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Hi friends. This is rehan. Name changed of course for obvious reasons. Let me describe a little about myself. I am 5 feet 9 inches tall slim almost athletic body 21 years old. I just came across this website and decided to publish my own story.
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I live in islamabad.pakistan,
The experience I am going with you is about a friend whom I went to school with a long time ago.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I had left work early to rest before a long hectic weekend. I decided go to the gym early so I could nap before the night started. Upon arriving at the reception of the gym I noticed a familiar face standing at the counter getting some information. When I looked closer it was a friend from school who was pretty average looking back then but now had turned into this gorgeous mature looking woman. We exchanged smiles and acknowledged the fact that we knew each other but did not speak.

Being a reserved person I usually do not make an effort with people but somehow I knew I wanted to get talking with Aliya (name changed of course)

I walked up to the counter with an excuse and flashed my executive card (sometimes you need to flash your money to get attention) and asked the receptionist some silly question. Just then Aliya looked and said “rehan”? I acknowledged her name and we got talking. She told me she had been married for 4 years now.

I told her about my life and we made conversation for about ten minutes. Those ten minutes I just kept staring at her face and her body admiring her and wondering why I had ignored her during school and college days and only if I knew she would turn out to be so gorgeous I would make more of an effort.

She was one of those not so bold and outgoing girls in school. Never even got a chance to go abroad to study.. Anyways I found out she was about to join the gym and I offered her a tour. During the short tour I didn’t know much about the gym myself so we spoke more about life. I learned that her husband was quite well off but I got the feeling he wasn’t treating her right.

I gathered up the courage to ask her number knowing it was completely inappropriate but did so anyways with the excuse saying if she decided to join she should give me call. Surprisingly she gave me her number and we left saying goodbye. I knew she would never call me and I couldn’t call because asking for her number would be totally out of line.

Two days went normal I got busy with work and I totally forgot about my meeting with Aliya. On Monday I got a text from a random number saying “Hey it’s me. Are you a regular at the gym I just joined today didn’t see you there so was wondering if it was just bad timing or if you had decided not to go at all”

I got excited by the idea of a married girl messaging me. I obviously took my time to reply and told her I usually get lazy and my timings are off and if I had a gym buddy I would be more regular.

One message led to another and we started talking till late night. I purposely did not ask about her husband and spoke to her like I would talk to any normal single girl. The messages started getting flirtatious after a while but we both knew it was just jokes. I bugged her about being such a loser in school and she bugged me about the type of girls I hung out with.

We decided to meet at the gym. At the gym she wanted to exchange ipods with me because she claimed she was sick of her music. After our workout was done I could not handle my curiosity and asked her where her husband was and why he was never mentioned. She told me he was in Dubai and she did not like the life there so decided to stay back.

Knowing I had a chance since we had gotten so friendly I asked her if we should have a meal together. To which she completely refused and I pretended to be slightly offended and said an abrupt goodbye because I was in a rush. Later she messaged me saying that she did want to hang out with me but since islamabad was such a small city she did not want people to see her with another man.

I instantly grabbed the opportunity and invited her over saying I was going to cook and if it made her feel comfortable I would have another female friend over.

The weekend finally arrived and she agreed to come over. She came wearing normal clothes looking gorgeous as usual but smelling irresistible. I knew I wanted to try my luck with her and did not want to regret not making a move on her later so I complemented her perfume. We sat and talked and she got comfortable in the surroundings.

After an early dinner which I had cooked and she was completely in love with my cooking skills I was hoping she wouldn’t leave so I asked if she wanted to watch a movie. After a little hesitation she agreed and we started watching The Notebook and things got extremely romantic.

We didn’t get through the whole movie and I started getting closer to her. She responded and soon her leg was on top of mine and she was getting extremely restless. I asked her if everything was ok and if she was uncomfortable we could do something else or move outside for some fresh air. She just kept quiet and told me she was enjoying it but didn’t feel right.

I knew she was extremely nervous and fragile and would agree to anything in confusion so I just asked her if I kiss her would she feel better.

She obviously did not answer so I bent over and kissed her on her lips. She surprisingly kissed back and we started feeling each other up.

I could tell she was extremely horny by now and would not object to my further advances so I started kissing and licking her neck and ears.

Within no time we had our hands inside each other clothes and I had opened her bra strap so I could get my hands inside her bra and feel them.

I hinted at taking her kameez off and soon she was only in her underwear. She said it wasn’t fair that she was the only one who was naked so she took my clothes off too.

I picked her up and took her to the bed, parted her legs pushed her panties on the side and kissed her pussy. I was shocked since from her moves I could tell that this was the first time someone was going down on her. Soon I had my tongue inside her pussy and she was going wild moaning and screaming. She pulled my hair so hard and pushed my face deeper. She Aliya smelt out of this world and tasted even better.

She came in my mouth and started shivering after.. Knowing her first orgasm was great and she had experienced such an intense one for the first time I knew what would follow would be great.

She hugged me tight and told me it was wrong but she didn’t care and pulled my underwear down and took my cock in her mouth and gave me one of the best blowjobs I have ever had.

Feeling the need to satisfy her more I stopped her and pushed her on the bed and slowly rub her clit with my tip till she couldn’t take it anymore and wanted me deep inside her.

Once inside I could tell that her husband was not that big because he pussy was tight and her screams were intense. We fucked for good 25 minutes in all positions. I even did her on the stairs.

Looking at her roam around naked in my house I could not believe this normal looking school friend would turn out to have such a hot body and gorgeous face and I hate to admit that I was jealous that her husband could have her anytime he wanted.

Getting back on the bed I made her climb on top of me and we did a 69 and she had the most intense orgasm as I sucked her clit with my finger stimulating her ass. She knew it was my turn now and sucked me till I was about to cum. I tried pushing her head away but she swallowed my entire load and looked like the most beautiful thing on her knees just staring at my cock and making love to it.

She said she had to leave but I forced her to stay a few more hours.

The following months we had the steamiest meetings and explored and satisfied each other till we both decided it was starting to ruin her marriage and it was best if we stopped

if any girl/lady from pakistan especially from islamabad,rawalpindi, lahore and nearby places wanna have phone sex or real sex with full secrecy..than dont hesitate to mail me at…
secrecy will be maintained…come on ladies.. dont hesitate.. everything will be totally secrect

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August 19, 2009 at 4:40 pm

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