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Measurement of Jeans of Sexy Cousin

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Hi to all….I am Vineet ..the writer of Sexy cousin in frock 1 & 2,,Bhabi with smooth ass..Cousin and her mammi,In between the thighs….I must give my thanks to those who have mailed me back at and special thanks to …………

Well to start off with another incident in my life ,let me tell u that I am a handsome male with fair complexion with right amount of Black hairs on my chest,arms and thighs and with a special 9 inch tool with a big pink mushroom cock forehead.To tell in brief I am the fantasy for ladies especially married….and not to praise myself….most of the women would like to have a one night affair with me…..

I would like to suggest male readers to keep a piece of paper for dropping ur cum while reading and a piece of cloth for female readers….as I am sure u would cum while reading this.

Once I had been to my cousin aunts house who lived with her 3 children including a girl of 16 yrs named Sangeeta.She was fair and sexy with big boobs and tight ass with a heisght of 5.5.The moment I entered the house she hugged me and pressed her boobs on y chest and I got an instant hard on and touched her belly with my lund and the moment she felt its presence she moved back with anger and I was afraid that she may tell her mom ,but she didn’t and she tried to avoid my presence in her house .Any way I didn’t loose my heart and tried to act as a friend to her.

In the night she took my laptop in her room and played some games,I showed the web cam to her and said that she can click some photos with it.She was more than happy to do that and I moved back to chat with her mom(who was also damn sexy)..We had dinner at 10 pm and they showed me my bed room which had a single bed and it was being used by her childrens.It had an cupboard also.I went to Sangeeta to take back my laptop.Once in my room alone I closed the door and opened the cupboard to look for her panties and after 2 min I found her pink colored panty ,my heart began to throb the moment I smelled it and my cock was in upright position.I took of my clothes and was stark naked and bent down to see my surprised cock leaking precum,Oh my ….I was so horny aqt that moment I rubbed the fabric of the panty on the cocks tip and it gain twitched voluntarily…Wowwwww If a pant can do such magic then what will happen if it touches her Vagina….I smiled at my cock and said don’t worry we will enjoy tonight….and placed the panty in the middle of the bed and lied upon it with my stomach on the bed and the panty was under my cock…..I sighed and murmered her name Saaannngeeetttaaaa…..ahhhhhh and looo I was about to cum but I gripped the base of my cock to stop it……

I opened the lap top to see if she had clicked any pics or not ,,,,and Wheew there were 3 pics of her,The pics were taken from a very close angle and as a result the pic quality was good and I could see the nipples on top of her dress and they were really large….I kissed the pics and rubbed my cock on her panty and the fabric of the panty did its trick and the next moment I flooded her panty with my cum and believe me I cummed for ½ minute…….But I was still hard…I didn’t knew as what was happening was it the lust for Sangeets or her mom…Any way I masturbated 2 more time till late night 2 am.

Next morning I woke up late and found that the cum on the panty had dried up and had turned into a harsh fabric.I placed it carefully in the cupboard and came out of the room and found that Aunt had left for Delhi with her 2 children leaving sangeeta behind.She wished me morning and said aap kitna soote ho…Mujhe nahana hai and came in my room opened the cupboard and took the clothes including the pink panty and entered the bathroom…..My heart again began to pound harder on the fact that she may find that I had spoiled her panty and may complain to her mom,and the other reason was how will her pussy lips react once my dried up cum will touch it there…..and Loooooo my cock was hard gain..I was helpless to cool it down…

We freshened up in the next hour and after break fast she asked me to accompany her to the near by mall with her to buy some new Jeans.We took an autowent to the mall and I paid for her Jeans and all the way I was trying to rub her ass,boobs with my hands but she didn’t react to it…We ate Ice cream and went home.We were alone till the next morning as Aunt will reach next morning.She closed the main door and said,…..Bhaiya I will try this Jeans and went in a room and she came out wearing it and asked me wether the fitting is good or not….And I smiled and thought Betaa this is the time to feel her body closely if I say no to her and the next moment I said no yar Its tight at the waist and she Chuckled and said Ohhhh Shitttt we should have tried there..Now we will have to go again.I said don’t worry I will go and replace it with a new one.Then She quizzed what will happen if another is tight again.I said then what can we dooooo? She was silent for few seconds and said Hannnn Idea……why don’t we measure my size with the tape ..I said hannnn hannnn theek hai bring the tape.

She went in and fetched a measuring tape and said loooo measure my waist please.I took the tape and circled it around her waist and put my fingers below her navel and the end of the tape was hanging avobe her pussy mound…She said okay 30 will doo…the she said pushed the tape till her ass and said measure it here also ,,,and woooooow It was my chance to feel her CHUT…I pulled the end of the tape and placed my hands right above her pussy mound above the Zipper.I brushed my middle finger above her in the pretext of measuring her ass size,I asked 36 teek hai ,She said nahin thoda tight karoo Loose ho jayega and now I pressed my middle finger more harder so as to feel cunt lips above her thick jeans..I think she felt my finger on her chut and said Umppppps Bass ho gaya and was looking at me from the corner of her eyes.She said now go and bring it from the store….I was cursed my luck ,that the game is over,but suddenly an Idea struck me and said Sangeeta this will not fit again because we measured it above your Jeans and it will be loose.She asked then what can we do…..I asked her can u wear ur thin small skirt and I m sure it will giv the correct measurement.She said theek main abhi ayiii.She went in and came out wearing a knee high skirt,andddddddddddd my cock sprang to its attention.She stood in front of me and loooo phir se karooo. I said I will bring a top for u also so can we measure ur upper part also.she was more than happy to get it free of cost and said Hann theek hai Loooo karooo nad pulled her in front of me.I took the measurement of her breast and all the while enjoyed the feeling of her large tits by now she was not objecting to my moves……

Now I knelt in front of her and crossed my arms around her ass so that my nose was very near to her chut…The moment it was near I took a deep breath and smelled the pungent smell of her chut and my cock was giving me real pain.i stood up and went out she said kiya hua…I said let me change in my Bermudas and vest and I cam in her room ad she saw my fair body with thick black hair at right place and said aaap kitne goree ho aur baal bhi kitna ache hain I said thank you and bent again in front of her and this time I rubbe my nose on her chut she sighed and pulled her self back….My cock was smiling at me…I asked kiya hua …Oh kuch nahiiinnnnn I pulled her agin close to me and said let me take the measurement of ur inner legs and placed the tape on the corner of her chut and pulled it down till her ankles I said theek hai she said haaan theek hai .i said lift ur skirt so that I can take the length from ur inner thighs till ur legs…She said nahin bhaiya nahiiiii ho gaya .I asked kiya hua..She said mujhe saram aa rahi hai……I knew she was falling in my trap,but I wanted to seduce her till the hilt that she will beg for my cock…I said kuch nahi hoga…Are u wearing a panty..She smiled and said HAN..I said tab kiss baat ki saram and pulled her sskirt slowly ,but she was trying to pull it down with her hands …..I said look sangeets this will help us in gettint the right measurement so let me take that and haan kuch nahin hoga aur I will not any one about this.The moment she heard this she said Theek hai….Kisi ko maat batana….I said ok.and lifted her skirt till waist…and mmmmm mmmmmm wooooooooo kiya maal tha niche……chut main bahut baal thai .I touched the panty fabric and found out the harsh portion where I had dropped my cum last night.It was really harsh and must had been giving her itching sensation all the day..I asked Sangeeta Tumhare panty main Ye hard kiya hai..She said PATA nahin…..I THINK IT IS THE REMAINING OF THE SOAP…..AND ….BAHUT CHUBH RAHA HAI…….On hearing this my lund said to me yarrr maine to touch bhi nahin kiya aur tumhare cum na to kamala hi kar diya…..I tols sangeeta why don’t u take it off…..She said Dhut..SARAM NAHIN AATI AAPKOOO.PLS LEAVE ME I WILL NOT TAKE THE MEASUREMENT.I smiled and said sorry I will not say that again..

Again I started to do the job and this time I placed the one end of the tape inside her panty,and she sighed and said nahiiiiin,…but didn’t not gathering more courage I inserted my index finger inside her panty and pressed the end of the tape on her clit….Her cunt was hairy and clit was also a big one and the moment I touched her clit…she whimpered and said jaldi karoooooo…I said no please be patient I will take it properly..I pulled the balance tape down till her legs and all the time rubbing her inner thighs,and by she was whimpering and trembling ….Her face was red hot was taking deep breaths……I knew I was about to succeed.Now I took the tape out from her panty and shifted to her right leg and again repeated this but tis time I placed the end of the tape half an inch below her clit……and I inserted my right index finger again in her panty she was standing stii haolding her skirt high.Now this time I placed my finger above the tape end right at the opening of her CHUT…….She began to pant faster…and I slowly inserted the finger tip in her Hole….Oh it was wet ….She said bass jaldi karoo naaa…main thaak gayi hun…I said hann bus ho gaya and .She was still reacting as if I am unaware of her sexual high.In next moment I pulled out the tape ,and saw that her crotch area was wet all over….I stood in front of her and said BUS ho gaya take this tape and said are what is this sticky thing at the end of the tape,and touched the tape end with 2 fingers,and said arree it is slippery too.She pulled her eyes down and said Mujhe nahi pata….

She went out to the bathroom and closed the door,I also followed her and heard some strange sounds like UMMMMMM AHHHH AHHHH AHHHHH UHH….I knew she was masturbating inside.

I went in the bed room and lied on my back thinking about the incident that happened here…and my had maid a tent pole..She came in and I saw her face was glowing with redness..Just like sexy ladies faces glow after having sex….

I hope female readers are wet down there by now…
She cam in and said Bhaiya mujhe neend aa rahi hai.Can I sleep here I said why not.She slept beside me and rolled so that her back was towards me.I said do u wanna play games on the laptop before sleeping.She sain haan Ok.I placed the lap top in front of her while she was lying on her left side…I shifted more closely so tahat our bodies could meet….We started playing a game which needed 2 palyers and we started to play whil still lying on the bed.All of a sudden on the pretext of pressing a game button I moved more closer to her and touched her ass with my cock…She looked back at my face with a smile and then looked down at mt Bermudas to find a hard cock inside.She smiled again and turned towards the lap top to play.I was too happy to notinc thisand now I pushed my left hand beneath her left arm and placed it under her tits.She moved a bit further to place her left tits on my palm.

Again I moved little futher and pressed my cock between her ass crack with full confidence and with my left hand pressed her left tit .She moaned AHHHHHHHHh and for the next 2 mins we lied in this position still playing the game.After 2 mins I pulled back at took out my cock from my bernuda and lifted her skirt slowly till her waist and was surprised to find that whe was not wearing the ??????Now……I was feeling her bare skin with my cock and my precum was oozing out on her ass she felt the barness and wetness of my cock and looked back in my eyes and smiled again and looked down under on my naked cock and WIDENED HER EYES WITH SURPRISE AND SMILED AGAIN AND LOOKED FORWARD…….Now this was my chance and said Sangeeta game is boaring will u watch movies.She nodded her head Yes….i looked into F drive and opened a XXX movie …..She said Cheeeee Cheee kitni gandii hai..pls close it…I said chal natak maat kar….and kissed her back…

Now I was pressing her both the breast they were really tight…and with the other hand I lifted her right leg in the air and pushed my body further and loo my COK directly went in her cunt…She said ye kiya itna garam aur mota…I kissed her back and said mera lund hai meri jaan……

She said pls do it slowly……Dards ho raha hai….I started with slow strokes and in the 7th stroke it was deep inside her chut.I remained motion less for a minute and kissed her again in the earlobes and LOOOOOoo her cunt muscles started to contract and expand around the base of my cock she was doing it so tightly that it felt that someone was pressing my cock with fingers ..IT WAS SO TIGHT….In the mean time we were watching the movie,,,and in the mean time while writing this I have taken out my cock from my pants and squeezed with my left hand and typing with my right hand…..Pls wait……………………………………………………………………………………..

Oh thanks…I had been to the bath room to shagg my cock and I spurted out so hard that the first load of my cum landed 2 meters far from me…
Ok back at the story…I pushed more harder to touch the last point of her chut and the moment my cock head found the last point which was so soft that the pee hole rubbed the sot flesh….She wlaos felt my cock there and pushed her ass back and I knew she was about to cumm and me toooo.I said Sangeeta mera panni niklene wala hai…She said bhaiya mera bhi niklne walla hai……and Now I pulle my cock out till the opening and again rammed it in and the moment it touched the last point….I shot a thick hot wad of cum and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this did the trick and the moment I shot my first load …..She shouted AHHH AHHHH HANNNN KITNA GARAM PAANI HAIN AND GRIPPED HER CUNT LIPS AROUND THE BASE OF MY COCK AND PUSHED HER ASS BACK..HA HA UH UH UH UH HANNNN HANNNN AND SHE CUMMED SO HARD THAT HER BODY WAS LIFTED ABOVE THE BED…..OH MY THIS WAS THE REAL STRENGTH OF MY CUM..I thought and in the meant time I did nt move and kept on cumming or ½ a minute in her cunt.Now we were panting for air…….She said WOW bahut maza aaya………I kissed on her cheeks and said thank you Sangeeta for the pleasure..She said Thanks to u also……I had been using brinjals in my cunt but it was nvere so better…

She was about to get up from the bed but I said nainh abhi nahin..Lets lies like this only.She smile at me and said OK..The most surprising thing was that my cock was still hard……..and it could feel the mixture of my & sangeeta’s cum all over it.
Till now the movie ended and she said lets us another one…I said achaa and opened another flick in which a girl was being fucked in ass hole. I said do u like this,she said no no pls it will give me pain .I said I want to do this…She said nahin par I will arrange an ass for u.I said kaun aur kiska….Wo boli meri saheli hai uski aur uski Maid ki Salli bahut hi sexy hai…bahut hi badda gannd hai.I said jaise tumhare mom ki.She said Cheee…I said Yaar kiya hua Aunty ki gaand bhi to mazedar hai..And wll the while I was kissing her cheeks and lips..I said pls I want to fuck her …She said OK we will plan for that…..I kissed again and now I laid her on her back and mounted her and started to give small thurst..She lifted her legs in the air and grippedmy back with hands and pushed her hips to meet my thurst….and was saying han HAN JOR SE DALOO NA PLS MAJJA AA RAHA HAI….HANN CHOODO NAAAAAA…And in the 14th thurst I CUMMED AGAIN IN HER TIGHT,HAIRY,JUICY,PREETY CHUUUUUUTTTTTT.

Hope all like this and if yes then pls mail me at I will wait for your reply especially from ritu and ladies who like fair looking man with right amount of hairs at right place.

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A Journey With Sister in Law

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Today I’m going to share with you one of the real horny experience of my life. Before that, let me tell you about myself. I’m a 32-year-old Kannadiga guy 6 ft tall, fair in Colour with muscular body. I stay in Mysore with my family IN MYSORE

This incident took place few months back. My dad was out of station as usual. One day, dad called me and said that Sanjay will be coming to MYSORE with his wife Seema for few days. He told me to pick them from the airport the next day. He said he would be back within 2 days. Till that time, you take good care of them. Sanjay lives in BANGALORE(KARNATAKA) with his wife Seema. Sanjay’s father is a very good friend of my dad. Sanjay was just like a big brother for me. We had very good family relations with them. Sanjay was coming to MYSORE for some official work as well as MYSORE DASARA.

As they are elder than me, I used to call them bhaiya & bhabhi. Sanjay bhaiya is 30 yrs old while Seema bhabhi was 28. Let me tell u abt Seema bhabhi. She is 5 ft 7 inches tall. She looks very much similar to film actress Preity Zinta. But her figure was much better than Preity Zinta. She had a nice voluptuous busty figure. Her fig was 38 30 36. Looking at my bhabhi’s body, you can make out that she is really hungry for sex & wants more & more. Deep down inside, I wanted to fuck her like an animal.

Next day, I went to the airport in evening to pick Sanjay bhaiya & Seema bhabhi. I picked them up from the airport. Seema bhabhi was really looking sexy wearing saari & with her low-neck sleeveless blouse. As my car was in servicing centre for some problem, we came home by taxi. While coming home, we chatted for a while like normal stuffs when people meet after long time. We reached home. At night, we had dinner, chatted, & watched TV together. I arranged their sleeping in guest room, and I switched on the AC in that room. Then, we all went to sleep at 10 p.m. It was around midnight I was sleeping in my room and I woke up as I was feeling thirsty. I went to the kitchen to get water. As I passed through guest room, I heard some shouting. The door of the room was closed as the AC was on. I went near the room. I heard Seema bhabhi shouting & saying, you are good for nothing, you cant hold your erection for at least 30 seconds also. Bhaiya said honey I’m tired today and tomorrow I have to wake up early in the morning. Bhabhi said, it happens every night; you satisfy urself without taking care of me. Their quarrel subsided after few minutes, and after that, I went to my room to sleep.

Next day in the morning, Sanjay bhaiya told me to take bhabhi to her friend’s place, as he has to go out for official work, so he couldn’t accompany her. As my dad told me to take good care of them, I couldn’t say no to them. Actually the friend was bhabhi’s school friend who got married to a man in mysore & she was meeting her after long time. Bhabhi didn’t know much abt mysore that is why she wanted me to go with her, so bhaiya went out for his official work and was supposed to come back at around 5 in the evening. After bhaiya went out, bhabhi and me got dressed up & went to bus stop to board a BEST bus. Actually bhabhi’s friend lives in Mulund, which was at least 2 hours from my place with normal traffic. There was very limited bus, which use to go to that place from my place. As my car was down, there was no choice but to travel in bus for such a long distance. We boarded the bus. In the bus, we were sitting together. We chatted a lot in 2 hours’ journey. After that, we reached her friend’s place. Bhabhi met her childhood friend. We were there for few hours.

Lets cut the story short & get to the main part. It was 7 p.m. in the evening when we came out of her friend’s place. Bhabhi & me were walking to the bus stop to get the bus. Seema bhabhi was looking really sexy. She was wearing a tight salwar suit in which all her curves were visible. Her boobs were so big that I felt like squeezing them hard. We reached the bus stop. We were waiting in a line to board the bus and the bus came after 20 mins. We boarded the bus. As it was peak hours, there were no seats available in the bus, so we were both standing together.

The bus started moving. After each & every stop the rush in the bus started increasing more & more. Bhabhi was standing in front of me. Within few minutes the rush was so much that my front body was touching the backside of my bhabhi. My crotch was touching my bhabhi’s ass. I felt little bit uncomfortable, as it was not intentional. I was trying to control myself. Bhabhi turned her face backwards towards me. She gave me a naughty look & then started looking in front. Within few seconds my 8 inch dick got really hard & the bulge in my pant was pressing her soft ass cheeks (bumps or buttocks).

She turned her face backward again & gave me a naughty smile. I understood that she was enjoying it. She was now intentionally pressing & rubbing her ass on the bulge in my pant. I was getting horny. I was becoming bold now. I place my hand on her ass & started feeling her soft ass cheeks (bums). Current was flowing through by body. I grabbed ass cheeks & squeezed them tightly. She made a sound ouchhhhh. Then, I started moving my hand in front. It was a crowded bus, so nobody cared to notice what was going on.

She was hanging her purse on the right shoulder. I moved my hand to the right side around her waist, and my hand was hiding between her purse & waist. I pulled her body towards me, and I was pressing my dick deep into her ass crack giving jerks. She was enjoying every moment of it, and her eyes were closed. I was talking in ears. I asked her how r u feeling bhabhi? Do u like it? She said, yaa rocky I love it, lagta hain aaj tum meri gaand phaad doge. I was really shocked to hear those dirty words from her. I moved my hand inside her suit & started feeling her soft stomach.

Slowly, I started moving my hand up inside her suit & pressed her big boobs over her bra. Alternatively, I was pressing my dick on her ass crack as if I m fucking her ass. I whispered in her ears, bhabhi! you r so sexy, I love ur body ur boobs & ur ass. She replied, wht abt me? Don’t u love me? I said, I love u bhabhi, jee karta hain yahin aapke kapde phaadkar chodna chaloo karoon. She said, thoda sabar kar lo, ghar aane ke baad jee bhar ke chod lena. Every dirty word from her mouth was making me more mad.

Now, I moved my hand down & slowly moved it inside her salwar & felt her panty. It was really wet. Then, I moved my hand inside her panty & started feeling her pussy. Her pussy was clean shaved. Meanwhile, I was still pressing my dick on her ass crack from behind. Within few seconds, I inserted my middle finger inside her pussy & started fingering her rigorously. Her eyes was closed, and now, she was moaning in pleasure. She was saying ahhhhhhhhhhh, Rocky pls be gentleeee. But I was fingering her vigourously & pressing my dick from behind. She was moaning slowly.

As it was a crowded bus, there was lot of noise, so nobody cared what was going on. Everyone was frustated because of rush & heat. But we were enjoying every moment of our bus journey while standing in the bus. While giving jerks from behind after few seconds, I cummed in my pant & my underwear became wet, but I was still fingering her pussy. I could feel her clit was swollen. I now inserted my other finger too giving her pleasure with 2 fingers.

After a while her body started shivering & she held my right hand tightly with which I was fingering her. Her juice was flowing out from her wet pussy. She reached orgasm while standing in the bus. I moved my hand out of her salwar & started licking my fingers. After licking my finger, I whispered in her ear, Bhabhi you taste really good. After some time, we got a place to sit. While sitting together, we were looking at each other with lust in our eyes.

After some time, our stop came, and we got down from the bus. We walked towards our house within 2 mins. I was waiting to reach home & pounce on my sexy bhabhi. But when we reached home, we saw Sanjay bhaiya was already back from work, and I was cursing my luck. At night bhaiya, bhabhi & me had dinner together. We were acting normal in front of bhaiya. We were looking at each other with lust, but we couldn’t do anything in front of bhaiya. We had to wait for the next day till bhaiya goes to work. At around 11 p.m., we all went to sleep in our respective rooms.

I was not able to sleep. I was still thinking about the incident that happened in the bus. I was really getting horny. I went to bathroom & masturbated 3 times thinking abt my bhabhi. I was really feeling horny thinking about next morning how I will fuck bhabhi after bhaiya goes to work. I was feeling restless thinking abt bhabhi. It was around 2 a.m. at night I went to kitchen to drink water. When I reached kitchen I saw bhabhi was standing in the kitchen & drinking water. It was quite dark in the kitchen. She was wearing saree. She didn’t see me entering the kitchen because she was facing the other side. I slowly went close to her & grabbed her from behind. She got scared & was about to shout. But I placed my hand on her mouth & said, don’t shout bhabhi it’s me rocky.

She turned around & gave me a suprise look & said, Rocky! What r u doing here? I said “bhabhi I can’t stop thinking about u, and I want to fuck u right now.” After saying that, I pounced on her body & grabbed her tightly. I moved my hand on her shoulder and made her saree pallu fall from her shoulder. I started kissing her neck. She tried to stop me. She said, what r u doing rocky? Are you out of your mind? I said, what happened don’t u like it? She replied, kuch to sharam karo, your bhaiya is sleeping in the next room, he might wake up.

I said I don’t care. I pressed her body against the wall. Her soft body was crushed between my muscular body and the wall. I started squeezing her boobs over her blouse. She tried to stop me. She moved my hand from her boobs. I got angry & pressed her with both hands on the wall. Then, I moved my face near her face & tried to kiss her, but she moved her face sideways. I kissed her cheeks & licked her cheeks like a horny animal. Then, I slowly started moving down licking her soft neck. She was pleading, ohhhhhh Rockyyy pls stop, at least wait for tomorrow till ur bhiaya goes to work. If ur bhaiya wakes up, he will kill me. She was willing to give her sexy body the next day, but I couldn’t wait till tomorrow because I was really horny. Her pleading was falling on deaf ears. I was just like a hungry tiger pounding on prey. I started madly licking her neck slowly moving down. She was wearing her low-neck blouse. I licked her navel wildly & tried to remove the hook of her blouse. She resisted a little with her hands. I said, hey bitch I’m not gong to stop. I removed the hooks of her blouse forcibly one by one.

After removing the hook, I could see her big boobs trying to come out of the bra. I took her milky white boobs out of the bra and started sucking her boobs madly. I was squeezing her boobs mercilessly, and I was biting her nipples. I didn’t care to take her to bed. I was just molesting her body in standing position in our kitchen. She was moaning in pleasure saying ohhhhh plsssssssss Rockyyyyyyyy stop it. Thoda pyar se dabao, I’m ur bhabhi, but her moan was making me mad, and I was becoming more rough and wild. After sucking her boobs madly, I knelt down and I started licking her soft stomach. I even started biting her stomach. Her eyes were closed. Then, I slowly touched her feet and started moving her petticoat & saree up. She said, what r u doing? plss stop it, not now.

I said, bhabhi I m just taking blessing from u by touching ur feet. I started moving her saree & petticoat up & started licking her soft legs. I slowly started moving her sarree & petticoat up above her knees. I started licking her soft warm thighs madly. She was moaning in pleasure saying aahhhhhhhh Rocky u r very naughtyyyy. I was licking and biting her thighs madly moving more close to her panty. Her resistance was completely over, and she was enjoying every moment of it. We almost forgot that bhaiya was sleeping in the next room.

I came near her panty & saw her panty was already wet. I kissed her pussy over her panty wildly. She moaned wildly saying ufffffffffffffff. I moved her saari & petticoat almost above her waist. I removed her panty slowly. I first kissed her pussy. Then, I rolled my tongue inside her pussy & started licking her pussy like a mad dog. My tongue rolled deep in her pussy. She was getting more & more excited. She started saying ohhhhhhhhhhh Rockyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love uuuuuu. She was standing on her feet caressing my hair while I was on my knees licking her pussy madly.

I said, bhabhi u taste really greatttttttttt. After some time, she held my hair tightly & pressed it more against her pussy. Suddenly juices started flowing from her pussy, and she reached orgasm. All her juices came to my mouth. I could see her juices flowing from her milky white thighs. I licked every drop of it. Then, I stood up and removed my pant immediately. After reaching orgasm, she was about to sit on the floor, but I held her tightly. I moved her petticoat and saree up above her waist. I stretched her legs & I tried to push my 8-inch hard dick in her pussy in standing position. She was really tight after being married for 1 year. I pushed my dick hard, and after some time, it went fully in. She moaned, ouccchhhh! u have dick of an elephant.

After inserting my dick, I lifted her soft bulky body with my hard muscular body, so her feet were not on the floor. Her legs were wrapped around my waist while her hands were wrapped around my neck. I was also holding her tightly. In that position, I pressed her body on the wall and the wall supported her back, so I started fucking her half naked body in standing position. I started moving my dick in & out. I increased the speed. She was now screaming in pleasure aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh phaddd de apni bhabhi ki chut koooooooo.

I said, Bhabhi pls be quiet, you will wake bhaiya up. She said, I don’t care, your bhaiya doesn’t know how to handle a woman in heat. She was screaming in pleasure without any worries. While moving my dick in & out, I also started smooching her lips madly. I rolled my tongue in her mouth & started exploring her mouth. After some time, I started sucking her tongue. I didn’t want her to shout, so I lip locked her mouth. It was taking long time for me to cum again. I already cummed thrice that night thinking about her. I was at top speed fucking her pussy in standing position. She was biting my lips in pleasure.

After some time, her body became real stiff & her nails pricked my back making a mark. She reached orgasm again, but I was still fucking her pussy madly without stopping. After a long time, I cummed inside her pussy & I left her. She stood on her feet now. She was not able to stand. She just lied on the floor half naked. She was breathing heavily. Her hair was a mess. The hook of her blouse was open & her boobs were out of bra. Her saree & petticoat were way above her knees without panty. She was looking really hot lying on the floor half naked.

Looking at her condition, anyone can make out that I raped her mercilessly. I was just staring at her hungrily. After some time, she gained consciousness. She moved her boobs back in her bra. She hooked her blouse & made her saree & petticoat proper. Then she stood up, took her panty which was lying on the floor, & started walking towards her room without saying a word. I was staring at her backside while she walked towards her room. She was not able to walk properly. After she entered her room, I put my pants on & went back to my room, lied on my bed immediately. I was tired. I fell on the bed & went to sleep immediately.

Next day in the morning, I woke up late. Bhaiya already went out to work. I was in a hurry because I was supposed to meet my girlfriend today. Without wasting time, I went to bath immediately. After taking bath, I wrapped a towel around my waist & came out of the bathroom. When I came out of bathroom, I saw bhabhi standing in front of me. She was without saree only wearing blouse & petticoat. She came near me, and she started moving her soft hand on my hard chest. Then, she started kissing & licking my chest. She was licking my chest slowly moving down.

Now, she was licking my abbs. Then, she moved her hand & tried to remove my towel. I stopped her and said bhabhi I can’t do this right now. I need to meet my GF today; otherwise she is going to kill me. Bhabhi said, I don’t care. You r the one who gave me multiple orgasm, and I want u to satisfy me right now. After saying that she forcibly pulled my towel & removed it. I was now fully naked in front of her. She started staring at my naked body with lust. I held her hair tightly & pressed her front body on the wall. Her backside was facing me. I hold her hair very tight & started kissing her neck from behind.

I was licking & biting her neck from behind. She moaned, ouchhhhhhh! u r too rough Rockyyy. I tore her blouse from behind & threw it away. Then, I opened the hook of her bra from behind & it fell down. I started moving my hand over her backside. I was madly licking her backside slowly moving down. I knelt down & started licking her lower back. She was standing on her feet facing the wall & enjoying my licking. Her eyes were closed, and she was moaning madly. I moved my hand in front & undid the strings of her petticoat, and it fell down. Her ass was now in front of my face. She was now just in panty. I started licking her ass cheeks. I was biting her ass cheeks madly making my teeth mark. She was moaning ouchhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh, pls dont do tht, pls dont makes bite marks on my body, what will I say to my husband if he sees those mark. I was just licking her back of thighs & biting it madly.

Then, I stood up. I hold her hair tightly & pushed her in the bed. She lied on the bed just in panty while I was naked standing beside the bed. I went to the kitchen & bought a bottle of honey with me. Then, I climbed over her body with the honey bottle. I was over her while she was under my naked body. I poured some honey on her cheeks & lip. Then, I started licking the honey from her cheeks & lips wildly. I took some honey on my tongue & rolled my tongue deep inside her mouth & started smooching her. After kissing her wildly, I poured some honey on her boobs & her stomach. I was madly sucking her boobs. I was mercilessly squeezing her boobs. I was biting her nipples.

She was moaning loudly, and there were echoes of her moan all over the room. After that, I started licking her stomach and biting it. I was molesting her whole body like a wild animal. I was literally licking her whole body. Then, I moved down and started licking her toes. I was slowly moving up licking her legs. She folded her legs. I poured some honey on her thighs, and started licking her thighs madly. While licking her legs, I was slowly reaching her pussy. I quickly removed her panty & buried my face between her legs. I was licking her pussy madly. Her hips were moving up with pleasure. She was holding my hair very tightly & pulling my head more towards her pussy. She just wrapped her legs around my neck. l licked her pussy till her full satisfaction. I had no choice of moving my head because it was stuck between her legs.

After some time, she said it’s time for u to fuck me hard. I just moved my head from her pussy. I stretched her legs and inserted my dick deep inside her pussy. I started moving my dick in and out. I was fucking her at top speed. I was on top of her, and she was under me. We were holding each other very tightly. I was squeezing her delicate soft body with my hard muscular body. While fucking her pussy, I was kissing her lips madly. She wrapped her legs around my waist. After some time, her body became stiff, and she gave a loud sound, and she reached orgasm. I also cummed in her pussy at the same time. We both were breathing heavily. I was lying on her naked body. I moved away from her body & lied beside her.

After sometime, she came over my body. She said it’s my time to return u favour. I was under her now. She started licking my chest & slowly moving down licking my abbs. Then, she held my dick in her hand. My dick was really shrunk. She started stroking my dick. She moved the foreskin of my penis down and started sucking the head of my penis. Her sucking was so good that within few seconds, I regained erection again. She stretched her legs & sat on my dick. She started riding my dick while I was under her. She started moving up & down. Her big boobs were bouncing. She was looking very hot from down.

After a long time, I cummed and I was giving jerk, but she was still riding my dick. Within few seconds, she also reached orgasm and fell on my body. We took rest for few minutes lying in each other’s arms & kissing each other madly. Then again, she lied on the bed with her backside facing the ceiling. I kept a pillow under her lower stomach & her ass moved up. Then, I inserted my dick from behind inside her pussy. I started fucking her pussy from behind doggy style. I was holding her hair tightly while I was fucking her pussy from behind. It looked like I was riding a horse. I cummed inside her pussy again & lied on the backside of her body. We were in that position for sometime.

I again got horny, and I started spanking or slapping her ass cheeks. She was shouting ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I was biting & licking her ass cheeks. I inserted my finger & slowly started fingering her ass hole. She was moaning in pleasure. After fingering her asshole for a while, I tried to insert my dick in her ass hole. Her ass hole was really small. She said plsssssss not with ur dick, ur dick is very thick, I will die if u fuck my asshole. She tried to move her body, but I forcibly pressed her body on the bed. I forcibly pushed my dick in her asshole. She shouted ouiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaa marr gayiii, pls ruk jaaoo.

Her screams was making me more wild. After a real hard push, I inserted my dick fully in her ass hole. Without any mercy, I was fucking her asshole. She was crying pls stop, I will die. Tears came from her eyes. I don’t know but her pleading and crying was making me more horny. I was fucking her asshole holding her hair tightly from behind. After some time, her crying turned into soft moans. It felt like she was enjoying it. I cummed in her asshole & fell on her body. I was lying on her backside of body. We both were really tired, and we both went to sleep for almost 1 hour in that same position. She woke up after 1 hour & woke me up too.

When I woke up, I was still horny. I told her to suck my dick. I stood up on the bed while she was sitting on the bed. She held my dick & started sucking the tip of my dick. My dick became hard. I removed her hand from my dick & told her not to touch it. Then I hold her hair tightly with my both hands. I inserted my whole dick in her small mouth & started fucking her mouth. I was moving my dick in & out holding her hair tightly. She was really choked while I was fucking her mouth. I was about to cum, and I cummed on her face. I rubbed tip of my dick on her face and her lips. Her cute face was looking real sexy with my white sperms. Then, she stood up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom to clean herself. She was not able to walk properly.

We continued our fucking for almost 2 weeks till she was in MYSORE. I fucked her in every corner of my house. When bhaiya was in deep sleep at night, she used to come to my room. After our fucking session, she used to go back to her room in early morning. When bhaiya & me used to watch cricket match together on TV, she used to work in kitchen. I used to go to kitchen in the name of drinking water & use to squeeze my bhabhi’s boobs & ass wildy & even used to kiss her. She used to get scared and say, ur bhaiya is in the next room, behave urself, but I never stopped doing it. She always used to say that she liked the way I used to molest her delicate body & roughly handle her body.

After 2 weeks, she went back to BANGALORE, but we still keep in touch through phone, talking dirty on phone. She said that she is waiting for me to come to BANGALORE on my relative’s marriage, which is after 6 months. I m also waiting for that moment. Let me tell u guys, “If there is heaven on earth that is between the legs of women.”

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Aunty Aor Uski 18 Years Old Beti

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I’m Krissh from Mumbai. I’m one of the greatest fans of ISS and I have read almost 80% of its stories and now today I’m sharing my own experience with u people, which happened to me last month. Aunty Shriya is our neighbor’s believe that she is one of the sexiest women in the world with huge boobs and perfect round ass. My all friends and me were fond of her ass. She also has the daughter of 16 years and she too had grown like her Mom, Sexy and Hott but with the medium size Boobs and a nice tight Ass.

Her husband is a Truck Driver and therefore he stays mostly out of home. She has one daughter of 18 years old and a Son of 16 years old. OK come to the real story. It was a fine day when i was coming back from college; I saw her standing on her door. When I was passing her door my sleepy luck awoke and she called me. I went to her and asked the reason to call me. She said, MUJHAY TUM SAY KUCH KAAM HAI PLEASE MERI HELP KARO GAY. I replied, sure why not and went inside with her. There was nobody in the house. She took me to her bedroom and asked me to wait for a while. Some bad feelings knocked the door of my mind. I thought that she also want’s that I want but when she came back I realized that she had nothing like that in her mind, because she was just holding a hammer and some nail in hand and than she asked me to help her to bring the big picture.

I took the picture in the room. it was covered with brown paper. I asked her that whose picture was this. She than showed it to me. It was 14year old picture of her anniversary. She was looking very pretty in it. She told that today was the birthday of her anniversary. Then she brought a stool and said me to stand on it and I was there standing on the stool with hammer and nails in one hand and from the other hand I was trying to hold the picture from aunty Shriya’s hand and I succeed after some time.

She brought another stool and stood on it next to me to help me in holding it. Now she was holding the picture and I was nailing the wall. When I completed we hanged the picture on the wall and jumped from the stool on the roof and from here the tragedy begins, my stool was disturbed and I fell upon her and she was thrown towards the bed. Her back striked with the corner of the bed and she started shouting with pain. I steadily stood up and took her to the bed.
She said me to bring iodex from the draws of the next room. When I came back she was lying on the bed facing the floor. I went towards her watching her round ass. She requested me to massage it on her back and took her Kameez up. I started massaging her back. My eyes were on her back but my mind was little bit downwards to her ass. I don’t know when my hand slipped and i started to massage her ass. I got back from my thoughts hearing her moan.

I saw her moaning with pleasure. It gave me much confidence to carry on. I sat on her back and started to squeeze her ass with both of my hands. She started moaning heavily and said me to stop. Then she stood up and started to take off my clothes and started to do the same with her. Soon we both were naked in front of each other. I hardly believed that I’m watching the beauty of my dreams naked in front of me. I just hugged her and started kissing her madly, on her cheeks, on her lips, on her whole body.
She was also replying with passionate kisses. Slowly I went little down to her boobs and started to suck them. It made her nipples erect up to half inch. I had gone mad and started squeezing her boobs madly. She started to shout and gave a slap on my face and said to now lick her cunt. I obeyed and went to the cunt hole. I stretched her pussy lips and entered my tongue in it. She again started moaning heavily and was pushing my head towards her cunt with both of her hands. Soon she cummed and ordered me to taste it, I happily obeyed and tasted it, it was a bit saltish. Now it was her turn to suck my penis. So, I lied on the bed and she took my whole tool in her mouth.
It gave me much pleasure. She was looking like a mad bitch. Soon I shot a heavy load of cum in her mouth and she ate it all. I was much surprised with it. Then she came close to my mouth and started kissing on my lips. I tasted my own cum from her mouth, it was better than her’s. We kept on kissing each other for some time and now my lund was rock hard again. She stretched her legs and i entered her pink pussy, it was very loose so i went inn without any problem and started giving her hard jerks. She was moaning madly OH YES,YES BE FAST, BE FAST FUCKME, MERE CHOOT PHAR DO AAJ SAY YEH TUMHARY HAI,PHAR DO IS KO, after some time I put my cock out of her pussy because I really wanted to fuck her ass. She first hesitated to do so, but I said TUMHARY CHUT K SAATH TUMHARI GAAND BHI ABB MERI HAI. she smiled and agreed.
I put the head of my cock on her ass hole and with a single but very hard jerk my whole lund was inside the valley of her beautiful and killing ass. She started shouting BOHAT DARD HO RAHA HAI NIKALO ISSAY BAHAR MAIN MAR JAOON GI UUFFFFFFFFFF. But now who was going to listen to her. I carried on with hard jerks and after ten minutes I filled her ass with my cum and fell on her. After half an hour she awoke me and said her Daughter is expected to come soon from College. I planted a deep kiss on her lips, wore my clothes and just after the split of second her Daughter entered inside the room, I said Hello to her and went to my home happily. After that I have fucked her several times whenever we got the time.
After few days I met her daughter outside our Bluidings gate and started to have conversation with her and at that time she told me that she knew what was going on between me and her Mom, I was a bit surprised but what was more shocking was that she told me that she would like to do the same with me. To know what happened further wait for my next story.

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Barish Ka Maza

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Mera naam romil ha main kolkata ma rehata hu, meri umar 26 hai aur main businnesss karta hu business ke kaam se mujhe humesa kabhi kaha kabhi kaha jan padta hai, ek bar main kolkata se rajdhani express ma delhi ja raha tha, to mujhe mere relative ki biwi mil gaye to uske pati ne mujhe kaha ki aap ja rahe ho to iska dhyan rakheyega, maine aha thik hai, rajdhani ke sabhi staff se meri jaan pehachan thi to maine tt se keha kar hum dono ki seat ek sath karwali aur cast ek hone ke karan maine use apni biwi bata kar aise cabin mai seat li jis cabin me humare siwa koi nahi tha aur ac 2tyer hone ke karan waha parda bhi laga tha, hum dono apna apna saman rakh kar beth gaye aura pas mai bate karne lage, hum train mai safar ki bate kar rahe the to usne kaha ki maine kabhi 1st class mai safar nahi kiya to maine kaha ki maine kaha ki maine bohat bar kiya hai kyu ki ye sare staf mujhe jabte hai, to usne kaha ki aaj kisi ko pata kar apni seat change karwa lo main bhi 1st class mai jana cha ha ti hu ki usme kaisa lagta hai, o maine staf se baaat kar k 1st class ma shift karwa li, waha aur bhi acha tha pure room ke jaise pact ha kuch der bad hum khate pite baat kar rehe the tabhi maine kaha ki yaha acha hai koi nahi aata main change kar leta hu maine apna towel nikala aur apna half pent pehan liya, kuch der baad usne kaha ki main bhi change karleti hu fif usne kaha mere paas full gound nahi hai main kaise rehungi koi aa gaya to maine kaha koi nahi aayega jab koi aaye tab chader laga lena fir usne usne apni ek night gound nikali aur change karne chali gaye wapsa aaye to main use dekhta he reha gaya usne deep colour ke chamak dar gound pehna tha jo uske ghutno se bhi upar tha aur ek top pehna tha jisme uske boobs chalak rehe the use dekh mera penis khada ho gaya wo mere samne beth gaye main use kai der dekhta reha, fir hum bate karne lage wo mujhse free ho kar bate karti thiusne mujhse mera cell manga sexi clips dekhne k liye to maine kaha abhi kuch naya nahi hai , fir main lap top mai ek hindi movie laga diya hum movie bhi dekh rahe the aur bate bhi kar rahe the.

Wo kisi kaam se uthi aur train ke jhatke e achanak gir gaye aur uske pair main aur kamar ma lachak pad gaye wo dard ke mare tarapne lagi mujhe bhi samaj ma nahi aaya ki main kya karu usne kaha mer beg mai iodex hai nikalo maine iodex nikali to wo lagane ki kosis kar rahi thi lakin dard ka karan us se hila nahi jar aha tha to maine kaha ki main laga deta hu aur iodex uske paw ma lagane laga usne paw isne mulayam the ki hath lagate he mera enis khada hone lagamain dhire dhire uske paw me iodex se malis kar raha tha to usne apni jangho ki taraf esara karte hue kaha ki yaha bhi dard ho raha hai main uski jangho ki bhi malis ki aab to mera penis pura tayer ho gaya, aur mere half pent mai pata bhi chal reha tha, bhabhi dekh bhi chuki thi ki mujhe kuch ho raha hai fir maine kaha lao kamar ma bhi laga deta hu fir wo pet ke bal let gaye aur apne top ko kuch upar karli pet ke bal letne ke karan uske boobs kuch side ma nikal gaye the, main uski pith ki malis karne laga wo chup chap leti hue thi mujhe uski naram naram kamar pe hath laga kar bohat acha lag reha tha fir maine kaha bhabhi aapke top ma iodek lag reha hai to usne kaha thoda upar kardo maine bhabhi ke top ko upar kiya to mujhe uski bra nazar aa gaye usne deep blue ki shining wali bra pehani hue thi mani dhire bhire uski puri pith ki malis karne laga kabhi kabh uske boobs pe hath touch kar deta lakin usne kuch nahi kaha, fir usne kaha aap to bohat achi malis karte ho, mai huste hue pucha aapko malis karwana acha lagta la to usne kaha ha bohat acha lagta hai maine kaha mujhe bhi malis karwana bohat acha lagta hai, usne pucha kis se karwate ho maine kaha aapni biwi se karwa bhi leta hu aur kar bhi deta hu to usne kaha tab to special malis hoti hogi maine haste hue kaha ha kuch special hoti hai, to usne kaha kya chej se malis karte ho apni biwi ki maine kaha aise he bina kisi cream ke kyu ki us malis ma kuch alag he maza hota hai kuch lagane se hatho ka spars acha nahi lagta, kehate hue maine bhabhi ki gand ke paas dabane laga to usne kaha kitni der malis karte ho to maine kaha karib ek ghanta to usne kaha meri kitni der karoge maine kaha aap jab tak bologe.

Fir bhabhi ne kaha mere pairo main thodi der aur malis kar do bina iodex ke maine kaha kar deta hu, main bhabhi ke pairo ko halke halke hatho se sahelane laga mujhe bohat acha lag reha tha, main bhabhi ki jabgho ko bhi sehalane laga bhabhi ne kuch nahi kaha, kabhi kabhi to main jangho ko dabate hue bhabhi ki chut ko bhi touch kar deta lakin fir bhi bhabhi ne kuch nahi kaha, main soch mai pad gaya ki akhir bhabhi kuch kyu nahi bol rahi fir maine uth ke dekha to bhabhi ko nind aa gaye thi lakin main anjan ban ke bhabhi ki pith dabane laga aur dhire dhire unki chuchi pe hath ferne laga main pure josh main aa gaya tha lakin main aur kuch kar bhi nai sakta tha kyu ki mujhe dart ha ki kabhi bhabhi jag gaye to kya sochegi, 10 min bad bhabhi ki ankhe khul gaye jab bhabhi ki ankh khuli tab mera hath bhabhi ki chuchi pe ha lakin bhabhi ne kuch nahi kaha fir hum wapas bate karne lage bhabhi ne mujhe kaha aap bohat achi malis karte ho mujhe bohat acha laga maine haste hue kaha aap bolo to aur kar du bhabhi ne kaha hum khana khale fir thodi der aur kar dena jo mujhe ache se nind aa jaye, maine kaha thik hai, fir hum khana khane lage khate khate bhabhi ne mujhse pucha tumhari koi girlfriend bhi hai kya, maine kaha school life ma thi aab nahi hai, bhabhi bar bar mere lund ko dekh rahi thi jo abhi bhi khada tha, fir humne khana kha liya aur light band kar ke bate karne lage, mujhe bar bar bhabhi ki malis yaad aa rahi thi maine baabhi se kaha lao malis kar deta hu.

To bhabhi ne kaha lao pehle main tumhari kar deti hu fir tum meri kar dena, maine kaha bhabhi mere badan mai koi dard nahi hail akin bhabhi ne kaha lao fir bhi kar deti hu, fir maine light on kar li aur bhabhi ne apni beg se ek khusbu dar cream nikali aur mujhe laitne ko kaha main lait gaya fir bhabhi mere pairo pe cream laga kar malis karni suru ki mera lund fir khada ho gaya aur mere pent se saf pata chalne laga, fir bhabhi ne kaha baniyaan utar do warna cream lag jaygi maine baniyaan utar di fir bhabhi ne kaha half pent bhi utar do kyu kharab karte ho maine kaha nahi bhabhi rehne do to bhabhi ne kaha light band kar do mujhe kuch nahi dikhega fir bhabhi ne khud he light band kar di aur jabardasti mera half pent utarwa diya aur malis karne lagi, malis karte karte bhabhi ka hath bar bar mere lund ko chu raha aur meri halat kharab ho rehi thi, fir bhabhi ne mujhe ulta hone ko kaha main ulta ho gaya to bhabhi meri gand pe beth gaye aur meri pith ki malis karne lagi aur bar bar meri chest pe hath ferte hue dabane lagi, maine majak karte hue kaha bhabhi main ladka hu ladki nahi chest ladki ki masli jati hai ladko ki nahi to bhabhi hasne lagi, fir adha ghanta bhabhi ne meri malis ki mera lund bilkul tight ho chukha tha fir maine kaha aab main aapki malis kar deta hu fir bhabhi lait gaye fir maine bhi bhabhi se kaha ki aap apna top utar dije aise thik se malis nahi hoti to bhabhi ne kaha thik hail akin light on mat karna maine kaha thik hai, bhabhi ne apni top utar di main bhabhi ki pith ko masalne laga, bhabhi ka badan ekdam dudh ke jaise gora tha aur usne deet colour ki bra pehan rakhi thi aab to maan kar reha tha ki use puri terah masal du aur jam ke chodu lakin kuch karne ki himmat nahi hue, fir main bhabhi ki gand pe hath rekhte hue kaha ki apni skirt bhi utar do light to band ha malis karwa kar wapas pehan lena kehte hue maine bhabhi ki scirt utar di aur malis karne laga,aab mujhse bardast nahi ho raha tha main bhabhi ke pure badan ki malis karne laga aur bar bar apne hath ko bhabhi ki chut ke paas pherne laga, achanek bhabhi ne kaha jaise maine tumhari malis ki waise tum bhi meri malis karo, main samjha nahi fir bhabhi ne kaha meri breast mai bhi dard hone laga hai main samaj gaya ki bhabhi garam ho chuki hai main turant bhabhi ki pith ko dabate hue bhabhi ki chuchi ko dabane laga, fir maine kaha bhabhi aapki bra mai cream lag rahi hai bhabhi ne kaha piche se huk khol ke nikal do.

Maine bhabhi ki bra ke huk khol ke bra nikal di aab bhabhi upar se puri nangi ho gaye thi fir main bhabhi ki chuchi ki malis karne laga aur bar bar nippal ko masalne laga aab bhabhi puri garam ho chuki thi fir bhabhi ne kaha tumhare hatho main jadu hai maan he nahi bharta maine kaha bhabhi tumhare badan me jadu hai itna maza tu mujhe meri biwi ki malis kar ke bhi nahi aata fir maine bhabhi ki khus karne ki thani aur bhabhi ki tariff karne laga taki wo mujhse khus ho jaye waise tariff sachi he thi maine bhabhi se kaha bhabhi aap konsi sabhun se nehati ho jo aapka badan itna gora aur mulayam hai, fir maine kaha bhabhi aapko dekh ke koi bol nahi sakta ki aapki sadi ko 3 sal ho gaye hai aap to abhi bhi bilkul kachi kali ki terah lagti ho, apni tariff sun kar bhabhi khusi se hasne lagi aur kehne lagi tum bhi to abhi bilkul kuware lagte ho maine kaha aap ye kaise keha sakte to to bhabhi ne kaha tumhari malis kar ke pata chal gaya maine pucha kaise to bhabhi ne kaha tumhara tight rud dekh ke jo ander se itna mast lag reha tha, fir maine bhabhi ki chuchi ko dabate hue kaha bhabhi bura na mano to main aapki nipper ko chusna cha hata hu, bhabhi ne kaha ek sart pe maine kaha job hi sart hogi manjur hai to bhabhi ne kaha main tumhare lund ki malis karungi maine kaha main tayer hu to bhabhi ne kaha chuso meri nipple, fir maine nippal chusne se pehle nippal pe apni jib ko ferte hue bhabhi ko garam karne ki kosis ki bhabhi puri garam ho gaye thi aur siskiya lene lagi aaaaaaaaaa amit please aise mat karo main fir bhi apni jib se nippal ko chate hue chuchi ko dabane laga fir bhabhi ne mere pent ma hath dala aur mere lund ko pakar ke hilane lagi, main bhabhi ki nipple ko chusne laga main bhi pure josh main aa gaya aur mera lund khambe ke jaise tight ho gaya fir main utha to bhabhi ne turant mere lund ko apne mu me le liya aur chusne lagi main bhabhi ke mu mail und ko ander bahar karne laga karib 10 min tak bhabhi ne mere lund ka swad liya fir maine bhabhi se kaha bhabhi aab se jate hai to bhabhi ne gusse mai kaha mujhe garam kar ke sone ki baat karte ho, maine kaha main to majak kar reha tha aur bhabhi ke pure badan ko chatne laga bhabhi bardast ke bahar ho rahi thi bhabhi ki chut se pani nikalne laga maine apne land ko bhabhi ke pure badan pe ghumaya bhabhi bar bar mere lund ko apne mu mai lene ki kosis karne lagi ir jab mujhse bardast nahi hua to maine pehle bhabhi ki gand mai apna lund dala aur karib adha ghanta tak bhabhi ki gand ka maza liya bhabhi puri terah se karha uthi thi aur kehne lagi aab mujhse bardast nahi hota fir maine bhabhi ki chut par lund ki fera to bhabhi josh main aa kar mere lund ko pakad ke apni chut mai dalne lagi aur aah uhh ehh aaaaaaaa uuuuuu aaaaaaaaaaauuuuu karne lagi karib adha ghanta chut ki chudae karne ke baad hum doni sant ho gaye aur nange he so gaye subha hone ke baad delhi aane se pehle ek baar fir chudae ka maza liya fir delhi main hum 10 din the roz hum milte aur kisi hotel main ja kar chuda ka maza lete jab main wapas kolkata aaya to bhabhi ne mujhe apne ghar bulaya aur apne a c room me chudae ka maza liya fir hum ek sath bath tub me nahaye bath tub mai bhi chudae ka maza liya aur aisa karib 3 sal tak chalta raha fir achanak bhabhi ke sasural walo ne city change kar li aur mumbai shift ho gaye aab jab main mumbai jata hu to wo mujhse hotel mai milti hai aur hum hotel mai chudae ka maza lete hail akin mera mumbai jana bohat kam hota hai esi liye mujhe uski kami mehses hoti hai.

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Aunty Aor Uski Behan

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Hi friends I am ashwin,I am here again to narrate my incomplete story-AUNTY AUR UNKE BEHAN KE SATH,hope you have red it.
To dosto again in brief nidhi aunty ki behan hai,uncle kuch dino ke liye city se bahar training ke liye gaye hue hai,aunty aur unki behan ghar par akeli hai and I am 19 yrs ashwin living next door to them.Aunty ka fig. 32-28-34 aur nidhi ka 34-30-36(inke bare me already apni purani story me bata chukka hoon).
Us din hum dopahar ke 1 baje uthe aur bathroom me chale gaye aur jaldi brush kiya aur aunty ko kaha ki humare liye jaldi chai(tea)banaye aur turant 2 towel la ke de,aunty towel le ke ayi,jab aunty towel leke ayi to wo sirf transparent gaun me thi.Maine dono towel jaldi se le liye aur aunty ko phir ek baar kaha aunty chai tyyar rakho aur aunty chali gayi.Ab hum dono bathroom me akele the maine nidhi se kaha kya khayal hai toh nidhi ne kaha meri chud me subah se bohat khujli ho rahi aur dekho abhi bhi ye kitni gili hai,jab maine chud pe hath lagaya to mano nidhi ko jaise nasha chad gaya aur uske chud se pani nikalne laga,maine kaha tum niche baitho(bathroom is little large) mai tumhari chud chatna chahta hoon to wo jaldi se niche baith gayi,maine turant us ke pairo(legs)ko failaya aur aur uski chud chatne laga,nidhi ko hadh se jyada sex chad chukka tha wo mere sir ko jor jor ander dhakel rahi thi,main aur jor se chatne laga aur apni tounge uski chud ki gehrayiyo tak le jane laga kuch der baad mai thak gaya tab nidhi ne kaha tum let jao aur ma let gaya,jab mai leta to nidhi apni chud ko dono hato se failate hue mere mooh(mouth)pe baith gayi aur hilne lagi,mujhe to saas(breath)lene me bhi pareshani ho rahi thi par maza aa raha tha,uske chud ka pani bada taste tha mere leye(pani salty tha)aur uski chud ki smell se to mai aur bhi jyada pagal ho gaya tha aur mere lund ki halat to bohat kharab thi,kuch der baad usne apni chud ka dher sara pani chhoda,maine pura to nahi par jyada se jyada pani maine pi liya,mai tab se nidhi ki chud ke pani ka to diwana ho gaya aur achanak ander se aunty ki awaz ayi kitni der lagegi aur…!chai ban ke thandi ho rahi hai,maine kaha aunty aab hum chai nahi sidha khana khayege.
Mai khada ho gaya aur nidhi ko bola jaldi thoda ise chus phir dalta aur nidhi chusne lagi,maine aunty ko awaz di aur kaha aunty jara mustard oil dena,aunty ne kaha 2 min ruk deti hoon,karib 4-5 min tak nidhi mera lund chusti rahi aur phir mustard oil aa gaya.Maine nidhi ko letne ko kaha aur uske chud par mustard oil lagane laga,aunty wahi par khadi thi,aunty ne kaha ruko 1 min aur wo jake turant 1 lamba sa baigan leke ayi aur kehne lagi ise dalo pehle nahi to bohat dard hoga,pehle maine fingering ki phir dhere dhere baigan dalne laga aunty wahi khade hokar dekhne lagi mai karib 5 min. lagatar baigan age peche kar raha tha phir aunty boli aise he karega ya dalega bhi maine kaha dalta hoon,maine baigan hataya aur aunty ko kaha thoda chuso main dalta hoon phir aunty wahi baju me baith kar chatne lagi aur mai nidhi ki chud me fingering kar raha tha thodi der baad nidhi boli dalo naa plz…..maine aunty to kaha hato mujhe dalne do,maine nidhi ke pairo ko thoda failaya aur lund ko chud par rakha aur dakkha mara par chud gili thi is liye fisal gaya,aisa 2-3 baar hua phir nidhi ne apni chud ko dono hato ki ungilyo se failaya aur maine halka sa Dhaka mara to mere lund ka age wala hissa under gaya thoda par aab jab mai dhakke mar raha tha to lund ander nahi jar aha tha aur nidhi ko bhi dara ho raha tha tab aunty mere paas ayi aur mere kano me boli jor se dhakka mar wo pehli baar chud rahi hai abhi wo virgin hai aur aunty uske boobs dabane lagi,mai pehle 1-2 baar dire-dhire karta raha aur ek jor ka zatka mara aur mera lund adhe se jyada ander chala gaya aur nidhi jor ke chil-la uthi plz nikalo dard ho raha hai,dard ke mare uski aankhon se asu nikalte ja rahe the,mujhse uska dard dekha nahi jar aha tha main nikalne he wala tha aunty bole rukh mat nikal nahi to ise aur dard sehna padega,maine bina hulchal kiye use lips pe kiss karna start kiya aur halke halke se uske boobs daba raha tha,thodi der baad uska dard kam hua mai phir dhire dhire ander bahar karne laga aur ek jor se jatka mara aur mera lund pura ander ghus gaya,jab maine niche dekha to khoon(blood)nikal raha tha par is bar use pehle se jyada dard nahi hua(shayad wo khoon pehle jordar shot ka ho).
Maine thodi der tak dhire-dhire karne ke baad apni speed badai aur wo bhi mere pura jor lagakar sath dene lagi,mujhe aur bhi jyada maje ane laga,mai jor-jor se uske boobs dabane laga aur apni speed ke sath chodne laga ,aunty to aankhein phad kar dekhne lagi karib 20 min baad wo pehli baar jhadi par mujhme abhi bohat dam baki tha.Uska support apni oour se kam ho gaya par mai zor ke chudai karta nearly 25 min baad mai bhi jhad gay aur iske bich wo ek baar aur jhad chuki thi ,mere maal nikalne wala tha maine aunty se kaha aunty nikalne wala hai aunty ne kaha ruk nahi to possibility hai ki ye pregnant ho jaye-mujhe dar laga aur mai rukh gaya aur aunty ne kaha nidhi jaldi se iska lund chus,nidhi mera lund chusne lagi,maine kaha thodi speed badha ,usne apni speed badayi ab mera pani nikalne wala tha tab aunty boli nidhi agar iska pani nikle to pee lena bohat maza ayega aur ashu tu bahar mat nikalna lund pani pene se bacha nahi hota aur chali gayi maine sara ka sara maal nidhi ke mooh me choda usne lund mooh se nikala maine kaha pee na to wo kehne lagi nahi piya jata maine kaha thik hai,achank usne lund ko pakda aur jitna maal lund pe laga tha sara chat liya aur lund ko pura clean kiya tongue se,mai aab bohat thak chukka tha tabhi nidhi uthi aur mujhe gale se laga liya aur cold water wala shower chalu kar diya humne ek dusre ko soap lagayi aur ache se naha kar,badan ko sukha kar nange he aunty ke dinning room me aa gaye,hum dono nange the aur aunty gaun pehenkar,hum saab ne khana khaya aur maine aunty se 1 glass milk shake mangaya aur phir pee kar so gaya.
Mai raat ko 9 baje utha par meri halat kuch achi nahi thi.Maine aunty se kaha,aunty aaj nahi ho payega mai puri tarah se thak chukka hoon aunty bole koi baat nahi,aunty ne nidhi ko bola ashu ko khana lake de mai crocin leke ati ho.Nidhi ne mujhe khana lake diya maine khana kha ke nidhi se kaha,nidhi ek kaam karo mujhe milk shake bana kar do,aunty crocin leke ayi aur mujhe di,maine crocin kha kar milk shake piya aur so gaya,next day mai 10 baje utha aur din bhar complete diet ke baad so gaya uske agle din bhi kuch nahi hua,mai next day subah 8 baje utha aur aaj bohat accha lag raha tha mai jaldi fresh hua aur paper padhne baitha,aunty mere liye snaks leke ayi maine snaks liya aur phir chai aur thode der ke liye friend ke flat par gaya,jab mai flat par gaya to pata chala ki 2nd yr ke 1st sem ka result aa chukka hai,maine turant jakar net pe check kiya to pata chala ki mai AC hoon aur maine sabko phone lagaya,nearly mere lagbhag saab friends paas ho gaye the bas kuch ke paper back the,mai ghar wapas aya aur aunty ko bataya ki mera aggregate 61% aa raha hai par kal mujhe college jana hoga sessional ke marks pata karne ko,aunty boli result accha hai to sessional me bhi ache honge.aunty se maine kaha aaj chhod do kal karenge,aunty ne kaha thik hai dusre din jab mai college gaya to pata chala ki mujhe sessional me bohat no. diye gaye hai college na ane ki wajah se,mai bohat nirash ho gaya ab mera agreegate sirf 66% aa raha tha,mai class me 5th topper tha,maine wapas aa kar aunty ko saab bataya to aunty ne kaha thik hai koi baat nahi(Mai aap logo ko ye batana chahta hoon ki mai studies me koi compromise nahi karta aur paper ke 1 mahine pehle aur bhi jyad serious ho jata hoon,masti karne ke sath-sath studies bhi karta hoon,mai college nahi gaya par ghar me rehkar padhai ki).
Abhi shaam ke 7 baj chuke the,maine aunty se kaha jaldi khana banao mai thak chukka hoon,aunty ne khana banaya aur jaldi se mujhe diye maine khana khatam karke milk shake piya aur so gaya,aunty ne mujhe disturb nahi kiya kyuki wo janti thi ki mai bohat thaka hua hoon.
NEXT DAY mai subah 5 baje utha aur morning walk ke liye gaya aab main pura fit ho chukka tha mai walk se 7:30 ko wapas aya aur aunty ko uthaya aur nahane ko chala gaya,main tyyar hokar baith gaya aunty ayi aur dabi awaz me puchne lagi aaj college ja rahe ho kya maine kaha nahi Ravi se assignment lene to aunty ne kaha nashta to kar le maine kaha ake karta hoon,maine ravi se file li aur wapas aa gaya aur aunty se kaha aunty nashta layiye aunty nashta leke ayi aur phir maine apna routine complete karke assignment likhne baith gaya 3-5 ghanto mein maine assignment complete kiya aur khana kha ke so gaya,mai sham ko 4:45 ko utha aur aunty ko chai banana ko khaha aunty chai leke ayi phir humne chai pe aur maine aunty se aur nidhi se kaha tyyar raho aaj,aunty ne kaha mai jaldi khana banati hoon,aaj bohat maza ayege.
Hum sabne 8 baje khana khaye aur TV dekhne lage,11 baje mai utha aur aunty ke paas gaya aur unke gale me hath dala aur kiss karna start kiya,aunty bhi bohat sexy ho rahi thi, nidhi Tv dekhne me busy,maine aunty se kaha aunty aaj ji bhar ke aapke sath chudai karunga aur aunty ne smile di aab nidhi ka dyan humare taraf aa gaya nidhi bhi humare sath join ho gayi,maine kaha aunty hum niche jameen pe bed lagate hai,aunty ne nidhi ko bed lagane ko kaha aur phir hum saab ne apne kapde utare aur mai aunty se sath busy hogaya maine aunty ko lip kiss karna start kiya wo bhi khub sath de rahi,main apni tongue ko aunty ke mooh(mouth)ke ander le jaa raha tha aur hum saliva bhi exchange kar rahe the aur halke hale se mai aunty ke boobs daba raha tha,jab maine niche dekha to nidhi mera lund hila rahi thi aur piche se mere peeth par apne boobs touch kar rahi thi,tabhi mai aur aunty ek side(one side down=ek taraf mooh karke)hue aur kiss karne lage,aunty ne mere upar unka pair daal diya,maine aapna hath unki chud ki taraf le gaya aur apne hath ki 2 ungaliya unki chud me daal ke hilane laga,nidhi aab side me baith kar hame dekh rahi thi tabhi aunty ne apna mooh hataya aur mujhe 69 position me ane ko kaha,jab hum position bana rahe the to waha nidhi nahi thi,ab hum ek dusre ke lund aur chud chus rahe the,tabhi nidhi ayi aur aunty ki chud me baigan dalne lagi,achank aunty jor se chich padi aa……..plz nikalo……idhar nidhi jor-jor se baigan hila rahi thi,jab aunty ne kaha nidhi plz nikalo to nidhi kehne lagi us din jab apne dala to socho mujhe kitna dard hua hoga,ab aap bhi dard saho thodi der me nidhi ne pura ka pura baigan aunty ke chud me ghusa diya,maine nidhi ko halaya aur chud chusne laga kuch he der me aunty ne pura pani mere mooh me chhod diya maine unka sara pani pee gaya,aunty mera lund ko speed se chus rahi thi mera bhi pani nikalne wala tha maine kaha aunty rukho nahi to hume 30 mins rukhna padega aunty samjh gayi aur rukh gayi,aab nidhi mere paas ayi aur mujhe kiss karne lagi waha aunty rest kar rahi thi kyuki who jhad gayi thi,15 min baad jab maine dekha toh aunty so chuki thi,nidhi mujh se kehne lagi ashu mujhe chodo maine kaha rukho thoda aur mere liye pani lao mujhe pyaas lagi hai to nidhi kehne lagi bhi to didi ki chud ka pani piya na,maine kaha plz jaldi lao wo pani leke ayi aur maine pani peke usko apni our kincha aur boobs chusne laga kareeb 15 min. chusne ke baad maine nidhi ko kaha mere letata hoon tum mere lund par baith kar hilo to usne kaha thik hai,mai let gaya aur usne mere upar baithne ki position banyi aur mere lund ko pakad kar chud par rakha aur dhere dhere ander lene lagi,jaise he pura ander gaya wo jor jor se hilne lagi,aaj lag raha tha us bohat dard ho raha tha par use bohat maza ane ki wajah se wo sara dard sheh rahi tha,aab wo thak chuki thi phir maine use ghodi banaya aur uski chud bade jor jor se marne laga,kuch der baad usne apni chud se pani chhoda maine jaise uska pani dekha uski chud chatne laga thodi der chud chatne ke baad maine phir apna lund uski chud me dala aur speed se chodne laga,thodi der baar wo phir jhad gayi,aab mai bhi jhadne wala tha maine apni speed kam na karte hue jor se chudai chalu rahi aur thodi der me mai bhi jhad gaya par maine dhyaan rakha ki mera maal uski chud me naa jaya isliye jab mai jhadne wala tha to maine apna lund nikal kar uske mooh me de diya aur usne mera lund chusna suru kiya bas thode he der me maine apna saara maal uske mooh me chhod diya aur iss baar wo saara pi gayi phir mai pura hast-past ho gaya aur use chipak kar so agaya,thode der me hum dono ko neend lag gayi aur jab jage to subah ke 6:30 baj rahe the maine nidhi aur aunty ko uthaya aur kaha kapde pehen lo subah ho gayi hai main apne room ja ke so raha hoon mujhe 9 baje utha dena 11 baje project submit karne college jana hai.
To dosto plz likhiye meri ye aap beeti apko kaisi lagi aur haan any females and males who wana love tips plz contact and girls who are ready for sex plz reply,I m there for u,,,my e-mail is write my next story shortly)

——-always in touch with u—–

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Nokrani Bani Sex Partner

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Mera nam Piyush hai, 32/Howrah (West Bengal), working in MNC Company in another state, Mai 6 mahina me ek bar ghar aata hoo or mahina bhar rookhke phir chala jaata hoon. Jab bhi ghar aata hoon har bar koi na koi lady ko chudai karta hoon. Howrah / Kokata me kariban 25 houswewife ko chod chukka hoon aur wo meri chudai se bahoot satisfy bhi hooie hai kyunki mai chudai sirf chudai ke liye nahi karta balki pura satisfaction dena meri aadat hai. Sath hi 100% Secracy meri mai maintain karta hoo.Yadi aap chahe to mujhe e-mail Karen, mai jawab dunga. Raat ko yahoo massanger me chat bhi kar shakte, meri id hai Aab main aapni kahani suru karta hoon
Kaise main chut chusaru ban gaya – Mai jab chota tha ye karib 15/16 saal meri jo bua thi wo mujhe ekdin paas bulaya or mujhe bili ke tu mera dudh dabana pasand karoge main to us samay bahot khus ho gaya tha main unki kamre me jake unne dudh pagolo ke tara davane laga phir unhone mu se siskri bhart hue kaha aaaaaaaaaa…… mera sonaaaaaaaaaa beta use chus chus leeeeeeeeee. Main dhudh chus ne laga bari bari usne ohhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mazaaaaa aa agyaaaaaaaaaaaaa bolte bolte unke kapre or petikot bhi khol di or mera bal pakarke mera muh ko unki chut me dabake boli ise bhi chus ke mujhe thora shant kar de mera raja beta mai unki chut jiv se chata phir jiv ko chut ke andar dal ke jiv se chodne laga or wo uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……..maaaaaaa…….aaaahhhhhhhhh ………mera raja betaaaaaaaa kya such de raha haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii oooohhhhhhh mmmmaaaaa karte karte mera muh me dher sara paani chor dia mai bhi use ek bhi bund nehi chorke pura ke pura pi liya. Tab se mai chut chusne ka mastar ban gaya. Jab bhi chut dekhta ho pahle use chus chus ke chat chat ke uski pani pine ka maja leta hoon.
Ekbar jab chutti pe ghar aaya to ghar me ek nayee noukrani rahakha gya tha unko dekhke to mera lar tapkata tha par kaise karoo samaj me hi nehi aata. uske boobs bahut hi acche the , perfect round boobs abhi jyada bade nahin the shyad 32 hogi lekin uske gand boobs dekh kar koi bhi ladke ka land ek dam tyar ho sakta tha. Hum dono us time hamare room me baith ke baatein kar rahe the ki acchanak mai mera haath uski body par touch kia to wo ek dum bol padi ki bhaiyaji kya kar rahe ho main chonk gaya kyoki main dar gaya. Maine kuch nahin kaha aur haath hatane ke saath bol pada kyo kya hua maine kya kiya hain to wo boli kuch nahin main samaj gaya ki wo kya soch rahi thi.
Phir se baatein karne lage maine apna haath se uske baalon ko sahlane laga maine aisa karta tha use accha lagta tha aaur mujhe bhi uske sholder se kuch lambe baaon me haath pherna accha lagta tha main kabhi kabhi aisa karte hue uske gale me bhi haath pherta tha usne aaaaaa….mmm hhaa karte karte wo shayad so gayi lekin mane ausa karna jaari rakha kyoki mujhe to mazza aa raha tha maine us din uske gale me kaan me gaall me sabhi jagah apne haath ko lagaya mera lund aisa karte hue ek dum khada ho gaya tha meri saanse tez chal rahi thi maine dekha us ki bhi neend toot rahi thi to maine ab haath pherna band kar diya lekin wo ek dum bol padi kya hua bhaiyaji or karo na accha lag raha hain main touch karta raha maine dheera se apna ek pair uski jhaango par rakh diya aur uske haath pherta raha tabhi meri bhabi usko bulaya kuch kam keliye wo bhi muskurake chali gayee. Ek do din bad koi relative ke yaha shaddi hone k karan ghar balo sab chale gaye. Ghar me main or wo naukhrani akele the .

Usi raat ko meri kuch himmat badi hum usko mera room me hi son eke liye bulaya or wo bhi ohi cha rahithi sayad wo bhi mera room me sone aagyee dono room me sone haye, maine jab woh sone ke leti hi thi maine tabhi uski bajoo me haath pherne laga usne kuch nahin kaha wo salwar kamiz pahen ke soti thi maine uske gal me apne haath ko phera uski aankh khuli thi aur wo mujhe dekh rahi thi lekin kuch nahin boli aur karwat badal kar ulti ho ke let gayi uska chera abhii bhi meri taraf tha aur aanke khuli thi maine uski kameez uske hips tak uthi hui thi aur salwar kuch transparent hone ke karan uski panty saaf nazar aa rahi thi maine uski hips par haath rakha to aisa laga ki wo thodi si kaap uthi jaise use current lag gaya , wo bol padi bahhhhhyiiiiia kyaaa karrrr rahe ho plz sone do na kal jaldi uthna hai bahot kaam pari hai, maine kaha : tu so ja na main to tere ko sula hi raha hoon , aise neend kaha aaayegi kya kar rahe ho aap. Main bola : kuch nahin tu sone ki koshish kar abhi neend aa jayegi , theek hain aur usne aakhe band kar li lekin wo so nahin rahi thi maine uski poori peeth par apne haath phera usne bra pahni thi uski bra ka hook mere haatho takraya uski aankh khuli aur boli sone nahin de rahe ho aap maine kaha accha so ja ab nahin karunga aur usne phir aanke band kar li maine uske hips par haath phera aur uski kameez ko aur upar kar diya , mera to lund is time ek dum se khada hua tha aur kuch samaj me nahin aa raha tha ki aaj kya ho raha hain .
Fir mene kiss kerna start ker diya Per ye kiss 15 minute tak chalta raha aur firse main uske doodh per hath phirana sooru kar diya usne object nahi kiya aur deere deere main uski navi se hota hua uske pussy ko salwar ki uper se hath phirane laga. Ab mere lips uske lips se kiss kar rahe the aur ek hath uske boobs pe aur ek hath uske pussy per tha. Ab main deere deere uski neck aur uske baad uske boobs ko kameej ke uper se suck karne laga to uske muh se ajeeb se abajen aane lagi to main samajh gya ki ab wo garam ho chuki hai uske baad mene deere deere ek haad kameej ke under daal hiya aur bra ke uper se uske boobs ko dabane lega. Baad main mene uski kameej utar di wo kuch nahi boli kynki wo puri tarah garam ho chuki the. Aur wo apne dono doodh ko apne dono hatho se chupane lagi, main time waste nahi karte huy use dobra kiss karna suru kar diya aur uski bra ki uper se dudh ko sahlata raha pir uski pith main hath le ja ke uski bra ke hook bhi khol diya. Ab wo mere saamne bil kul top less thi. Mane use bed pe litya ur uske dudh ko eke k karke chusne laga. Bahot der tak uske dudh chusne ke baad maine uske salwar ki taraf haath badya aur uska naada khol diya aur uske dudh ko chusna jari rakha.

Uske muh se ajeeb ajeeb se awaje aa rahi the ahahhhhhhhhh…….mmmmaaaaa……..uuuuuuuffff…….booooobaaaaahhhhhiiiaaaaaaa hmmmmm,. Ab maine uski salwar deere deere utarni suru kar di. Uski salwar utarne ke baad main uski pussy ko uski panty ke upper se jiv se ragar ne laga. To wo aur jada uuuuuummmmmmm…………aaaaaaaaaaaa…….. maaaaaaaammmm………bbbbhhhhaaaaaaaiiiiaaaaaaa……..yyeeeeeee …kya…….kar rahe hooooo……..uuummmmmmmm bolne lagi. Deere deera maine uski panty ko bhi utar diya aur ab uski choot ko jiv se chusne laga chatne laga jiv ko hard karke uski chut me ghusa dia or jiv ko andar bahar karne laga to wo pagolo ke tara ussssssssssssss…………hhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaammmmm…. mmmmmmhhhhhhh. ……… karte karte mera bal pakarke mujhe chut ke upar or zor se dabane lagi…. Phir wo komar hila hila ke chut se mera muh ki chudai karte karte uski paani muh me chor dia mai to ehi cha raha tha kiuke chodne se pahle mai chut ki pani pina or chut ki gandh(smell) bahot bahot pasand karta hoo .Abb usne jaldi jaldi mere kapre utar diye aur mere lohe jaise lund ko muh main daal ke chusne lagi. Aur uska ek hath mere balls ke sath khel reha tha. Aur main uske dudh ki sath khel reha the. Thodi der chusne ke baad bo woli ki ab tum meri chut ko phir se chuso, phir wo mera upar aagayee or 69 ki possition main aa gaye aur ek dosre ko chus lage. Wo phir se ..uuuuumm….. mmmmm…………aaaaaaaaaaaa…….. aaaaaaammmm….. ….bbbbhhhhaaaaaaaiiiiaaaaaaa……..yyeeeeeee . usssss…………maaaa…. sssssssss…………hhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaammmmm…. mmmmmmhhhhhhh. .. bolte bolte uski chut mera muh me ragarne lagi, thodi der bad uski badan shakt ho gayee or hhut mera muh me jor se dabake paani chor di. Phir ekdam se shant ho gayee. Thodi der bad usne mera land ko chus chus ke mera chutwa dia. Phir main jab usko chodne keliye bola to usne mana kar dia ar hum dono so gaye.
Ek do din ke bad Sunday tha Sunday me uski maa bhi aati thi kam karne kiu ke sun day kam jada rahta.
Usdin Mai bahar wala room me baith ke TV dekh raha tha to dopahar me khana khane bad sab kam niptake uski mammi bhi mera sofe ke pas baith ke TV dekhne lagi. Thodi der bad maine dekha uski mummy ki pallu thoda hat gaya or blouse ke upar se uski mummy ki bari bari dudh dikhai deraha. Main to bachpan se hi jada umar bali aurat ko pasand karta tha. Uski mummy ki dudh dekhte hi mera lund khara hone laga. Thhodi der TV dekhte dekhte hum bate bhi kar raha tha, par mera lund mera kabu me nehi raha. Usne tirchi nazar se kabhi kabhi mera lund ko nickar ke andar tanbu banate hue dekh rahi thi. Aab unhone dhire hat sofe pe rakhi phir dhire se mera thai pe hat pherte gaya mera to halat ye tha ke mara lund nicker phar dega. Aab wo mere upar toot padi.usne mujhe jor se dhakka lagaya aur sofe pe gira diya, usne mere nickar ek hi jhatke me utaar diye aur mujhe bilkul nanga kar diya usne mere lund ko apne garam hotho se choosna shuru kar diya.mere muh se aah aaaahhhhh ki awaaz aane lagi aur mujhe maza aane laga.mera lund poori tarah se khada ho gaya. maine unko pakda aur neeche lita liya aur uska blouse khol diya usne bra nahi pehne hui thi aur maine uski dudho ke upar apne hoth rakh diye. Wo chatpatane lagi maine uski dudho ko choosna suru kar diya jor jor se.jaise jaise mein uski dudho ko choosta jaa raha tha uski tuni khadi hoti jaa rahi thi aur wo aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………. ummmhhhhh……. mmmmhhhhhhhh Ohhhhh……. iiissssssssshhhhhh ki awaaz karne lagi usko maza bahot aa raha tha. Maine uski poori chaati pe apne garam hoto se kchum te gayam jab main unki gale pe kiss kiya phhir unki kan ke pas mera jiv pherta raha to wo bahot jor se .aaahhhh mm……sssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiii……… uiiiiiiiii maaaaa….oohhhhhhh karte gayee aab main dhire dhire chuste chauste chatte chate uski saari aur petikot hata diya. Wo jyada khoobsurat nahi thi lekin aachi lag rahi thi. Maine uski choot pe hath rakha to wo mujhse lipatne lagi maine ungliyo se mehsoos kiya to pata chala ki uski choot gili ho chuki hai aur maine achanak aapni hoto ko uski thai ke upar rakhke chumne laga. Wo aaaaahhhhhhhhh……………………. aaaaaaaaaahhh ………hhhhhhhhh hhhhhmmmm ……. maaaaaaaaahh……….iiissssssssssss karne lagi. Maine apne hoto se kiss karte karte uske choot ke hole pe apne garam Jiv laga diye aur uski choot ko choosne laga jor jor se uski choot ko apne hoto se choosa aur uske clit ko jiv se raga rte gaya wooo kya sundar test kya sundar gandh (smell) main or josh me aake jeebh uski choot mein ander bahar karne laga meri jeebh ki garamahat pakar wo or chillane lagi haaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii……… maaaaaaaaaaaa……… mmmmmaaarrr dlo…ohhhhhh……… karte kare uski chut ko mera muh me komar utha utha ke ragar te ragar te discharge ho gayi maine uski choot ka saara paani pee liya. Wo aaaaaahhhh……….. aaaaa……… ………….ahhh mmmhhhhhhhh………… mmmmmmmm ki awaaz kar rahi thi uski saanse bahut tej chal rahi thi. Ab main uthke uske dono pairo ko faila diya aur apne kandho pe rakh liya aur apna lund uski choot ke muh pe rakh diya to wo aahhhhhhh ……..huuuuu……ohhhhhmmm karr rahi thi. Maine ekhi jhatke me lund uski choot mein ghusa dia. Ab maine usko stroke lagane suru kar diye. mera lund uski choot ke diwalo ghis ghis ke andar bahar ho raha usko bahut maza aa raha tha wo bahut khus ho rahi thi or muh se aaaaaaahhhh aahh aaahhh uuuuuuuuuu mmmaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa huuuuuum ki aawaz karne lagi main jaldi jaldi aur tez tez stroke lagane laga.wo bhi uchal uchjal ke jawaab dene lagi aur thodi he der mein wo mujhe dono pairose jakar liya or uski badan akar gayee or wo ahhhhhh. …..mmmmmaaaaaaaa……..mai…….aaaa ….. raaaahhhhhhhiiiii …..hooooo bolte bolte jhad gayi thodi der wo shant pari rahi or boli aab baas karo aur nahi hota mujhse phir maine aapne lund chut se nikal liya or kaha mera to abhi hua nehi bolte hi wo mera lund ko pyar se muh me le liye or muh ko age piche karke mujhe bahot maza dia itna maza ke mera muh se aaahhhhhhhhh……aaammmmmmm ke awaz nikal gaya or maine uske muh me discharge ho gaya . uske bad jab tak maine chutti leke ghar me tha tab tak uske sath har Sunday ko sex karta tha
Kaisi lagi meri ye kahani mujhe jaroor batana aur aagar kisi female ko meri sewayen lena ho to mujhe mail kare meri id hai

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Bhabhi Ki Kanwari Chut

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Babita ki kunwari chut ki chudai ki main
By: rajkumar
Sab se pehle mai pane baary mai bata do mera naam Raj hai. Har jawaan dil ki khawaish hoti hai kaash mujhe koi kunwari choot mil jaay. Meri bhi yahi khwaish thi. Lekin mai hamesha khmosh hi rehta ho ziyada khuch bolta nahi ho. Lekin pichle 2 salo se mai badal gaya jab mai ghumne gaya apne mama ke yaha. Mere Uncle kanpur mai rehty hai. Waha Uncle ke paros mai 1 ladki rehti thi jiska naam tha babita uski umr kam se kam 20 saal ki rahi hogi uska fig. 30,26,28 raha hoga. Pehle bhi jab mai kabhi mama ke yaha jata tha to mai us ladki ki jawani dekhkar hamesha soch mai pad jata tha ki kash mujhe eski choot mil jaay phir. Lekin ab mai khud ko es layak samjhta tha ki mai ab ese pata sakta ho. Mai 1 din gharke gate per khada tha to babita bhi apne gate per thii vo mujhe dekh dekh kar kuch bol rahi thi or baar baar mujhe dekhke has rahi thi mai samjh gaya ke line de rahi hai. Mene tabhi ishare se poocha, kiya huaa, usne bhi ishare mai kaha kuch nahi, phir hum kafi der thak wahi gate per 1 2osare ko dekhty rahe, achanak usne mujhe 1 ishara kara jise dekhkar mai heraan ho gaya, unke ishare se mujhe oper chhat per aane ke liye kaha, mene socha aaj to munna teri zindagi ban gai,mai jaldi se oper gaya, waha vo mujhse pehle hi pahuch gai. Pehle to mai us se isharo mai baaty kar raha tha maga jab laga ki aas paas koi bhi nahi hai to mai uske ghar ki deewar kood kar uske ghar mai chala gaya, vo kuch ghabra rahi thi magar mai utawala tha aaj uske ghar mai koi bhi nahi tha bas uski dadi thi jo kabhi oper nahi aaty hamesha neeche hi rehti hai.

Aaj babita ke ghar mai koi nahi tha oper bas 1 room tha jisme uske bhai or bhabi rehty hai, mai usse baat karta raha baat karte karte shaam se raat ho gaii, sab kuch itna jaldi jaldi ho raha tha ki mujhe bhi kuch samjh nahi aa raha tha ki kiya karu or kiya na karu. Kiuki moka esa mila tha ki aaj kisi kuwari choot ke mai maze le sakta tha to bas mai bechain tha ki jald se jald mujhe choot mile mai pehle to sharafat se bhari baaty karne laga phir mene use dekha vo baar baar apni akhe es taraha band kar rahi thi jese use use kisi cheez ki tadap ho shayd mere lund ki tadap, phir mene us se kuch alga kism ke baaty yani ke sex se related baaty karne laga vo bhi bare maze se mere baate sunne lagi, mai samjh gaya ki aaj to munna ki khwaish poori ho gai. Bas kuch deer baaty karty karte vo bhi khamosh ho gai or mai bhi phir mene usse poocha kiya huaa wo khamosh rahi phir mai uske kareeb gaya mene phir poocha kiya huaa. Vo phir kuch nahi boli meri himmat bani or mene uska chehre apne dono aatho se pakda ho uske lips ko choomne laga jesa men kabhi kisi movie mai dekha tha kiss karty hue wese hi mai uske kiss karne laga, vo to bas khamosh thi kuch bhi nahi kar rahi thi. Per mujhe uske khamoshi se hi pata chal gaya ki uski haaa hai, or mai phir uske chuchiyo ko dabane laga uske haah nikal rahi thi baar baar hmmmmmmmmm hhhhhhh ohhhh aaram se plz magar mai kaha rukne wala tha.

Mai use uske bhai ke room mai le gaya waha jakar mene sab se pehle uske kapde utarna shuru kiye, uske chuchiya dekha kar to mere hosh hi gum hogay bahar se khuch or andar se kuch or mai to bas unhe dekhty hi paga ho gaya or zor zor se unhe dabane laga vo siskiya bharti rahi. Phir mene apne kapde utarna shuru kiye usne kaha nahi plz esa kuch mat karo mujhe jane do, magar mai samjh gaya ki ab ye nakhre kar rahi hai, per mai kaha rukta jese hi vo bolti mai uske lips ko choomne lagta phir vo josh mai aa jati to phir mai apna kaam shuru kar deta, phir jab mene apne kampde poori tarah utaar diye vo or mai ab bilkul nange the ekdosre ke samne, usne mera lund dekha sosochme pad gaii, kehne lagi oo daiyya itna bada lund hai aapka mai to mar hi jaaongi, mene kaha pehle pehle dard hoga lekin phir baad mai maza aane lagega tumhe, mera luna 9” inch ka hai, phir mai uski choot mai pehle to ungali karne laga ki jisse ki vo garam ho jaay or lund magne lade.

Achanak mene ungali karne ki raftaar kuch bada di vo bilkul bin pani ki machali ki taraha tadap rahi thi phir mene soch ki mera itna bada lund eski choot mai jayga kese phir achanak mere nazr paas mai rakhe hair oil per padi mene botal mai se oil liya or pehle to uski choot per lagaya or phir apne lund mai center se center milake pehle to maine halka sa jhatka mara to vo chilla uthi oiiiii maaa margai aaaaaaaa oooooooooo aram se plz mene ruk gay or phir uske lips ko choomne laga, kuch deer ruk kar phir se mene center se center milaya or phir se 1 jhatka diya kuch inch to andar khusa lekin use kafi dard ho raha tha maga, to mai wahi ruk gaya lund ko uski choot mai kuch deer ke liye rok diya kuch deer rukne ke baad mene phir se 1 jhatka diya kareeb 5 inch ab uske choot mai ghus gaya ab mujhse nahi ruka gaya or 1 zor ka dhakka diya vo zor se chillaii aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii mar gai maaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooo mardala aapne mene kaha abhi tumhe maza aane lagega phir kuch der mai use bhi maza ane laga lekin mera lund kuch ziyada hi bada tha to andar or bahar or dhakke marne mai dar badta jata tha.

Lekin ab mai nahi ruk sakta tha mujhe kisi ki parwa nahi thi mai zor zor se dkhakke marne laga vo chillari rahi baar baar bolti rahi plz ruko mujhe dard ho raha hai plz ruko maga mai nahi ruka phir vo bhi khamosh ho gaii ab use bhi maza ane laga tha, or vo mujhe kamar utha utha ke reply bhi karne lagi vo poori tarha se mera lund le rahi thi mai apni pori taqat se dhakke mar raha tha bas vo to apne akhe band karke aaaaaah uhhhhhhhh ieeeeeee uffff kare ja rahi thi mai baar baar uske lips ke chumta rehta, uske lips kuch ziyada hi narm thy baar baar mai unke pepsi samjhkar peeta rehta tha bilkul laat thy lips mene choom choom ke surkh laaal kar diye.ab mene soch kiu na filmi andaaz mai eski choot mari jaay phir mene uske ghodi banaya or uski chooot mai peeche se apna 9″ lamba land jab dala to bas uski haalat to esi hogai se abhi mar jaaygi kiu lund ka size kuch ziyada hi bada tha or uski kuwari choot thi to bardasht karna kuch ziyada mushkil tha, lekin bandi esi thi ab kuch bhi nahi bil rahi thi, mene usek ghodi ke pose mai uski kamar ko pakad ke dhakke dena shuru kiye zor or zor se dene laga uske kamar pe meri pakad kuch mast thi esliye dhakke dene mai kuch ziyada hi maza aa raha tha mai jab tak dhakke de taha tha mene socha ab kisi or pose mai choot mari jaay phir mai bed per let gaya or lunda ko seedha kiya or usse kaha ki ab tum mere lund per betho vo aaram aaram se uthi or jesa mene kaha tha wesa hi karne lagi.

Mujhe pata tha es pose mai choot marne ka maza hi kuch or hoga es pose mai ladki ki jaan nikal jaati hai jab poora lund andar jata hai, pehle to vo mere lund per aaraam se beeth gai or mera poora lund andar le gai phir kuch deer ruki rahi phir achanak khud hi dhakke dene ladi mujhe or maza aane laga or mai neeche se bhi dhakke dene laga vo bhi dkakke de tahi thi or mai bhi, phir mujhe laga ki mai jhadne wala ho mene uski geeli choot mai or or or zor zor se dhakke dena shoru kar diy jese hi mai jhadne wala tha mene use pakad ke lita diya or uske oper chad ke beath gaya or uski choochiyo ke oper jhad diya, or thak ke usk barabar mai let gaya phir usne apne breast ko kapde se saaf kiya or mere hi barabar mai let gai.

Hum 30 min tak aaraam se lete rahe phir mai utha or phir se uske lips ko chumne laga kafi der tak chumne ke baad mai hat gaya or phir mene kapde pehnne shuru kiye time kafi ho raha tha uske bhai bhi office se aane wali the es liye vo bhi jaldi se apne kapde pehnne lagi, or poochne ladi ki aap wapas kab jaa rahe hai, mene kaha 2 ya 4 baar ee maze lene ke baad hi ab jaaonga vo kene ladi pata nahi phir esa moka kab mile mene kaha kal phir jab tumhare bhaiyya office chale jaayngi tab… Vo kene ladi ok lekin 2 pm hi aana warna dadi shak sa ho jayga mene kaha no prob. Mene use 3 din roz choda vo bhi khushi khushi chudwati rahi mujhse. Ab kafi din se mama ke yaha nahi gaya ho. Lekin uske phone aate rehty hai, bulati rehti hai, to mene fesla kiya hai jaldi jaane ka, or jab mai waha se wapas aaonga to aap sab ko phir se apne new experience ke baary mai zaroor bataonga. Aap sabko ye kahani kesi lagi mujhe zaroor mail karna pls call me this no 09783522734

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