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This is a fantasy when I fucked the new actress in bollywood hansika motwani during her first photo shoot. I am a fashion photographer in bombay. On 21dec. 2006 the director of “AAP ka SUROOR” movie along with hansika came to my studio. The director told me that he is casting hansika in her next film & wanted to have a hot photo shoot before that. Hansika was calm & was not looking relaxed. She was bit worried. That was the first time I saw hansika. She was just like a school going girl, but was damn hot. Her tits were medium sized but her ass was the hottest. She has the perfect round ass. She was wearing a tight jeans & a t-shirt. I asked them to come see the photo session area. Inside the studio a complete nude model was being shot by one of my friend. The model was sherlyn chopra. She was pressing her boobs with her hand & was spreading her ass chicks. Hansika was completely stunned by seeing this she never thought something like this can happen in bollywood. She was now sacred. But the director was getting horny by seeing sherlyn . He was scratching her penis from over the pant. The director asked me to give hansika a bikini or a thong to wear. Now hansika was really sacred & was sweating like a pig. I told the director to wait at the next studio were the photo shoot was about to happen & took hansika with me to my personal cabin to calm her down. Hansika started to cry & said that she is sacred to wear bikini or thong. I hugged her lightly n said that theirs nothing to worry bout every actress has to do this. I showed her few pics of ash n priety zinta in bikini n thong. I also showed her d naked pics of ayesha takia from her photo shoot that I did last month. After seeing all d photos she calmed down. I gave her a nice black thong n ask her 2 come to the studio wearing that, I went to 2 the studio n she went 2 d changing room. Me n director was waiting at the studio when she entered wearing only the thong. She was looking like an angel. She was wearing d black thong which just has a single string on her ass which got lost somewhere between her ass chicks. Her white round ass was glowing like a pearl. Her tits were partly visible because of d small bra. More than half of her boobs were visible. Impressions of her hard nipples are also visible on d bra. She was looking really nervous. The director starts rubbing his cock from over his pant. I went close 2 hansika n put an arm across her 2 comfort her. I got an instant hard on. I ask her 2 relax n went 4 my camera. The director also went close 2 hansika to relax her, but I saw that d director’s hand was on her ass chicks n he was squeezing her ass. After few min we were ready 4 d shoot. I started clicking photos. After few shots hansika was feeling comfortable n was posing nicely. We took some great shots of her almost nude ass, her sexy naval area n her hot tits. Now she was behaving normally. I went near her to show her a pose n ask her 2 pull her ass chicks apart. I touched her ass to show her how. I felt as if a current ran into me as I touched her ass. She looked at me n gave a smile. After that to show her different poses I touched her tits, her pussy area etc. But she was normal n was not tensed or sacred. After taking 50-60 pictures the director asked me that he wants to talk 2 hansika alone for few min on a private issue. I showed them a room which was not in use. It only had a couch. But what d director was not aware was that d room had two hidden cams and microphones placed on the roof n d wall. I quickly went for my cabin n started d monitors for the cams. What I saw next was not expected by me. Hansika was giving the director a blowjob. I zoomed the camera n found that hansika was not enjoying it but the director was forcing her to give him a blowjob. Hansika was crying but the director was forcing her dick in her mouth. Hansika was gagging because of the huge dick of the director in her mouth. I was recording the entire scene through the cameras. Next the director removed her bra and start sucking her tits. Hansika was sobbing but the director was not paying any attention to her sobbing and was busy in sucking her Tits. He was sucking, kissing and biting her white soft tits like an animal. Then he removed her panty and started to eat her pussy. He ate her pussy for almost 10 min. Hansika was crying continuously all the time. She was not at all enjoying the sex. The director was forcing her to have sex with him. The director was like raping her, but I was not stopping it because I was enjoying seeing a teenage girl getting raped. After eating her pussy the director put his dick into hansika’s pink pussy. She screamed with pain, but the director keep on pushing his dick deep into hansika’s pussy. He fucked her pussy like animals for 20 min. Then turned her to fuck her ass but hansika begged him to not fuck her ass because she will not be able to handle the pain. But the director was not in mood to listen to hansika. He forced his dick into her asshole and hansika screamed like anything, but he keeps on fucking her for another 15 min. After that the director put her dick into hansika’s mouth and started to fuck her mouth. After 5 min. He cummed inside her mouth. Hansika ýýs mouth was full of white cum. The director yelled at hansika, ” saali randi, actress banna hai na tujhe to aadat dal le logo ki chik peene ki, aur apni gaand marwane ki, saali randi ki aulad.” And he forced hansika to drink all her cum. And hansika drank all the cum. Then the director said, ” chal saali khud ko saaf karke studio chal, teri nangi pictures khinchni hai, teri mast gaand ki to poster banake apne bedroom me lagunga saali randi.” And hansika went for the bathroom to clean herself and the director headed towards the studio. I quickly switch off the monitor and went for the studio. The director was already waiting their. After few minutes hansika also showed up. She was looking really tired due to the rough fucking session. I asked them both to come to my cabin. I played the video and showed them the video of their fucking session. The director was stunned by seeing the video. He was really scared and was begging not to give the video to the media or else his career would be doomed. Hansika was also begging because her career was still to start and she doesn ýýt want any kind of troubles before her film releases. I said ok I will not give the video to the media but I wanted to fuck hansika. First hansika was not ready but after the director convinces her she gets ready. I asked the director to leave behind hansika for the day in the studio and ask him to go. After the director went I asked hansika to take a bath and get ready. I went in the office and called everybody and said that the studio is closing early and asked everybody to leave. After half an hour hansika was ready. She took bath and was looking fresh again. She was wearing a gown. I took her to the studio and asked her to remove the gown. She obeyed me and removed the gown. She was wearing a pink thong with only a string to cover her ass. I was getting really excited to fuck her. I clicked few photographs of her in some really hot, revealing and sexy poses. After that I ordered her to remove the thong and get completely naked but she was not willing to do that. I threatened her that I will give the video I recorded to the media. After that she obeyed me and get completely nude in front of me. She was really hot and sexy. Her pink pussy was like a little pink rose. She was clean shaved. Her ass was really sexy. I started clicking more photos. I shot her pussy, her tits and her awesome ass. After clicking a lot of photographs I bring four handycams with me, I posted them on four different corner of the studio on tripod. I started all the handycams and went towards hansika. I held her and started smooching her and parted her ass chicks with my hands. All the four handycams were recording the scene from four different angles. After that I kissed her small but sexy tits and start to lick her complete body from toe to head. She started to cry but I said, ” saali randi, director se chudwa chuki hai ab mere se bhi chudwa le warna teri nangi photos market me bech dunga, fir actress ki jagah randi banna padega tujhe.” And I licked her whole body. Then again I started smooching her and I Spitted in her mouth. I took my dick out and put it in her mouth and forced her to give me a blowjob. She was gagging because of my huge dick. After 20 min. I started fucking her mouth for next 15 min. I take out my dick from her mouth as she was about to vomit due to the gagging. Then I started eating her pussy and her asshole. I put my tongue deep into her asshole. The entire scene was recording on the four handycams. I ate her pussy and licked her asshole for about 20 min. After that I started fucking her pink pussy with my huge dick. She was screaming like a baby. I was yelling at her all the time I was fucking her, I said, “saali randi ki aulad, teri 16 saal ki chut ko to aaj phad dunga aur fir teri gand ka ghadda bhi bada kar dunga. Saali randi tere ko actress banna hai na dekh actress banne ke liye kya-kya karna padta hai.” After fucking her pussy I went for her ass. She was not able to bare the pain when I put my dick into her asshole, she screamed, “ouiiiii maaaaaaa !!!!! Phat gayi meri gand”. I laughed and keep on fucking her for another half an hour. As I was about to cum I put my dick into her mouth and cummed inside her mouth and forced her to drank the cum. She drank all my cum. After that I started peeing on her whole body and she started crying. I forced her to open her mouth and started peeing inside her mouth and she drank all my pee. After I peed all over her I took my camera and asked her to pee on the floor. I said, “chal saali moot zameen par warna tere pictures media ko de dunga” she started to pee on the floor I clicked few photos and quickly bring one wine glass and put it under her pussy. I filled it with her own pee and gave the glass to her and said, “chal randi peeja apni moot” I forced the glass to her mouth and she drank her own pee. Then I ordered her to shit on the floor, I said “randi jaldi se zameen pe hugna shuru kar warna mai tujh pe hug dunga” she strated to shit on the floor. I clicked lots of photos. Then I forced her face on her own shit and made her eat it. As she eat the shit she started to vomit I put her face on the vomit and made her eat it. After that she was half unconscious. I laid her flat on the floor her face up. And sit exactly over her face. I opened her mouth with my hand and started to shit inside her mouth and made her eat that too. After doing all the nasty things I washed her up and fucked her twice that night. Now when ever I feel like fucking hansika I just gave her a call and she comes to studio and I fuck her because I have all the video of our fucking recorded. This is how I fucked the new bollywood actress HANSIKA MOTWANI. Next time I will tell u the story of when BOOBY KAREENA KAPOOR peed on my face.If u liked d story pls mail me at

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March 2, 2008 at 3:34 pm

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