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Hi all sexvex readers this is my 1st story and after thinking a lot I finally decided to share it with u guys. I belong 2 Islamabad capital of Pakistan. I’m 19 years old studying medicine. Now let me tell u about my sis. She is 25 years old got married 3 years ago and now days she is in England. She came 2 visits us in Pakistan. She is a very sexy girl I don’t know really about her figure but she is very curvy 5.6 in height absolutely a sex bomb. Believe me when she got dressed up on her wedding day I really wanted 2 fuck her she was looking gorgeous. I was attracted mostly 2 her ass. Let’s come 2 the story. She came last year 2 visits us and when I saw his at the air port I was amazed bcoz her breast had really got bigger and her ass much sexier than before. I really wanted 2 fuck her. Few days passed and I came 2 know that my sis was pregnant. I was happy. I went 2 her room but she was not there. I saw a panty on the bed. It was surely my sisters I picked it up and smelled it.

I was smelling it suddenly my sis came from behind and told me what are u doing? Sharam nahi aathi? I was embraced and I was looking down. And 2 my surprise she told me that why r u smelling my panty come and smell the real thing. I was surprised 2 hear this she went back and locked the door and came 2 me. She told me that do u want 2 smells my pussy? I had no words 2 say. She sat on the bed aur asked me sit beside her and then she kissed me on my lips I was in heaven we kissed each other then she stood up and took off her shirt she was not wearing any bra but the boobs were very firm I held them and sucked them she was enjoying it. She told me take off her shalwar I took it off and there I saw a clean shaved pussy of my sister she sat in the bed and I wend in between her legs and she told 2 suck as long as I can I sucked her pussy it tasted salty and went on sucking her pussy and held her breast tightly after 15 mins or so she told me 2 stop she got up and told me remove my clothes and I did so she saw my dick and praised it and told that u r not kid any more she held my dick and rubbed it. It became rock hard.

Then she told me that I have learnt in England how 2 give men a perfect blow job she inserted my dick in her mouth and believe me I almost lost my senses she completely entered my 7 inch dick in her mouth she sucked it and at last I exploded in her mouth my dick became soft in the mean while she licked my ass hole and inserted one finger in my ass it hurt a bit but I enjoyed it. Then I told her that I want 2 fuck u but she told me that it is not possible bcoz she was pregnant. Then she told me that u don’t u are going 2 fuck me right now but not my pussy but my ass. I got really happy she stood up and brought some lotion but she told me that 1st I have 2 suck her ass hole I did so and then she applied a little lotion on her ass hole and a little on my dick and came into doggy style and entered her ass from behind it was tight and she was hurting bus she ordered me 2 keep pumping I was pumping hard and she was screaming after 20mins of hard pumping I came in her ass she felt relaxed aur took my dick in her mouth once again she told me that I can also fuck her pussy bus after the child’s birth. After that I almost fucked her ass daily for about a month and even I fuck her ass three times one day. She then went back 2 England and then gave birth 2 a beautiful baby girl we even now do video chat sex and she misses my dick very much.

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February 21, 2008 at 5:51 am

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    July 1, 2009 at 10:19 am

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