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Hello friends I am Shiv Prasad a regular reader and cintributor to this column in other section of sex stories. Yesterday i was prompted to write a true story on this topic. First let me introduce miself I am shiv prasad illegal son of a braham to a lower class woman working as house maid in house of Shri shiv Kumar Tiwari , in pratapgarh U P As mi father was unable to produce even a chidi ka bachha hence mi mother took the advantage of getting pregnent from Mr tiwari, hence the word bastard is in mi blood>
I am now fifty five retired from a Bank as class three employee and residing in Pratapgarh. My wife produced a child whom I name Ishwar Prasad and died and since then i never married but had sex relations with many a women in the life but now mi son is grown up and is living in Mumbai and is married to Lady named Bhawana a marathi girl who was bearing the child of mi son and is living with me.
Though i get erection seeing mi Bahu’s erect boobs and when i see her feeding her child I go to bathroom for masterbation, which even mi bahu knows . She is a bomb even after delivery of a child she has become more and more beautiful Let me describe about her, she is 22 and 5 dt 6 inches high having boobs size 42 after delivery the size go up due to filling of milk in them and nice heavy butts but waist missing. Fair colored and mast like hirni she roam here and there while picking of her child some time her boobs are touched accidently but she remains calm and quite but in miside i shiver like anything thinking of mi old past when i was young and merely killed many a womans by mi dick, Now what a strange thing is happening i am touching her boobs and she is smiling but no action and no reaction.
But this does not lasted long as mi son left for Mumbai where he works and we both are left alone in the house. I properly look after mi bahu and she too look after me with no intereaction on sex matters she openly give milk to her son without fearing anything from mi side opens her boob and feed her her entire boob is open to me some time when she is not wearing any saree her both the boobs are open. Sometime i thinking of her masterbate which is also know to her.
Suddenly a strange thing happened The child left feed and immediately the child was shifted to hospital where the problem was dignosed as tonsils and mother was asked to feed her by a peice of cotton dipping cotton in milk and it sud be kept on the mouth of the child which he may suck slowly and doctor advised that the problem will remain for fortnight.
During the night on day first i heard maoning of mi bahu i immeditely rushed to her and asked the reason she told me that she is feeling heaviness and pain on her boobs and on mi request she opened as i pressed them a lot amoutn of milk came out from them and spread on the the floor and similarly i pressed second boobs and the same thing happened.
i enquired from doctor about this and she repeated the same procedure and asked me to do it thrice a day. she was not knowing that there is nobody except mi bahu and me in home beside child. I started the procedure in morning but placed mi mouth instead of spoiling it on floor i sucked entire milk from one boob and second boob but no reaction about sex was exchanged in the evening same procedure was adopted but in the night while she was on the same bed with me alongwith child i sucked her both the breast and she embraced me and kissed me for relieving her pain. But the matter didnot stopped here as she was naked before me i started seducing her as mi old monster got erection and made me to request her for fuck. I was fondling her body and she got horny and i put mi dick inside her pussy and started pounding her but i dont got any objection from her side but instead she cooperated me un fucking saying oh daddy u r thirsty and me too hungry fuck me hard ohhhhhhh daddy fuckk me hard.
She was enjoying me and i too was enjoying her we both did for two times in the night and for next fifteen days i made her fully mi wife instead of mi sons wife. The practice is still continuing but will restrict me duiring mi sons wisit to this place which will be around one years time till then i am enjoying like many other poeple enjoy their bahus in eastern UP where sasurs are also know as PCS( which literally m,eans potohu(bahu) chod sasurs . and I am one among them thanks for patience and hearing me

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March 22, 2008 at 1:14 pm

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