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Unbeleivable Journey

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Hi Readers its Arnav and this is my second submission to IIS. My first one was Dr. Rikss Part 1 and unfortunately I cudnt complete the second part of it .After a long time I got the opportunity to write and this time I didn’t wanted to go back to lost memories so decided to write a fresh new story though this is not a “All Real” unlike Dr Rikss but some part of it true rest is fictious .Whatever it is I have tried to make it much interesting and exciting as my previous one.

This happened when I had finished my engineering college and had got a job in Banglore
I stayed there with few other students and it had been six months now and I got the news that my cousin brothers wedding in coming up and so whatever is the matter I have to reach pune to attend it. So I booked my tickets of A/C sleeper from Bglore to pune I even remember it was Udyan express .I got my reservation . Soon came the day and I reached pune attended the wedding . The whole day was gr8 wit lots of fun and was very happy to meet my relatives and everything was fine until I saw my brother and his wife .

No need to mention it was Riks and saw her after 8 years. She was looking marvelous but the wrinkles on her face had taken away the cuteness of her face but still her body was too eminent and enough to steal the looks . I was once again taken back to those days of heavens and orgies that I have tasted . I was struck back to reality when riks shook me . I gave her a smile and she returned it politely . Throughout the wedding I was staring at her and I can bet about other men that even they didn’t a single sight of her.

Finally we got a short while to speak and we had general talks and remarked on my physic as she was seeing after years and also said jokingly that next cud be your turn to stand on the wedding stage . I just made a shy negative response to it . but we didn’t had any tals to history not even abt what happened between us . Later evening when she was leaving at that time we got some time to spk in discrete and she asked abt my job and with whom im staying . I asked me whether thers any gal in my life to which I replied negative. Later she convinced me that whatever happened between us was justifiable for a lady in that age but its even for me and tat I shld look forward now to sumone of my age . I replied her that I understand tat I am completely normal and that its jst tat I didn’t found anyone to suite my character else everything is normal . Later my bro came and we didn’t got enuf to spk we departed from each other .

Next day in after-noon even I took a leave from my relatives and boarded my train . I had a First-Class A/C Ticket . I boarded the compartment and reached my seat . I found a family already occupying the neighbor seats . They were having the their lunch when they saw they asked if its ur seat here I said yes . They started wrapping their food seeing this I stopped them and asked them to complete it peacefully. Meaning while I rested my bag and headed towards the wash Room after getting fresh I waited for sum time at the corridors looking at the outerview and giving the family sum time to complete their lunch
I was standing in the door looking outside I saw a girl cuming from the compartment might be in her early teen’s holding few Tiffin boxes in her hand when she saw me standing thru the glass door she signaled me to open the door (A/C compartments have doors to lobby ) I opened the door she simled at me and said thanks and told me tat we have finished the lunch u may cum to urr seat . I was then I realized that she was one amongst the family . I returned back to my seat .Seeing a man in his late 30’s welcomed me.

He thanked me and offered me my seat . He introduced himself as Satish and to his family .I was three at the moment the Man ,his wife(Rima) and his son (Rinku might be arnd 6 ). I wondered who was that gal . He further told me that we boarded from Mumbai and they were also heading towards banglore . He said hes a physicist and his wife is a teacher they live in Mumbai and were heading towards their native place in Mysore . I was confused as the First A/C cabin consist of four seats and 3 were from the family and I was the fouth one so wat abt that gal and is she from the family . Soon my doubts were cleared when the gal returned and called the lady telling her babhi . That lady took the tiffins from her hands kept them on the table and the was still standing as I waiting for something . The lady removed some plastic bag from her purse I don’t knw wat I was having and they both headed back to the wash room.

I now knew the family ties but still confused abt the seat of the fifth person . However tha man broke the silence and said she was my sister “Sneha” and she also stays along with me in Mumbai – she studying in FYBCOM . He later added “Actually there is a little problem. Initially it was me and my wife along with our son have decided to visit our parents at Mysore and my sis had her coaching which cudnt miss to she decided to stay so we just booked the tickets for 3. However later her batch was postpone and she also decided to accompany us but the reservation was full hardly I managed a sleeper class(Non A/C) for her. ” He asked me if its ok for you to adjust the fifth one for the day and asked that at night he might go n sleep in the non A/c compartment allowing the two ladies to be together . I said tats Ok for me I have no issues.At the same moment the two ladies returned back and his wife heard a bit of our conversation and asked her husband an explaination he said that I have explained him everything he’s ready to cooperate .

Even his wife thanked me . The two ladies got seated together. After sometime they again started the conversation and asked everything abt me that gal was nt involed in conversation but was listening to us at the same time playing with the kid . The day went on we had small chats and the family appeared quite descent and frank . I was around 7 in the evening the trained halted at some station and a TTE enter the cabin he checked everyone ticket . Even I presented mine . Ad then the Man showed theirs . the TTE asked abt the girl . His brother explained the whole thing to him and even showed him her Non A/C ticket . However the TTE was a stubborn person and demanded the girl to leave the A/C cabin and go back to the Non Ac one . His brother requested him that how a young girl stay there alone but the TTE seemed to be firm on his decision the Man even tried to bribe him with sum amt but he refused at end he said alright but then there cannot be 5 ppl in the cabin of 4 1 has to leave . I remained silent . Seeing the situation cud get worst the Brother said ok fine I go and settle there let my sister and wife stay here . The TTE agreed to the proposal . The Man took his night garments got it changed and returned to our place . He Called me by my name and told me that im leaving for the other compartment . the two ladies would be here so please take care to them and if they need anything at night please help with it if it doesn’t matters me.

I said tats not a problem at all and convinced him tat they be fine ill take care and its jsta matter of the night . He was convinced and left for the other compartment. It was now 9 at night . I ordered my dinner and so did the two ladies . Our dinner arrived together . The lady removed some pickles from their bag and also offered some to me . We had dinner together I enquired the pantry boy abt the coach where the Man was and the pantry boy said that coach is at the other end and also in between the doors are locked at the nights so that no one enteres the A/C coach . The lady got anxious hearing that – I comforted her and told her its fine if they need anything they can ask me .

We cleared our place and back to our seats . After some the Kid was getting irritated by the journey and was also missing his father . he started crying and was nt getting quite at all . Seeing this I asked him if he would like to see a cartoon movie hearing this he first said no but later agreed to it . I removed my laptop and carefully placed it on the table and stated a animation movie the kid started watching it . The lady was relieved she asked her sister – in – law whether she would like to sleep now to which she said that shes nt feeling sleepy and would continue reading her book for sum time. The lady then asked her if she cud take a nap as her son was now busy watching the cartoon. The girl said yes and then the lady went on top berth to sleep – the girl asked her to change but she said she’ll be ok with it and jst took a shawl along with her and went to sleep .

Sneha looked at me and said “Arnav would you be sleeping now so ill turn off the lights ” I replied “NO, ill be accompany ur nephew in watching the cartoon.” She giggled saying that are u a kid to watch a cartoon I jst smiled and returned back to my laptop screen . Now it was around 11pm at night most of the other cabins lights were off . Even the small kid was asleep in my arms . I called the seema softly . She looked at me and seeing her nephew sleeping got up from the seat and took him and placed him on the lower berth where she was sitting . Now she sat on the same berth where I was sitting .
I asked her if she wishes to sleep so tat ill go on the upper berth she said tat she had enuf sleep in the day I then asked her are u continuing studying . She said shes not studying but was reading a novel I was surprised to hear tat . Later she added that now she bored of reading whole day.

I said then would to like to watch cartoons she laughted and said she doesn’t like them and that im not a kid . she asked me if I have any movies . I said hersrry but I don’t have but I have few series of FRIENDS . she agreed to see tat I said that’s fine she came closer to me and we started watching one of the episodes . After some time her Bhabhi gotup asking her y is she nt sleeping she told her tat she’ll be sleeping later after the episode gets over . Her bhahi replied tats ok but please turnoff the lights and lower the volume . I got an idea and I removed my earphones and sneha turned off the lights I put one and gave her the other one – she came more closer to me this was the first time our bodies touched each other and it sent a current throughout me but sneha didn’t bothered tat and was grasped into the episode . Her bhabi was deep in sleep and we cud hear her snoring .

The series was a comedy Drama depicting American lifestyle of 6 friends . It has everything with a surplus of comedy . We were engrossed in the serial and soon it was turning its theme to a romantic climax . I saw at sneha but she was far more absorbed in the story . In the end of the series there was a kissing scence between joey and monica (characters of the series ) I tried to skip the scenes but sneha stopped me saying that its goin to end wait . I took my hand back . The two character started kissing passionately and for obivious reasons I was getting a Hardon however I tried to control my self but the scence ended with couples lying on bed with their half naked body . I got relieved tat the serial got ended.

I turned of my laptop and saw at sneha her face turned red – she just smiled at me. I stood up kept my laptop aside and said sneha tat ill be back from washroom u may go to sleep . But suddenly she caught my hand and First time I realized the softness and the heat of her body . She said “Arnav are u Ok “ I said yes “Why ” she said “Nothing ” and smiled at me . I turned away and headed to the washroom. I went inside the toilet and saw my tool it was full grown I now realized that im getting a hard on her . As I was peeing I started to think I abt sneha earlier I didn’t bothered much abt the gal but now as I was thinking I realized that she was not jst a teen but a buxom wench She had a good face and a priety good figure too though at first sight I underestimated her thinking of her as jst a kid but no she was much more than that.

I got out and was feeling a little ease I saw my watch it was around 12.30 at midnight . I went back to my seat along the way all others seemed to in deep sleep. I was black Dark all the way . I reached my cabin and saw tat sneha was not yet sleepin . I asked her why arnt u sleeping . She said Im feelin sleepy I will sleep later u may goto sleep . I said I will sleep late (as im habituated of sleeping late at nights ) .I saw at her bhabi she was deep in sleep . I sat beside her leaving sum space between us . We started talking . She asked wat I do . I said her tat I have done my BE and Im wrking since few months in B’lore .She said good you are an Engineer . I thnked her I asked abt her . She said that shes in XI science and she wishes to be a doctor . WE chated abt few general things and then she told me tat she missed her one year becoz of her jaundice in 8th STd otherwise she wud have been in Second year th this year . It was then I understood that she might be sumthing arnd 17-18 years. I asked her I doesn’t matter ur still a kid u have enuf time to study . To this she replied angrily “ Do I look like kid “ .

I jokingly said yes offcourse she said why do u think that .

I replied “In front of me you are a kid .”

She then asked me my age .

I told her im 23.

She said how cum at 23 u finished ur BE and even wrking .

I replied that I was admitted 1 year earlier in school .

She said tats y u look very young as if a college boy .

Later I said ok its too late lets to sleep .

She said wait I need to change to my nighties .

I said fine Ill go outside u may change here anyways its too dark here.

She said first I need to go to the loo and asked me to accompany meas it was too dark outside.I took her to the washroom she was very afraid of the dark and so she holded my hand tight . We came near the loo and she went inside and asked me to stay near the door as she was very afraid of the dark .I said fine im standing outside the door.she went in and soon I cud hear her peeing sound . she took to much time I even gave her a knock she said wait . After some time she came out . I asked her wat took you soo long . She said nothing . we went back to our seats .She went down and removed her night dress and asked to leave while she changes . I left for the corridors. And returned after 5 mins .

It was dark I wudnt see into wat she had changed but she was standing holding sumthing in her hand in a plastic bag.When I reached she asked me accompany her again to the wash room. I was irritated. I asked her why again but she silenced me indicating that others are sleeping. I had no choice but to obey her . I took her back to the washroom and I wud see her night gown it was of satin silk and she was looking very pretty in it .She went inside and took sumtime but this time I didn’t heared her peeing. When she came out I asked her is she alright .She looked at me and said smilingly don’t u understand stupid . I said wat . She paused for a while and then said im having my periods and I leaked . I was shock to hear tat . I remained silenced for a while and then her voice came “wat happened ” . I said nothing “She replied- Why -doesn’t tat happens to ur gf ” .

I replied negatively “I don’t have one ” .She looked at deep in my eyes . I was thinking why the hell this gal said me all this . I later came back to my senses and told her lets get back to our seats . I started walking towards our cabin she was behind me suddenly she happened to fall and caught be frm behind . First time our bodies met to such extend after first time after years this female touch was felt by me . I felt her soft mounds against my back and also the softness of her nighty. I turned back asked her is she Ok . She said yes. I again started walking towards the cabin – My heart was pounding deeply.

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October 23, 2009 at 5:26 pm

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