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Vidya fucked by neighbour uncle

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Hi all, i am vidya now 23 yrs and i look very fair,pretty, but bit fat, it happened when i was in school,,
I used to go to school in my cycle when i was in 6th.. because i had a very fair thighs and bit fat thighs guys used to always look at my thighs when iwas riding cycle.. Sometimes i never used to wear petticoat.. One day my neighbour uncle pinched my chicks and said i look sexy.. i got excited bcs it was first time in life called by like that.. He was 39 yr old that time and was married.. One day i went to his house to give sweets bcs it was my birthday.. His wife was not there and he was taking shower..Hhe said come in and sit..I told him i will keep sweets and come later but he insisted to wait so i sat.. When he came from shower he had only tied towel and his body was wet.. I got a glimse of his big dick..Then he sat next to me and asked how old am i?? i said 13..He said im lying and younger than that and he said he can prove.. i got angry and started arguing.. Then he said at the age of 13 u should have big breasts and ur not having now bcs ur just 12.. Because i was fat i had devoloped breasts at the age of 8 itself..I said i do have big breasts..He started saying ur lying again and he said he want to see them. i became silent and then he kept his hand on my chest and started touching my breasts.. then he said i cant make out like this and he opened my upperbuttons.. i was not wearing bra and that day i had weared petticoat.. He unbottoned myshirt and removed it completely.. now i was feeling very shy and he lifted my petticoat.. Now i was half nude showing him my entire breasts.. He said really u have got big pinkish beautiful boobs and he cupped and kissed my breasts.. Then he said still ur fat u have got breasts and i think ur just 12..Now i said how can i prove..He said he knows one more way.. He removed my skirt and now i was standing only in panty..
I said lets stop..I was feeling very shy and angry.. He said he can tell by looking my vagina.. He removed my panty and inserted his finger in my pussy..I got erotic.. I was standing completely in front of a 39 yr old man..
Now he hugged me and started kissing me all over my body.. I told him to stop and tried to wear my clothes but immediately he took my clothes and threw on top of the wardrobe,, Now i was in a very dilemna,, i started fearing and pleading him to give me clothes.. He said only 1 condition.. I have to suck his penis.. He removed his towel and showed his big 8inch.. I took it in mouth and started to swallow cream.. Then he slapped my ass hardly for 2 min.. It became very red.. He inserted his penis in my pussy and i started to scream.. He was fuckin me like a devil and i started enjoying it.. Then he made me sleep back side and fucked my ass.. To my horror he didnt gave clothes after that but came with a handycam and took my video.. Tthen he started blackmailing me and used to fuck me, even he made me fucked by his friends.. When i came to college i started making guys horny.. I would wear v neck tops and skirts..I had sex with most of my classmates and seniors in college..Now im looking for sex from my office colleagues

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February 18, 2008 at 7:10 am

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