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Lahore Ki Ladki Ko Choda

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Hi readers, my name is ali (offcourse not real name)from lahore.i m 21
years old athletic build.. . It all started when I was in my 2nd year
& was having my – semester exams. It was the last exam & I had 45
days preparatory holiday to prepare for my gate exams . It was evening
and my Mama & Maami (Uncle & Aunty) had just arrived from lahore. Let
me tell you about my aunty. She has the most voluptuous body I have
ever seen. Typical pakistani beauty – had big breasts that seem to
always swell whenever she wore her tight blouses had a very sexy smile
but the best part was her ass.
God I must have dreamt a thousand times of it. .I would always take a
seat behind her whenever we watched T.V. & would pray that someone
would call her so that as soon as she gets up I catch a glimpse of her
wide buttocks with her saree being tucked in her crack & the way she
would innocently pull the piece of her saree with her thumb & index
finger. I would just rush to the bathroom & help myself off dreaming
of it & hoping to actually caress her ass someday. But I simply didn’t
had the guts to do anything more than just watch. My parents who are
both working go to the office in the morning & my Uncle (mama) would
depart for his business work with them only as my dad would drop him
at his workplace. So that left only me & my aunt alone for the rest of
the day. Now I am a late riser & as soon as I wake up I go to the
toilet to pee.
When I have pissed & wash my hands in the washbasin which is just
adjacent to our bathroom I would always hear my aunt’s voice coming
from inside as she usually humms a song or two while bathing. The very
feeling that she is naked inside makes me hard & I jack off. This went
on for 4-5 days till I became bold enough to pierce 5 well concealed
holes in the door so that I could get to watch her body from all
corners. Oh that was the best moment of my life seeing her naked
taking bath & singing. I soon discovered that she had a very hairy
pussy but couldn’t still catch a glimpse of her vagina. It went on for
few days & I had dec ided that I would try to come as close to her as
I can. Instead of myself watching cricket I would watch film songs
etc. So that she too can join me. Slowly I became so open with her
that we would talk about my girlfriends etc. She had always liked me &
always kissed my cheeks since childhood. So now whenever she gave me a
kiss I would instantly return her on her dimpled cheek. The first time
she was taken aback but took it as if I did it just innocently. Soon I
became so bold that I would kiss her every now and then. It was noon
and she was pleading me to let her watch the movie on our cable but I
was watching cricket. I said okay give me 10 kisses & I would. She
agreed, taking it lightly as I always played with her that way. After
she kissed me I started returning it one by one but she was engrossed
in the movie.
I would every now & then inch closer to her lips ,she woul d just
smile & say you naughty boy stop doing it but that made me further
bold & I licked her cheek. She gave a groan & got up to sit on the
other sofa. We exchanged glances & few smiles for the next 20 mins. &
then the kissing scene in the movie came. That made both of us laugh I
got up & sat close to her & this time kissed her on her lips. She said
that save your kisses for future. But who was going to listen I
started flattering her saying that she is still very pretty even after
marriage & still manages to attract glances from men. She just smiled
& I put my hand on her face saying that her skin is very soft &
appreciating her fair complexion I slowly lowered my hand down to her
neck & then as I was moving to touch her cleavage she dragged my hand
off. But I can’t say I was so hot that I just touched her heavy
breasts & said that they are very soft & lovely she didn’t knew what
to say & just was surprised to see me so bold. I kissed her again
caressing her breasts from outside her blouse .She left a groan & that
emboldened me to touch her thighs. As I moved my hands caressing her
silken soft thighs towards her inner thighs she stopped me & said that
it wasn’t good for me to do that. But I was now just out of control &
forced my hands towards her crotch. She said please, don’t proceed but
she being elder to me & more experienced herself knew that I won’t be
able to control myself & she said shiva its all a matter of few
minutes & you might feel guilty later so why not you just go to the
bathroom & “discharge”. I was completely surprised to hear it ,my
aunty telling me to go and masturbate. I found it a good opportunity &
said I could but do it I will have to excite myself so that my penis
is fully erect (though it was already the hardest & longest I had ever
felt before). So I told her please let me see your boobs. She agreed
after much coaxing. As soon as she removed her blouse, her boobs
swelled under her bra & I just grabbed them.
She screamed “nalla pannu” whereas she had repeatedly told me before
not to touch them. Now I started playing with them & started sucking
them one by one . Her hand pulled my head but she was herself hot
enough & I soon realised this as she put my head closer to her left
breast. I started sucking her left boob while caressing her other boob
& pinched her nipples that were erect. She was groaning heavily “isshh
aaaah aaah hmmm nalla…! Aah! .I knowing that she didn’t actually
wanted me to stop, I stopped & looked into her eyes ,they were full of
lust & she without wasting any time hugged me & started kissing me. I
also caressed her back & moved my hands towards her ass. God.. Was it
soft or what .I became so excit ed that I lifted her saree touching
her legs & moving towards her pussy(pundai). She stopped me but I
overpowered her & said it will be fun for both of us & she gave up. I
touched her pundai,It was very hairy she was sought of embarrassed
with my look when I touched her pubic hairs. Since I had never seen a
pussy(pundai) in real before I tried to lifted her saree but she
didn’t allow me to see it. So I had to roam my hands inside to find
the hole. Finding me unable to locate it she took my hand & guided it
their. I pushed my index finger in & it slipped in .It was very wet &
hot inside, she breathed heavily as I worked my finger in & out of her
vagina. I inserted my three fingers & she left out a cry that made me
almost cum in my pants. I stood up & guided her hands towards my penis
but she blushed & turned her head away. She said that she couldn’t so
I rushed to the bathroom & jacke d myself off. When I returned she was
in the kitchen cooking lunch. I went behind her & grabbed her breast
from behind & clinged to her body tightly tightly. My now semi-soft
penis was hard in a flash & was pressing against her crack over her
saree. She was all the time just blushing & stirring the Curry over
the gas. I moved my hands slowly down & sat down on the floor. Then
touching her ankles ,I moved my hands up beneath her saree to wards
her pussy & then lifted her saree to see her ass. It was very big ,the
ass cheeks were very soft ,I pinched one & it became red .It made me
so excited that I started kneading her buttocks. Her pussy was visible
from behind between her legs. It was so wet that I could see drops of
her juice on her pussy hairs .Caressing her inner thighs & buttocks I
moved the thumb of my both hands towards her pussy& slightly parted
the lips. She threw her head up & amp; groaned slightly parting her
legs. I was now fully convinced that she can’t stop me from fucking
So I pulled her from her hand to the bedroom & pushed her on the bed
.She lay there in front of me all fours & breathing heavily. I pulled
her saree off & in my excitement tore open her blouse. She sent a
naughty smile & pulled my head closed to her breasts Repeatedly
murmuring “suck it ,lick it, bite my nipples”. She told me to circle
my tongue on her tits. She was massaging my head vigorously & pooling
me from my hairs to her mouth to kiss me. Then I unzipped my pants &
lowered my Underwear to expose her my nice hard cock & jumped to enter
her. She smilingly said wait. She now made me lie down on the bed &
she stood up . The sight of her breasts bouncing when she stood up
made me very hot. She touched my penis & said so you are a big boy
now. She rubbed it up & down Squee zing it very hard which made few
droplets of pre-cum ooze out on the tip of my penis. She looking me in
my eyes slowly just touched her tongue to my pre-cum & then licked it.
She fondled my balls & squeezed my penis .I told her that I would cum
before I entered her. She said she wanted that I should first cum in
her mouth so that she can make me hard again & then let me fuck her as
that way I would be able to fuck her for long time without cumming
quickly. She licked my balls & with her tip of tongue licked the inner
site of my cock to it tip. Finally she took the cock head in her mouth
& sucked hard making slurping noise .She would take the entire cock
till her throat & bring it out then rub it for few seconds & would
again take it in. She sensing that I was about to cum concentrated
only on sucking .The slurping sound of her made me cum loudly in her
mouth . That day I might have cummed for almost a min ute as if
sending a gallon of cum in her.
She swallowed it in & started licking my cock clean .I was too
exhausted to look at her while she was cleaning me. When I looked at
her I saw a drop or two of my semen dripping down the corner of her
lips. That made my cock spring up .She was surprised & looked at me I
pointed her mouth which she understood & licked her lips of all the
semen in such an erotic way that I soon found myself hard again. I
grabbed her & pushed her on the bed. Parted her legs & guided my now
fully erect cock in her pussy she let out a moan .Slowly & slowly my
entire cock slipped into her wet pussy. I started pumping in & out
She started pushing herself up matching my strokes. It continued for
few minutes until she started screaming out “hmmmmm appadithaaan nalla
pannuda pl make me cummmm…… I beg u”. I obliged her by giving fast
& deep thrusts.Shelet out a scream as she threw herse lf back on the
bed & tried to catch some breath. I too seeing her cum again and fell
on her side of the bed. We both were very exhausted. Espescially me as
I cum in one day what I could cum in a month. She caressed my face &
kissed me. We lay there naked for half an hour & then she stood up to
clear the mess on the bed. She washed the bed sheets & we even had a
bath together. We both soaped each other clean & enjoyed. I afterwards
fucked her many times during her stay but would still never forget
that day. This is a true story & not a fiction if you enjoyed reading
as much as I enjoyed doing then do send me your comments
any girl/aunty in lahore/ can also contact me.privacy will be
maintained.any unsatisfied aunts or widows can mail me to have their
needs fulfilled
Thank you

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October 21, 2009 at 6:22 am

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