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This happened about 6 years back. I was eighteen then. I was ill for over a month. On detailed examinations, the doctors feared cancer. As you can see now, it was not cancer. But at that time, dad and mom were obviously worried and disparate for me. They tried to please me in every way. I used to be in bed for days and used to get somewhat better. This continued for more than a month. Once my mom asked, ‘Raju, please tell us what you want. We can do anything to keep you happy and satisfied till the end. I said, ‘Mom, you are greatest parents. I have enjoyed my life and experienced everything one can experience. I am happy.’ She said, ‘Please do not keep anything in your mind. You just have to tell. We are rich and get anything for you.’ I knew the end was near and hence decided to talk freely to mom. “Mom, despite getting all the freedom, I have never enjoyed sex. That’s the only thing left out.’ Mom said, ‘Don’t worry. We will find out a good girl and get you married. Even after you, she will have no worries throughout her life. We will treat her like out daughter and get her married. Wait for a few days.’ One morning, I was feeling alright and got up a bit early. Mom came to my room. She said, ‘Raju, you are looking fresh today.’ I replied, ‘I am not only looking fresh, but I am feeling fresh and a bit energetic.’ She said, ‘Good. I feel, you desire will be satisfied today. Your dad is gone out of town for urgent work and will be back after three days. Now if you feel OK, get fresh and be in the room till the time I prepare your break fast.’ I went to toilet, got fresh and sat on bed. Mom came in the room. She was not in her usual night gown. Instead she had put on a tight Punjabi dress, with low cut top. She came near me, took my head in her hands and pressed it against the breasts. She started caressing me. After a while, she turned my head and put my lips on her half exposed breasts. ‘Kiss there, Raju, you will like it.’ I said, ‘Mom, what the hell it is?’ She said, ‘Darling after making a lot of efforts also, we could not find out a girl for you. And I want you to be happy and satisfied. So I have volunteered to make you happy. Come on now.’ I said, ‘What about dad?’ She said, ‘I have already indicated dad and he has agreed. He has told me that so far Raju is happy, I do not mind anything. So that is settled now.’ She then slowly removed the top of her Punjabi dress. She wore nothing beneath. Her boobs were exposed. I asked, ‘Mom, can I touch your breasts? Can I suck them?’ She said, ‘Raju, I have told you, anything you want. I shall please you today.’ By saying so, she took my hand in her hands and placed them on the breasts. I started caressing them with hands and started sucking the nipples. The nipples were erect now. I squeezed the nipples hard. She let out a moan. ‘Sorry, mom’, I said. She said, ‘No. Don’t be sorry. I am enjoying this. Please continue with full zeal.’ I went ahead. She asked me remove all my clothes and helped me in undressing. I was now sitting naked on bed with full erection. I asked, ‘What next, mom?’ She said, ‘Now the fun starts. I am going to kiss your cock and take it in my mouth. You will really enjoy it. Your dad once told me that I am good at this.’ She sat on one side of the bed and took my cock in her hand. She bent down and took my balls in her mouth, with her tongue moving freely around them. It was a great sensation for me. After getting my balls wet, she started moving her tongue up and down my shaft. It was pulsating. Slowly she took the head of my shaft in her mouth first and then the entire cock. Her motioned up and down gather momentum. I felt the excitement. I told her I am going to shoot and that she should her her mouth off. She refused and motioned me to shoot. I shot. While I was getting empty, she sucked me harder and harder. I was now spent. I felt exhausted. I asked ,’Is that all? This Was not intercourse. How it is done?’. Mom said, ‘Raju, you are already sick and you will get tired if we did it now.’ We will try after some time. Now go and take bath the then relax. I have half prepared lunch for us. I will complete it and then come.’ Mom returned after half hour. This time, she was more than prepared. Since there was no one in the house, she walked in the room stark naked. I just kept looking at her. She said, ‘Drink me with you eyes. I want you to enjoy and be happy. Why don’t you remove clothes?’ I immediately got naked. But I was limp. She took a look at my dick and started telling how she and dad enjoyed sex after early years of their marriage. She was totally frank with me. She told how they enjoyed various position. This she told by embracing me. I could feel warmth of her body. I was now getting erection once again. Mom said, ‘Now you can have intercourse with me. But let me lubricate you first.’ She once again took my dick in her sweet mouth and started sucking it. She asked me finger her vulva. I started caressing her cunt vigorously. She was also getting wet and horny now. When I got steel hard erection, she said, ‘Raju, you are already week. So you relax and let me do the actual part.’ She placed her legs on both sides of my hips and lowered them taking dick in her hand. Within seconds,I could feel her silky vulva, already hot and wet. She easily slid down and my dick disappeared in her cunt. It was so good. She started her movement up and down, slowly in the beginning and then faster. While she was moving I squeezed her nipples hard. I said, ‘Mom, can I kiss you, on your lips.’ Without a word, she bent down, put her hands beneath my neck and kissed me on my lips. She pushed her tongue inside my mouth and I sucked it. Then I pushed my tongue in her mouth and she sucked it. We were now kissing each other and exploring each other. After ten minutes or so, I told mom that I am ready to shoot. She said, ‘I feel you should not shoot inside me. My period is just over and have done any operation. Neither I take any pills.’ She removed my dick from her cunt and about the time I was going to shoot, she took it in her mouth once again. Like before, she sucked me harder till I emptied. ‘Are you happy now? Did you get a good experience now?’ She asked me. I simply nodded vigorously. She said, ‘Good. I am also happy now.’

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February 23, 2008 at 7:57 am

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  1. I take pleasure in, cause I found just what I was having a look for. You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

    training mom

    April 4, 2013 at 2:34 pm

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