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My First Love

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This is the story of my first love making. It dates back to 2 years, a family of Sheikhs moved in our neighborhood, as it is a usual thing that the women visit the neighbors, so we helped them to move in. Mrs. Sheikh was a beautiful women just about 35 she had 3 sons and 2 daughters, Mr. Sheikh was an elderly man, the women left a print of her figure on me I could not understand why it was so. We became at the friendly terms with them, a few days later I was asked if I could give tuition to their daughter who was in the college, as I was free those days so I accepted and thus I began to go their house in the evening. Every thing went smooth, a couple of months later on a Sunday their younger son came to call me to their house, when I went there Mr. Sheikh asked me to take his wife to the hill side where she was to see some body, as he himself could not ride the bike due to kidney problem, I became embarrassed because I had been thinking of having sex with the woman in my dreams, and she would ride the pillion with me, Mr. Sheikh took it as my shyness and said there was nothing ill to take aunty there. I agreed and we set off for the hill station, she sat by her side behind me, I liked her hand round my waist, I could feel her tummy and the breast at my back, the road was very rough, I managed very difficultly twice, at this she said to stop the bike so she could sit in the riding manner in order to avoid the imbalance. Now it was more sexy to my mind as she wrapped both her hands round my waist and both her boobs rubbing my back. but it was easy to control the bike, her thighs were hot and silky I was in airs, I liked to put sudden brakes so that she just climbed me behind and she pressed me tightly oh the touch of her boobs that was very pleasant, she was a smart woman she came to know that I liked her pressing into me so she kept herself tight to me and started talking to me asking questions about my love affairs, her lips felt me kissing my ears, I told her that I did not have any girl friend, she mockingly said that she did not believe that. I assured her at this she inquired if I had any problem, I told that I was shy and nothing else, she laughed and tickled my belly, I enjoyed that by this time we reached the foot hill and I slowed the bike, as it was very sheer way up, when we reached about 2 Km up the hill, she asked me that she wanted to urinate and if knew some where the water pond should stop the bike, I knew a place where a spring flowed in a cave it was just 1/2 a Km on the side way in the hills, it was a loonly place the water there was really sweet and cold, we reached there and she went behind a bush to urinate, she came up and asked me to take her to the water I took her to the cave she was delighted to see the place, she asked that wanted to take a bath in the fresh water there was a shallow pond in the way of the spring and it was filled with the running water she was afraid of getting in the pond thinking it deeper, I told her that it was a shallow one and there was nothing to be afraid of, at this she insisted me to remain with her in the pond, I was aroused and thinking it an opportunity to touch her I took off my clothes and jumped in the pond, she undressed herself and followed me, while she was undressing I saw her with amazement, her body was very beautiful and sexy, she had piercing boobs with pink nipples that were erect, her tummy was smooth, there was no hair on her body she had shaved her pubic hair, when she came in then I saw her back, oh my God, she had curvy buttocks she took my hand as she came in she liked the flowing water, she dashed in and made her head wet with the water, she asked me to rub her back, I was delighted to do that, I rubbed her back and when I reached for her buttocks she cackled and asked me to rub her anus oh it really was an opportunity to reach there, fantastic she did not have a singly hair there too, then I dashed down to rub her legs, man really she was silk, I rose to her front while my hands were playing with her pussy, she was enjoying it, then I raised my hands to rub her belly and took the grip over her boobs, they were pressing hard, I wanted to suck them, but she pressed me to her lips, oh her saliva, her tongue her mouth as a whole was just I can’t tell, the french kiss took a longer while, then she began rubbing me, she asked me to sit over the bank, when I sat there she waded to me and started sucking my pinus, it was not a pleasant thing to me at first but when she used her tongue to twist and stumble at the head it was really arousing, now I wanted to fuck her so I stopped her sucking me and climbed down in the pond, she gave another french kiss but stopped me from pushing my pinus into her pussy, I started licking her nipples, she liked it and gave time to suck that to my fill. Now again I dashed for her pussy but she climbed the bank and sat her legs spread wide, I looked at her she asked me to suck her pussy, I did not want to but had to do, she gave moans with delight saying ” yeh, —– keep up boy, teeth me into my shit, oh yehhhhh……….. oh,oh,oh………… that’s it, but I was not enjoying sucking her, so I left this and pulled her to me, she was amazed and when I rushed my pinus into her pussy, she gave a loud cry,she asked me to push slowly, I was amazed as her pussy was very tight, but it was wet and warm,Oh man don’t ask me my plight, it was just that all my vigor was flowing out into her, I wanted to lie down, so I whispered in her ear, she told that she wanted the same we both came out of the pond, and I lay her down, as I pushed in her she started moaning again, she then asked me to push fast as I did that, she became loud and the same I was, I moaned ahah………. ah………. ah. and just seem to cum any moment, she suddenly tightened her grip round me and began to thump her buttock up as if she wanted more of my pinus into her pussy, it was already there and was gushing it in and out, she said ” oh man I am coming do something, I don want ” bit me slab me do it just do it” I bit her boobs, and she screamed so I gripped them and tried to press them, she said” do it more hard jan, oh I like your pinus, hitting me all inside, oh it is very hard and girth oh, I want this to hit me more and more, all of a sudden she cried again and this time gripped so hard that I could not move, she cummed, had her orgasm and then left me, I started pushing again but she stopped me as she could not bear it any more, but I was hanging as I was not released, now she laid me down such that her buttocks were near my mouth and she began sucking my pinus, it was lovely but I did not want to suck her pussy, but her ass hole made me to lick it, I licked it pushed my finger in, I asked her if I could fuck her ass, she said that my pinus was very big for her ass, when I insisted then she asked me to finger her ass to get it ready for the penetration, i did the same, then she asked me to put the second and after a while the third in to her hole, I was delighted, but when I pulled them out they had the tools traces, so I rushed to wash them, when I came back to her she smiled and said” you love to fuck my ass by my stools are bad” I said it was a fact. She spitted on my pinus and asked me to spit at her ass hole, I did it, when I was behind her and she like a dog she asked me to push very slowly as she did not like her sexy ass to bleed, I pushed slowly but she gave a very loud scream, I stopped, she said” I ‘d told you darling you pinus ‘d tear my ass” I can’t bear it” I asked her to be patient and pushed again, this time a little hard, just the pinus nipple was gushed in and she screamed again, she pushed it back and said in a painful voice” oh darling you can’t make it in this, come on push it into my pussy from behind and cum, I pushed like she said and oh it was really amazing, I was fucking her pussy but dreaming that it was her ass, she started moaning again, and this time when she cummed I did as well. oh it really was a load that I was spreading in her pussy, when we were done we lay down in arms and she started kissing me. Later she told that her pussy was not tight but it was the girth and length of my pienus that made it tight, she told that she never had ridden such a hard cock. After this we took a bath again and went for our journey, we are bed mates till now, she provides me her friends who are like her and there are many other stories to tell but if you folks like this one only then I ‘ll take the courage to tell the others.

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January 30, 2009 at 9:29 pm

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