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MY Experience with maid

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Hi friends I am nizam from royapettah, chennai again with my another story. Hope you all have liked my previous stories “Teacher Ki Wife Ki Chudai” and “Wife ki friend ki Chudai” . I am writting this story of my maid girl.
Hamare ghar me ek naukrani kaam karti thi.uska naam sonia tha.umar kareeb 20 saal hogi.uske boobs bade bade the.jub woh chalti thi to uske boobs hilte rahte the.use dekhte hi mera lund khada ho jaata tha.main har dum sochta tha ki isko kaise choda jai.

aakhir ek din mujhe mauka mil hi gaya. ek din main achanak office se jaldi ghar aa gaya to maine sonia ko awaaz di.koi jawaab na pa kar maine socha ki woh ghar chali gayi hogi.main thaka hua tha is liye apne kapde utaar kar mai nahaane ke liye bathroom me ghusa. bathroom me ghuste hi maine dekha ki sonia naha rahi thi.uske badan par ek dhaga tak nahi tha.woh poori nangi thi.uski peeth meri taraf thi isliye usne mujhe nahi dekha.

shaayad socha hoga ki is waqt kaun aayega is liye shaayad bathroom ka darwaza bandh nahi kiya. maine soch liya aaj to ise jaroor chodunga.maine chupke se uske saare kapde uthaaye aur baahar aa gaya aur drawing room me baith gaya. thodi der baad uska chehra bathroom ke darwaze se jhaakta dikhaai diya.woh boli ” saahab mere kapde de diziye”.maine kaha ” khud aa kar le lo” woh apne boobs ko dono hathon se dhak kar baahar aayee.mere saamne ek ladki bagair kapdo ke khari thi yeh dekh kar mera lund tan kar khada ho gaya.

maine kaha tum bahut sundar ho sonia. woh sharma gayee.meri himmat badhi aur main khada ho gaya. kade kote hi mera lund aur tan gaya aur mera lund dekh kar uski aakhen phail gayee. main uske paas gaya aur useke hothon ko choomne laga.pahle to usne virodh kiya lekin phir woh bhi mera poora saath dene lagi. phir maine lips ko chosa aur neeche aa kar uske boobs ko choosne laga.phir maine use bahon me uthaya aur bed room me le gaya .bed par litaa kar maine uske legs ko phailaaya .uski choot makkhan ki tarah chikni thi.maine uski kuwaari bur me apni do finger ghusai aur ander bahar karne laga.woh garam ho rhai thi.

woh betaabi me apne haathon se apne choochion ko masalne lagi.uske muh se aah oh aur karo phaar do meri choot sun kar mera josh badh gaya maine apna lund uske muh me daal diya.woh use lollypop ki tarah choosne lagi.phir maine usse kaha sonia ab main tumhaari kuwaari bur ko phaarunga.woh to pehle se taiyaar thi usne kaha haan saab ab is bur ko phaar do aub aur raha nahi jaata.phir maine apana lund uske bur ke muh par rakha aur dhakka diya.lund thoda andar gaya ki woh cheekh uthi aah dheere karo dard hota hai.lekin maine uski baat unsunii kar apna kaam jaari rakha .

lund poora ghuste he uska hymen phat gaya aur woh chipkali ki tarah mere seene se chipak gayee.phir main apna lund tezi se uske choot ke andar bahar karne laga .maine use kas kas kar choda.woh bhi gaand uchaal uchaal kar mera pura saath de rahi thi.bahut der tak chodne ke baad main uske bur me jhar gaya aur uske seene me sar de kar let gaya thodi der baad maine uski choochion ke beech apna lund rakha aur uski chuchion ko chodne laga.thodi der me mera lund phir taiyaar tha .ab maine use doggy style me bithaya aur kaha sonia ab main tumhaari gaand maaroonga.

woh dar gayi boli nahi saab meri gaand mat phado bahut dard hoga,aapka lund bahut mota hai. maine use samjhaaya ke pehle thoda dard hoga lekin phir bahut mazaa aayegaa.woh taiyaar ho gayee.maine uski gaad ke ander bahar vasline mali aur lund ghusaane lagaa .lund thoda andar gaya ki woh dard se chatpatane lagi aur chootne ki koshish karne lagi par maine uske baal pakde aur dhakke lagata raha woh rone lagi saab mujhe chor do par mujhe us par zara bhi daya nahi aayee.aur mera lund uske gaad ko raudta raha.

thodi der baad use bhi mazaa aane lagaa aur woh araam se chudne lagi.kaafi der tak chodne ke baad main uske gaand me jhar gaya.phir maine poocha kuon sonia mazaa aayaa? woh boli haan saab bahut mazaa aayaa. aap bahut achaa chodte hain.ab main roz! ! aapse hi chudwaaungi. phir to hum roz hi chudaai ka mazaa lene lage.ye sab tab tak chala jab tak uski shaadi nahi ho gayi
Please offer your comments at nizamglow@gmail.com All females from chennai or nearby places are welcome for friendship and exchange erotic (sexy) mail and can contact me. My sincere request to all is, if any girl / married or unmarried lady / widow / divorcee is intereted to have sex, then please contact me and I shall have it in a safe manner. I assure privacy and secrecy. Broadminded decent females / couples / widows / girls are requested to write me with their details to make the life more and more pleasurable at nizamglow@gmail.com Secrecy is assured and expected. Love to all and kisses to sexy women.

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A Sexy Train Journey

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Once I was coming back by train from Ahmedabad after attending a conference. I boarded the train five minutes before its departure. I found a girl of about 25 years sitting next to my seat. Her uncle and mother had come to see her off. When they knew she and I shall get down at the same station, being the last of the train’s journey after 28 hours of running, they requested me to take a little care of her and I agreed to.

After half-an-hour, I attempted to strike a friendly conversation with her but she answered to me in monosyllables and apparently showed no interest in continuing talk. However, I knew she was convinced I was a thorough gentleman. She thankfully refused to share some sweets and fruits I offered. The only thing I could gather was that her name was Mini and she was a student of fashion technology in an institute in the city I lived and she stayed in its ladies hostel. The institute was 17 KM away from my place but in a different route.

The train was scheduled to reach its destination at 1.45 in the afternoon the next day. She said her friends would come at the station to receive her. Though her relatives had requested me to take care of her, but since she took no interest in me, I too decided to ignore her too as her indifferent attitude hurt my pride. After all, I was not a cheat or scoundrel or opportunist out to seduce or woo a girl.

But, an announcement at the next junction made her lose her nerve and courage. Due to sudden cyclone and heavy rains, a bridge en-route of our further journey got damaged. However, the train would be diverted to its destination in another route, a roundabout way, taking more running hours. Lastly, the train reached our final destination at 12.50 in the night, about 11 hours late. No sooner the train pulled up at the platform than all the passengers scurried out to their homes. As I asked her, she said her friends would soon arrive and requested me to wait for a little time. So I waited. But even after nearly thirty minutes, there was no sign of her friends and the platform and station became deserted. Now she became really scared. I thought she was new to that place as the station was a den of antisocial elements and atrocities on women particularly during late night hours were rampant. Finding no other way, she readily accepted my offer of help to take her with me. We got into my company car waiting outside. I purposely sat with her at the back seat not to arouse any doubt in the mind of the driver.

I offered to drop her at the hostel, but she said the gate of the hostel would not be opened after 10.00 PM. So, with a small smile on her face, for the first time, she agreed to come to my flat and go to her place the next morning. Yet, I did tell her that I was living alone and if she felt it embarrassing to stay the night with me I can still drop her at the hostel making efforts to open the gate for her convincing the hostel warden about her predicament due to late arrival of train. She smiled at me again and said she had full faith in me and it was okay for her to stay in my flat till the next morning.

Once we reached my 2-rooms flat, I made a call to her hostel and she told the attendant to convey her friends that she had reached very late but safely and was staying with a relative and would join them the next morning. I offered my room attached with toilet to her. I knew all these actions and behavior of mine were making an impression on her about me. I went to make black coffee as she went to the bathroom. After her bath, we had coffee together. Then, I went to the other common bathroom for my bath.

While I was soaping myself, standing fully nude, suddenly I felt the hairs on my nape bristle which indicated a sign of danger, hunch or intuition. I had known there was a small crack on the bathroom door. I had ignored to get it repaired as I had always used the other bathroom attached to my bedroom. While I was undressing, I had seen the light of the bulb outside through this crack. After a minute, I found a movement outside. Later, I could not see the light as someone had blocked it for quite some time. Even without looking at the crack, I became aware; someone was watching me through the crack on the door. And it must be this girl!Suddenly I felt shy and in the same moment I wanted to apprehend her red-handed. Moving a little away from the crack so that she could not see me, I took my towel, wrapped it around my waist and at the same time removed the bolt and opened the door ajar instantly. And there, she stood outside in a crouching manner peeping through the crack! Worse, she was squeezing her breasts with both of her hands. If I had hit her across the face, the effect of my sudden appearance would not have been more startling and devastating. She gaped at me with her mouth wide open in utter bewilderment. She really looked thunderstruck. I decided enough was enough. I placed my hands on her shoulders and told that since the cat was out of the bag, there was no point in her pretending sanctimonious any more.

I hurriedly soaped myself and took the bath quickly. When I came out, I found her sitting on the bed, obviously embarrassed and scared of the consequences of her foolish action. I put on my night clothes, combed and went to her with a smile. I sat beside her and in a soft, loving voice asked her to express whatever she had in her mind. She kept her head bent down out of shame and shy. I repeated my words, now coated with sweetness and reassurance. After a few seconds, she raised her head and looked at my eyes searchingly. I knew if she dived into the ocean of my mind, she would surface finding me faithful and trustworthy only. On my repeating for the third time, she told in a whispering voice that she had liked me at the very first sight and had even fantasized about me in the first night of our train journey. She had seen the crack on the bathroom door and while she watched me in nude she became horny, fantasized and squeezed her breasts herself imagining I was doing it to her.

I told her to relax and take it easy. I added it was but natural for any girl of her age to feel exactly the way she did and there was nothing abnormal in it. I told I did not feel like falling in love with a girl then nor would I think of proposing to her. But if she so liked to sleep with me and enjoy the night, it was fine with me too. Her eyes reflected admiration for my honesty and integrity. She nodded her approval. I could not imagine my luck of getting a sexy girl to spend a night together. Honestly speaking, I had not the faintest inkling this timid-looking girl who sat next to my seat in the train would offer herself to me so soon. But then, as history tells, girls behave in strange ways.

That was the beginning. As I hugged her, she lay on the bed taking me on top of her. While I kissed on her lips, she closed her eyes. I asked: “Are you being kissed for the first time?” She said: “To be honest, no. I had it once with my boyfriend a couple of years ago”. I asked her to wet her lips by running her tongue over them which she did. Then, I took her lower lip, wet with her saliva, into my mouth and sucked it softly for some time enjoying the sweet honey. On my asking again to extend her tongue, she did so. I took her soft salivary tongue inside my mouth and sucked it hard. I heard her moaning softly keeping her eyes closed.

“Don’t you want to kiss me?” I asked. She blushed and said: “Sure”.

She coyly brought her mouth and kissed on my lips. At this time, I cupped her left boob with my right hand. I assumed her boobs might be of 34C size. My touch on her boob over the nightie seemed to send impulses all over her body. But then, my situation was not different either.

I brought her to stand on the floor. As I attempted to remove her nightie, she requested me to switch off the light first. I did so and switched on the dim blue bedroom lamp. She looked sensuous and sexy with only her bras and panty on. Next I removed my clothes excepting my underwear. I hugged her tightly keeping her boobs pressed hard to my chest. We smooched while both of us ran our hands at each other’s back. My right hand went to her ass over her panty. I gave a slight slap on it and pressed it hard on to my crotch. She giggled softly. While we still engaged in kissing, I cunningly unhooked her bras with my left hand. She felt shy as her boobs popped out. I removed her bras and flung it to the corner….Looking at her conical shaped boobs admiringly, I said: “Mini, your boobs are really beautiful, well-shaped and sized. Any lady would envy looking at them. And, any man would love to squeeze and suck them”. To my pleasant surprise, she replied: “Who is stopping you?” I ran my hands over her boobs caressing their soft flesh. My hands massaged the brown aureoles in a titillating manner. I tweaked her deep brown nipples with my fingers. Soon, they became hard and erect and stood in a tantalizing way. She bent a little backward and moaned softly.

The massaging over, I began to squeeze her boobs softly first. Her moans became a little louder. “Mini, can I apply more force to squeeze them, if it won’t hurt you?” I asked. Still shy, she said: “You can squeeze and enjoy with as much force as you like. In fact, I always fantasized so”. Her reply …encouraged me. I also remembered her squeezing the breasts while she peeped through the bathroom door. I began to squeeze the boobs with more and more force and pressure now. Sometimes the squeezing was so forceful; the flesh of her boobs seemed to escape through in between my fingers. With each squeeze, she moaned “Aahh…aahhh…aahhhh….oouuuccchhhh…”

After squeezing them for nearly five minutes, I bent a little. Lifting her boobs from under their bases, I touched my face on the boobs. I kept her nipples rubbing all over my face giving pleasures to both of us. She kept her hands on my head and ran the fingers through my hairs. Then I played rubbing the nipples with the tip of my tongue. Her body shivered with titillations.

As if sharing a pearl of wisdom, I said: “Do you know, Mini, what are the biggest and sweetest ‘raisins’ in this world? Yeah, those are the nipples of a lady”. Hearing my witty statement, she laughed out loudly. “Is it so? Then you must enjoy them fully”, she said. I did not expect she would shed her inhibition so quickly.

Smilingly I took her left nipple into my mouth and began to suck. While doing so, my left hand squeezed her right boob. She moaned more loudly now. Often I bit her nipple with my teeth carefully not to hurt or leave any injury marks. After minutes, I exchanged with her other boob. But this time, my other hand went inside her panty and began to rub her love triangle vigorously. ‘Aaahhhhh….’ this made her release a wild shrill. I felt her pussy warm and moistened. My sucking her boob and rubbing her pussy continued for next five minutes.

Then, I pulled down her panty and threw it to where her bras had landed earlier. I took a few steps away from her and observed her nude body for sometime. She blushed and covered her face with both her hands. I wondered if anyone in the whole world could resist his temptation and morbid sexual desires looking at her now. She removed her hands and stood tilting her body to left giving a nude side profile of her body. Her posture reminded me of the pose of a nude sexy girl in a big calendar of a liquor company. She seemed to have shaven her pussy recently. I removed my underwear also. She curiously watched my hot erect cock stood like an arrow on the thread of a bow aimed at a target.

I approached again and stood on my knees in front of her. And all hell broke loose when my outstretched tongue touched the soft flesh on her velvet pussy. I ran my tongue on the length of her pussy. I knew it was difficult to shoot my tongue into her hole in standing position. I made her lay on her back on the bed keeping her legs folded and separated as much as possible. Then I began to wipe her whole vulva with my tongue from top to bottom. As I did so, she wriggled violently releasing wild moans. I wondered if she felt so much of pleasure by mouthing her pussy, how she would react when she got the real ****ing!

I separated her thighs further, raised her buttock a little with my hands and brought the pussy close to my mouth. Then I buried my face into her pussy. I searched the entire area with my tongue the way a blind beggar gropes for a coin on the floor. I separated her vaginal lips with my fingers, found the clitoris and ran my tongue licking it madly. She writhed her pelvic in extreme pleasures. Her entire pussy became hot, wet and pulsating. Later, I tried to insert my tongue into her hole. I could not make any progress. I knew she was a virgin alright. The way she made violent body movements with mere touch of my tongue on her hole, I wondered if I had tied her to the bed with a rope she would have broken it. I began to suck and swallow whatever little drops of her juice oozed out by keeping my mouth glued to her hole. I asked her to secrete more and more. In reply, she asked me to suck hard and I would get it. Once she thrust her pussy on to my face so wildly that it nearly hurt my nose.

Two minutes later, she got up panting and looked at me. Her lust for sex was burning so hot in her eyes I thought even a potato would become half cooked if she looked at it. She pushed me on to bed and reached for my hot, erect cock. But, my thirst was not yet quenched by sucking her vagina. I told her so. Therefore, she lay on me like the figures 69, keeping her body in opposite direction to mine. She placed her pussy on to my mouth separating her thighs while she took my cock into her mouth and sucked. Her sucking was so intense that I thought she would take my life out of my body. Simultaneously she was writhing in pleasure as I continued to suck her vagina very hard…..The process of giving and receiving pleasure by sucking continued for a long time. And, suddenly I lost control and pumped out a large quantity of thick, warm milk into her mouth. In extreme pleasure, I thrust my cock deep into her mouth so that my milk went directly into her throat. She swallowed it eagerly the way she thought there would be more flow of my milk. Once over, she asked me not to check and blow out more milk. Unable to get any, she became mad and asked me to urinate into her mouth. But I did not do so. She licked my entire cock with her tongue to swallow whatever little milk was left over it. For a minute, I really wondered if she was the same shy-looking girl I saw a day before sitting next to me in the train!

We lay side by side for a little time. I needed some time to erect again. But she was burning with sexual desires. She became so mad that she started licking my face while I rested for a while. Then, bending over me, she rubbed my whole body with her hanging boobs and massaged all over. I got pleasures when she kept my cock sandwiched between her boobs and pressed. She could not control her libido even for a minute and she sat on my chest again. I could never imagine a sober looking girl could have this much of sexual urge within her.

Keeping her legs and thighs widely apart, she thrust her pussy on to my mouth and implored frantically: “Oh… lover, please suck my vagina, again and again. Suck out my entire juice and enjoy. I shall secrete more sweet juice for you”.

I inserted my tongue into her tunnel, rolled inside and swallowed whatever juice I could get. Then keeping my mouth tightly pressed on her hole I blew out creating vacuum to extract any juice left. I must say this made her behave like a wild tigress in utmost pleasure. I became aware my cock started to erect again.

I asked her to leave me alone for a few minutes. I went to the adjacent room and sat on the floor to practice the yoga technique to control my mind and body. Later I came back to her. As soon as I entered, she welcomed me showing her pussy keeping her legs widely apart. I knew I have to **** her in a hard way to satisfy her.

I made her lay on her back keeping her buttock at the edge of the bed with her legs hanging. I placed myself between her legs standing on the floor. I separated her thighs. Then, I placed the head of my hot erect cock on her hole. I made small thrusts. Nothing happened. I increased the strength and force of my thrusts with the cock. Still nothing happened. I knew it was paining her as her hymen refused to give way. Then, taking a long, deep breath, I made a violent thrust with my cock. I thought the force was enough to move a rock or drill a hole through an iron plate. She made a violent shrill as my cock tore her hymen and penetrated into her pussy tunnel.

“Oh…my God…. You seemed to have incised my pussy darling, I am feeling a lot of pain”, she yelled.

I did not bother to hear or to see what mess I made to her pussy but continued my violent onslaught sending my cock fully inside her. I thrust to send my cock in and out of her vagina the way we use a pump to fill air into a cycle tire. I wondered whether she was in heaven or hell as her face reflected both pleasure and pain.

After a few minutes of my ****ing, I took my cock out and examined both her pussy and my cock. Yeah, there was a little blood on my cock as well as a little bleeding on her pussy due to breaking of her hymen. I took her to the bathroom, washed her pussy spraying water while she washed my cock. Her pussy was fine after 3-4 minutes.

We returned to bed and I made her lay in the same position. I inserted my cock into her which now went deep inside without hindrance. Now, I started the real assault. I sent my cock inside with huge thrust of my pelvic the way a drowning man disappears into a whirlpool. In the same action, I took it out to shoot it again violently. Honestly, I admired my own power and the quick succession of driving my cock deep inside and out of her pussy which would even put the shaft of a railway engine moving at high speed to shame. I saw her feeling in heaven as she moaned fiercely swaying her head sideways. I did not bother about few drops of blood in her pussy mixed with her juice each time my cock came out. My only aim was to give fullest satisfaction to this tigress on bed.

I ****ed her that way for nearly five minutes. After that, as my cock went inside her, suddenly she jumped to sit, held my buttocks with her hands and kept it pressed very hard to her pussy not allowing me to take the cock out of her vagina. She made such a shrill as if of an electric hooter as she crushed my cock inside by tightening with her vaginal muscles. She nearly fell out of the cot thrusting her pussy forward as if to get my entire body into her vagina. I knew she was reaching climax and orgasm. In a few seconds, she went limp. Soon, I released my yoga technique and within a few more thrusts, I too climaxed pumping my warm milk into her.

Suddenly I became worried if it would cause pregnancy to her. I took my cock out and considered giving a deep douche to her vagina to wash out my seminal fluid. As I took my cock out, I noticed it smeared with her blood and I also found a flow of blood from her hole. Though it was nothing abnormal, yet I felt sorry if I caused any injury to her.

I woke her up from the slumber and told about her bleeding. She smiled at me and asked if I did not know that it was usual for a woman to menstruate. I released a sigh of relief as she told it was the time for her monthly period and she had, in fact, felt abdominal pain usually associated with the beginning of her menstruation, during the train journey itself. However, she anxiously asked me if I didn’t intend to **** her again after sometime. In answer, I took her to the bathroom again, washed both of our genitals only to return to the bed to unite our bodies again into one, but this time the lovemaking piloted by her.

She sat on the wooden table near its edge keeping her legs and thighs widely separated and spread as much as possible. I stood between her thighs. As I manipulated sending my cock into her hole, she wrapped her legs around my buttocks. I hugged her body tightly while she circled my neck with her hands. I started ****ing her while our lips remained locked with each others in a long passionate kiss.

Suddenly, she took off from the table hanging on my body now. This gave her more freedom to make thrusts with her pussy to match and coincide with my thrusts. I held her tightly at the buttocks. Once, I tried to insert my middle finger into her anus while we ****ed. She giggled in extreme pleasures. However, after another 3-4 minutes, she attained orgasm and I too pumped my milk into her tunnel.

She offloaded herself from my body and we went to the bathroom again to wash. After that, we retired to bed, fully exhausted. We decided to sleep for a couple of hours before my taking her to the hostel in the morning. After an hour or so, I suddenly woke up as I felt my cock was being sucked. As I looked at her, I smiled to see her sucking my cock, still in her deep sleep the way a new-born baby sucked the breast of the mother. My cock erected again and within a few minutes I pumped out more milk into her mouth. I saw her swallowing the milk, still in her sleep. But I found a trickle of my milk flowing out through the corner of her mouth. I lay back and went to my sleep again.

In the early morning, we got up, had a cup of black coffee. Though we wanted to have one more round of lovemaking, but decided against as her menstrual bleeding was more then. We dressed up and I took her to her place. Her friends were happy and relieved to see she was fine. Yet they teased her with meaningful smiles and queries how she spent her night in the house of her ‘new-found’ relative she had never told them before. Some of them were really naughty to ask me if I cared to make train journey with them too and…

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Diwali Ki Raat Chudai Ki

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This is my another story which happened on this year’s Diwali ke din. It all happened like this that I was walking in the road’s of the posh area called as jubilee hills where the big money people live. I went there to meet my good old friend but he went to his native place to celebrate Diwali.
So I was all alone and walking through the road, suddenly a white colored Hyundai accent car came and stood beside me and door sprung open in front of me. I with surprising look just bent and seen in side and just got shocked to see a beautiful girl of around 21 is there in her black jean’s and white tight top. She asked me to get in. I got in with out any word.she said “my name is Sheetal” in reply I said “my name is Raj”. She said I know.
I asked her how do u know. She said “I have seen u many time’s and I know every thing about u”. I asked her “how did u know about me”. for that she said “it is top secret”. mean while we reached her home. She said come in nobody are there in the home. I thought some thing is going now. I’ll first tell her about her Sheetal is of 5’8″ in height and white in complexion. Her v-status is 38d-29-36 and her hair is up to her hip’s with silky in touch. her main asset is her big round boob’s and her smile which make’s a dimple on her cheek’s.
Coming to the story, she offered me some soft drink’s and said feel comfort and she went to her room and came back changing her dress from her tight dress to a night pant and a suit. She is looking very sexy in that dress. By seeing her in that dress I got instant hard on. She had seen my hard on and given a naughty smile. She came and sat beside me touching me and started talking. She said actually she is feeling bored as her parent’s left to their native place for festival and she has got some exam’s so she has been left all alone.
We chatted for a while and at 10’clock I said I will leave and ready to move she caught hold of my hand and said plz Raj stay for this night. By her touch I again got hard on. by seeing this she again left a naughty smile. I said I can’t cause I don’t know what will happen if I stay here. She said what will happen, more or less a kiss or ****ing isn’t?. I’m astonished and got mad and said nothing and said I’m getting un controlled. She said with a naughty smile on her lip’s said “what can u do?”. By hearing this I started touching her face I touched her head her nose cheeks and lips and just during this she was again moaning like hmmmmmm mmmmmmm
she was moaning and getting hottttttttt!!!! welll frankly speaking I was also enjoying but I have to control I shifted my self from her cheeks to lips and neck sachchi keh raha hun it was damm hot for me to control butttt any wayssss…her body was very soft uski neck par hi kam se kam mainey 3-4 min tak haath phera…., so I continued but during this her moans were getting louder. AAH AAAH AAAAH OOOH AAH UUUH UUUUH AH AAH OOUUCHHH
I came back and got caught hold her from back and keeping her boobs touching my chest I started caressing her back she was moaninghmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmm hhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well noices make me more horny and while I was caressing her back her boobs were making some movements on to my chest giving me a great urge for herrr….i asked her in er ears can I remove ur suit…she said yes is such a sexy manner that I cant tell u …i removed that quickly and there it was the pure sexy balloons are in front of me, but let me tell u watching the original boobs in a black bra on a fair complexion is much more than any thing in this world.. I removed her bra and for the first time in my life I had seen the original boobs in front of me and that too ready to b sucked ..u wont beleive what the taste her boobs had I started almost eating them…so bouncy and so hard. If u push them downwards they will sprang upppppppppppp with the same speed….. her nipples were pink and erected till then and it was a gr88 feeling. I moved downwards and untied her pant to my surprise she was with no panties and I could watch the first cute clit in my sex filled life.
She had a precum by that time and I could very easily feel her womenhood…her pre juice was smelling hot and making me more horny… as soon as touched her clit she opened her eyes and look deep in to my eyes with a lust to proceed further…till now I was in my pants and shirt… she helped me getting nude and there was my lil soldier at his full length… she was amazed to look at him… she told me she is a virgin and looking at a mans dick for the first time…..i cought her face and gave a nice kiss on her lips and she responded well and we both kissed for more than ten min’s.
I immediately moved down and kissed her clit on which she moaned oooh and said oh dear come onnnn even I was more desprate to do it as it was my first time…and hearing this I got my hard on still more stiff. I put my index finger first in to her clit and started ticking it in and out and very shortly my two more fingers joined this act she was moaning heavily and louder. she said she is coming and there come a loud noise from her and along that was her juice…i started to drink the love juice of her and she used her fingers and drank her self…what a bitch that was… but it was not all over it was her turn now I told her too grab my soldier in her mouth which she did that with great exitment and here she was at her best… her tongue was doing some magic on to my little soldier head.. and it was really fantastic…..after 15 mins I said I’m coming but to my surprise she carried on and drank my cum also… she said its tasty…and cleaned my dick totally dry. I asked her that u said u r a virgin but how did u know all this she said that I read in HumanDigest.com story’s. I my self thanked the site in my heart.
I asked her shall v go for the next round. She said first no cause she is virgin, But any how she was ready..i used her juice as a lubricant placed dick head on the top of her cunt applied some force but it is not going in cause her pussy is so tight… I tried again with some force and jerked it and a bit moved in… I was happy that it is moving in little by little… but my god she was in pain and shouting take it out.. I laid still for a moment and kissed her for 3 min’s and while kissing I massaged her boob’s with my hand’s to give her pleasure out of pain and she started to moan AAH AAAH AAAAH OOOH AAH UUUH UUUUH AH AAH by that I slowly moved my dick in and out. She started moving her hip’s in rhythm to my movement’s. slowly by kissing and massaging her boob’s I gave a bit more healthy jerk and there it was some where in middle of her I could feel her clit from inside with my dick’s top… and she has given a loud moan, but my lips have locked her lips so the moan has not came out And I started moving in and out and in and out…and finally it was all inside her she was crying earlier but in 5 mins she was helping me in my moves and saying YES YES YES **** ME, **** ME HARD..v continued it for 5 mins and during this she had already came once but I was still to come. I’m smashing her pussy with a strong and steady long jerk’s. after 10 min’s she came again and again with a good orgasm and loud moan and finally after she came I too came. I took him out and exploded my blast on her face and boobs and at that time only she was again with her juice. v both were lying on the floor itself and after some time we both went for a bath together…again I felt her and touched each and every cut of her body and she was enjoying it too ! !
After we returned back I made her bend on the bed with her ass lying in the air and making her bend with her weight on her hands on the bed. I just kissed her ass cheeks and she shivered with a great moan due to soft gentle touch of my lips on her ass. Just then I licked her sweet tight ass hole looking and begging to be ****ed. With every lick Anu moaned aahhhh ahhh mmmmmm. I just applied some saliva to her ass hole and some to my cock so that her virgin hole gets lubricated and I could get my cock in her easily. Now my very hard 8 inches cock was ready to enter Sheetal ass. I just placed the pink tip of my cock at the opening of the hole and with one hand spread her cheeks and with the other pushed my cock in her ass. Ahhhhh it’s paining Raj. I slowly headed forward and with slow pace just got fully inside her and the room got filled with her loud moanssssssss . I just started pushing my cock in and out and she just moaned loudly with every push. She was so tight that even I felt that she is making me pain a lot and thus I moaned too.
She said Raj for god sake please leave me, my ass will get torn up I will die of pain. It just made me wilder and I started to **** my sweet little Sheetal’s virgin ass with more speed. With my left hand I just starting massaging her left boobs and pressed her nipple hard and with my right hand I just slipped my one- two and then three fingers in her wet pussy. She shouted ahhhhhhh!!!! plz Raj!!! Plzzzzz!!! leave me, AAH AAAH AAAAH OOOH AAH UUUH UUUUH AH AAH “I will die meri gand phat jai gi”. With her moans increasing I increased my pace and just ****ed her ass and pussy like a dog. This made me more wilder that it just increased my cock’s and fingers speed very high and she literally cried loud in pain. We both were having pain but this was more of pleasure rather than pain. This painful act continued till next ten mins or so till we both came at the same time. She said Raj plz stop I am cumminggggg AAH AAAH AAAAH OOOH AAH UUUH UUUUH AH AAH and she just gave my ****ing fingers a very warm, wet and juicy welcome and at the same time I greeted her by cumming and gifting her ass with my hot cream. It was such a great orgasm that we both collapsed – she on the bed and me on her.
After that we laid for a while and started for the next round and we ****ed in different positions through out the night. In the morning while I’m leaving she gave a good warm kiss and also 2000/-, and said thank’s for giving me the joy of my life, and dropped at the bus stop


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Maam Ki Mast Chudai

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Hi Saare readers ko, khaas ker ke jammu ki sabhi unsatisfied aunties, bhabhies, sisters, aur virgin girls ko jinko chudwane ka mann to ker raha hai per jammu mai koi male sex service ke na hone se unki choot pyasi hi reh gai hai, unko mere lun ka salaam-namaste.

Toh doston baat aisi hai ke mai roz raat ko ISS padta hu, aur mujhe padne ka bohot mazaa aata hai, kyou ki mujhe bohot din se koi choot chodne ko nahi mili hai aur is ki wajah se merea lund roz raat ko khada ho jata hai. Chaliye ab mai aap ko apne baare mai btata hu, mai 23 saal ka ladka hu jammu mai hi MBA ker raha hu mera lund 8 inch ka mota taaza loda hai. Baat 1 saal pehle ki hai mai jammu ke ek college se graduation ker raha tha. humare college mai bohot saare contractual base per female lecturer appoint hue the, un mai se ek humari class mai bhi lagi thi, wow yaar mai kya btaun tumhe wo bohot hi mast aurat thi, uski umer toh maine kabhi poochi nahi lakin 26-27 saal ki married aurat thi. Bass mai aap ko itna bta sakta hu ke wo 2 top khoobsoorat women ka mixture tha uska face Pamela Anderson jaisa aur figure Madhuri dixit jaisi thi, aap keh sakte hai ke wo ek sex bomb thi. Wo jab bhi class mai aati thi mai unhe dekhta rehta tha, kyou ki mai sab se aage baithta tha isi liye unki ek ek harkat mujhe saaf saaf dikhai deti thi, mera ek aur friend tha wo bhi maam ke ooper lattu tha. jab wo chalti thi toh kya bataun mann kerta tha ke bass peeche se ja ker unki gaand pakad ker chood du. but mai darta tha kyou ki unke pati ek police mai high official the aur unki posting out of town thi, mai roz unke naam ki muth maarta tha, phir ek din mere mamki muraad poori ho hi gai, maine ek din unse unki kitaab maangi padne ke liye, lakin bohot din ho jaane ke baad bhi maine unko wapis nahi di toh ek din unka phone aaya ke sunny tum meri book wapis kab do ge, meri unke saath bohot achhi patti thi isi liye wo mujh per gussa nahi kerti thi, toh maine kaha maam mai bhool gya mai aaj hi de deta hu btao kaha per du, hume chuttian padi hui thi college mai winterz ki, toh unho ne kaha ke mujhe gher per aa ker dedo, mere toh jaise lottry hi khul gai thi, mai unke gher chala gya wo gher mai akeli hi rehti thi ek driver tha unka wo bass unko college se laane lejaane ke liye hi aata tha, mai un ke gher mai chala gya shaam ke 7baje honge maine unki bell bajai wo door open kerne aai unho ne pink color ki nighty ke ooper se sweeter daali hui thi. unho ne mujhe ander bulaya kehne ladi ke kya logi maine kaha kuch nahi maam bass mai book dene aaya tha, unho ne kaha ke baher sardi bohot zaada hai ( december ka month tha) ek cup cofee toh pe ker jao toh mai maan gya. toh wo mere liye aur apne liye cofee bna ker le aayi. wo aa ker mere saamne baith gai. toh maine baaton baaton mai hi keh diya ke maam ek baat kahu aap mujhe bohot achhi lagti hain, toh wo hass ne lagi aur kehne lagi ke kya achha lagta hai tumhe, toh maine is + signal liye aur bass bol padaaa, maam mujhe aapke hairz bohot achhe lagte hai, wo boli aur maine bola aankhe bhi, wo boli aur mai bola ke maam aap ke lips bhi bohot achhe hai aur khaas ker aap ki figure bhi , toh wo hassne lagi mai bhi hass ne lagaa toh maine unhe poocha ke maam aap gher per akele rehti hai toh wo boli baaki baate choodo mujhe btao ke meri figure mai kya kya achha lagta hai mai bola maam aapki butts aur aap aage se toh wo boli aage se kya, maine kaha maam mujhe sharam aati hai, wo boli sharmao matt aur mere paas aa ker baith gai aur boli aage se kya sharmao matt maine kaha maam aap ke boobs bhi bohot achhe hai wo garam hone lagi thi unho ne kaha ke tumne kabhi kisi ladki se sex kiya hai, maine kaha nahi toh wo boli kerna chaho ge, meri toh jaise kismat hi khul gai ho, maine kaha maam ager mooka mila toh zaroor. bass itna kehne ki deer thi ke unho ne apne jalte hue hoot mere hooto per rakh diya. wowwwww kya feel tha unki garam garam saanse mai feel ker raha tha. wo mujhe kass ker kiss kerne lagi toh mai bhi response dene laga, maine apni tongue unke lips ke beech se le jaaker unki tongue se mila di un ke saliva kya taste aane laga mai bhi garam ho raha tha, phir wo kehne lagi ke jo tumhe achha lagta hai wo dekhna nahi chaho ge chalo bedroom mai ja ker dikhati wo mujhe bed room mai le ker chal padi mai bhi chal pda toh unho ne kaha ke apne maam ki sunderta kaise dekho ge maine kaha ke kapde utar ker toh wo kehne lagi toh deer kyou ker rahe ho aur bass mai bhi shuru ho gya pehle maine unke bade bade mummay unke kapdo ke ooper se dbana shuru ker diya aur phir dheere dheere unke kapde utarna shuru ker diya pehle maine unki sweeter utar di unho ne apni aankhe band ker li, phir maine unka upper ootar diya toh unke mummay ek pink color ki bra mai kaid dikhai dene lage, mai unko dekh ker paagal ho gya aur unhe zoor zoor se choomne aur dabaane laga, aur jald hi unhe azaad ker diya wow yar unke mummay pink color ke nipple choosne ka mazaa bohot aa raha tha, aur phir maine unka lower bhi utar diya ab wo sirf panty mai thi jo ki geeli ho gai hui thi, phir maam ki bhari jaawani mere saamne thi, mai toh kuch soch hi nahi paa raha tha ke mai unki choot se khelu ya mummon se kyou ki yeh mera first time tha, phir maine ek haath se unka ek mumma dbane laga aur mu se dusre mummay ko choosne lagaa aur dusra haath unki choot mai daal diya, jaise hi maine apni ungli unki choot mai lagai toh wo ssssssssssss siskaarian bharne lagi mujhe bhi bohot mazaa aa raha tha, unki chuchian choooosssssssssne ka mai bhooke kutte ke tarah unke choochiannn choose raha tha. wo bhi siskaarian bharne lagi, phir maine unhe kaha ke maam mai aapki choot ka mazzaaaa lena chahta hu toh us ne kaha ke ab mai tumhari hu jo kerna hai karo toh unka signal milte hi mai unki choot per apni jeebh se chaatne lagaa unki choot mai se khatta paani nikal raha tha maine sara lick ker liya, unke muh se bohot sexy sxy awaaze aa rahi thi sssssssssssssssssshhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh oooooohhhh wwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooowwwwwwwwwww wo kehne lagi sunny aur andr daalo apni tongue bohot mazaa aaraha hai, mai aur ander daalne laga, phir maine apni ungli bhi unki choot mai daal di wo toh jaise siher hi padi ek shivring se hui unke sharir mai unki choot abhi bhi kaafi tight thi lagta tha ke unke pati ne unki bohot din se nahi chooda tha, phir maine unki choot mai do unglian kerne lagaa unki choot mai se paani nikalne laga maine saara paani lick ker liya, us ka taste ajeeb sa tha but bohot achha tha wo sssssss sssssss ki awaaze nikal rahi thi phir maam ne kaha ke meri choot ko akele hi khai ga mujhe kuch nahi dega kya aur unho ne mera loga apne haath se pakda aur apne mu ki taraf kerne lagi jiss mai maine bhi help kiya aur ab hum 69 position mai aa gye the, wo mere lode ko kisi jaanwer ki tarah choos rahi thi, apne mu mai ander baher ker rahi thi mai bola maam bohot mazaa aa raha hai thoda tez karo na, wo aur tez kerne lagi mai bhi apni unglian unki choot mai teez teez chalane lagaa thodi deer ke baad unki choot mai se ek tez dhaar nikli white white color ke paani ke saath jo saara ka saara mere mu per aa gira aur mere lode se bhi sper niklne wali thi maine maam ko nahi sunaya aur hardly 2 min baad mai bhi unke mu ke ander hi saara sperm chood diya. ab mai unke ooper aur wo mere neeche padi thi. lakin unki pyas abhi nahi bhuji thi wo dubara mere lode ko choosne lagi mera loda phir se khada hone laga mai phir se josh mai aa gya phir maam mujhe kehne lagi mujhe apni patni samjho aur phaad daalo meri choot ko, mai bola toh lo meri jaan ab mai unse apni patni ki tarah baate kerne laga aur maine apna loda pakda aur unki choot per rakh diya, maine seedhe ander nahi daala pehle unki choot per ragarne laga wo boli apni raani ko aise tadpao ge kya ab mere se raha nahi jaata ander daalo toh maine unki choot ke mujhane per lun rakkha ur ander dalne laga but mera lun thoda zaada hi moota tha toh unki choot mai nahi gya phir maine thoda zoor se jhatka diya toh mere lun ka topa unki choot mai chala gya, maam chillane lagi phaad daale ga kya, main dra nahi maine aur ander daalne laga dhakka maarne laga wo aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ker chillani lagi ,, aaaaaaaahhhh uuuuuuufffffff tune toh faad hi daala meri choot ko oooohh aaaaa ssssssss mera aadha loda unki choot mai ghus gya tha, unki aankho se aansu aane lage, lakin unho ne baher nikaalne ko nahi kaha phir mai aahista aahista dhakke dene lagaa unki awaaze siskiyou mai change hone lagi sssssssssshhhhhhh sssssssshhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhh tez karo sunny tez karo please maine apni speed aur tez ker di ab mera lun thoda aur ander jaane laga unhe dard bhi ho rahi thi aur mazaa bhi aa raha tha wo kehne lagi ke sunny tumne ise itna mota kaise kiya hai maine kaha muth maar marr ke toh wo kehne lagi mere raja iss lund ko toh koi bhi ladki na bol hi nahi sakti aur ab mai aur zoor zoor se use choodne laga ab wo bhi apni gaand utha utha ker chudwa rahi thi 20 se 25 min ho gye ab unko bohot mazaa aane laga tha wo keh rahi thi yes mere raja ah ah ah yess common aur tez mere raja, mai bhi aur terzi se ker raha tha, sssssssssss aaaaaaaaahhh mere raja aur tez aur tez aaaaaaahhhhhhh ssssssss fachak fachak ki awaaze aa rahi thi kyou ki un ki choot se ab paani nikal raha tha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fachak fachak aaaaaah mere raja mazaa aa gya phir thodi deer de baad mai neeche late gya aur wo mere ooper aa gai, aur mere lode ko haath se pakad ker apni choot mai daal diya, ab mai sirf leta hua tha aur maam uchal uchal ker chudwaane shuru ho gai ab mera poora loda unki choot mai ja raha tha mujhe bohot mazaa aa raha tha, uniki awaaze aur bhi sexy ho rahi thi aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaassssssssssss mazaa aa gya mere raja phir maine unhe kaha ke maam mai aap ko doggy style mai choodna chahta hu toh wo maan gai phir maine unko doggy style mai chodna shuru ker diya sach much yeh mera fav style ban gya iss style mai bohot mazaa aa raha tha, phir maine apna lund niaal diya , maam ek dum se boli ke kya hua mere raja maine unko kaha ke mai aap ki gaand mai lund daalna chahta hu lakin wo boli ke nahi , wo darr si gai thi wo kehne lagi mujhe dard hoga maine kaha mai aahista aahista karuga ager dard hoga toh nikal dunga wo kehne lagi theek hai mere raja toh unho ne apni gaand phaila di maine unki choot se jo paani nikal lraha tha wo apne poore lode par lagaya aur unki gaand per bhi lagaya aur lode ka topa unki gaand ke ooper rakha aur ek zoor se dhakka maara, mere lun ka toppa unki gaand ke ander aur ek zorrdaar cheenk unke muh se aur unka saara badan shivring kerne laga aur rone lagi sunny baher nikaalo baher bikaalo please but mai kaha rukne wala tha maine aahista aahista unki gaand mai dhakke krne laga aur thodi deer mai unki gaand ka mu khul gya aur ab wo mazee lene lagi sach mai unki gaand maarne ka bohot hi mazaa aa rah tha meri pehla encounter tha aur wo bhi meri fav teacher ke saath mazaa aaraha tha mai bohot hi khush tha ab unko bhi mazaa aa raha tha wo bhi aage peeche ker rahe thi aur mazaa le rahi thi phir unki ek cheekh aayi aur unki choot mai se paani ka phuwara nikal aaya ab mai bhi sperm choodne wala tha maine unko kaha ke mai sperm choodne wala hu toh wo kehne lagi ki mri choot mai choodo please, phir maine apna lund unki gaand se nikaal ker unki choot mai daal diya aur dhakke dene laga zoor zoor se aur meri saari ki saari sperm unki choot mai chood di mai unki choot ki garmi mehsoos ker raha tha………….hum dono ab dheele pad gye maine lund unki choot mai hi rehne diya aur unke ooper hi late gya aur unke mammon se khelne laga aur unko kiss kerne lagaaa………..hum takreeban 30 min tak ek dusre se chipke rahe aur phir shower lene maam ke baathroom mai chale gai waha maine unki choot dhoi aur unho ne mera lund dhoya……..sach mai bohot mazaa aaya aur phir mai apne gher aagya 9.10=15 min ho rahe honge jab mai gher aaya. bass doston yehi meri first fuckin ki story hai ager aapko yeh achhi lagi ho toh mujhe mail kare specially jammu ki girls mera yahoo id hai ashk_sharma@yahoo.com aur mai takreeban saara din online rehta hu. ager aap mai se koi mere saath chaat kerne mai intrested ho toh wo mujhe online bhi mil sakte hai specially females………..aur ager jammu ki ho toh baat hi kuch aur hai waha hum ek dusre ki pictures bhi exchange ker sakte hai.

ager aapko meri story achhi lagi hai aur ager koi aunty, bhabhi, didi, virgin girl, or any unsatisfied women mere se apni choot chudwaana chati ho toh mujhe ashk_sharma@yahoo.com per mail ker sakti hai ya phir online mil sakti hai……………………..mera lund aapki service mai hamesha tayaar hai. jitne marzi choope lagao, jitna marzi chudwao no tension.!!!! ok bye aap sabhi padne walo ko mere land ka salaaam!!!!!!!

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Bhabhi Ki Khoobsurat Choot

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Yeh meri dusri story hai. I hope u all will like it interested women/girls can mail me back. I’m 25 yrs old.

Meri samne bali bhabhi ka naam rashmi hai.unki umar 27 hai.woh gori moti gand wali aurat hain.unki height karib 5.4 hai.mere bhaiya hamesha kaam mein busy rehtain hain.woh bhabhi per kaam dhyan detain hain.mein meri bhabhi ka accha dost hoon.ham saath mein movies bhi dekhne theatres mein jate hain.ek din mein institute se ghar aya to dekha bhabhi computer pe xxx movie dekh rahin hain.mujhe ajib sa laga.meine kabhi bhabhi ke bare mein aisa nahin socha tha.

Kuch din baad unke husbend kaam se delhi se mumbai gaye 10 dino ke liye.mere maan mein bhabhi ko chodne ke khyal aane lage.bhabhi ek din kali saree pehne bahut sexy lag rahi thi.low cut blouse bahut inviting tha.mein nashte ke samay bhabhi ka cleavage dekhe ja raha tha.bhabhi ne notice kiya aur puchne lagi kya dekh rahe ho.mein sharma gaya aur bola kuch nahi bhabhi boli sharmao mat.bol do agar tum mere boobs dekhne ki kosish kar rahe the to.yeh sun kar mein shocked reh gaya.meine haan bola aur bhabhi se maafi mangi.yeh sun kar bhabhi hasi aur boli tu jawan ho raha hai.per apni bhabhi ke bare mein ganda sochta hai kya? Meine kaha app bahut sexy ho bhabhi.mera maan aap ke sath shadi karne ka karta hai.pagal hai tu.bhabhi boli tere bhaiya kya karenge phir.meine bola bhabhi mein aap ko kiss karna chahta hoon.woh boli karna ,mein tujhe mana thodi karungi.

Meine kaha kiss hoonth pe karna hai.woh boli hai ram ,kya bol raha hai.meine achanak bhabhi ke hoonth chumne laga.woh virodh kar rahi thi par mein uske hath pakad liye.kiss khatam hone ke baad woh bolne lagi, arre nalay apni bhabhi ke saath kya karta hai.tu harami hai re.mein tere bare kya kya sochti thi..tuje bhola bhala acha ladka samajthi thi….haram ki aulad..meine bola kutiya computer pe xxx dekhti hai aur abhi natak karti hai…sali aaj tujhe nanga kar ke marunga…usne mujhe ek thapad zor se gal pe mara….meine use utha kar bed pe patak diya aur bolne laga bol khudse chudhegi ya rape karoon tera…woh boli betichod chod le mujhe aaj mein teri hoon aaj ke liye…waise bhi kai dino se land ki pyaasi hoon tabhi xxx dekh ke fingering karti thi…tera bhai sala chote lund wala busy aadmi hai tujmein kitna dum hai dekhti hoon mein uske munh se gandi batein sun kar shocked reh gaya…yeh wohi bhabhi hai.

Meine use phir se kiss kiya ….uske hoonth chatne laga…apne kapade nikal diye aur usko apne 7 inch lamba lund dikhaya aur bola randi itna bada kafi hai ya nahi? Woh boli kya mast lund hai tumhara chatne do to aur phir icecream jaise chatne lagi 5 minute tak chatne ke baad meine usse kaha mera nikal jayega aur bathroom girane bhaaga woh chilayi soore ki aulad mere munh mein gira na mein gira kar vapas aya aur uski saree utari usko pura naaga kiya aur boobs dabane laga woh boli dheere dabayo mein bhagi nahi ja rahi meine usse bola mein soore ki aulad hoon na isliya jor se dabaoonga woh boli meri galiyon ka bura mat mano raja meine bola maa chod dunga aaj teri, kutiya chal apni bur dekha uski kya mast pink chut thi… main dekh kar mast ho gaya, bilkul chikni chut thi bhabhi ka main jhuk kar pahle chut ko sunghne laga kyonki mujhe chut ka gandh bahut pasand hai jante hi ho aap sab madhosh kar dene bali khoosbu thi uski chut ki, wo boli kya kar rahe ho jaanu main kaha gulab ka khoosbu sungh raha hoon wo boli ye to ab tumhara hi hai raja main kaha haa rani aur uske chut ko chum liya wo sisak uthi sssssss kya kar rahe ho raja bahoot khujli hoti hai main bola chinta mat kar rani aaj teri khujli ko shant kar dunga wo mera sar pakad kar apne chut par daba di uske baad chut ko dheere dheere chatna suru kia bahut accha teste tha uske chut ka, uske chut se laslasa pani nikalne laga main use chatne laga aur uske gaand ke ched ko bhi chata aur sungha, wo mast ho kar tadapne lagi aur kahne lagi ab apna lind dal bhi do raja nahi to main mar jaungi main bola dalta hoon meri rani.

aur maineeine apna lund uske chut ke munh per raka aur ek jordar dakhha mara..4 inch ek hi baar mein ghus gaya….woh jor se chilla padi aaaaaaaaa nahiiii bahut dard ho raha hai nikalo main thoda ruk gaya aur uske chuchhi ko chusne laga thodi der bad wo shant hui to maine ek jordar dhakka mara mera land uske chut men pura chala gaya wo kas kar chillai aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mar gai maaaa main jhuk kar uske hot chusne laga aur uske chuchhi ko masalne laga dhire dhire wo phir shant hui to main dhakka lagane laga wo bolne lagi dhire karo dard karta hai main kaha bas meri jan thodi der men bahut maza ayega aur main use chodne laga phir wo bhi kahne lagi use accha lagne laga aur wo sisakne lagi aaahhh mm nahii bas aise hi raja aur chdo mujhe offfff naaaaaaaa ssssssohhmaaaaaaa pls sssssssss hai kya nasha hai jaaaaaaaaaaanuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffffffffssssssssssssssssssaur kas kar haaaaaaaaaaa ssssssssssssssmaaaaaaaaaa aur main use chodne laga kas kar room men fach fach ki awaz gunjne lagi wo mujhse lipat gai aur mujhe chumne lagi pucccc mmmmm uske sanaso ki khoosbo pagal kar dia mujhe aur main uske chodne laga wo sssssssssssoffffffffff naaaaaaaahiiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaa oooooooooomaaaaaaaaaaaaa aur wo jhadne bali ho gai aur bolne lagi ab main jhadne bali hoon main aurr chodne laga aur main bhi jhadne ke kagar par aa gaya aur hum ek sath jhade uske chut ko bhar dia apne pani se aur wo mujhse lipat kar ek ghante tak soi rahi.

Kisi bhi ladki aya aurat ko choodbane kaa man kare to mujhse contact kar sakte hain bilkul siccret. mera email hai, himanshushekhar29@yahoo.com

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Unsatisfied Chennai Aunty

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Hi readers this is RAHUL I like to share my exp with u guys. First I introduce myself I am 23yrs old 5.9ht athletic body 7″cock. Now I introduce my aunt her name is sunanda I have not such a woman in my life her size is 40d how I came to know her size is I went her for shopping she had bought a bra on that tine I came to know her size.

Ok coming to the real story one day I was lone in my home because my family member went to a near by relative house I was seeing a movie in star movies I heard a door knocking sound I turned off my TV went to open the door for my surprise my aunt was standing in front of me with a smile on her face I greeted her she asked about our family members I told her that they will be coming after 2 days she said no problem in that I just came to have fun with u I was shocked after hearing this she told me to switch on the DVD player I told her that I have no cds she told that she had brought.

I went & switch on the TV& DVD she came near me said go sit on the sofa I will operate this, I came to sofa watching what she dose she play a movie to my surprise that was a xxx movie I shouted at her pleas turn off the TV she told me u have to see this type of movie you are grown up boy. She told that I know that your family members are going out today I have called ur mom that I am coming today she told that u only left home separately so I brought this movie come lets enjoy the movie I accepted keep on watching the movie she came near me & told that she did not had sex since last 4 years she want me to satisfy her I hesitated first after seeing that movie in that movie the couple of in that movie were kissing each other after seeing that my aunt came near me kept her hand on my thighs I slipped her hand she got up switch off the TV I shouted at her this is the super scene plz on the TV she told don’t be bored I show the real show she came near me slipped her saree palu I was shocked to see her 40d breast over the blouse she told me to hold her tits I came near her hold her tits she told me to go to the bed room I went in the room following her all of a sudden when we enter the room she hugged me & told this all belong to u my boy come on have me I am all yours after hearing this I got aroused & take off her saree she was just in her blouse and petticoat she dose wear any under garments.

I was caressing her boobs on the blouse she told me to remove her cloths make naked I followed her word &made her naked was shocked to see her 40d boobs it was good tite bigger enough she told me to crease it until it loosen I started caressing that sucking mean time she was playing with my hair I was fond off her navel I often masturbate think her navel because her navel is deep &big I sucked her navel now I reached her g spot she did not shave her hair it is just like a dense forest I sucked her deeply her moan increased she told me to suck her tite her moan was louder she told that she is going to cum &she cumed I tasted that it was something special treat she told me to stop its my turn she stood up and removed my shirt pant I was only in my underwear my tool is stood like a gun the shape was shown clearly over the underwear she held in dick slipped my underwear now I was naked she kissed my lips for 15 min she slowly came down she was in her knees toke my dick in her mouth started sucking I hold head began to stork her head between my thighs I cannot see my dick it was fully in her mouth after 20 min I told her that I am going to cum she told shoot in my mouth I shot all my cum in her mouth she told me to relax she again started sucking my dick now my dick was erect in full length she told me insert ur dick in my pussy she directed my dick in her love hole I fucked slowly she was moaning her moan made me mad I increased my speed she told come my boy ur a good fucker fuck me fast come increase ur speed it took 30min to attain a climax after shooting the load of cum in her love hole she told that she was happy to have sex with me from that day we both are enjoying in different style & direction if any aunties, girls, widow, unsatisfied woman’s, we keep it secret if ur interested in me mail me to rajy083@gmail.coma

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Kheat Mein Bhabhi Ko Choda

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Hi meri pyari bhabhiyon aur meri kahani padhkar apni chut ko sahlane wali auntiyon Main DEVDASS apni Tishri kahaniyan likh raha hoon. Ummid karta hoon ki meri dushri kahani “MAST BHABHI KI GULABI CHUT CHODA SALESMAN BANKAR” ko jis tarah ka risponce mila hai aur kai bhabhiyon ne jaise mujhe mail kiya hai meri ish kahani ko bhi usi tarah ki risponce milegi. Mujhe mail karne wali har bhabhiyon ka har request mai jaroor pura karunga ye wada raha. Mera mail I.D. hai “devdass1977@ rediffmail.com.

Ye kahani meri padosh ki Bhabhi ki hai jise maine pahle bhi kai bar mauka pakar choda hai aur jiski kahani maine apni pahli kahani “Bhabhi ki tight chuchiyan” me apko pura bataya hai. Usi bhabhi ko ek bar maine khet me jamkar choda. Us chudai me mujhe itna maja aya ki main jab bhi us kahani ke bare me sochta hoon to mera Lund tankar bamboo ban jata hai.Isiliye mujhe pura yakin hai ki ish kahani ko padhne ke baad iss ke sabhi reader ya to apni patni ko chodne ke liye bekarar ho jayega ya phir apna mutth mar kar use sant karne ki koshis karega. Aur ish kahani ko padhne wali meri pyari Bhabhiyon aap to apne pati ki na iccha karne kie baad bhi jabarjasti unke Lund ko apni chut me dal logi ya phir mere Lund ko yaad kar koi baigan ka sahara logi. Baigan ka sahara lene wali bhabhiyon ko main ye kahoonga ki aap baigan ko chhodiye aur mujhe mail karo main apki chut ki sari khujli ko mitane ki puri koshis karoonga. Ab main kahani likh raha hoon;
Bhabhi apni maike gayi hui thi, Bachchon ka exam hone ke karan koi bhi uske saath nahi gayi aur mere liye to ye kafi acchi khabar thi. Do dinon ke baad bhabhi ka phone aya aur unhaone kaha ki gaon me mela hai agar dekhne ki iccha ho to chale aao. Mela dekhna to ek bahana tha Bhabhi se milne jana tha to main dushre hi din train se chal diya bhabhi ke gaon. Main karib dophar 12 baje pahunch gaya . Bhabhi mujhe dekhkar kafi khush huye unke gharwale bhi mujhse bahut pyar karte the so we bhi kafi khush huye aur mere khane pine ki bandobast karne lage. Main haath muh dho kar kapre badal kar aram karne laga itne me bhabhi mere pass ayi maine jhat se use bahon me jakar liya aur uski tight chuchiyon ko masalne laga. Bhabhi siskariyan lene lagi mai uske sari ke upar se hi apna ek haath uske choot par rakha wo puri garam ho gayi par abhi chudwana nahi chahti thi. Wo mujhse chutte hue boli abhi nahi aur chali gayi. Dophar ka khana khane ke baad mai aram se so gaya . jab meri ankh khuli to dekha bhabhi ek red color ki reshmi sari pahan kar bilkul dulhan ki tarah saj sanwar kar mere paas khari hai. Maine socha kahin ye sapna to nahi hai . par babhi mujhe jaga rahi thi . usne kaha utho mela ghumne jana hai kahte hue usne jor se mere lund ko daba diya. Main chikh utha aur use pakarte hue kaha bhabhi kasam se kayamat lag rahi ho. Plz abhi ek baar do na. par wo bhag khari hui aur main uth kar tayar hone laga aur tayyar hokar bhabhi ke sath mela ghumne gaya. Hame raste me gaon ki kai ladkiya mili jise bhabhi ne mujhe apna husband bataya. Hum kheton ke raste mela dekhne ja rahe the. Mai chalet hue thak sa gaya tha maine bhabhi ko kaha ki bhabhi thodi der kahin baith jate hain. Bhabhi ne kaha wo samne wala khet hamara hai wahan par ek jhopri hai jahan pitaji raat me sote hain . wahin chal kar baithte hain.
Hum uss jhopri par gaye. Wahan ek khat bichha hua that . main jhat us khat par baith gaya. Bhabhi mere paas baith gayi. Maine aab dhire se apna hath bhabhi ki chuchiyon par rakha aur dhire dhire dabane laga. Apna hoth uske pith par rakh kar pith ko chumne laga. Dhire dhire uske baalon ko sahlane laga. Bhabhi garam ho rahi thi aur dhire se maine apna ek haath uske blouse ke andar daal diya aur uski tight chuchiyon ko dabane laga,. Bhabhi siskariyan lete huye boli . Dev plz aur mat tadpao. Maine use apni taraf khincha aur uske hoton ko chusne laga. Uska sari ka pallu utar diya aur blouse ke hook ko khole laga blouse ke hook kholne ke baad mai uske chuchiyon ke bra ke upar se hi dabane laga ab mai uske blouse aur bra dono ko utar diya . ab uske tight chuchiyan mere samne bilkul nangi thi. Mera Lund tankar khara ho gaya tha mujhse bhi ab bardast karna muskil ho raha tha. Maine turant apne sare kapde utar diye aur bhabhi ko khat par leta diya. Uski sari ko utha kar pet tak le gaya . Bhabhi andar panty nahi pahni thi to uski pyayi si boor samne aa gayi maine apni ek ungli bhabhi ki boor ki ched me dal diya. Bhabhi siskiyan lene lagi. Uski choot me ungli karne ke karan hi bhabhi jhar gayi. Uski choot se nikle pani se mere hath aur bhabhi ki chut puri tharah se bhig gayi. Ab maine apna lund uske boor me satakar ek jor ka jhatka mara meri aadhi lund bhabhi ke boor me ghus gaya. Bhabhi boli ooooooohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh dev ooohhhh aaaaaahhhh dev aaaahhhhhh aur jor se chodo na . Aaj is suhane mousham me meri chut ka sara pani nikal do. Main bhi josh me aakar jamkar bhabhi ki boor me apna lund ghusat chala gaya. Ab main puri masti me bhabhi ko chod raha tha. Aur bhabhi bhi para maja lekar mujhse chudwa rahi thi. Lagbhag ek ghanta humdono ka chudai ka khel chalta raha aur phir hum dono ek dusre chipak kar let gaye. Jab is baat ka ehsaas hua ki andhera ho gaya hai to hum uthe aur maine apna kapda pahna aur bhabhi ne bhi kapne pahne aur phir hum mele na jakar sidhe ghar ki taraf chal diye. Aur uss raat ko bhi maine bhabi ko jamkar choda par bataunga agli baar.
Main janta hoon ki aab tak kai bhabhiyon , chachiyon aur apni pati se asantusth house wiveson ke boor gili ho gayi hogi. Unke choot me se kafi pani nikal raha hoga par afsos ki main wahan par hoon nahi. Par phir bhi main kahoonga kit um sabhi ko mere lund ki kasam ki mere lund ki yaad me koi doosri chij apni choot me mat dalo aur jaldi se mujhe mail karo mai koshish karunga ki un chooton ki jisme pani nikal rahai un chooton ki pyas bujhane hazir ho jaun. Main sorry kahta hoon mere us Banglore ki bhabhi ko jo mujhse mera lund chahti hai. Maine use jawab bhi bheja par na jane kyon mera mail us tak nahi pahunch. To main apni us bhabhi ko kahna chahta hoon ki agar tum mujhse naraz nahi ho to plz ek baar aur mujhe mail karo. Main puri koshis karunga ki tumhe mera lund mile aur kyonki tum group sex karna chahti ho to main apne kuch doston ko bhi lekar aunga jiska lund mujse bhi jyada mota hai. To khubsurat choot walon mujhe mail Karen. Mera e-mail i.d. – devdass1977@rediffmail.com .

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12 Saal Ki Ladki

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Mera nam noman hay main karachi ma rahata houn aaj main aap ko aapni ik sachi sex stori sonane jaa raha houn ya kahani ak 12 sall ki lardki ki hay jo meray ghar k samne rahati hay us k nam seema hay is umar ma us k boob 32 k hay bohat hi sexy lardki hay.
ka din meray ghar main koi nahi tha wo meray ghar aksar khalne aati hay meri choti bahan k sat main bhi un k sat khalta houn jab wo meray ghar i to us waqat ghar par koi nahi tha ma ne us se kaha aaj ghar par koi nahi hay aaj hum dono khaltan hay us ne haha thak hay aaj main tum ko naya khal sakta houn kalo gi thak hay tum ko aakhan band kar k meray jism ko chona paray ga aur batana paray ga kay hay ok jalo aapni aakhan band karo us ne aapni aakhan band kar le.
ab wo meray jism ko chone lagi aur baatne lagi ya kay hay jab us ka hat meray land par gaya to to wo khane lagi bhai ya kay hay tum batwo bhai mujay nahi pata aacha thori dar is ko dabawo to ya bara ho gay ga seema us ko dabane lagi mera land 8 inch k ho gaya bhai atna bara ho gaya tum is ko dhako gi g bhai aakhan kholo mein ne aapni pant se aapna land bahar nakal leya bhai ya kay hay pakro main ne us k hat me aapna land day daya wo dabne lagi bhai is se kay hota hay is se tum larkion ki choudi hoti hay wo kisa is k leya tum ko aapne kapray utarne hon gay thak hay us ne aapne kapray utar daya aab wo meray samne nangi khari thi us k boob bhoth khobsourat than ma us ko boobs ko dabne laga bhai gudgudi ho rahi hay phar main ne us k boobs ko chosne laga ab us ko bhi maza aane laga bhai maza aaraha hay phar main ne us k chotay se choud pay aapni zaban rakh di aur chousne laga us k moun se ajib ajib se awaz aane lagi hhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaabhaiiiiiiiiii bohatttttttttttt mazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ab main ne us se kaha k ab tum meri land ko chouso us ne meray land ko chousna sharwo kar daya ab nera land lohay ki thara sakhat ho gaya tha ssema ab main tum ko choudn ga thak hay bhai thora dard ho ga bardast karna thak hay bhai main kichan se tel ki botal lee aur us k pass aaya main ne aapne land ko achi thara tel lagia aur us k choud par bhi tel lagi main ne aapne land ki topi ko us k choud k surakh par rakha aur ak zoor ka jhatka daya mera land ki topi us kay choud me chali gai us k moun se ak zordar chak nakli hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mar gaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ghai naklo aane land ko bhar mujay nahi choudwana main ne ak aur zoor k jhatka lagya is bay mera land us k choud ko charta howa andar chala gaya wo zoor se chaki aur rone lagi bhai naklo main mar joun gi main ne kaha thori dar main tum ko maza aay ga 5 minat tak main ne kuch ne kaya jab us k dard nain kami i to main ne aapne land ko aagay pachay karne laga ab us ko maza aane laga bhai maza aa raha hay aur zor se bhai haaaaaaaaaaaaa aur zorse aaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhh hahahhahahahahha main ne aapni speed barda di bhai aap khatne achan hayn bhai zor zor se meray choud ko phar dayn ab main ne us ko aapne upar batha leya ab wo meray land ki upar uchalne lagi main us k boobs ko daba raha tha seema maza aaraha hay bhai bohat maza aa raha hay main ne aapne zandgi main atna maza nahi mela seema meray land se jous naklne wala hay main ne aapna land bahar nekla aur us k moun main day daya seema us ko chousne lagi aur mera land jhatkay se us k moun main jous chorne laga us ka moun jous se bhar gaya us k choud se khoon nekal raha tha main ne us khoon saf kaya aur wo chali gai lakin us ne dusray din meri choti bahan ko bata day k main ne usay chouda hay aur bohat maza bhi aaya hay seema ne mu se kaha bhai meri bahan ka nam shougufta hay sugufta bagi khay rahain thi k bhai se khana mujay bhi chodo us k bad ma ne aapni bahan aur seema ko katni bar aur kisay choda ya next stori ma…………………….

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Dost Ne Maa Ko Choda

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hi aunty logo yeh mere dost ki sacchi kahani hai jo mein aapke choot ke khidmat mein paish kar raha hoon choot mein ungli karne ke kaam aayegi

Aage ki kahani mere dost ki jubani

ye mere sache kahane he , mera nam aftab he mere age 22 he aur ma ke age 40 tak aur dad 48 tak he mere ma wese to buhut ashe character ke he pata nahe ye kese ho gaya .

ye jan-07 ke bat he dad buhut bemar the hum unko gaonse se lahore leke ja rahe train me hum ne sleper men booking karwae . ye rat ka 9 baje ka time tha hum logone kambal aur pani sarde bachao keliye intazam kiya tha .

hum train me punhunche to ma ne dad ko eik seat me sulaya aur me aur man dosre seat ( Birth ) pe bethe rahe taqreban rat ko 12 baje ma ne kaha tum bhe so jao mene jawab diya ma aap so jaen aap bhe thake honge fir ma ne kaha men bhe sote hon tum bhe so jao . mene kaha ma ye seat shote he hum dono kese so sakite hen . man ne kaha try karete hen tum pahile so fir me fir me so aur sath he ma bhe mere face ma ke taraf tha aur ma ke peet ( back ) mere taraf aur eik dosre se chipke ( Very Closed ) the me ho hone laga mager mene controle karene ke koshish ke me dar raha tha ma ko pata chala to shamat ajaege , thoey der bad ma ne kaha tuje takleef to nahee mene kaha jagah to kam he mager theek he .
thory der bad ma ne kaha chal esa ker apne eik tang ( leg ) mere peche ourh le ( On Back on thigh ) mene heran hoke kaha Jee ? man ne kaha ese jagah bach jaege , mene kaha kese ? ma ne mere tang ko apne hath se apne ( back ) hipps pe ourh ( trun kiya ) liya ab me control se bahar ho gaya aur me garam hone laga , mujhe pata tha ma ko pata lg jaega mager me kiya karta,

mujhe need bhe nahee aarahe the , ese he mera ( penis ) lund bara ( Erected ) ho gaya aur ma ke peche wale line me (on Back crack ) touch horaha tha thorey der bad ma uthe aur pani piya ( Me buhut dar gaya ) aur fir use tarah ake so gayen aur mujhe kaha use tarah tang ( leg on my hipps ) mere peche rakho mene fir use tarah ya us se bhe close kareke unke (back crack me penis touch ) hipps me lund diya us waqt mera lund ful erect tha

thorey der bad men apne lund ko peshe karke fir zor se unke crack me deta tha . ma ne thory der bad ahista poshaa tere umar kiya he mene sahe nahe suna mene kaha je ? tere ge kiy he ? je 22 ma. man ne kaha tujhe to sab pata hona chahiye aur thora haseen , mene poha kiya ma ? ma ne kaha kese so te hen aur fir thora haseen . mene posha kiya matlab ma ? ma ne posha tuje dar lagraha he ? me chup raha fir ma ne posha sach bata mujise ya tere papa se ? mene kaha mujhe kush pata nahen . man ne kaha tere papa ne tablete le hen neend ke wo subah uthenge , aur mujise na dar fir haseen.

ab mera bhe dar khatam hone laga mene fir man ko aur zor se tang rakhe aur lund unke back crack me diya ( gand me ) ma uthe aur balab ( Train Light in our room ) band ke aur ab kush nazar nahee aaraha tha aur ma ake wahe so gaye aur kaha ab na dar jab mene use tarah tang ( leg ) ma ke hipps pe rakhe aur apna arm unke waist pe tomujhe jhatka lagaa ma ne salwar ( towzer ) neche kiya hua tha aur unke hipps nange the aur ma ne kaha ab to dar nahee lagta na tujhe men dar bhe raha tha aur nahee bhe mujhe yakeen nahee ho raha tha ye sach he me apne ma ke sath hon is tarah . ab ma ne kaha apne pant neche karle mene jalde se pant neche ke mera lund pahle he full bara tha ( erected tha ) aur mene wo man ke gand me touch kiya . man ne posha kabhe kise larke ko kiya he ? mene kaha nahee . ma ne posha kise ko dekha he ? me ne kaha han . ma ne posha kis ko ? me chup raha ma ne fir posha ab bata bhe do ? mene kaha dad aur aap ko . ma ne heran hote hue posha kab ? mene kaha aunty ke ghar , ma ne posha kese ? mene kaha me jag ( awoke ) tha jab dad aur aap ne kiya . ma bole besharam sara dekha ? mene kaha han. ma thorey der chup hue aur me ma ko peshe se ahista ahista gand ke hole ( ass me ) dalne ke koshish kar raha tha , aur ma uthe aur mere taraf face kiya aur kaha pahile to mere boob ko kiss kar mene esa he kiya mujhe bhe buhut maza araha tha , fir thore der bad ma ne kaha ab dal de aur kissing bhe karta rah mene apna lund ma ke front side hole ( Choot ) me dala to asane chala gaya aur ma ne bhe thory se awaz ke aah aur mera mouth ma ke nipple pe tha aur me ma ko lund bhe andar bahar karta raha aur takreeban 5 minuttak me discharge ho gaya , ma ne kaha nikalo mat ese he thore der para rahe .

ager pasand ho to reply kejiyega aur likhon ya nahee ? waiting all of u

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40 Saal Ki Kanwari Choot

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Hi bhabiyon , ek baar muje mere boss ne apne ghar par bulwaya, kisi meeting ke bare me discuss karna tha. Jab main uske ghar per phauncha to wo wo kahin bahar jane ke liye ready tha. Mujhe dekhate hi wo bola, ki main abhi kise zaroori kaam se ja raha hoon, jaldi hi laut aaunga , tum mera yahi wait karna, mere boss kareeb 50 saal ya usase kuch jyada ke the. Main drawing room me baith kar uska wait karne laga. Tabhi uski wife, jo ki kareeb 40 saal ki hogi, waha aa gaye, our boli. Kuch chaiye? Main kaha, aap muje toilet ka rasta bataye. Wo mujhe toilet le gayi. Maine toilet main ja kar ander se darwaja band kar diya. Muje bhaut jor se mut ayie thi. peshab karne ke bad maine dekha ki bathroom me bahut sare adult magazine the, main chup chap unko dekhne laga, jisase mera lund khada ho gaya. Mere dil muth marne ka khyal aaya, iss leye maine apni zip kol kar apna lund fir bahar nikal liya , tabhi maine dekha ki, darwaze ke key hole se mujhe koyi dekh raha hai.main samaz gaya ki boss ki biwi mujhe dekh rahi hai. Maine apne 7.5 ich lambe aur mote lund ko darwaje ke taraf kiya aur uska darshan usko acche tarha se karwaya. Maine socha shayad mujhe muth marne ki jarurat nahi padegi mere majboot lund ko ye choot aaj mil jayegi..

Our phir 5 minute ke baad main bahar aa gaya. Wo drawing room me mere pass aa kar baith gaye our mere bare me puchane lagi, ki mere shaadi hoyi hai? Maine kaha: nahi. Muje uske aakho me wasna aur ek azeeb bhukh dekhi. Uski nazar mere pant ke fule huye bhag par ja rahi thi, kyuki mera lund abhi bhi tight tha. Wo usi ko dekne lagi. Wo mere samne baithe huyi thi, per main uske halat samajj chukha tha. Uska bare me bata doon, uski umar shayad 40 thi lekin wo 30-32 ki lagti thi. Uski chunchiyan kasi huyi aur 36 size ki hogi, pet ekdum sapat tha aur kamar patli 30 se bhi kam hogi, aur gaand ..uff. kya mast gadrayi gaand thi.. chootad mano table the jinhe bajane me maja aa jaye. Pher maine uske choocheyo ko dekh ne laga. Wo bhi ab mujj ko apne choocheya dekhane lagi. Usne low cut ka blouse pehna tha aur uski gehari ghati ekdum saf dikh rahi thi. Usne jhukte huye apni chunchiyan aur saf tarah se dikhaya. Gori gori chunchiyan ka nipple ke siva baki sab kuch dikh raha tha. Phir main samajh gaya ki wo mere lund ko dekh kar garam ho gayi hai. main apna lund dikhane ke liye mere pair faila ke baith gaya, pant ka fula hua bhag aur saaf dikhane laga tha. Hum ek dusre ke ek dum samne batye the. Wo mere lund ko dekne lagi. Hum ek dushse se koyi baat nahi kar rahe the per lag raha tha ki hum apane apane man me ek dusre se baat kar rahe hai. Tab usne apne tango ko ek dusre per chada diya taki uski saadi kuch unchi ho jaye our main uske tange dekhu. Aab meri bari thi, Maine kaha yahan bahut garami hai aur pehale maine apne shirt ke button khole. Maine andar kuch pehna bnahi tha, meri chati ke ghane baal usne dekha. Uska thodi der bad maine apni shirt utar di our side me rakh de. Ab usne apane mammo per se apni saadi niche dhalka di. Ye sab wo is tarah kar rahi thi mano anjaane me ho raha ho. Neeche gire Aanchal ko usne thik bhi nahi kiya. Mera lund ab tight ho chukka tha, pehale maine apne khade lund ko pant ke upar se sehlaya aur dabaya.. Fir maine apne pant ki zip kol di, mai underwear nahi pehnta hoon isliye zip kholte hi mera lund bahar aagaya. Wo mere taraf dekh rahi thi. Aab bhi hum kuch nahi bol rahe the. Ab mai uska paas gaya aur maine kaha apko bura laga.. usne kuch kaha nahi.. maine use apni taraf ghumaya.. mera lund uska chehare ke samne fadak raha tha.. mai niche jhuka.. maine usase pooncha ye pasand hai.. usne sirf haan me sir hilaya.. fir kya tha.. maine use kiss kiya.. usne mujhe pura sahayog diya. Maine uski chunchiyan par blouse ke upar se hath rakha.. aur dabaya.. uska munh se siiiiiiiiiiiiii. .uuuuummmmm. . ki awaz nikli.. maine usase kaha mai tumhari chunchiyan ko pyar karunga.. bahut mast hai..Usne jaldi se apne blouse ke button kholne shuru kiye.. maine bhi khole aur usne uska blouse khul gaya aur black bra me kaid uska makhkhan jaisi chunchiyan mere samne aa gayi. Wo mere lund ko dekh rahe the, our main uske choocheeyo ko. Wo kafi der tak mere khade lund ko dekhte rahi maine usase kaha ise pyar karogi? Usne kuch nahi kaha, maine uska ek hath pakda aur mere lund par rakha, usne hath hata liya , maine fir se uska hath mere lund par rakha our phir usne usko pakad leya. Ab usne kaha.. ye bahut lamba aur mota hai.. mai pehali baar itna mota aur lamba lund dekh rahi hoon.. maine kaha tumhe pasand hai? Usne haan me sir hilaya aur mere lund ko kiss kiya supade ko jeebh se chata aur apne muh me le liya. Main chup chap uske choocheya masale laga. Wo itani tezi ke saat mere lund muh me ander bahar kar rahi the jaise wo pahali baar kar rahi ho. Saat saat main wo usko dekh bhi rahi the. Maine, pehalli baar Lund ko dekh rahi ho kya? Wo kuch nahi boli , maine uska peeth ke piche se uska bra ka hook nikala to uski chunchiyan bahar aa gayi, uska gore gore stan ekdum khade the.. bina bra ke bhi.. aur gulabi nipple kadak ho chuke the. Maine uska sir apne lund par dabaya our wo mere lund ko chatne lagi, mere lund ko usne apne cunchiyon ke bich me rakhkar apne chunchiyan ko dabane lagi, our mere tarf dekh kar boli : ha , pehele baar hi itane lambe aur mote mazboot aur kade lund ko dekh rahi hoon. Mere pati ka lund kabhi bhi khada nahe hua. Maine kaha: tumhari shaadi ko kitne saal ho gaye hai? Wo boli 20 saal , our main ab tak khade lund ke liye taras rahi ho. Meri choot Kunwari hai. Maine kaha ki boss ne tum ko kabhi nahi chooda, wo boli: kabhi nahi. Wo sirf mere choot me figuring kar dete the. Per kabhi bhi lund nahi dala mere choot me. Maine usko kaha ki ooh fir to tumhari choot ki seal bhi nahi tuti hogi mujhe tumhari choot dekhna hai tum apni choot mujhe dikhao. Usne apne saadi ko ek jatke me khol diya. Maine uska petioat ka nada khincha wo niche ja gira . usne ek jalidaar black panty pehani huyi thi. Maine uska ****ad ki taraf hath dala aur use panty ke andar daal ke jor se niche khincha.. panty fat gayi.. maine puri panty faad dali…ab Uski gulabi ubhari huyi choot mere samne the. Sach uski choot ekdum nayi aur bina chudi lag rahi thi. Abhi take gori aur gulabi. Maine kaha wah kya choot hai. Ekdum 18 saal ki ladki jaisi. Wo boli ki unka pati ka khada hi nahi hota, kabhi kabhi daane ko ungli se ragadte hai isase aag aur bhadak uthati thi, jab usne ye baat apne pati ko bataya to usne uske liye bahut saare vibrator la kar deta tha, maine kaha dikhao.. wo nangi hi andar gayi aur usne apne saare vibrator mere samne laa kar rakh diye. Maine kaha, tub 20 saal se iss se apna kaam chala rahi ho. Wo boli: ha, yeh he muje kuch sakoon dete hai. Maine kaha, aap ka dard main samjh sakta hoon. Wo boli: aaj jab maine tumhara khada mota aur lamba kadak und bathroom me dekha to mai ek dam garam ho gaye. Maine pooncha kya kabhi isme se koyi vibrator pura andar liya hai? Usne kaha nahi.. sirf upar upar se ragadte hoon. Bahut dard hota hai.. mai bardasht nahi kar pati isliye thoda andar daal kar ragad leti hoon.

Maine kaha , aaj main aap ke sari kami puri kar dooga. Wo bahut khush ho gayi, our boli: main umar me tum se badi hoon per tum mujhe se kuch bhi karne ko bolna , main wohi karungi, tab maine kaha , chalo pehele ye pata kar le ki boss kab wapas ayenge.. wo hansne lagi. Usne kaha arey wo aaj din bhar nahi ayenge. Tumhe meri chudayi karne ke liye hi to yahan bulaya hai. Agar tum pehal nahi karte to mai khud hi tumhe chudayi ke liye mazboot karti. Maine kaha to fir mai chahunga ki tumhari rasili choot ko achche se pehale chat loon aur tum mere mote lund ko achche se chuso.wo man gayi aur wohi sofe par apni tange faila kar let gaye. Mai uska pairon ke bich me aya.. choot ko dekha.. ek bhi baal nahi tha..aaj hi saaf kiya tha shayad. Sirf ek darar dikh rahi thi. .Maine uske choot per ek kiss diya. Wo tadap gaye , our boli, plz apne zubaan se isko chaato, maine kaha, darling umar to tumari 40 ki ho gayi ho, per aaj bhi tum kachchi kali ki tarah apne choot chatwane ko tadap rahi ho. Wo boli, kya karu, meri choot to abhi bhi kachchi kali hi hai na..meri choot se bahut paani nikalta hai.. please mere choot ko chattoo na. Maine uske choot ke lips ko khola.. daane ko anguthe se ragda wo sisiya gayi…aahhhhh…aur fir apni jeebh pehale choot ke charon taraf ghumaya.. wo apne chootad matkane lagi …si..si..si…si. . fir maine uske choot me apni gili jeebh daal de, aur ander bahar karne laga. Mere jeebh ki chudayi se wo..aahhhhhhh. ishhhh… haayy…ye maja mai jindagi me pehali bar le rahi hoon. .aur andar karo..achcha lag raha hai…aaaaahhh. . pehali baar meri choot ko maja aa raha hai… mai tezi se choot chat raha tha.. fir usne apni choot mere munh se jor se chipka di…aahhh sanjayyyy.. meri choot ka pani niklegaa.. haayyyyyy.. kehate huye usni choot ne mano jor ka fauwara chor diya .. Mere munh me juice bhar gaya aur chehra bhi bhig gaya….sach uski choot se bahut pani nikla tha.. maine choot chatna jari rakha. ab wo thoda shant ho gayi. meri jeebh ki chudayi se uska pani nikal gaya, maine kaha itane jaldi tum jhad gayi darling? Wo boli pehali baar meri choot me koi jeeb gayi hai. Isleye yeh nikal gaya, tum hato main saaf kar deti ho. Maine kaha darling yeh bhi koyi saaf karne ki cheez hai, yeh to hum mardo ke liye tum aurate nikalte ho.isliye ise mai pura chaat lunga. Phir main uska saara pani pee liya our phir main uski choot ko zoor zoor se chatne laga. Wo chillane lagi. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaa aaaaaaaaaaa.
Aur zoor se karo, aaaaaaaaaaaaa maja aa gaya. Maine usko kaha ki aab hum 69 position me ho jate hai, tum mere lund ko chooso , our main tumari choot ko chaatoga. Maine use uthaya aur mai uski jagah par let gaya.. use kaha tum apni choot mere munh ke upar rakho taki mai niche se puri jeebh tumhari choot me daal saku. Usne vaisa hi kiya. Use badi jaldi thi mere lund ko chusne ki .Wo mere lund ko apne muh me lene ko besaabar ho rahi th. Wo jaldi se samne jhuki aur mere lund ko pakda pehale supade ki chamdi ko niche khicha.. supade ki motayi dekh kar boli.. itna mota to ek bhi vibrator nahi hai.. bahut hi mazboot aur kadak lund hai tumhari.. lehate huye usne supade ko kiss kiya fir pure lund ko jeebh se chata.. mai bhi gan gana utha.. mera lund aur fulne laga. Uska baad usne apne honto me mere supade ko liya , thodi der me hi . usne mere pura ka pura lund apne muh me ley rahe the. Mera lund 7.5 inch ka hai, mera lund uske gale tak ja raha tha. Wo mere tattoo ko bhi saath me munh me lena chahati thi. Maine usko kaha, darling tumhari, choot bahut tasty hai. Wo boli: yeh ek dum fresh choot hai, yeh baat alag hai ke main tumse badi hoon lekin meri choot ekdum kamsin aur fresh hai. Maine uske clitoris ko apne muh me ley leya our usko chusne laga, jis se wo itani garam ho gayi ki wo kapne lagi. Main uska clitoris ko zor zor se chat raha tha, saath saath me usko kaat bhi raha tha. Uski choot se isna pani nikal raha tha ki main bilkul gila ho chukka tha. Wo mere upar the our main uske neeche, wo mere lund ko muh se bahar nahi nikal rahe thi, main uske clitoris ko apne daanto se halka halka chabha raha tha. Main janta tha ki uske clitoris ki wajah se hi uske choot se itna pani nikal raha hai, mere pura muh uski pani se bhar gaya tha, per uska pani nikale hi ja raha tha. Usko multiple orgasm aa rahe the, jis ko wo bhaut enjoy kar rahe the. Wo apni choot mere munh par dabaye ja rahi thi.. uski gaand bhi mast thi chootad bhi ekdum shape me the. Maine ****ad dabate huye uska choot ke paani se ek ungli gili ki aur uski gaand me daal di.. wo chilla padi..oooooooh. .nooo.. pehale meri choot ko kholo apne lund se fir udhar hath lagaana.. maine kaha mai gaand me interested nahi hoon haan pyari gaand ho to pyaar jarur karta hoon..

Wo mere lund se nika pani ek baar pee chuke the. Mere lund ek baar phir apna pani chodne ko tayyar tha. Maine usko bola darling tum baith jaao mai tumhari pure chehare par apna cream lagaunga.. wo uth kar baith gayi..mai uska munh ke samne apna funfanata lund le kar muth marne laga.. aur wo apna munh khole jeebh nikal kar mera cream nikalne ka intezaar karne lagi. Yeh nazara aap kud sochiye kiasa hoga , jab ek 40 saal ki auart , wo bhi bilkul nagi , jiski choot bilkul geeli ho, wo aap ke samne apne ghutno ke bal baith kar aap ke lund se pani nikal ne ka wait kar rahi ho. Wo itani gharam ho chuki thi ki mere muth marne ke saath saath wo apna vibrator on kar ke apne choot me ragad rahi the. Tabhi mere lund se ek pichkari nikali, jo sidhe uske muh me gaye, phir maine uske poore chehare par apna pani chhoda jo uska gaalon par naak par aur uska mast chunchiyan par girne laga.. chehare ka maal wo jeebh nikaal kar chaat rahi thi aur chunchiyan ka cream usne aoni chunchiyan par faila kar masaag kiya. our boli our nikalo naa. Main kaha, kaisa laga mere pyari raand? Wo boli: jaannat ka maza mila hai aaj mujhko. Maine kaha jaannat to tere choot main hai saali, wo boli: tumara lund bhi kuch kam nahi. Wo muhj se boli: aaj tak kiitne choot mari hai, maine kaha bahut sari mari hai, per 40 saal ki ek dum taazi choot aaj pehali baar chaati hai. Maine kaha tumhari choot ekdum naram hai aur kitni gulabi hai.. abhi take iski lips bhi nahi khuli hai.. Wo boli: meri choot aab bhi kisi 16 saal ki ladki ki choot se kaam nahi.

Aab main thak kar necche bat gaya. Wo boli: , aaj tak mere choot me koyi lund nahi gaya hai, tum ne to do baar pani nikal diya hai, aap meri pyaasi choot ka kaya hoga? Maine kaha: darling tum mere lund ko phir se chatna shuru kar do, yeh lund 5 baar pani nikal sakta hai. Wo bahut khush ho gayi, our mere lund ko apne hatho me liya sehlaya bahut kiss kiya aur fir se chusane lagi. Mera lund fir se khada hone laga.. aur thodi der me hi kadak ho gaya. Maine punchha.. darling kaisa taste lag raha hai mere lund ka? wo boli: bahut hi mazedaar .kaash yeh lund muhje hamesha ke liye mil jaye. Maine kaha , tumhare choot ne aaj muhj ko pura gila kar diya hai. Itna pani maine kabhi kisi aurat ke choot se nahi neklate dekha jitna tumhare choot se nikla hai. Wo boli: sara pani maine ttumhare liye hi nikala hai, tum hi to kah rahe the ke aurate ke choot ka pani mardo ke leye hota hai, maine kaha, tumhare choot me se kuch jyada hi nikala hai. Mere pure badan per uske choot ka pani laga hua tha. Maine usko bola ki lund ke saath saath tu mere badan ko bhi chaat lo, wo tayyar ho gayi our apni jeeb se mere badan se apni choot ke pani se saaf karne lagi.uske liye ye ek naya experience thausne mere chehare se shuru kiyia aur niche chati par gayi.. usne mere nipple ko chata fir munh me liya jisase mai aur josh me aa gaya.. mera lund aur fufkarne laga.. Uska ek haat ab bhi mere lund per tha, jisko wo hila rahi the, uski chamadi upar niche kar rahi thi.. wo mere lund ko aur kada karke apne choot marwana chahati thi.

Wo mere doono nipple ko apne daanto se kaat rahi the. Mujh ko dard hone laga , main bola, saali, katati hai, wo boli : sanju hum aurato ka bhi dil karta hai ki hum bhi tum mardo ke chati ko dabaye our unko chate, maine kaha tum inko chuso , wo bhir mere nipple ko choosne lagi. Ab mera lund bahut kadak ho gaya tha. Maine usko kaha, darling tumhari choot ko faadne ke leye mera lund ready hai. Usne mere lund ke supare per ek kiss kiya aur mere lund se boli: hey mere pyare laude, aaj main aapne choot tujh ko deti hoon, tum isko aaj faad dena, agar isme se khoon bi nikale, tab bhi is per raham nahi karna, main kaha, chalo ab tum ghodi banjao. Maine uske muh deewar ki taraf kiya, our uske gaand ko kuch upper kiya, our apne lund ko uski choot per ragadne laga. Mere lund ke saparsh se he wo tez saasse lene lagi. Maine uske choot se apna lund tezi se ragad raha tha. Wo boli: hiii.. kyu tadpate ho ab to is choot per taras kho , our isme apne garam lund dal do, please 20 saal ke garmi nikal do. Maine ek jhatke ke saath hi uske choot me apna lauda dal deya. Mere lund ka supada uski 40 saal ki Kunwari choot ka munh kholte huye andar dhans gaya.Mere laude ke jate he wo cheekh padi ooooohhhhh.. marr ..gayiiiiiiii… .. kitna mota haiiiiiii.. bahut dard ho raha haiiiii…aaahh. . maine kaha . jaan abhi to pura lund bahar hai.. usne kaha ..mat dalo.. maine kaha.. fir choot fategi kaise..kehate huye maine dusra jor ka jhatka mara uski kamar pakad kar..aur mere lund ne uski seal tod di…aur is baar uski cheekh bahut jor ki thi..oooh..maaaaa… nikalo…. Meri choot ke chithade ho gaye… nahi chudwana mujhe..mai thoda ruka.. aur samne hath le ja kar uski chunchiyan ko dabane laga…aur usi halat me lund ko aage piche karne laga.. uski choot se bahut khoon nikal raha tha…aur wo niche floor par tapak raha tha..usne bhi niche ye dekha aur kehane lagi.. meri choot to gayi.. bahut jalan ho rahi hai.. maine kaha abhi thik ho jayega.. aur dheere dheere dhakke marta raha.. choot sach me bahut tight thi.. ek to uski is umar tak kunwara pan jisase choot ke andar ka bhag faila nahi tha aur dusari aaj take uski choot me kisi lund ka na ghusna. Maine ab supade take lund ko bahar khincha aur puri takat se andar dhakela.. mera lund uski choot ko cheerta hua.. pura andar ghus gaya aur mere dhakke se wo bhi samne bed par gir padi.. maine use kamar se pakad kar uthaya.. maine dekha uski seaansoo nikal rah the. Mai ab ruk gaya. Thodi der baad uska dard kam hone baad maine pura lund bahar nikal kar chodna shuru kiya.. mere dhakke jabardast the. main bhi aaj iske choot fadni ki sauchi the. 40 saal ki choot ka mukabala ek 25 saal ke lund se tha. Main janta hoo ki choot kabhi bhi thakti nahi hai. Per maine soch liya tha ki aaj isko itna chooduga ki iske 20 saal ki saari kasar nikal jayegi.

Ab Maine apna lund tezi se ander bahar kar raha tha, uski choot bhi paani chhor rahi thi.. aur ab use bhi maja ane laga tha. wo muj se aur tez , aur tez , zor se, zor se. Boli ja rahi thi. Main 20 minute tak non stop uske choot me apna lund dale jah raha tha, uske choot mere lund ke tezi se ek dum laal ho chuki thi per wo mujhe.. aur tez, aur tez kaha kar garam karti ja rahi the. Maine usko chodate chodate uska ek vibrator uttaya our uski choot ke paani se gila kiya. Maine dekha ki choot me dhakke khate wakt uski gaand bhi ful –pichak rahi thi.. maine wo uski gaand ke ched me lagaya.gaand ke ched me dalte hi wo bahut jor se chillayi..nahiiiiii… mai mar jaungiiii.. plz.. aisa mat karo.., ab to wo itna tezi se chilane lagi ki mujhe lag ne laga ki koyi bahar se aa najaye. Maine bola chup kar harmazadi, kyoi aa jaye gaya. Wo boli, mere gaand me vibrator kyo daal rahe ho, maine bola, tujh ko maaza dene ke leya. Wo boli, vibrator meri gaand me mat dalo mujko bhaut dard hota hai, maine kaha mujhko bhaut maja ata hai , jab tumko dard hota hai, wo boli, tum bhi apne gaand me ek vibrator kyo nahi dal deyte. Maine kaha chup kar sali , randi, lund ki pujanrin , maine vibrator ki speed full ki , our uski gaand me phir se daldiya, saath saath mi main uske choot bhi fad raha tha. Wo bhaut chillane lagi, mujhe bhaut aacha lag raha tha, main ab vibrator ko nikal kar uski choot me de deya jo ki aaram se ghus gaya kyuki mere lund ne uski choot khol di thi…our apna lauda uski gaand me de deya. Vibrator gaand me dalne se uske gaand ka ched bhi khul gaya tha, jisse mera lund uski gaand me araam se challa gaya. Ab usko achhha lag raha tha, choot me vibrator, our gaand me mera lund, wo boli, aaj tume ne is aurat ko bahut khushi di hai. Maine meri zindagi me socha bhi nahi tha ki kabhi itane shandar lund se meri itani mast chudayi hogi.

Maine uski gaand ko khub choda , wo bhi apne gaand uchaal uchal kar muhje se apni gaand marwa rahi the. 40 saal ke iss araut ne mere laude per upne tight coot aur mastani gaand se jaado kar diya tha. Maine fir use bed ke kinare par sidha kar ke litaya uska pair mere kandhe par rakhe aur fir uski gaand ke niche ek takiya rakha.. khuli huyi laal choot mere samne thi.. maine lund ko uski choot par rakha aur is baar ek hi dhakke me pura lund andar jad take ghused diya.. wo chilla uthi… aaahh… dheer… mai mar jaungi.. lekin mai puri berahmi se uska chod raha tha.. uski gaand ka ched bhi khula dikh raha tha.. mai kabhi kabhi lund uski gaand me bhi pel deta tha.. is tarah bahut hi jabar dast chudayi shuru thi.. Main kabhi uski choot marta to kabhi uski gaand. Kareeb1 gante ke baad maine uske choot me puri gehrayi me apna lund daal kar apna pani nikal diya. Maine uski choot aur gaand ko dekha ..dono ka hi munh khula hua tha.. aur uski choot se mera pani bahar nikal raha tha. Maine kaha chalo ab tum mere Lund ko chat kar saaf kar do. Usne mere Lund ko apne jeebh se ek dum saaf gar deya. Maine aunty ki choot per kiss kiya our bola, mera laund aap jaise aurat ke liye hamesha tayyar hai. Aap ko apni choot jab bhi muj se marwani ho , aap mujh ko phone kar dena. Phir maine usko apna mobile number de diya.pher main apne kapde pehan liya , aur drawing room me ja kar boss ka wait karne laga.tabhi boss phone unki biwi ke mobile par aya.. wo nangi hi bahar ayi aur usne kaha ki wo aaj raat me der se ayenge.. isliye apko intezaar karne ki jarurat nahi hai. Mai jane laga to usne kaha.. abhi to bahut time hai.. baad me jana.. maine uski taraf dekha nangi wo bahut hi sundar lag rahi thi.. uski chunchiyan ko dekh kar mera lund fir harkat me ane laga aur mai ruk gaya.. uska baad to maine use bathroom me aur uska kitchen table par bahut hi jabardast choda aur last chudayi bed room me ki to uski halat uth kar baithane ke layak bhi nahi thi.. uski choot ekdum laal ho gayi thi.. aur bahut ful gayi thi.. uska ghar se mai sham ko 8 baje nikla. Uska baad to wo mujhe khud phone kar ke bula leti hai.. kayi baar to boss jab tour par jate hai to 3-4 din mai use kapde pehanane hi nahi deta. To ye thi ek madmast 40 saal ki Kunwari aurat ke chudayi ki daastaan.

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اگست 28, 2008 at 7:57 pm

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