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Maa ko patni aur didi ko meri stepni banaya [english]

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She was gasping for breath as i made my pumping moves.for sahila(43),my mom it was difficult to have sex as she is carrying my baby,and i havent stopped making love to her till now,she likes it though…what can i say…she really loves me and cant say no to what i ask of i slide my cock from the edge of the table,gives a good view of her fleshy pink pussy lips giving way for my manhood my names Surya(23),we have our own cashew refining centre in goa,dad had passed ten years back because of his drinking habit,now left is my mom me and my sis sheela(29).after dads passing i took care of the business and doing well. Its been few months since i started getting these weird feeling as if i am dad and moms my wife,its true that i am the head of my family right now but now i saw mom in new light,as a woman,i expressed it one evening to my mom as we sat down for tea,she remained silent and thoughtful,she finally said”its not wrong”.that night i dint get sleep,those words rotated in my mind,without my knowledge i headed to my moms bedroom,findig her sleeping,went and sat beside her,could she be my lover,in a moment i was on her,kissing her she woke up,”surya,whats this”,i told “mom ,i am the head ,am in not?”.i pinned her hands down on bed,sucked her lower lips,i forced her to open her mouth,played with her moist tongue,oh was she hot?.pulling her saree up i made my first entry,it felt like painful heaven,ohh gosh,it took some time to come to consiouness after frenziely fucking my mom,i know that she disagreed with this, but i know she will come to terms with day she woke me up with my usual bedtea but this time i was in her room,she smiled,taking lead i pulled her on bed and made love to her again.Sheela was very subdued these days as its been five years and none of the proposals have worked for her nothing wrong in her looks she looks very good but fate she keeps on consoling her,one fine evening how long didi are you going to waste your life like this, i asked?.”what do you mean”.she was little innocent,i even doubt weather she knows anything about sex as she studies in a strict ashram school for past twenty years.i told her dont you want to have pleasure in life,i went and sat beside her on the sofa,she had the same sleepy look all the time which i loved,now i made my move,”didi look how beatiful you are”.i ran my hands over her lips and curves of neck.she asked “so”.”oh didi,commom have some fun in life yaar”.it confirmed my doubt that she was unaware or sex,as i ran my hands over her breasts,she dint move,but let a sigh of pleasure,”what are you doing surya”.”didi i want to give you pleasure,do you want it,look have you ever seen this”.i showed her my penis i have seen small children with small ones,why is it so big here”.then i told her “didi its develops because it has to enter what you girls have”.she seemed to get an idea now.she asked”which hole surya”.i pulled her saree up to expose her pussy,i put my finger in her sex hole to show “here didi,this is where it need to be put”.she was surprised by my talk.”didi just listen to me and co-operate ok.i made her sleep on my bed and caressed her virgin breasts,were they soft,gosh………i came directly to mission,undressing my self she was scared when i came to lie on her,reassurign her i entered her,breaking her cherry was the sweetest thing thati have ever done,she was woman now,after this i confessed toher about the realation between mom and me,so she let me and mom get married,she told that she shall be my mistress.cant get more lucky than this,waht do you say.send in your comments to my mail

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March 12, 2008 at 4:18 am

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