche se uthakar apna tool peeche se ji uski pussy main dalne ki kosis ki to usne apni tango ko kol kar mere tool ko rasta diya maine uska boobs ko haand main zoor sa pakar liya aur slowly tool ko push karne laga lagbhag or usa fuck karna laga taqriban 25 minute baad maine apna sperm uski pussy main khali kar diya. Thodi der bad usne phir English main kaha thank mr ravi now u can go to your room we will see you in tommorow night. Bye. Usne mujhe kiss bhi nahi kiya. Mujhe bahut ajeeb sa laga aur main apne room main wapas aa gaya.

Apna room main aakar apna tool saaf kiya aur dil hi dil main khud ko gaali de kar kaha ka kahan phas gaya hoon. Main kal hi wapas chala sochate hue main so gaya. Subha 8 baje mere friends ne apne room se mujhe phone kara jagaya aur apna room main saath bed tea peena ka kaha. Main thodi der main tyaar hokar unke room main pahucha dono mujhe dekhkar muskaraye aur poocha raat kesi guzri. Maine kaha bhabhi ji aapne kahan paswa diya wo madam to mujhe bore kar ke rakh diya. Kya ajeeb raat thi na romance na foreplay only sex aisa lag raha tha plastic ki kisi model ke saath so raha hoon. Uske ander koi feelings he nahi thi. Sorry bhabhi ji mujh sa nahi hoga main aaj hi wapas ja raha hoon. Unhone haskar kaha ka itni kya jaldi hai aap ek do din aur ruk kar uska kaam kar de sperm donation bhi ek bada sawab ka kaam hai. Maine kaha ka bard main jaye sawab ya guna mujhe to jana hai. Bhabhi ji boli ka naraz na hoo main usa samja doongi wo aaj tumhe maza degi. Phir hum teeno log Marry gumna chala gai. Raate ko pir usi tarha us na muja apna room main bulaya or pichali night ka sorry kia or muja kissing karna lagi us night maina bhi usa sex ka pura maza dia or subha tak 6 bar fuck kia, woo khana lagi ka ajj kat mara hubby na bhi muja itna maza nahi dia maina akk night wasa hi zaya ki isi tarha maina usa 5 nights fuck kia or main fir Himachal pradesh wapas aygaya. 1 month ka bad mra couple freind na batya ka she is to happy because she got pregnent. Ager aisa koi mazboor couple mari help chata ha too muja mail kar ka mara no lay sakta ha

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Blue Panty Se Blue Film Tak

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Mera naam Rashmi hai. Mein southern Delhi mein apne mummy papa ke sath rehti hun. Meri umra 19 saal hai, Gora badan, kaale lambe baal, 5″4 ki hight aur meri aankhon ka rang bhura hai. Ek din mein apni saheliyon ke sath shooping kar ghar pahunchi. Apne kamre mein pahunch meine apni mez ki daaraz kholi to paaya ki meri blue rang ki panty wahan rakhi hui thi. Meine kabhi apny panty wahan rakhi ho ye mujhe yaad nahi aa raha tha. Itne mein maynain kadmon ki awaz mere kamre ki aur badhte suni, meri samajh mein nahi aaya ki mein kya karun. Mein doud kar almari jaa chupi. Dekhti hun ki mera chota bhai Monu jo 18 saal ka hai apne dost Rishu ke sath mere kamre mein dakhil hua.
“Rashmi ” Monu ne awaz lagayi.
Mein chup chup chap almari chupi unko dekh rahi thi.
“Accha hai wo ghar par nahi hai. Rishu mein pehli aur aakhri baar ye sab tumhare liye kar raha hun. Agar use pata chal gaya to wo mujhe jaan se mar dalegi” Monu ne kaha.
“Shukriya dost, tumhe to pata hai tumhari behan kitni sunder aur sexy hai.” Rishu ne kaha.
Monu mera drawer khola aur wo blue panty nikal kar Rishu ko pakda di. Rishu ne wo panty hath mein lekar use sunghne laga, “Monu tumhari behan ki choot ki khushboo abhi bhi isme se aa rahi hai.”
Monu jameen par nazren gadaye khamosh khada tha.
“Yaar ye dhuli hui hai agar na dhuli hoti to choot ke pani ki bhi khushboo aa rahi hoti.” Rishu ne panty ko chumte hue kaha.
“Tum pagal ho gaye ho.” Monu hanste hue bola.
“Come on Monu, mana wo tumhari behan hai lekin tum is baat se inkaar nahi kar sakte ki wo bahot hi sexy hai.” Rishu ne kaha.
“Mein manta hun wo bahot hi sunder aur sexy hai, lekin meine ye sab baatein apne dimag se nikal di hai. ” Monu ne jawab diya.
“Agar wo meri behan hot to……..” Rishu kehne laga, “Kya tum uske nange badan ki kalpana karte hue muth nahi marte ho?”
Monu kuch bola nahi aur khamosh khada raha.
“Sharmao mat yaar, agar mein tumhari jagah hota to yahi karta.” Rishu ne kaha.
“kya tumhari behan koi bina dhuli hui panty yahan nahi hai”
“Jaroor yahi kahi hogi, mein dhundta hun tab tak khidki par nigah rakho agar Rashmi aati dikhe to batana.” Monu kamre mein meri panty dhundne laga.
Monu aur Rishu ye nahi pata thi ki mein ghar aa chuki thi aur almari mein chip kar unki harkat dekh rahi thi.
“Wo rahi mil gayi.” Monu ne gande kapde ke dher mien meri lal panty ki aur ishara karte hue kaha.
Rishu ne kapdon ke dher mein se meri lal panty uthai jo meine do din pehle pehni thi. Pehle wo kuch der use dekhta raha. Phir meri panty pe lage dhabbe ko apni naak ke pas le ja sunghne laga, “MMMM KYA SEXY SUGANDH HAI MONU.” Kehkar wo panty ko apne gaalon pe ragadne laga.
“Mujhe ab bhi uski choot aur gaand ki mehek aa rahi isme se.” Rishu bola.
“Tum sahi mein pagal ho gaye ho.” Monu bola.
“Kyat tum sunghna chohoge?” Rishu ne pucha.
“Kisi halat mein nahi.” Monu sharmate hue bola.
“Mein janta hun tum ise sunghna chahte ho. Par mujhse kehte sharma rahe ho.” Rishu bola, “Chalo yaar isme sharmana kaisa aakhir hum dost hai.”
Monu kuch der tak kuch sochta raha, “Tum wada karte ho ki iske bare mein kisi se kuch nahi kahoge.”
“Pakka wada karta hun,” Rishu ne kaha, “Aao ab aur sharmao mat, sungho ise kitni madak khushboo hai.”
Monu Rishu ke najdeek pahuncha aur use haath se meri panty le li. Thodi der use niharne ke baad wo use apni naak pe le jor se sunghne laga jaise koi perfume ki mehek nikal rahi ho. Mujhe ye dekh ke wishwas nahi ho raha tha ki mera bhai meri hi panty ko is tarah sunghega.
“Sahi mein Rishu bahot hi sexy smell hai, manna padega.” Monu siskate hue bola,
“Mera lund to ise sunghte hi khada ho gaya hai.”
“Mera bhi.” Rishu apne lund ko sehlate hue bola, “kya tum apna pani is panty mein chodna chahoge?”
“Kyat um serious ho?” Monu ne pucha.
“Haan” Rishu ne jawab diya.
“Magar mujhe kisi ke samne muth marna acha nahi lagta.” Monu ne kaha.
“Are yaar mein koi paraya thode hi hun. Hum dost hai aur dosti mein sharam kaisi.” Rishu bola.
“Thik hai agar tum kehte ho to!”
Rishu ne apni pant ke button khole aur use niche khaska di. Pant niche khasakte hi uska khada lauda uchal kar bahar nikal pada. Usne ek panty ko apne lund ke charon taraf lapet liya aur dusri ko apni naak pe laga li. Phir Monu ne bhi apni pant uttar Rishu ki tarah hi karne laga. Dono ladke uttejna mein bhare hue the aur apne lund ko hila rahe the.
Dono ko is halat mein dekhte hue meri bhi halat kharab ho rahi thi. Meine apna badha apni pant ke andar dal apni choot pe rakha to paya ki meri choot gili ho gayi thi aur usse pani choo raha tha. Almari mein khade hue mujhe kafi dikkat ho rahi thi par sath hi apne bhai aur uske dost ko meri panty mein muth marte mein puri garma gayi thi.
“Mera aab chootne wala hai.” Mere bhai Monu ne kaha.
Meine saf dekha ki mere bhai ka sharir thoda akda aur uske lund se safed virya ki pickari nikal meri panty mein gir rahi thi. Wo tab tak apna lund hilata raha jab tak ki uska sari pani nahi nikal gaya. Phir usne apne lund ko achi tarah meri panty se poncha aur apne hath bhi pauch liye. Thodi der mein Rishu ne bhi waisa hi kiya.
“Isse pehle ki tumhari behan aa jaye aur hame ye karta hua pakad le, mujhe yahan se jana chahiye.” Rishu apni pant pehnte hue bola.
Dono ladke mere kamre se chale gaye. Mein bhi khidki se kud kar ghumte hue ghar ke main darwaje andar dakhil hui to dekha Monu dining table pe baitha sandwitch kha raha tha.
“Hi Rashmi.” Monu bola.
“Hi Monu kaise ho?” meine jawab diya.
“Aaj tumhe aane mein kafi late ho gayi?”
“Haan friends log ke sath shopping mein thodi der ho gayi.” Meine jawab diya.Mein kitchen mien gayi aur apne liye kuch khane ko nikalne lagi. Mujhe pata thaki mera bhai meri aur kitna aakarshit hai. Jaise hi mieh thoda jhuki meine dekhaki wo meri jhankti panty ko hi dekh raha tha.
Dusre din mein so kar late uth. Mujhe kaam par jaana nahi tha. Monu college ja chukka tha aur mummy papa kam pe ja chuke the. Mein apni khole bistar pe padi thi. Ab bhi meri aankhon ke samne kal drishya ghum raha tha. Meine apne kapdon ke dher ki taraf dekha aur kal jo hua uske bare mein sochne lagi. Kis tarah mere bhai aur uske dost ne meri panty mein apna virya choda tha. Pata nahi ye sab sochte hue mera hath kab meri choot pe chala gaya aur mien apni ungli se apni choot ki chudai karne lagi. Mein itni uttejna mein thi ki khud hi jor se apni choot ko chod rahi thi, Thodi hi der mein meri choot ne pani chod diya.
Mein bistar se khadi ho apne pure kapde uttar diye. Ab mein aine ke samne nangi khadi ho apne badan ko nihar rahi thi. Mera patla jism, gulabi choot sahi mein sunder dikh rahi thi. Meine ghum kar apne chuttad par hath phirane lagi. Mere bhai aur uske dost ne sahi kaha tha mein sahi mein sexy dikh rahi thi. Meine apne kapdo ke paas pahunchi aur apni lal panty ko utha liya. Rishu ke virya ke dhabbe uspe saf dikhayi de rahe the. Mein panty ko apne nak pe log jor se sunghne lagi. Rishu ke virya ki mehak mujhe garma rahi thi. Mein apni jib nikal us bhabbe ko chatne lagi. Meri choot mein joron ki khujli ho rahi thi, aisa lag raha tha ki meri choot se angare nikal rahe ho. Monu ne jo panty mein apna virya choda tha use bhi utha sunghne aur chatne lagi.
Meine soch liya tha ki jis tarah Monu ne mere kamre ki talashi li thi usi tarah mein bhi uske kamre mein jaa kar dekhongi. Bahot saalon ke baad mein uske kamre mein jaa rahi thi. Meien uske bistar ke niche jhank kar dekha to paya bahot si gandi magazines padi thi. Phir uske kapdon ko tatolne lagi, Uske kapdon mein mujhe uski shorts mil gayi. Meri panty ki tarah uspar bhi dhabbo ki nishan the. Mein uski shorts ko apni naak pe le ja sunghne lage. Uske virya ki khushboo aa rahi thi. Shayad aisi harkat meine apni jindagi mein nahi ki thi. Uski shorts ko jor se sunghte hue mein apni choot mein ungli kar rahi thi. Uttejna mein meri sanse ukhad rahi thi. Thodi der mein meri choot ne pani chod diya.
Meine tay kar liya tha ki aaj shaam ko jab Monu college se wapas aayega to mein ghar par na hone ka bahana kar chup kar phir use dekhongi. Aur mujhe umeed thi ki wo kal ki tarah mujhe ghar par na paakar phir meri panty mein muth marega. Jab Monu ka aane ka samay ho gaya to meine apni din bhar pehni hui panty kapdon ke dher pe faink di aur kamre se bahar ja kar khidki ke piche chup gayi. Meine Monu ke liye ek note likh kar chod diya tha ki mein raat ko der se ghar aaoungi.
Monu jaise hi ghar aaya to usne ghar par kisi ko na paya. Wo sidhe mere kamre pahuncha aur meri chodi hui panty utha kar sunghne laga. Usne apni pant kholi aur apne khade lund ke choron aur meri panty ko laga muth marne laga. Dusre hath se usne dusri panty utha sung raha tha. Mein paglon ki tarah apne bhai ko muth marte dekh rahi thi. Meine soch liya tha ki mein chup chap kamre mein jaakar Monu ko ye karte hue
range hathon pakad loongi. Mein chupke se khidki se hati aur dabe paun chalte hue apne kamre ke pas pahunchi. Kamre ka darwaza thoda khula tha. Mein dhire se kamre mein dakhil ho use dekhne lagi. Uski aankhen band thi aur wo meri panty ko apne lund pe lapate jor jor se hila raha tha.
“Monu ye kya ho raha hai?” mein jor se pucha.
Usne meri aur dekha, “Oh mar gaye.” Kehkar wo bistar se uchal kar khada ho gaya.
Jaldi se apni pant upar kar band ki aur meri panty ko mere kapdon ko dher pe rakh di. Uski aankhon mein dar aur sharam ke bahv the. Hum dono ek dusre ko ghure jaa rahe the.
“I am sorry, mein is tarah kamre mein nahi aana chahti thi, par mujhe malum nahi tha ki tum mere kamre mein hoge.” Meine kaha.
Monu munh khol kuch kehna chahta tha, par shayad dar ke mare uske juban se ek shabd bhi nahi nikla.
“Tum thik to ho na?” meine pucha.
“Mujhe maaf kar do.” Wo itna hi kah saka. Mujhe uspar daya aa rahi thi, mein use is tarah sharminda nahi karna chahti thi.
“Koi baat nahi, ab yahan se jao aur mujhe nahakar kapde badalne do.” Meine shant bahre swar kaha jaise ki kuch hua hi nahi hai. Usne apni gardan hilai aur chupchap wahan se chala gaya.
Raat tak wo apne kamre mein hi band raha. Jab mummy kam par se wapas aa khana banaya to hum sab khana khane dinning table par baithe the. Monu lekin shant hi baitha tha.
“Beta Monu kya baat hai aaj itne khamosh kyon baithe ho?” mummy ne pucha.
“Kuch nahi Maa bas thak gaya hun,” usne meri aur dekhte hue jawab diya. Mein use dekh kar muskura di aur wo bhi muskura diya. Khane khane ke baat raat mein meine uske kamre par dastak di, usne darwaza khola.
“Hi” meine kaha.
“Kya baat hai aaj bat nahi kar rahe, tum thik to ho?” meine pucha.
“Aise to thik hun, bas aaj jo hua uski sharmindgi ho rahi hai.” Usne jawab diya.
“Sharminda hone ki jarurat nahi hai, ye sab hote rehta hai, par ye kabse chal raha hai mujhe sach sach batao?” meine kaha.
“Wo aisa hai na mera dost Rishu, tum to use janti hi ho. Wo tumse pyar karta hai. Usne mujhe 100 rupaiye diya agar mein use tumhare mein kamre mein lakar tumhari panty dikha du.”
“To kya tum use lekar aaye?” meine pucha.
“Mujhe kehte hue sharm aa rahi hai, par mein use lekar aaya tha aur usne tumhari panty ko sungha tha. Usne mujhe bhi sunghne ko kaha aur mein apne aapko rok na paya. Tumhari panty ko sunghte hue mein itna garma gaya ki mein aaj aapne aapko apas ye karne se rok na paya.”
“Waise to bahot gandi harkat thi tum dono ki, phir bhi mujhe accha laga.” Meine hanste hue kaha, “tumhara jab jee chahe tum ye kar sakte ho.”
“Sahi mein! Kya mein abhi kar sakta hun? Mummy papa so rahe hai.” Usne pucha.
“Ek hi shart par jab mein dekh sakti hun tabhi.” Meine kaha.
Hum log bina shor machaye mere kamre mein pahunche. Meine TV on kar diya aur kamra band kar liya jisse sab yahi samjhe ki hum TV dekh rahe hai. Monu mere kapdon ke paas pahunch meri panty ko le sungne laga.
“Mujeh dekhne do.” Hanste hue meine useke hath se apni panty khinchi aur jor sunghi, “mmmm ahci smell hai.”
Hum dono dhime se hanse aur bed par baith gaye.
“To tum din mein kutni bar muth marte ho?” meine pucha.
“Din mein kamse kam 3 baar.” Usne jawab diya.
“Kya tum ye Rishu ko bataoge ki aaj meine tumhe ye karte hue pakad liya?” meine phir pucha.
“Abhi tak iske bare mien socha nahi hai.”
“Meine Rishu ko kai bar tumhare sath dekha hai. Dikhne mein smart ladka hai.” Meine kaha.
“Wo tumhe pane ke liye tadap raha hai.” Usne kaha.
“Tumhe kya lagta hai mujhe uske sath sona chahiye?” meine pucha.
“Haan isse uska sapna pura ho jayega.” Usne kaha.
Hum dono kuch der tak yun hi khamosh baithe rahe, Phir mien uski ankhon mien jhankte hue muskura di.
“Monu agar tum mujhe apna lund dikhao to mein tumhe apni choot dikha sakti hun.” Meine kaha.
Monu ne meri taraf muskurate hue haan kar di. Hum dono kuch der chup chap aise hi baithe rahe aakhir usne pucha “Pehle kaun dikhayega?”
“Mujhe nahi pata.” Meine sharmate hue kaha.
“Tum mera lund din mein dekh chuki hai isliye pehle tumhe apni choot dikhani hogi.” Wo bola.
“Thik hai pehle mien dikhati hun, lekin tumhe dubara se apna lund dikhana hoga, pehli baar mein ache se dekh nahi payi thi.” Meine kaha. Usne gardan hila haan kar di.
Mein bistar se uth uske samne jaakar khadi ho gayi. Meine apni jeans ke button khol kar use nichce khiska di aur apni kali panty bhi niche kar di. Ab meri gulabi choot thik uske chehre ke samne thi. Monu 10 minute tak meri choot ko ghoorte raha. Meine apni jeans upar khinch button band kar bistar par baith gayi, “Ab tumhari bari hai.”
Monu bistar se khada ho apni jeans aur shorts niche khiska di. Uska 7 inchi lund uchal kar bahar aa gaya. Mein kafi der tak use ghoorti rahi phir usne apna lund apni shorts mien kar jeans pehan li.
“Kal mummy papa kisi kaam se bahar jaa rahe hai aur rat ko late ghar aane wale hai, to kya mein kal Rishu ko sath mien le aayu?” usne pucha.
“Haan jarur le aana.” Meine kaha.
“Mein jab use batounga ki meine tumhari choot dekhi hai to wo jal jayega.” Usne kaha.
“usse kehna ki chinta na kare, kal tum dono sath mein meri choot dekh sakte ho.” Miene kaha. Dusre din mein jab kaam par thi to Monu ka phone mere cell phone par aaya,
“Hi kya kar rahi ho?” usne pucha.
“Kuch khas nahi tum kaho kaise phone kiya?”
“Agar Rishu apne ek dost ko sath lekar aaye to tumhe bura to nahi lagega?” usne pucha.
“Agar sab koi is baat ko Rishu tak hi rakthe hai to mujhe bura nahi lagega.” Miene jawab diya.
“Dono kisi se kuch nahi kahenge ye mein tumhe vishwas dilate hun, thik hai sham ko milte hai.” Kehkar Monu ne phone rakh diya.
Jab mein sham ko ghar pahunchi to thoda pareshan thi, pata nahi kya hone wala tha. Mein TV chalu kar shanty se unka intezar karne lagi. Thodi der mein Monu ghar mein dakhil hua. Uske piche Rishu aur ek sundar sa lamba ladka tha. Usne kandhe pe video camera latka rakha tha. Mein sharmai si sofe pe baithi hui thi. “Rashmi, ye Rishu aur Rajendra hai.” Monu ne mera unse parichay karvaya.
“Hello!” meine dhimi awaz mein kaha.
“Kya hum sab tumhare kamre mein chale.” Monu ne pucha.
“Haan yahi thik rahega.” Kehkar mein sofe se khadi ho gayi.
Jab hum mere kamre ki aur badh rahe the to mein Monu se pucha, “kya tum inhe sab bata chuke ho.”
“Haan, kyon kya koi pareshani hai.”
“Nahi aisi koi baat nahi hai.” Meine kaha.
Jab hum kamre me pahunche to Rajendra ne apna camera bistar par rakh diya.
“Monu keh raha tha ki agar hum yahan aayenge to tum apni choot hame dikhaogi.” Rishu ne kaha.
“Agar Monu keh raha tha tab to dikhani hi padegi.” Meine hanste hue jawab diya.
“Agar tumhe bura nahi lage to kya mein tumhari choot ki photo khinch sakta hu?” Rajendra ne pucha.
“Bura to nahi lagega, par tum ise kise dikhana chahte ho?” meine pucha.
“Agar tum nahi chohogi to kisi ko nahi dikhaunga, par mein apni ek web site chalu karna chahta hun aur mein is photo ko apni us site pe dal dunga. Tumhara chehra to dikhega nahi isliye kisi ko pata nahi chalega ki tum kaun ho.” Rajendra ne jawab diya.
“lagata hi isse mujhe koi problem nahi aani chahiye,” meine jawab diya.
Rajendra ne apna camera utha adjust karne laga, phir usne mujhe apni jeans aur panty uttarne ko kaha. Dono ladke mujhe ghoor rahe the jab meine apni jeans uttar di aur apni panty bhi niche khiska di. Meri gulabi aur jhanto rahit choot khul sabke samne thi. Rajendra ne camera ek dum choot ke samne kar uska digital photo le liya.
Mein apne kapde pehan bistar par baith gayi aur dono ladke mere samne kursi par baithe the. Hum charon aapas mein bat karne lage. Monu unhe batane laga ki kaise meine use apni panty soonghte pakda tha aur kaise ek din pehle wo Rishu ko hMonue ghar lakar meri panty sunghai thi. Rishu aur Rajendra dono hi ache swabhav ke ladke the. Rajendra 22 sal ka tha aur smajhdar bhi tha. Wo daud kar bazaar gaya aur sab ke liye beer le aaya.
Baatein karte hue Monu na topic sex par aa gaya. Sab apni chudai ki kahaniya sunane lage. Kaise ye sab college ki ladkiyon ko chodte the. Baten karte karte sab ke sharir mien garmi bharti jaa rahi thi. Achanak Rishu ne kaha, “kyon na hum Rajendra ke camere se ek blue film banate hai aur use uski web site par dal dete hai. Hum iska paisa bhi sab viewers se charge kar sakte hai. Phir har mahine ek nai film add kar denge.”
“sunne mein to acha lag raha hai” meine kaha.
“Dekho tumhare parents ko aane mein abhi 3 ghante baki hai, agar tum chaho to hum ek film aaj hi soot kar sakte hai.” Rajendra ne kaha.
“Shuruat kaise karenge kuch idea hai.” Rishu ne pucha.
“Rashmi kyon na me camera tum par focus kar du aur shuruat tumhare interview se karte hai.” Rajendra ne kaha.
“Sunne mein interesting lag raha hai.” Meine kaha.
Mein ek kursi par baith gayi aur Rajendra ne camera mere chehre par focus kar diya.
“Accha doston ye sunder si ladki Rashmi hai, aur Rashmi tumhari umra kya hai?” Rajendra interview ki shuruat karte hue pucha.
“Aur ye tumhare sath ye ladka kaun hai?” usne camera ko Monu ki aur ghumate hue pucha
“Ye mera bhai Monu hai.” Meine jawab diya.
“Accha to ye tumhara bhai hai, tab tum is sari bachpan se janti ho. Kya kabhi
iska lund dekha hai?” Rajendra ne pucha.
Mera sharm se lal ho gaya, “Haan bachpan mein jab hum sath sath nahate the to kai bar dekha hai, aur to abhi meine kal hi dekha hai. Meine ise range hathon meri panty ko apne lund pe lapete muth mar raha tha aur dusre hath mein dusri panty ko pakde sungh raha tha.” Meine kaha.
“Oh aur jo aapne dekha kya wo aapko acha laga.?” Rajendra ne pucha.
Sharm ke mare mera chehra lal hota jaa raha tha, “haan kafi acha laga.” Meine jawab diya.
“Kya tum Monu ke lund ko phir se dekhna chahogi?” usne pucha.
“Haan agar ye apna lund dikhayega to mujhe accha lagega.” Meine sharmate hue kaha.
“Ok Rashmi mein tumhara drivers licence dekhna chahunga aur Monu tumhara bhi?” Meine apna licence nikala aur Monu neb hi, Rajendra ne dono licence par camera focus kar diya, “Doston ye inka parichay patra hai, dono sahi mein behan bhai hai aur shakl bhi apas mien kafi milti hai.” Rajendra ne kaha. “Monu ab tum apna lund bahar nikal apni badi behan kyon nahi dikhate jisse ye pehle se acchi tarah dekh sake.” Rajendra ne kaha.
Monu ka chehra bhi uttejna mein lal ho raha tha. Usne apni jeans ke button khole aur apni shorts ke sath niche khaska di. Uska lund tan kar khada tha. “Tumhara lund wakai mein lamba aur mota hai Monu.” Rajendra ne kaha.
“Rashmi tum apne bhai ke lund ke bare mein kya kehti ho?” Rajendra ne kaha. Meine muskurate hue jawab diya, “bahot hi jaandar aur sexy hai.”
“Rashmi ab tum apna munh pura khol do, ab tumhara bhai apna lund tumhare munh mein dalega, thik hai.” Rajendra ne kaha.
Rajendra ki bat sun mein chounk gayi. Meine ye bat sapne me bhi nahi sochi thi.
Mein aur Monu ek dusre ko ghoor rahe the. Thoda jhijhakte hue meine kaha, “Thik hai.”
Meine Monu ki taraf dekha jo mere pas aa apna lund mere chehre pe ragad raha tha. Meine apna munh khola aur usne apna lund mere munh mein dal diya. Pehle to mein dhire dhire use choos rahi thi phir chehre ko aage piche karte hue jor se chusne lagi. Jab usne apna lund mere munh se nikala to ek pucccccchhhhhhh si awaz mere munh se nikli. Meine palat kar camere ki taraf muskurate hue dekha.
“Tum sahi bahot hi accha lauda choosti ho? Tumhara kya khayal hai Rishu is bare mein?” Rajendra ne camera Rishu ki aur maud diya jo apna lund apne hathon mein le hila raha tha.
Rajendra ne phir camera meri aur karte hue kaha, “Roshini hum sab aur hMonue darshak tumhari choot ko dekhne ke liye mare jaa rahe hai, kyat um apni jeans aur panty uttar unhe apni choot dikha sakti ho?”
Meine apni jeans aur panty uttar di.
“bahot accha, mujhe tumhari choot pe camere ko focus karne do, ” usne camera thik meri choot ke samne kar diya. “Ek baal bhi nahi hai tumhari choot pe jaise aaj hi paida hui ho!” Rajendra bola, “Ab hum sab ke liye apni choot se khelo.” Mein apna hath apni choot pe rakh diya aur apni ungli andar dal ragadne lagi, “mmmmm” mere munh se siskari nikal rahi thi.
“bahot accha Rashmi, lekin kyat um janti ho ab hum sab kya dekhna chahenge.” Rajendra ne kaha.
“Kya dekhna chahoge?” meine pucha.
“Ab hum sab tumhari gaand dekhna chahenge.” Rajendra ne kaha, “tum piche ghum kar apni gaand camere ke samne kar do.”
Meine ghum kar apni gaand ko camere ke samne kar diya aur thodi jhuk gayi jisse meri gaand thoda upar ko uth gayi.
“Monu dekho tumhari behan ki gand kitni sunder hai.” Rishu ne kaha.
“Rashmi mein chahta hun ki ab tum puri nangi ho bistar par jakar let jao aur apni tange ho jitna ho sakta hai utni upar ko hawa mein utha do.” Rajendra ne kaha.
Meine apni gardan hilate hue apni sandle uttar di. Phir apna top aur bra bhi kholkar ekdum nangi ho gayi. Mein bistar par let apni tange ghutno tak mod apni chati pe kar li. Rajendra ne camera meri choot aur gaand pe zoom kar diya.
“Monu tum apni behan ki choot ko chatoge.” Rajendra ne kaha.
Monu ne haan mein apni gardan hila di.
“Rashmi tumhe to koi aitraz nahi hai agar Monu tumhari choot ko chate.” Rajendra ne pucha. “Mujhe koi aitraz nahi hai balki mein to kab se intezar kar rahi hoon ki koi meri choot ko chate.” Meine hanste hue kaha.
Monu ghutne ke bal meri jangho ke bich baith gaya aur dhire se apni jeeb meri choot pe rakh di. Wo dhire dhire meri choot ko chaat raha tha. Thodi der choot ko chatne ke bad wo apni juban meri choot se lekat mere gand ke ched tak chatta aur wapas aate meri choot ko munh me le choosne laga. “Monu kya tumhe tumhari behan ki choot ka swad acha lag raha hai.” Rajendra ne pucha.
“Bahot hi accha swad hai, maza aa gaya!” Monu meri choot ko aur jor se chooste hue bola.
“Kaun sa swad acha hai choot ka ya gaand ka?” Rishu ne pucha jo ab bhi apne lund ko hila raha tha.
“Pehle mujhce chakhne do phir batata hun.” Kehkar Monu ne apni ek ungli pehle meri choot mein dal di phir use nikal apne munh mein dal choosne laga. Phir usne apni ungli meri gaand ke ched pe ghooma use sungha aur phir munh mein le choosne laga. “waise to dono hi swad acche hai par mujhe choot jyada achi lag rahi hai.”
“Mujhe bhi meri choot ka swad chakhao na!” meine Monu se kaha.
Monu ne apni do ungliyan puri ki puri meri choot mein dal gol gol ghoomane laga.
Meri choot ki andar se khulne lagi. Meine apni choot ki nason dwara uski
ungliyon ko bhinch liya. Thodi der mein usne apni ungli bahar nikal mere chehre ke samne kar di.
Meine camere ki aur dekhte hue uski ungliyan jhapatkar apne munh mein le choosne lagi jaise mein kisi laude ko choos rahi hoon. Monu ne dubara apni ungliyan meri choot mein dal di aur andar bahar karne laga. Phir usne jhuk kar apni nookili jeeb meri choot mein dal di. Uski jeeb kafi lambi thi aur kareeb 3 inch meri choot mein ghusi hui thi. Phir wo niche ki aur hote hue meri gaand ke ched ko choosne laga.
“Kaisa lag raha hai Rashmi?” Rajendra ne pucha.
“MMMMMMMM Bahot maza aa raha hai.” Meine siskte hue jawab diya.
“Kya ab tum apne bhai ke lund ko apni gaand me lena chahogi?” Rajendra ne camere ko meri gaand ki aur karte hue pucha.
“Haan use kaho jaldi se apna lund meri gaand mein pel de” meine kaha.
Mera bahi uth kar khada ho gaya. Meine bhi apni tange sidhi kar thoda unhe aaram diya aur phir tango ko mod chaati pe rakh li.
“Monu kya tumne kabhi socha tha kit um apna lund apni behan ki gaand me daloge?” Rajendra ne pucha.
“Haan sapne dekhte hue meine kai baar apne lund ka pani choda hai.” Monu ne jawab diya.
“Dekho tumhari behan apni gaand ko upar uthai tumhare lund ka intezar kar rahi hai. Mein Rishu aur hMonue sabhi darshak iska betabi se ye dekhna chahte hai.Rajendra ne kaha, Aaj mein Director hun isliye mein bolta hun waisa karo. Pehle apne lund ke supade ko iski gaad pe ragdo.” Monu ne waisa hi kiya. “Ab dhire dhire apna pura lund iski gaand me pel do.” Usne kaha.
Monu bade pyar se apna lund meri gand mein ghusane laga. Uska supada ghuste hi meri gaand ke andar se khulne lagi. Uska lund kafi mota tha aur wo apne 7 inchi lund ko ek ek inch karke ghusata raha jab tak ki uska pura lund meri gand mein nahi ghus gaya.
“Monu ab kas kas kar dhakke maro aur apna pura paani iski gand mein undel do.” Rajendra ne kaha.
Monu ab mere chutad pakad toofani raftar se meri gand mar raha tha. Hum dono pasine se tar batar ho gaye the. Mein apne hath se apni choot ghaste hue apni ungli andar bahar karne lagi. Mere munh se siskariya phut rahi thi, “OHHHH HAAAAAAN AISE HI KIYE JAO AUR JOR SE AMAAAR HAAN CHODDO MUJHE PHAD DO MERI GAAND KO, AAAH MEIN TO GAYI.”
Mera choot mein ubal aana shuru ho gaya tha, aur do dhakkon mein hi meri choot ne pani chod diya tha. “Mera bhi chut raha hai.” Kehkar Monu ke lund ne apne virya ki bauchar meri gand mein kar di. Hum dono ke badan dhile pad gaye the gehri sanse le rahe the. Uska lund ab dhila padne lag gaya tha meine muskura kar use bahon mein liya aur choom liya. Rajendra apne camere se shoot kar raha tha. Usne camera ko band karte hue kaha, “Rashmi ye hMonua aaj ka akhri scene tha. Umeed hai hum jald hi milenge, ok bye.”
“bbye bbye sab koi.” Meine jawab diya.
Meine bhi khadi ho apne kapde penane lagi. Teeno ladke mujhe dekh rahe the. “Kya tum sab koi phir se kuch scenes shoot karma chahoge?” mein chahta hun ki hamari web site sabse achi porn site ban jaye.” Rishu ne kaha.
“Haan jarur karma chahenge.” Monu bola.
“Haan mujhe bhi accha laga, mein tayyar hun.” Meine jawab diya.
Thodi der mein Rishu aur Rajendra chale gaye. Meri mummy daddy bhi ghar aa gaye the. Raat ko hum sab khana khane dinning table par jama tha. Mein aur Monu khamoshi se khana kha apne apne kamre mien sone chale gaye. Do hafte gujar gaye. Mere aur Monu ke bich is dauran kisi tarah ki batchit nahi hui thi. Mujhe laga ki porn site ke liye scene shoot ab ek kahani ho kar rah gayi hai. Shayad sab koi ise bhool chuke hai. Lekin har raat sone se pehle mein us shaam ke bare mein shochte hue apni choot ki garmi ko apni ungliyon se shaant karti thi.
Phir ek din college jane se pehle Monu mere kamre mein aaya, “Rishu aur Rajendra puch rahe the kya tum dusri film karn chahogi?”
“Mein khud yahi soch rahi thi ki tum log ye film phir kab karoge?”
meine kaha. “Mummy Daddy do din ke liye bahar jaa rahe hai” Monu ne kaha. “Kya tum log phir aana chahoge?” meine pucha.
`Agar tum haan kahogi to ” Monu ne jawab diya.
Us din mein kam par chali gayi aur pure din shaam hone ka intezar karti rahi. Sirf soch soch ke mein itna garama gayi thi ki meri choot se pani choone laga tha. Akhir shaam ko thik 5.00 baje mein ghar pahunch gayi. Ghar mein ghuste hi meine teeno ko sofe par baithe hue dekha.
“Hi sab koi, kaise ho?” miene pucha.
`Hum sab thik hai, tum kaisi ho ?” Rishu ne kaha.
Meine wahan jameen par kuch saman pada dekha, “Ye sab kya hai.?”
“Ye mere camera ka saman hai, stand, tripod vaigarah isse mujhe camera pakad kar shoot nahi karna padega. Automatic shoot hota rahega.” Rajendra ne kaha.
“Thik hai, ab kya program hai. Shooting kahan karna chahoge?” meine pucha.
“Hum yahan bhi kar sakte hai.” Rajendra ne kaha.
Rajendra ne apna camera on kiya aur mujh par kendrit kar diya, “Doston hum aaj phir sunder Rashmi ke sath baithe hai.” Meine apna hath camera ke samne hilaya.
“Aur ye Monu hai Rashmi ka bhai, isse to aap sabhi mil chuke hai.” Monu be bhi apna hath hilaya.
“Chalo tum dono ab shuru ho jao.” Rajendra ek director ki tarah nirdesh dene laga.
Meine aur Monu ne ek dusre ko muskurate hue dekha. Monu aage badh mere hothon pe apne hoth rakh chumne laga. Meine apni jeeb bahar nikali aur Monu meri jeeb ko choosne laga. Phir usne apni jeeb meri munh mein dal di. Hum dono ki jeeb ek dusre ke sath khel rahi thi.
“Ok Rashmi ab hamare darshak tumhari sunder aur akarshak gaand ek bar phir dekhna chahenge, kya tum dikhana pasand karogi?” Rajendra ne kaha.
“Kyon nahi.” Itna kehkar meine apni pant aur top uttar diya. Phir bra ka hook khol use bhi nikal diya. Phir apni panty ko nikal mein use sunghne lagi aur use apne bhai ki aur uchal diya. Usne meri panty ko pakad sunghne laga. Phir mein sofe par lait gayi aur apni tange apne kandhe par rakh li jisse meri gaand uth gayi. Rajendra ne camera meri gaand par zoom kar diya.
`Meine itni gulabi aur suder gaand aaj tak nahi dekhi.’ Rajendra ne kaha, `Monu ap apni behan ki gaand ko chodne ke liye tayyar karo.’
Monu ne apni do ungli munh mein le gili ki aur meri gaand mein andar tak ghusa di. Ab wo apni ungli ko meri gaand mein gol gol ghuma raha tha. Rajendra ne camera ko stand pe laga use automatic system par kar diya. Meine dekha ki Rajendra bhi apne kapde utar nanga ho chukka tha.
Rajendra ab mere pas aaya aur mujh god mein utha liya. Thik camera ke samne aa wo sofe par leg gaya aur mujhe pith ke bal apni chaati pe lita liya. Mera chutodo ko utha usne apne khade lund ko meri gaand ke ched pe laga mujhe niche karne laga. Camera mein uska lund meri gaan ghusta hua dikhayi pad raha tha. Ab wo niche se dhakke laga raha tha sath hi mere chuttad ko apne lund ke upar niche kar raha tha.
“Monu aao ab apne lund ko apni behen ki choot mein dal do tab tak mein niche se iski gaand marta hun.” Rajendra mere momo ko bhinchte hue bola. Monu turant apne kapde uttar nanga ho ek hi jhatke mein apna lund meri choot mein dal diya. Mere munh se siskari nikal padi, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”
Mujhe bahot hi maza aa raha tha. Aisi chudai mein sirf blue films mein dekhi thi leking aaz khud karwa rahi thi. Ek lund niche se meri gaand mar raha tha aur dusra lund meri choot ka bhurta bana raha tha. Jab Monu apna lund meri choot mein jad tak pelta to uske baban ke dabav se puri tarah Rajendra ke lund par dab jati jisse uska lund bhi meri gaand ki jad tak ja ghusta. Dono khub joro se dhakke laga rahe the aur meri sanse ukhad rahi thi, “HAAAAAAAAAN CHODO MUJHE AUR JOOOOOOOOOOOOOR SE HAAAAAAAAAN AMAAAAAAAAAR AISI HI CHODDDDDDTE JAO. RUKO MAT HAAAAAAAAAN AUR TEJ HAAAAAA OHHHHHHHHH .”
Rajendra ne mujhe thoda se upar utha ghodi bana diya. Monu ne apna lund meri choot se nikal piche hokar khada ho gaya. Rajendra ab mere chuttad pakad jor ke dhakke mar raha tha. Uske bhi munh se siskari nikal rahi thi itne mein meine uske virya ki bauchar apni gaand mein mehsus ki. Wo tab tak dhakke marta raha jab tak ki uska sari paani nahi chut gaya.
Rajendra khada ho camera ko apne hath mein le meri gaand ke ched pe zoom kar diya. Rajendra ke virya meri gaand se chu raha tha. “apni gaan ko apne hathon se failao?” usne kaha.
Meine apne dono hathon se apni gaand aur faila di. Aisa karne uska virya meri gaand se tapakne laga.
`Monu dekho tumhari behan ki gaand se kaise mera paani tapak raha hai.’ Rajendra camera ko aur meri gand ke nazdeek karte hue bola. `Acha hai mujhe lund ghusane mien pareshani nahi hogi.’ Monu ne hanste hue kaha.
Monu mere chehre ke paas aa apna lund thodi der ke liye mere munh me diya. Meine do char bar hi choosa hoa ki usne apna lund nikal liya. Mere picha aa usne ek hi jhatke apna pua lund meri gaand mein dal diya aur dhakke marne laga. Thodi der meri gaand marne ke baad usne apna pani meri gaand mein chod diya. Meine apni ungliyon ko uske pani se bhigone lagi aur phir camera ke samne dekhti hui apni ungli choosne lagi. “Agali bar jald hi milenge” kehkar meine apna hath camera ke samne hila diya.

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Main Ne Dekhi Aunty Ko4

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Hi I am Neha from panipat, I had submitted one real story earlier also, this is when I was in my graduation, I used sleep in my friends building and to be frank I happened to see their parents sex and I dint stop watching them having pleasure so many times and my friends mother was very beautiful she was of 45+ and uncle was of 50.she has good boobs and her breast size is something nobody can expect, he has very tight breasts which somehow common with grown women’s I guess but her breasts stand straight always very tight even her husband used to admire her breasts.

Ek din mai phir se padhai kar raha tha third floor me,usdin der raat tak mai padhai karke soneke liye takiya aur shadar liya tho mujhe laga kyu na ek baar jaakar phir se auntyke ghar ke andar jhaank kar dekhu,autny ke beta(my friend) mere saat bulding ke upar soraha tha,woh gehre neend me tha,mai neeche gaya aur second floor ke bathroom ke upar chadgaya jo unke room ke ventilationke saath hai,mai kisi bhi tarah dheerese unke baathroom ke upar chad gaya (low roof) aur ventilation se andar jhaank kar dekha,andar aunty aur uncle baat kar rahe the,unki position aisi thi ki.

Uncle ke thighs par aunty apna sar rakh kar baath kar rahi thi,uncle seedha letgaye hue the,thodi der baad aunty seedha hokar ncle ke paas sogayi aur thbhi,uncle ne aunty ke aur kareeb aakar unhe kiss kiya,aur auntyne bhi unki haath uncle ke baalome lagake unko apna muh theek tarahse de rahi thi,aur usi tarah aunty unke upar puri tarah se aakar unhe mast kiss dene lagi,thodi hi derme aunty apne haathse uncle ki lundko bahar nikala aur woh use upar niche kar rahi thi,par mujhe toh woh abhi theek tarahse chodne layak nahi dikha.

Aunty unke kamarke paas baithkar apna sar jhukake uncleki lundko apne muh meleliya aur use chusne lagi,thodider chusne ke baad,unki thodasa chodne layak hua,thab aunty boli,ab andar lagao mujhse aur chusna nahi hoga,par uncle bole thoda aur use mota hone do,magar aunty boli dekho lagana shuru karo apne aap woh mota hojayega,mujhe subah jaldi uthna hai,tab uncle bole apne jacketke hooks kholo,maga aunty neecheke do hooks kholke unki chuchiyonko bahar nikala aur boli ki pura mat kholna,uncle unke chuchiyon ko dabaya,aur mai yahan upar baith kar unki chuchiyon ka mazale raha tha,aur mujhe jaldi iki thi ki unke mote paironko aur chutko dekhne ki jaldi thi,thab uncle unki sariko upar uthaya aur thodi der tak masla usey.

Aunty thodi thodi derme ekbaar, ussss hmmmm, karke bolrahi thi,baadme uncle apne fingers auntyke chutke andar lagaya aur andar bahar kar rahe the,auntyko tension aagaya jaisa dikha woh thoda jyadahi ssssssss hhhhaaa, hammaaaa,ahaaaa hnnnnnnnn awaaz kar rahi thi,uncleki kaala rangka lund mota hogaya aur chodne keliye ready tha aur woh auntyke paironko apne kandhoke upar liya aur auntyke chutadonke neeche ek thakiya lagaya aur apne haatonko auntyke paironko baandh diya aur halkese apne lundko unki chutme lagaya,aunty aankhen kholke unki chutme ghusne wali lundko dekh rahi thi.

Uncle auntyko aise hilaya ki aunty apne dono haaton se uncleki ghutnon ko pakad liya jor jor ki jhatkon ko aunty hnnnnnnnn hnnnnnn, ssssssssssss,abbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,karke chillane lagi,thad uncle bole sari nikalne deti tho kitna achha hota,thab aunty boli mujhe kya maloom tum moodme itne jaldi aaoge bolke,mujhe laga tum side se meri chutme apna lagaake thodi der hilke sojaoge,par tumto full moodme dikhte ho,yeh sunkar uncle aur joshme aakar auntyko utha utha kar chodne lage aur aunty hhnnnnnnannnnha andar chalne do kahne lagi.

Joshme aakar uncle unki jacket ke aurdo hooks nikalke unki chiuchiyon ko chusne lage aur bole tumhare eh chuchiyan tumhare umar ke saath aur sundar bante jarahe hai,aur auntyki thighs itne strong haike ek pahilwan ke ya ek wrestling pahilwan ke pairo jaise cuts rahte hai,woh unki assets hai,aur mujhe lagta hai ki woh uncleko ek chote bacheke tarah apne bahon me uthale sakti hai. Thodi der uncle unki chutme apna lund ghumaya aur apna pura seeram nikaldiya,thabhi maine auntyko dekha aunty apne paironse uncleko puri tarahse jakadliya aur unke haatose kaske pakadliya,taaki unki nikli hui baharna nikaljaaye.

Friends this is a real story, I saw my friends parents having sex twice or thrice a week, I am not ashamed of it, because my at my age whatever attracts me is what I would like to see. I think I am right but just that they are my friend’s parents so friends mail me whether I am right or wrong. Your suggestions are precious to me and mail me how did u like my story mail me at

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Innocent Si Ladki

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Hi friends Faisal here with my 3rd story.
Bat tab ki hai jab Lahore mein Student Convention 2003 howa Awan e Iqbal mein.har university se 8-10 students ka group aya for debate on Moderate Pakistan. Convention k baad raat ko Al Hamra mein students k lia Jawad Ahmad ka concert bhi rakha gaya. Mujhe Jawad Ahmad sakhat na pasand hai iss lia mein bore ho raha tha so hall se bahir aa gaya.
Bahir aya howay thodi he dair howi thi k meri nazar 1 larki pe parhi jo hall k bahir tahl rahi thi. Jab wo mere kareeb se guzri tu main ne usay ghor se dekha aur dekhta he reh gaya.
Wo 19 – 22 saal ki lambi aur healthy larki thi. Jis ka jism bhara bhara tha aur kafi mazboot jismat wali larki thi. Face round tha moti moti ankhen jin pe black carbon frame k glasses thay. Colour gandami aur poray face pe zara sa makeup nahin tha. Black scarf se uss ne chehray k ilawa balon ko chupa lia tha. Off white suit jis pe halke halke se sitaray thay. Sub se bari cheez us k cheray ka noor aur innocence thi.Dosto bari se bari sexy larki ko bhi uski ye saadgi uss waqt maat de rahi thi..Wo na tu addain dekha rahi thi aur na hi sharma rahi thi bal kay full confident thi. Pasand apni apni magar main 1 he nazar main gum sa ho gaya.
Main ne khod ko sambhala aur ab ki bar jab wo mere kareeb se guzri tu main ne pocha: App shyed bore ho rahi thi?

Wo zara sa muskarai magar kuch nahin boli.
Main ne kaha: Wesay Jawad Ahmad itna bura nahin gata jitna main samajta tha balkay zayada bura gaata hai.
Ab ki bar wo khul k muskarai aur boli : Shukar hai koi tu aisa mila jo mujh se agree karta hai.
Ab hum thodi thodi batain karne lagay.
Us ne bataya k wo EDUCATION UNIVERSITY FOR WOMEN mein BSC k 1st year mein hai aur Bahawalpur ki rehne wali hai.
Main ne bhi usay apna introduction karwaya.
Wo iss se zayada na ruki aur excuse kar k andar janay lagi tu main ne kaha: Wesy mujhe Faisal kehte hain.
Socha k jawab mein wo apna naam batai gi magar wo meri bat ka maqsaad jaan kar bhi anjaan ban gai aur boli: Main ye yaad rakhon gi.
Aur hans parhi.
Mujhe andaza ho gaya k larki kafi intelligent hai aur zara hard work karni parhay gi.

Next day dobara main usay dhondta raha becoz ye last day tha convention ka. Lunch k waqt wo mujhe dinning hall mein nazar aai uss k sath 3 larkian aur bhi thin. Main jab uss k kareeb gaya tu wo muskarai aur baki larkion k expressions dekh kar mujhe andaza ho gaya k mera taruf ho chukka hai.
Mere pass jatay he wo sub mujhe salam kar k zara door chali gai.
Main ne uss se kaha: Mujhe raat bhar tajasus raha k apka naam kia hoga?
Boli :Tu kia socha app ne mera naam ?
Main bola:
Such pochain tu Noor . Ye naam app pe bohat suit karta hai?
Sorry Faisal app ye idea kash mere parents ko 20 saal pehle dete tu shyed apko mayoosi na hoti.
Chalain app meri mushkil hal kar dain.
Mujhe KAHKASHAN kehte hain.
Jo kehte hain sahi kehte hain.
Wo hans parhi aur boli: Batain achi kar lete hain app. Kafi girl friends hon gi app ki?
Main ne kaha: Han dil ka ye kona khali magar ab chahata hon k abad ho jai.
Wo boli : Tu main kia kar sakti hon.
Main ne kaha 1 offer hai:app k lia app mere dil main rehna chahain tu jaga azal se khali hai.
Wo boli : Well that was very quick Mr. Faisal dekhain ge.
Main bola kab?
Jab kabhi phir mulaqat howi.
Main ne kaha : Waada?
Boli: Shyed. Aur chali gai.

Friends meri raton ki neendain haram ho gai .Main ne pora zor laga dia aur 15 din baad 1 larka aisa mil gaya jis ki choti behn E U ki student thi us se request ki uss ka number address aur dosri tamam detail mujhe batay.
Larki ne 1 week mein tamam detail mujhe de di.
Detail yun hai k wo Abdali Chowk k pass girl hostle mein rehti hai University se pedal Secretriat stop tak jati hai aur wahan se 3 number bus pe Abdali Chowk tak jati hai. Sath he uska mobile number bhi dia.

Friends app bore tu nahin ho rahay. Sorry detail zara zayada hai na

Main ne aglay din EU ka rukh kia kia aur chuti k waqt uska wait karne laga. Thoday se intazar k baad wo mujhe 2 larkion k sath jati nazar aa gayi. Main bike pe thoda faslay ka sath pechay ata raha. Stop pe pohnch kar main ne usay fone kia. Us ne fone uthaya tu main kaha: agar main kahon k iss bus mein mat betho tu kia kaho gi. Wo foran faisal sahib app ne bari dair kar de main 1 saal se isi bus mein ja rahi hon. Main ne kaha tu theek hai ajj mat jao.
Boli koi waja.
Main ne kaha becoz main ajj tumhe us waqt tak dekhna chahata hon jab tak meri ankhen thak na jain.
Wo ruk gai. Main us k pass chala gaya. Aur yun humari friendship ho gai.

Meri aur Kahkashan ki friendship ho gai jo bohat tezi se barhti gai.
Usay pora yakeen tha k main usay dhond nikalon ga aur meri pehli call se he mujhe pehchan gait hi.
Wo ab mujh pe full trust karne lagi.( Shyed Pyar Bhi )

Meri routine ab ye ho gai k main subha uthta aur tayar ho kar Abdali Chowk jata usay pic karta aur University drop kar k apni University ki taraf jata. Dophar ko bhi same routine usay pic karta hostle drop karta aur apni residence jata. Sham ko dobara usay pick karta aur hum kahin ghumne phine chalay jata.

Ye silsila 3 maheenay chalta raha. Ab itni frankness tu ho gai thi k main us ka hath pakar leta aur wo mind na karti thi.
1 din Fortress ja kar Bunda Khan mn dinner ka program bana. Dinner k baad pori koshish k bawajood wo hostle se 25 min late ho gai.
Ab andar janay ka matlub tha warden aur hall superintendent ki inquiry aur ghar waloon ko report.
Us ne bahir se apni friend ko fone pe kaha k kia kron. Tu us ne kaha k tum raat bahir he raho aur main keh doon ki ajj raat tum ghar chali gai ho Bahawalpur. Kal sham tak tum wapis aa jana. Tumhari taraf se application main likh k submit karwa deti hoon.

Yun kudrat ne khud he mujhe 1 muka de dia sath raat guzarnay ka .
Jis k lia agar main khud kehta tu wo kabhi bhi razi na hoti.

Main ne Tariq ko phir request ki tu wo bechara 1 bar phir mujhe koosta howa PU hostle chala gaya.

Apni residence pe janay k lia mujhe late night ka intazar karna tha. Kio k kamray main larki lana tu allow nahin tha. So hum dobara Fortress chalay gay. Reema ki bakwass si film dekhi Sozo Gold cinema mein aur raat k 1:30 baja meri residence pe pohnchay .
Pehle main andar gaya sub theek tha. Phir usay call ki k gate se aram se andar aa jao. Wo andar aa gai tu usay room mein le gaya.

Thodi dair hum dono ne bilkul koi bat nahin ki becoz hum dono he confuse thay.
Main iss lia confuse tha k mere mind mein sex chal raha tha aur wo iss lia k wo andaza kar sakti thi k mere mind mein kia chal raha hoga.
Akhir kar main bola: Zara relax ho kar betho.
Wo boli: Nahin its fine.
Main ne kaha: Tum itni pareshan kio ho?
Boli: Faisal Daar lag raha hai.
Main bola: Mujh se daar lag raha hai?
Us ne koi jawab nahin dia.
Main us k pass ja kar beth gaya. Wo zara simit kat beth gai. Main ne us k hath pe hath rakha tu wo zara confuse hogai. Wo halka halka sa kamp (shiver) bhi rahi thi. Ab main ne us k gallon pe hath lagaya tu wo foran khari ho gai .

Boli: Faisal kahin bahir chaltay hain yahan mera dum khut raha hai.
Main ne kaha: iss waqt bahir jana safe hai? Raat k 2 baj rahay hain.
Wo zara mayoos ho gai:Ok phir main wash room se ho kar aati hoon.
Ye keh kar wo washroom chali gai.
Mujhe andaza ho gaya k uski cunt geli ho gai hai aur wo bohat confuse hai. Iss se behter muka shyed zindagi mein phir kabhi na aata.
Wo 15 min k baad wash room se bahir nikli main samnay he khara tha. Jun he wo bahir nikli main ne usay bahoon mein le lia aur apne hont us k honton pe rakh dia.
Usne apne app ko churane ki koshish ki magar jald he chor di. Main pori tarh us k honton ko kiss kar raha tha pori taqat se usay bahoon mein le rakha tha.
3-4 min k baad main ne usay chor dia wo zara peechay hut gai. Us ka saans char gaya tha. Us ka dopatta humare peeron mein para tha. Us k honton bhegay howay thay. Boobs ghahri sansoon ki waja se opper neeechay ho rahay thay. Main agay barha tu wo zara peechay huti aur dewaar se ja lagi.
Main ne us k dono hathon ko apne hanton le lia us dewaar k sath sath laga kar us k galoon ko kiss karna shoro kar dia. Us ne ankhen band kar li.

Ab main ne us k glasess utaray scarf ki safety pin khol kar scarf utar dia us ne koi resistance nahin ki aur nazrain zameen ki taruf jhukaya rakhin.
Main ne usay bahoon mein utha lia aur bed pe la ja kar lita dia.(It was not a good idea,, she was heavy yar ).
Bed pe lita kar main us k sath beth gaya apna hath us k mathay pe rakha aur ankhon se pharta howa neck pe le aya aur neck neechay us ki breast pe. Unhin halka halka sa dobaya tu wo apne honton ko katne lagi aur apni tangain zor band kar lin. Main hath aram aram se us k dono breast pe pharta raha aur sath ho dosra hath us k balloon mein pharta raha.
Ab main ne usay turn kia aur back se uski neck k ball hata kar kiss kia wo zara sa muskarai aur boli :Faisal.
Main ne uski kameez ki zip kholi aur uski kamar pe kiss karnay laga aur white bra ko bhi khol dia ab usay sedha kia aur kameez utarne ki koshish kit u zara sa resist karne lagi.
Main ne kambel us k opper dal dia aur uski kameez utar di. Kambal k andar hi uska bra bhi utar dia.
Main ne apni shirt utar di aur kambal main us k opper lait gaya.
Friends ye 3rd larki thi magar aisa solid jism main ne ajj tak nahin dekha tha.Us k opper lait kar us k jism ki tamam detail app ko apne aurat honay ka yaqeen dilati thi. Us k jism ki garmi sansoon ka utar charhao, honton ki mithas aur breast ki sakhti aur golai ye sub 1 khawab sa tha. Ye wo jism tha jis pe shair apni kitaboon k safay kalay kar dete thay.

Main ne us ke nipples pe kss karna shuru kia tu wo bechain ho gai. Us ki rahi sahi resistance bhi dum tor gai. Us ne apne hath mere balloon mein pharne shuru kar dia. Mein honton se le naaf tak tamam jaga ko jab g bhar k kiss kar chukka tu last step a gaya.

Main ne uski shalwar utar di aur kambal sr bahir nikal di . Zara uth apni pant aur under wear bhi utar dia. Uski cunt ko hath lagaya tu wo pori tarh se wet aur hot thi. Main aram aram se usay maslne laga wo halki halki si aahain bharti rahi. (Rabia ki tarh ooohhh nooo nnno yes yes bilkul nahin ki).
Main ne masalna khatum ( aur karta tu shyed bina dalay choot jata). Main ne uski tangain kholi aur aram se apna lun uski cunt pe rakha. Zara sa andar kia wo halka sa karahi. Main ne thoda sa aur andar kia tu wo tangain close karne lagi. Main ne tangain dobara kholi aur us k ooper lait gaya us k honton ko kiss kia. Us k shoulder pakar kar jhatka lagaya aur lun pora andar kar dia. Wo halka sa cheekhi aur boli: Faisal bus nikal lo mujhe dard ho raha hai.

Main ne usay honton pe kiss kia thodi dair k lia ruk gaya. 2-3 min usay nipples aur honton pe kiss karta raha . Phir andar bahir karna shuru kia . Pehle 1 -2 jhatkon pe us ne zara sa shor kia phir zara cool ho gai.
Ab main aram kar raha tha magar uski cunt kafi tight aur hot thi. Pori koshish k bawajood bhi main 5 min se zayada usay chod na saka aur choot gaya.
Thodi dair usi k opper laita raha phir side pe lait gaya.
20- 25 min baad wo uthi aur wash room chali gai. Naha kar aai aur dobara kapray pehn lia. Main ne bhi naha lia. Us raat us ne mujhe dobara nahin karne dia kio k usay dard ho raha tha.

Hum dono 3 maheena friends rahay magar 3 maheena baad humara break up ho gaya reason wohi same old

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Behan Ko Choda Andhere Main

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yeh kahani us samay ki hey jab meri nayee nayee shadi huyee thi. Gaon mein pati patani ko milaney ke liye mauka dundana padta hey. Raat mein ya to pati chori se patani ki charpayi par aa jata hey varana koyi aur jagah doond kar milan hota hey. auraton ke liye alag va mardon ke liye alag sone ki jagah hoti hey. Isi chori chhupe milane ke kaaran hi yeh ghatana ghati jo meine apani aankhon se dekhi ke kaise chhote bhai ne apani badi behan ko choda.
Meri badi nanand ki shadi ko char saal ho chuke thei lekin uska koyee bacha nahin huya tha. Hamarey gaon ke nikat eik mandir ki badi manayata thi ke vanhan jo bhi mannat maangata hey poori hoti hei. meri nanand bhi isiliye hamarey yahan aayee thi ke voh bhi mannat maange aur maa ban sakey. Us din mandir se ho kar lotaney ke baad voh aur mein eik kamarey mei baatein karatey huye so gaye thei lekin jis charpayi par mein soti thi us par meri nanand so gayee aur mein us ke saath wali charpayi par so gayee.
Raat ko mera pati mere paas aya to voh us charpayi par jis par uski behan soyi thie chala gaya, yeh samajh kar ke mein us par soyi hun. mein to us samay jaag rahi thie lekin meri nanand ( mere pati kei badi behan) so chuki thie. mein chahte huye bhi kuchh bol na payee ke kanhin shor mach jaye ga aur yeh baat khul jayegi ke hum dono eik din bhi mile bina nahin rah sakatey. Meri chuppi se jo ho gaya us ka mujhe ab bhi pachhtawa hey lekin meine yeh baat ab tak na to apaney pati se kahi hey na hi us ki behan se batayee hey. Bhagwan ki marzi samajh kar chup kar gayee aur chup hi hun aur rahaney ki koshish kar rahi hun.
Mein chup chap dekhati rahi badi behan ko apaney chhote bhai se chudate huye aur kuchh na kar saki. mere pati ne bhi mujhe samajh kar apani badi behan ko choda aur us ki badi behan ne apana pati samajh kar apaney bhai se choot marwayee. jis tarah hum pati patni maza lete thei usi tarah voh bhai behan chudai ka maza lete rahey aur mein chup chap dekhati rahi.
Subha meri nanand ne mujhe kaha’ janati hey raat ko sapaney mein tere nanandoyi mere paas aaye thei aur aaj raat ko jitana maza aaya utana pehale kabhi nanhi aaya. Aaj to unka lund bhi kafi lumba aur mota lag raha tha. Lagata hey yeh sab baba ( mandir wale) ki kirpa hei. Mujhe lagata hey ke ab mera bacha jaroor ho jayega.’
Meine kaha ‘sab upar wale ki kirpa hei, mujhe bhi lagata hei ke ab tera bacha jaladi hi ho jaye ga’
Voh boli ‘ jaladi nanhin 9 maheene baad’
mainey kaha ‘ han jaladi se mera matalab bhi 9 mahiney se hi hey. Yeh to mein isliye kah rahi hun ke ab pakka hei ke tu maa ban jayegi’
‘ mere bacha honey ke baad mein mandir mein parshad chadhaney anyu gi’
mein soach rahi thi ke parshad to tu chadhaney aaye gi mandir mein lekin bacha kis ki kirpa se huya hei yeh to tu janatai hi nanhi aur jab tak mein bataun gi nahin na tujhe pata lage ga na tere pati ko na tere bhai ko.
Agale din voh apaney sasuraal chali gayee. raat ko mera pati mere paas aaya aur mere se payar karaney laga lekin mera baar baar dhayan us ki behan ki aur chala jata tha jo anjaaney mein apane chhote bhai se chud kar bhi bahut khush thie.
Mere pati ne kaha ‘kaya baat hei aaj tu kanhan khoyee khoyee hey payar mein maza nanhin aa raha kaya.’
Meine jawab diya ‘ maza to bahut aa raha hey lekin mein soach rahin hun ke yeh chori chori payar kab tak karate rahei ge. Koyi aisa raasta nikalo ke humein chori chori na milana pade.’
‘ Kaya baat hey aaj tujhe chori chori milane mein maza nahin aa raha jab ke pichhale 6 mahiney se hum aisey hi mil rahein hein.’
Mein chup ho gayee aur uska lund pakad kar dekhaney lagi ke raat yeh doosari choot mein gaya tha kuch farak pada hei ya vaisa hi hei. mere pati ne mujhe lund ko munh mein lene ke liye kaha to mein sochaney lagi ke doosari choot me gaya huya lund apaney munh mein loon ya nanhin. Mera pati bola kaya baat hey aaj tu kanhin aur khoyee huyi hei koyee baat nanhin agar tera dil munh mein lene ko nanhin karata to koyee baat nanhi aaj teri choot mein daal kar hi is ki tasalli kar deta hun aur usne apana lund meri choot mein daal diya aur chudayee ka kaam kar ke apaney kamarey mein chala gaya aur mein baar baar sochati ja rahi thie ke raat ko jo huya hei is mein dono bhai behan jineh pata bhi nanhi unka is mein kaya kasoor hei. Mujhe yaad aaney lagi apani eik saheli ki kahani kaise voh apaney chhote bhai se chudayee karwati thi. lekin usne to jaan kar apane chhote bhai ka lund liya tha ke voh abhi bachha hei aur us ka paani nahin nikalata isliye bacha honey ka dar nahin tha. Yanha to anjaaney mein badi behan apaney chhote bhai se chudati rahi aur yeh sochati rahi ke uska pati use chod raha hei.
Poore 9 mahiney baad meri nanand ko eik sunder sa ladaka ho gaya. mein apaney pati ke saath use milane gayee. Bacha bilkul mere pati ki shakal ka tha. voh kehane lagi’ dekha apaney mama par gaya hei. mein soachti thi ke apane baap par na jaye’.
meiney kaha’ kanyon apaney baap par kanyon nahin’
voh boli ‘ is ka baap to tujhe pata hei itana sunder nanhi aur har maa apane bache ko sunder dekhana chahati hey. iske alawa tujhe eik raaz ki baat bataun yeh to mandir wale baba ka aashirwad hei varana mera pati to shayad zindagi bhar bacha paida nanhi kar sakata’
Meine poochha ‘ kanyon’
voh boli ‘ uska lund bahut chhota hey aur uska paani bhi bahut jaladi chhoot jata hey. mujhe to us raat sapaney mein pahali baar maza aaya tha, jis ke kaaran mera bacha huya hey’
mein uski baat sun kar soachaney lagi kanhin ise is baat ka pata to nanhin hei ke yeh bacha uske bhai ka hei aur janbhoojh kar mujhe baar baar yeh keh rahi hei ke bhagwan ka parshad hey.
uska ladaka 5 saal ka ho gaya tha aur mere bhi do bache ho gaye thei. Uska kanyon ke doosara bacha nanhi huya tha isliye voh phir baba ka aashirwad manganey aayee. Meine use kaha’ behan bhagwan ne tujhe eik baar aashirwad de diya hei usi mein tasalli kar. jayada lalach karaney se bhagwan naraz ho jatein hein.’
voh boli ‘ bhabi bhagwan se to hum zindagi bhar mangate hein bhagwan kabhi kisi se naraz nahin hota.’
Doosarey din hum mandir gayee aur vapas aa kar phir voh mere kamarey mein hi so gayee aur kahaney lagi ‘ bhabi tujhe pata hei isi kamare mein mujhe sapane mein mere pati ke chodane se bacha huya tha isliye mein isi charpayee par sonyu gi.’
Mujhe ab shak aur bhi jayada hone laga ke yeh jaanbhooj kar mere se chhupa rahi hey lekin ise sab pata hey ke is ka pati ise bacha nanhi de sakata aur yeh bacha is ke bhai ka hi hei. Lekin kanyon ke ab humari shaadi ko 5 saal ho gaye thei aur humare do bache bhi ho gaye thei isliye raat ko mere pati ka mere paas aana kum ho gaya tha us par meine apane pati ko keh diya ke aaj tum raat ko mat aana. kanhi tumahri behan jaag gayee to bade sharam ki baat hogi. mere pati ne kaha ‘ is mein sharam ki kaya baat hei hum pati patani hein’ Phir bhi voh mera kehana man kar raat ko nanhi aayaa. subhah meine apani nanand se poochha ‘ raat ko kaisa sapana aayaa’
voh kehane lagi’ lagata hei teri baat sach hei bhagwan mujhe doosara bacha nahin dena chahate,. raat ko sapana to nanhin aayaa aur aata bhi kaise mujhe raat bhar neend hi nanhi aayee.
Maine soacha achha huya meine apaney pati ko aane se rok diya varana bhed khul jata. Voh agale din apani sasural nanhi gayee to mujhe phir shak hone laga ke yeh chahati hei ke is ka bhai ise chode aur yeh maa bane, lekin mein unhen mauka nanhin dena chahati thie. raat ko voh baatein karte karate so gayee lekin mujhe neend nanhin aa rahi thie. raat ko dekha ke mera pati chup chap aaya aur usi charpayee par leit gaya jis par uske behan leti thie. mein jaan boojh kar chup rah kar tamasha dekhana chahati thie ke voh jaad kar chudayee karwaye gi ya sote huye uska bhai anjaaney mein us ki chudayee karata hey. Maine dekha ke mere pati ne us ka blouse khola aur uske mamme pehale haath mein lekar dabane laga phir munh mein lekar choosaney laga. voh chup chap leti huyee thie abhi pata nanhi lag raha tha ke voh soyee huyee hei ya use pata hi nanhi. thodi der baad uske bhai ne us ka lahanga upar kiya aur uski choot par haat pherane laga to usne angdayee li. mujhe laga ke voh maza le rahi hei aur janboojh kar chup hey. phir bhi aaj mujhe sachayee ko janana tha isliye bade dhayan se dekh rahi thi ke kaise chhote bhai se badi behan chudwayee karwa rahi hey. Jab usne choot hilani shuru ki to mere pati uske bhai ne apana lund uski choot par rakh diya. voh apani choot ko upar uchhalaney lagi aur uske bhai ne apana lund uski choot mein daal diya aur phir jor jor se jhatake maar kar chudayee karaney laga. Ab yeh bhagwan jaane ya voh dono ke voh anjaney mein eik doosarey se chudayee karwa rahe thei ya jaanate huye maze le rahe thei. chudayee ke maze lete huye unhoney munh se munh mila kar eik doosary ke honthon ka ras peena shuru kiya to mein sochaney lagi ke kaya itana kuchh ho jaye aur aurat ko pata bhi na lage aisa sanbhav hei. lekin mujhe chahe apaney pati ka lund doosari choot mein jate achha nahin lag raha tha voh bhi uski apani behan ki choot mein lekin meine soach liya tha ke mein aaj sachayee jaan kar hi rahungi.
Achhanak meine suna ke voh keh rahi hey ‘ bhai teri behan bahut dino ki payasi thie aur tujhe kuchh keh bhi nanhin sakati thie, lekin pichhali baar tumaney apani biwi samajh kar jab meri chudayee ki to mujhe pehali baar chudayee ka maza aaya tha aur uske baad bacha hone se to mein tere lund ki diwani ho gayee thi. tujhe aaj batyu ke tere jija ka lund bilkul chhota hey aur meri kaya kisi bhi aurat ki tasalli nanhi kar sakata. kal tu nanhin aaya to mujhe neend hi nanhi aayee aur mujhe eik din sirf tera lund lene ke liye rukana pada.’
‘ bol mat meri patani ne sun liya to gadbad ho jayegi. Yeh to theek hey ke pichhali baar mein apani patani ke paas hi aaya tha aur mujhe nahin pata tha ke uski charpayee par tu soyee huyee hey. lekin jab ho hi gaya to bhagwan ki marzi samajh kar chup karane mein hi bhalayee samajhi’.
‘yeh to theek hey hota hei vohi jo manzure khuda hota hei, lekin aise kab tak chori chori milate rahenge aur kab tak yeh bhed bana rahega. Pehale ke baat doosari thie, jab tak tere lund ka sawad nanhin liya tha mein tere jija ke chhote se lund se hi guzara chala rahi thi lekin ab tere lund ka sawad chakhane ke baad is bina raha nahin sakati.’
‘ aisa kar kuchh din ke liye tu yanhi rah ja, phir aage ki soachen ge.’
Subhah maine apani nanand se poochha ‘ raat ko koyee sapana aaya ya nanhin’
‘ raat bada haseen sapana aaya, maza aa gaya, teri charpayee mein to koyee jadu hei. Mere pati ka lund jo ghar mein chhota lagata hei yanhan par pata nanhin kaise itana bada ho jaata hey.’
Mein soachaney lagi ke ise abhi yeh batayun ke nahin ke meine inki raat ki baatein sun li hein. Phir mein yeh soach kar ke agar inehe yeh kah diya ke meine inki baatein sun li hein to inka aage ka natak dekhane ka maza nanhin milega. sach yeh tha ke ab mujhe inke jooth ki kahani sunaney mein maza aaney laga tha. Abhi to meine apane pati se is baarey mein jayada baat hi nanhin ki thie aur mein us se baat karaney ki bajaye use range haathon pakadana chahati thie. raat ko mere bahut kahaney ke bawazood meri nanand usi charpayee par soyee aur mein raat bhar bhai behan ki chudayee ke maze leti rahi. eik baar dil mein aaya ke uth kar unhen us samay pakadoon jab bhai ka lund behan ki choot mein hoga, lekin na jane meine unke maze mein khalal dalana pasand na kiya aur chup chap bhai behan ki chudai dekhati rahi. voh is baar kafi din ruki aur har raat mere samaney hi khoob maze lete rahe. ab kanyee saal ho gaye hein uska eik aur bacha bhi ho gaya hei aur voh jayada ab yanhin rahati hei.
(yeh kahani mujhe eik aurat ne mere se chudayee karwate huye sunayee thie, jis ka naam meine zahir na karaney ka vada kiya tha. mein har us aurat ki madad karana chahata hun jo aise halaat ki mari hein aur jineh mard ki zarurat hey. apani raye is kahani ke baare mein likhen saath hi zarurat mand –

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Aroosa Ki Phuddi Maari

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Hi, Amir again with an other true sex story. Mera email address hay .Mere pehle story “Kunware Sana Ka aza ” bohat zayda pasand ke gaye. Baqi 2 stories ka be accha response aya lakin pehle story mere number 1 rehe. Jin girls ko mera nehe pata un ko doobara bata deta hoon, I am Amir here from Lahore, 32 years and married male. So aab apne eik our sex story ke teraf aata hoon jis ko read kur kay zaroor lahore ke girls apne kunware phudi main kuch bechene our hulchul feel kurrain geen.
Mujay kafi girls add kurten on on my yahoo messenger lakin zayda tur nay keha kay pehlay mobile ka card send kurro then sex kurnay. Mujay sirf un girls say sex kurna ka maza aata hay jo mature hoon our sex ko poorirazdari say kurna chahteen hoon. Eik larkee nay mujay add kia , Hello and Hi kay baad us nay apna name Aroosa ( name changed ) bataya. Us nay mere Kunware Sana wale story ko bohat pasand kia our yeha bataya kay kay aap ke story us ke cosuon nay us ko send ke thee. Then us nay apnay barain main bataya kay wo 21 sal ke our Punjab Univesity main study kuute hay. Aroosa nay bataya kay us ko sex say bohat dur lagta hay our us nay kabi pehlay sex nehe kia lakin Kunware Sana wale story nay sex kurnay pur kafi hud tuk uk ko sex kay dur say azad kia. Phir us nay khud he apne pictures send keen . Ummmm yar wo bohat pyare thee our us kay hair be kafi lambay thay. Us ke brest size 34 tha, ummmm ufff wo to kamal ke larkee thee , dekh kur dil kurta tha kay bus is ko sirf pyar he kurtay reho.
Then us nay bataya kay wo kabi kabi fingering kurte hay lakin us ke phudi main 1 finger be bohat muskil say jate hay, aaaaaa yar kia tight choot wale ummm.Phuir us nay bataya kay us nay apnay bahi ko sex kurtya dekha tha apne eik couson kay sath, us din say us ka be bohat dil kurta hay kya koie us ko fuck kur day.Main nay poocha tum Punjab University main study kurte ho then kisse larkay say dosti nehe ke , phir us nay bataya kay us ke 1 friend ko university kay larkay nay fuck kia tha lakin us nay apnar doston ko bata diya tha , is liya wo university kay larkay say sex nehe kuray ge.Us nay keha mujay pregenency say dur lagata hay, then main nay keha yar main 3 condoms chera kur fuck kurron ga , phir us nay kehta theek hay.
Aroosa nay bataya kay wo sex kurna chate hay lakin us kay pass koie safe palce ehe hay , our wo apne kisse friend kay ghar be sex nehe kur shatee.. Main nay poocha aklee nehe hte ho ghar main kabi 4, 5 hours kay liya too us nay keha bohat kum hote hoon . Wo bohat udas thee or sex ka maza lena chatee thee. Main nay poocha kay famliy main koie function aa reha hay thn us nay bataya kay us kay cosuon ke shadi hay our us kay ghar walay shadi pur jayen gain. Main nay poocha tum nehe jayo ge , us nay bataya amir main yeah chance miss nehe kurta chatee plzzz mujay sex ka use teran maza dena jaisay sana ko diya tha. Us nay mujay bataya kay wo university main test kay behana bana kur neehe jaye ge. Main bohat khush howa kay aaj Punjab University ke lakree ko chood doon ga wo be kuware and tight phudi wale….
Then us nay mujay eik raat pehlay bataya kay us kay ghar walay thursday ke raat ko cosuon ke shadi pur wapda town ja rehain hain. Jub us kay gahr walay chalay geayn then us nay mujay call ke moblie pur our keha amir aa jayo , aab our nehe reha jata muj say. Main nay rastay main say LIBIDO Condoms ka eik pack liya our kuch imporeted condoms our us kay btaya howay address pur ponch gaya. Uffff us nay jub door open kia to main pagal sa ho gaya itne massom se larkee our wo be black shalwar qameez main jo mera pasand ka colour hay. Kher wo mujay under lay gaye our seeda apnay bed room main . Us nay apnay bed room ko thoora sa sajaya howa tha our bed sheet light green colour ke thee. Jub main nay bed kay pass side table ko dekha then wehan pur johonson baby oil lotion , eik kapray ka picece our mere sub say pasnad ke cheez , honey (shehe) pur ahowa tha. Aroosa nay keha Amir main aaj aap ke hoon sirf 3 hours kay liya , bus mujay itna maza dena kay main kabi kisse our say sex ka na sooch sukon.
Main nay time zayda kiya begair us ko apnay galay say lagaya , our us ke neck ko kissing kurna surro ke, us kay hair kafi lambay thay, main nay us kay hair peechay kiya our us ke garsan ko slow slow bite kurna shurro kia , wo apne eyes band kiya ummmmm, uffff ke awaz nikel rehe thee. Main nay poocha aroosa kaisa feel kur rehe ho, us nay keha plzzz bohat pyar kurna aaj mujay, main kub say tumhara intezer kur rehe thee.Then main nay honey ke bottle open ke our us ke neck ko honey lagaya our us ko chahtana shurro kia. Phir us ko bed pur leta diya yar, our us kay upper lat gaya.Our us ke neck ko kissing shurro ke . Then us kay juicy juciy lips ko suck kurna shurro kia . Wo be mujay kissing kurnay lage our phir main nay us ke zaban ko apne zaban say touch kia our us zaban ko chatna shurro kia. Wo bohat bohat mast ho gaye thee . Phir main us kay sath he bed pur late gaya our us kay seenay pur hands rub kurnay laga. Phir main nay us ke mummay ko us ke qameez kay upper say touch kia , bohat sorft feel ho reha thay.Main nay us ke shirt thoori se upper ke our us kay nipples ko us kay bra say niklela then wo bole kay plz shirt uttar kur pyar kurro mujay. Wo bohat pyare lag reeehe thee. Phir main nay us ke help ke shirt uttarnay main our us ka bra be jali dar tha, wo be uttar diya.
Aab main nay us say keha aroosa aaj tumhain itna maza doon ga kay tum mujay kabi nehe bhhol payo ge. Phir us kay upper lat gaya our slow slow us kay seenay ko chatna laga.Main nay us ke breats ko suck kurna shurro kia our phir nippels ko bite kia wo cheek pare kay plz aram say kurro mere jan. Phir main naysis honey ke bottle open ke our kafi zayda honey niklea our us ko Aroosa kay peet pur our breast pur acche teran lagaya , wo muskera dee our kehnay lage main yehe chatee the Amir.Miain nay honey laga kur nipples ko bite kurnay laga , wo must ho gaye our kehnay lage mere nipple ko kha jayo , us nay bohat maza diya our apnay aap ko us nay poora meray khawalay kur diya tha.
Phir main us kay sath bed pur let gaya our us ke legs ko rub kurnay laga , bohat slow slow us ke phudi ke teraf anay laga. Us nay shalwar main elastic pehna howa tha , is liya main nay us ke shalwar main hand dal kur us ke phudi ko tounch kia, aaaaaaaaaaaaa us ke phudi bohat geele ho gaye the, main nay keha Aroosa tum bohat betab ho fuck honay kay liya , phir main bed say uth gaya our us ke shalwar uttarne shurro ke, ufff yar kia pyare legs thee us ke , bohat soft and sexy.Main nay sooch liya is ko terpa terpa kun choodon ga . Jub us ke legs khoeln us ke phudi say juice nikel reha tha , main nay us ke choot main finger dale , aaaaa wo terep ute , us ke phudi bohat he tight thee, main nay us ke legs kholi our us ke phudi main 1 finger poori dal kur us ka liquid chatnay laga , uff bohat salty tha.

Main nay us ko keha Aroosa mujay honey ke bottle do, our us nay bottle open ke our main nay honey nikkel kur us ke hand and feet ke fingers ko acche teran honey say bhar diiya , wo bus bohat teeze say saans lay rehe thee, Jub main nay honey ko chatna shurro kai then wo awaz nikelnay lege plz mujay fuck kurro , aab muj say nehe reha jata, lakin yar main larkee ko itne jaldi nehe choodta , asl cheez to pyar hay, phudi to sub say last part hota hay.Phir main nay us ke legs ke fingers ko chatnay laga, aab us say reha nehe ja reha tha our us ke phudi say liquid nikel reaha tha. Main nay us ke legs ko chahtan shurro kia , our wo kisse fish ke teran terap rehe thee.. Then main nay us ke legs ko poora khol diya our us ke phudi kay pass zaban ko rub kurnay laga, us ke phudi ko chat nehe reha tha, wo kehnay lage mere phudi chato, kiyun nehe chat rehay, Bus yeah sun kur main nay us ke phudi kay lips pur apne zaban rekhee our yarooooooo aaaa kai bat thee Aroosa ke phudi ke. Then main nay us ke phudi kay lips open kiya our us main zaban dalna ke try ke lakin us ke phudi bohat he tight theee.
Aaab main nay final round lena ka soocha, main nay apnay kapray uttary, wo mera 7 inch lamaba our mota lun dekh kur sharma gaye , main nay keha Aroosa is ko kiss kurro , wo bohat hessitate kur rehe thee, then wo us ko chatnay lage , phir us nay poora lun choosna shuroo kia, main nay keha tum kamal ka lun chooste ho. Phir main nay LIBIDO condoms ka pack open kia , yeah special condoms hain jin say phudi marna ka time increase ho jata hay, main nay LUN pur 2 condoms cherway becaue us ke phudi bohat he tight thee , so pregenecy ka risk nehe lena chahta tha main.
Us ke eyes main bohat he chumek thee, wo smile kurya lage our kehnay lage aap pehlay murd ho mere zindigi main jo mujay fuck kurna laga hay. Phir main nay us ko keha apne legs uta kur pakroo is teran is ke phudi ka hole thoora sa khul gaya. Main nay lun us ke phudi kay pass rekha , our phudi kay lips ko rub kurnay laga , wo kehany lage Amir under daloooo, lakin main nehe dal reha tha, us ko pata nehe kia howa, kehany lage behanchood mujay chood day, wo shayd lun ke pyas main pagal ho gaye thee, our mujay abuse kurnay lage, main nay kuch time kay baad us ke phudi pur lun rekha our powerfull jerk maraaaaaaaaaa, us ke tight phudi main lun thoora sa gaya our us nay zoor say cheek mare,aaaaaaaaaa.
Main nay keha Aroosa tumhare phudi bohat he tight hay, thoora sa durd ho ga, us nay keha theek hay, phir main nay doobara lun dal kru itna zoor say jerk mara kay lun half us ke phudi main chala gaya , our us ke eyes main say ansoo nikelnay lagay. Abb mera lun agay nehe ja reha tha. Main nay keha Aroosa aab rady reho , phudi pharnay laga hoon, wo kehnay lage theek hay. Phir lun taqreeban poora nikela our girlsssssss us ke bohat he tihgt phudi ko lun pharta howa un der chala gaya, mujay feel howa us ke phuri say garm garm blood nikel reha tah, us ke sans bohat teez chul rehe thee lakin wo bohat payre lag rehee thee.Phir main nay us ko choodna shurro kia , wo bohat jaldi discharge go gaye thee , us nay keha zoor say choodo , aaj mujay apna bana loo mere jan. After 7, 8 mintues main us ko choodta reha full speed say, our phir main be condoms main discharege ho gaya. Lun bahir nikela to dekha kay condom pur kafi blood tha, zahir hay girls us ke tight phudi aab tight nehe rehe thee, wo be chud chukee thee.
Then hum nay eik doosray ko kissing ke , our us nay keha Amir aap chahtay to mere gand be mar shaltay tha , kiyun nehe mare mere gand. Main nay bataya kay yar without permission larkee ke gand nehe marta. Us nay keha main peechay say be fuck hona chateen hoon, Main nay keha kay Aroosa apne universirty ke kisse female friend ko apnay sath shamil kurro, group sex kurain gain then tumhare gand be chood doon ga. Wo kehany lage no problem.

So dosto is teran main nay Aroosa ko chood kur itna satisfied kia kay us nay apne 2 friends ke muj say dosti kurwa dee. Phir us ke friends ko kaisay chooda, next story main detail batayon ga. So Punjab Univeristy ke girls or Lahore kay kisse be college ke girls jo safe and razdari say sex kurna chatee ho , mujay email send kurray with name, age and location. Mera email address hay Take care.

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