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Hi to all….I am Vineet ..the writer of Sexy cousin in frock 1 & 2,,Bhabi with smooth ass..Cousin and her mammi,In between the thighs….I must give my thanks to those who have mailed me back at and special thanks to …………

Well to start off with another incident in my life ,let me tell u that I am a handsome male with fair complexion with right amount of Black hairs on my chest,arms and thighs and with a special 9 inch tool with a big pink mushroom cock forehead.To tell in brief I am the fantasy for ladies especially married….and not to praise myself….most of the women would like to have a one night affair with me…..

I would like to suggest male readers to keep a piece of paper for dropping ur cum while reading and a piece of cloth for female readers….as I am sure u would cum while reading this.

Once I had been to my cousin aunts house who lived with her 3 children including a girl of 16 yrs named Sangeeta.She was fair and sexy with big boobs and tight ass with a heisght of 5.5.The moment I entered the house she hugged me and pressed her boobs on y chest and I got an instant hard on and touched her belly with my lund and the moment she felt its presence she moved back with anger and I was afraid that she may tell her mom ,but she didn’t and she tried to avoid my presence in her house .Any way I didn’t loose my heart and tried to act as a friend to her.

In the night she took my laptop in her room and played some games,I showed the web cam to her and said that she can click some photos with it.She was more than happy to do that and I moved back to chat with her mom(who was also damn sexy)..We had dinner at 10 pm and they showed me my bed room which had a single bed and it was being used by her childrens.It had an cupboard also.I went to Sangeeta to take back my laptop.Once in my room alone I closed the door and opened the cupboard to look for her panties and after 2 min I found her pink colored panty ,my heart began to throb the moment I smelled it and my cock was in upright position.I took of my clothes and was stark naked and bent down to see my surprised cock leaking precum,Oh my ….I was so horny aqt that moment I rubbed the fabric of the panty on the cocks tip and it gain twitched voluntarily…Wowwwww If a pant can do such magic then what will happen if it touches her Vagina….I smiled at my cock and said don’t worry we will enjoy tonight….and placed the panty in the middle of the bed and lied upon it with my stomach on the bed and the panty was under my cock…..I sighed and murmered her name Saaannngeeetttaaaa…..ahhhhhh and looo I was about to cum but I gripped the base of my cock to stop it……

I opened the lap top to see if she had clicked any pics or not ,,,,and Wheew there were 3 pics of her,The pics were taken from a very close angle and as a result the pic quality was good and I could see the nipples on top of her dress and they were really large….I kissed the pics and rubbed my cock on her panty and the fabric of the panty did its trick and the next moment I flooded her panty with my cum and believe me I cummed for ½ minute…….But I was still hard…I didn’t knew as what was happening was it the lust for Sangeets or her mom…Any way I masturbated 2 more time till late night 2 am.

Next morning I woke up late and found that the cum on the panty had dried up and had turned into a harsh fabric.I placed it carefully in the cupboard and came out of the room and found that Aunt had left for Delhi with her 2 children leaving sangeeta behind.She wished me morning and said aap kitna soote ho…Mujhe nahana hai and came in my room opened the cupboard and took the clothes including the pink panty and entered the bathroom…..My heart again began to pound harder on the fact that she may find that I had spoiled her panty and may complain to her mom,and the other reason was how will her pussy lips react once my dried up cum will touch it there…..and Loooooo my cock was hard gain..I was helpless to cool it down…

We freshened up in the next hour and after break fast she asked me to accompany her to the near by mall with her to buy some new Jeans.We took an autowent to the mall and I paid for her Jeans and all the way I was trying to rub her ass,boobs with my hands but she didn’t react to it…We ate Ice cream and went home.We were alone till the next morning as Aunt will reach next morning.She closed the main door and said,…..Bhaiya I will try this Jeans and went in a room and she came out wearing it and asked me wether the fitting is good or not….And I smiled and thought Betaa this is the time to feel her body closely if I say no to her and the next moment I said no yar Its tight at the waist and she Chuckled and said Ohhhh Shitttt we should have tried there..Now we will have to go again.I said don’t worry I will go and replace it with a new one.Then She quizzed what will happen if another is tight again.I said then what can we dooooo? She was silent for few seconds and said Hannnn Idea……why don’t we measure my size with the tape ..I said hannnn hannnn theek hai bring the tape.

She went in and fetched a measuring tape and said loooo measure my waist please.I took the tape and circled it around her waist and put my fingers below her navel and the end of the tape was hanging avobe her pussy mound…She said okay 30 will doo…the she said pushed the tape till her ass and said measure it here also ,,,and woooooow It was my chance to feel her CHUT…I pulled the end of the tape and placed my hands right above her pussy mound above the Zipper.I brushed my middle finger above her in the pretext of measuring her ass size,I asked 36 teek hai ,She said nahin thoda tight karoo Loose ho jayega and now I pressed my middle finger more harder so as to feel cunt lips above her thick jeans..I think she felt my finger on her chut and said Umppppps Bass ho gaya and was looking at me from the corner of her eyes.She said now go and bring it from the store….I was cursed my luck ,that the game is over,but suddenly an Idea struck me and said Sangeeta this will not fit again because we measured it above your Jeans and it will be loose.She asked then what can we do…..I asked her can u wear ur thin small skirt and I m sure it will giv the correct measurement.She said theek main abhi ayiii.She went in and came out wearing a knee high skirt,andddddddddddd my cock sprang to its attention.She stood in front of me and loooo phir se karooo. I said I will bring a top for u also so can we measure ur upper part also.she was more than happy to get it free of cost and said Hann theek hai Loooo karooo nad pulled her in front of me.I took the measurement of her breast and all the while enjoyed the feeling of her large tits by now she was not objecting to my moves……

Now I knelt in front of her and crossed my arms around her ass so that my nose was very near to her chut…The moment it was near I took a deep breath and smelled the pungent smell of her chut and my cock was giving me real pain.i stood up and went out she said kiya hua…I said let me change in my Bermudas and vest and I cam in her room ad she saw my fair body with thick black hair at right place and said aaap kitne goree ho aur baal bhi kitna ache hain I said thank you and bent again in front of her and this time I rubbe my nose on her chut she sighed and pulled her self back….My cock was smiling at me…I asked kiya hua …Oh kuch nahiiinnnnn I pulled her agin close to me and said let me take the measurement of ur inner legs and placed the tape on the corner of her chut and pulled it down till her ankles I said theek hai she said haaan theek hai .i said lift ur skirt so that I can take the length from ur inner thighs till ur legs…She said nahin bhaiya nahiiiii ho gaya .I asked kiya hua..She said mujhe saram aa rahi hai……I knew she was falling in my trap,but I wanted to seduce her till the hilt that she will beg for my cock…I said kuch nahi hoga…Are u wearing a panty..She smiled and said HAN..I said tab kiss baat ki saram and pulled her sskirt slowly ,but she was trying to pull it down with her hands …..I said look sangeets this will help us in gettint the right measurement so let me take that and haan kuch nahin hoga aur I will not any one about this.The moment she heard this she said Theek hai….Kisi ko maat batana….I said ok.and lifted her skirt till waist…and mmmmm mmmmmm wooooooooo kiya maal tha niche……chut main bahut baal thai .I touched the panty fabric and found out the harsh portion where I had dropped my cum last night.It was really harsh and must had been giving her itching sensation all the day..I asked Sangeeta Tumhare panty main Ye hard kiya hai..She said PATA nahin…..I THINK IT IS THE REMAINING OF THE SOAP…..AND ….BAHUT CHUBH RAHA HAI…….On hearing this my lund said to me yarrr maine to touch bhi nahin kiya aur tumhare cum na to kamala hi kar diya…..I tols sangeeta why don’t u take it off…..She said Dhut..SARAM NAHIN AATI AAPKOOO.PLS LEAVE ME I WILL NOT TAKE THE MEASUREMENT.I smiled and said sorry I will not say that again..

Again I started to do the job and this time I placed the one end of the tape inside her panty,and she sighed and said nahiiiiin,…but didn’t not gathering more courage I inserted my index finger inside her panty and pressed the end of the tape on her clit….Her cunt was hairy and clit was also a big one and the moment I touched her clit…she whimpered and said jaldi karoooooo…I said no please be patient I will take it properly..I pulled the balance tape down till her legs and all the time rubbing her inner thighs,and by she was whimpering and trembling ….Her face was red hot was taking deep breaths……I knew I was about to succeed.Now I took the tape out from her panty and shifted to her right leg and again repeated this but tis time I placed the end of the tape half an inch below her clit……and I inserted my right index finger again in her panty she was standing stii haolding her skirt high.Now this time I placed my finger above the tape end right at the opening of her CHUT…….She began to pant faster…and I slowly inserted the finger tip in her Hole….Oh it was wet ….She said bass jaldi karoo naaa…main thaak gayi hun…I said hann bus ho gaya and .She was still reacting as if I am unaware of her sexual high.In next moment I pulled out the tape ,and saw that her crotch area was wet all over….I stood in front of her and said BUS ho gaya take this tape and said are what is this sticky thing at the end of the tape,and touched the tape end with 2 fingers,and said arree it is slippery too.She pulled her eyes down and said Mujhe nahi pata….

She went out to the bathroom and closed the door,I also followed her and heard some strange sounds like UMMMMMM AHHHH AHHHH AHHHHH UHH….I knew she was masturbating inside.

I went in the bed room and lied on my back thinking about the incident that happened here…and my had maid a tent pole..She came in and I saw her face was glowing with redness..Just like sexy ladies faces glow after having sex….

I hope female readers are wet down there by now…
She cam in and said Bhaiya mujhe neend aa rahi hai.Can I sleep here I said why not.She slept beside me and rolled so that her back was towards me.I said do u wanna play games on the laptop before sleeping.She sain haan Ok.I placed the lap top in front of her while she was lying on her left side…I shifted more closely so tahat our bodies could meet….We started playing a game which needed 2 palyers and we started to play whil still lying on the bed.All of a sudden on the pretext of pressing a game button I moved more closer to her and touched her ass with my cock…She looked back at my face with a smile and then looked down at mt Bermudas to find a hard cock inside.She smiled again and turned towards the lap top to play.I was too happy to notinc thisand now I pushed my left hand beneath her left arm and placed it under her tits.She moved a bit further to place her left tits on my palm.

Again I moved little futher and pressed my cock between her ass crack with full confidence and with my left hand pressed her left tit .She moaned AHHHHHHHHh and for the next 2 mins we lied in this position still playing the game.After 2 mins I pulled back at took out my cock from my bernuda and lifted her skirt slowly till her waist and was surprised to find that whe was not wearing the ??????Now……I was feeling her bare skin with my cock and my precum was oozing out on her ass she felt the barness and wetness of my cock and looked back in my eyes and smiled again and looked down under on my naked cock and WIDENED HER EYES WITH SURPRISE AND SMILED AGAIN AND LOOKED FORWARD…….Now this was my chance and said Sangeeta game is boaring will u watch movies.She nodded her head Yes….i looked into F drive and opened a XXX movie …..She said Cheeeee Cheee kitni gandii hai..pls close it…I said chal natak maat kar….and kissed her back…

Now I was pressing her both the breast they were really tight…and with the other hand I lifted her right leg in the air and pushed my body further and loo my COK directly went in her cunt…She said ye kiya itna garam aur mota…I kissed her back and said mera lund hai meri jaan……

She said pls do it slowly……Dards ho raha hai….I started with slow strokes and in the 7th stroke it was deep inside her chut.I remained motion less for a minute and kissed her again in the earlobes and LOOOOOoo her cunt muscles started to contract and expand around the base of my cock she was doing it so tightly that it felt that someone was pressing my cock with fingers ..IT WAS SO TIGHT….In the mean time we were watching the movie,,,and in the mean time while writing this I have taken out my cock from my pants and squeezed with my left hand and typing with my right hand…..Pls wait……………………………………………………………………………………..

Oh thanks…I had been to the bath room to shagg my cock and I spurted out so hard that the first load of my cum landed 2 meters far from me…
Ok back at the story…I pushed more harder to touch the last point of her chut and the moment my cock head found the last point which was so soft that the pee hole rubbed the sot flesh….She wlaos felt my cock there and pushed her ass back and I knew she was about to cumm and me toooo.I said Sangeeta mera panni niklene wala hai…She said bhaiya mera bhi niklne walla hai……and Now I pulle my cock out till the opening and again rammed it in and the moment it touched the last point….I shot a thick hot wad of cum and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this did the trick and the moment I shot my first load …..She shouted AHHH AHHHH HANNNN KITNA GARAM PAANI HAIN AND GRIPPED HER CUNT LIPS AROUND THE BASE OF MY COCK AND PUSHED HER ASS BACK..HA HA UH UH UH UH HANNNN HANNNN AND SHE CUMMED SO HARD THAT HER BODY WAS LIFTED ABOVE THE BED…..OH MY THIS WAS THE REAL STRENGTH OF MY CUM..I thought and in the meant time I did nt move and kept on cumming or ½ a minute in her cunt.Now we were panting for air…….She said WOW bahut maza aaya………I kissed on her cheeks and said thank you Sangeeta for the pleasure..She said Thanks to u also……I had been using brinjals in my cunt but it was nvere so better…

She was about to get up from the bed but I said nainh abhi nahin..Lets lies like this only.She smile at me and said OK..The most surprising thing was that my cock was still hard……..and it could feel the mixture of my & sangeeta’s cum all over it.
Till now the movie ended and she said lets us another one…I said achaa and opened another flick in which a girl was being fucked in ass hole. I said do u like this,she said no no pls it will give me pain .I said I want to do this…She said nahin par I will arrange an ass for u.I said kaun aur kiska….Wo boli meri saheli hai uski aur uski Maid ki Salli bahut hi sexy hai…bahut hi badda gannd hai.I said jaise tumhare mom ki.She said Cheee…I said Yaar kiya hua Aunty ki gaand bhi to mazedar hai..And wll the while I was kissing her cheeks and lips..I said pls I want to fuck her …She said OK we will plan for that…..I kissed again and now I laid her on her back and mounted her and started to give small thurst..She lifted her legs in the air and grippedmy back with hands and pushed her hips to meet my thurst….and was saying han HAN JOR SE DALOO NA PLS MAJJA AA RAHA HAI….HANN CHOODO NAAAAAA…And in the 14th thurst I CUMMED AGAIN IN HER TIGHT,HAIRY,JUICY,PREETY CHUUUUUUTTTTTT.

Hope all like this and if yes then pls mail me at I will wait for your reply especially from ritu and ladies who like fair looking man with right amount of hairs at right place.

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  1. A little too much, no?

    Durreshehwar Ali

    September 14, 2009 at 9:08 pm

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