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Lahore Ki Ladki Ko Choda

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Hi readers, my name is ali (offcourse not real name)from lahore.i m 21
years old athletic build.. . It all started when I was in my 2nd year
& was having my – semester exams. It was the last exam & I had 45
days preparatory holiday to prepare for my gate exams . It was evening
and my Mama & Maami (Uncle & Aunty) had just arrived from lahore. Let
me tell you about my aunty. She has the most voluptuous body I have
ever seen. Typical pakistani beauty – had big breasts that seem to
always swell whenever she wore her tight blouses had a very sexy smile
but the best part was her ass.
God I must have dreamt a thousand times of it. .I would always take a
seat behind her whenever we watched T.V. & would pray that someone
would call her so that as soon as she gets up I catch a glimpse of her
wide buttocks with her saree being tucked in her crack & the way she
would innocently pull the piece of her saree with her thumb & index
finger. I would just rush to the bathroom & help myself off dreaming
of it & hoping to actually caress her ass someday. But I simply didn’t
had the guts to do anything more than just watch. My parents who are
both working go to the office in the morning & my Uncle (mama) would
depart for his business work with them only as my dad would drop him
at his workplace. So that left only me & my aunt alone for the rest of
the day. Now I am a late riser & as soon as I wake up I go to the
toilet to pee.
When I have pissed & wash my hands in the washbasin which is just
adjacent to our bathroom I would always hear my aunt’s voice coming
from inside as she usually humms a song or two while bathing. The very
feeling that she is naked inside makes me hard & I jack off. This went
on for 4-5 days till I became bold enough to pierce 5 well concealed
holes in the door so that I could get to watch her body from all
corners. Oh that was the best moment of my life seeing her naked
taking bath & singing. I soon discovered that she had a very hairy
pussy but couldn’t still catch a glimpse of her vagina. It went on for
few days & I had dec ided that I would try to come as close to her as
I can. Instead of myself watching cricket I would watch film songs
etc. So that she too can join me. Slowly I became so open with her
that we would talk about my girlfriends etc. She had always liked me &
always kissed my cheeks since childhood. So now whenever she gave me a
kiss I would instantly return her on her dimpled cheek. The first time
she was taken aback but took it as if I did it just innocently. Soon I
became so bold that I would kiss her every now and then. It was noon
and she was pleading me to let her watch the movie on our cable but I
was watching cricket. I said okay give me 10 kisses & I would. She
agreed, taking it lightly as I always played with her that way. After
she kissed me I started returning it one by one but she was engrossed
in the movie.
I would every now & then inch closer to her lips ,she woul d just
smile & say you naughty boy stop doing it but that made me further
bold & I licked her cheek. She gave a groan & got up to sit on the
other sofa. We exchanged glances & few smiles for the next 20 mins. &
then the kissing scene in the movie came. That made both of us laugh I
got up & sat close to her & this time kissed her on her lips. She said
that save your kisses for future. But who was going to listen I
started flattering her saying that she is still very pretty even after
marriage & still manages to attract glances from men. She just smiled
& I put my hand on her face saying that her skin is very soft &
appreciating her fair complexion I slowly lowered my hand down to her
neck & then as I was moving to touch her cleavage she dragged my hand
off. But I can’t say I was so hot that I just touched her heavy
breasts & said that they are very soft & lovely she didn’t knew what
to say & just was surprised to see me so bold. I kissed her again
caressing her breasts from outside her blouse .She left a groan & that
emboldened me to touch her thighs. As I moved my hands caressing her
silken soft thighs towards her inner thighs she stopped me & said that
it wasn’t good for me to do that. But I was now just out of control &
forced my hands towards her crotch. She said please, don’t proceed but
she being elder to me & more experienced herself knew that I won’t be
able to control myself & she said shiva its all a matter of few
minutes & you might feel guilty later so why not you just go to the
bathroom & “discharge”. I was completely surprised to hear it ,my
aunty telling me to go and masturbate. I found it a good opportunity &
said I could but do it I will have to excite myself so that my penis
is fully erect (though it was already the hardest & longest I had ever
felt before). So I told her please let me see your boobs. She agreed
after much coaxing. As soon as she removed her blouse, her boobs
swelled under her bra & I just grabbed them.
She screamed “nalla pannu” whereas she had repeatedly told me before
not to touch them. Now I started playing with them & started sucking
them one by one . Her hand pulled my head but she was herself hot
enough & I soon realised this as she put my head closer to her left
breast. I started sucking her left boob while caressing her other boob
& pinched her nipples that were erect. She was groaning heavily “isshh
aaaah aaah hmmm nalla…! Aah! .I knowing that she didn’t actually
wanted me to stop, I stopped & looked into her eyes ,they were full of
lust & she without wasting any time hugged me & started kissing me. I
also caressed her back & moved my hands towards her ass. God.. Was it
soft or what .I became so excit ed that I lifted her saree touching
her legs & moving towards her pussy(pundai). She stopped me but I
overpowered her & said it will be fun for both of us & she gave up. I
touched her pundai,It was very hairy she was sought of embarrassed
with my look when I touched her pubic hairs. Since I had never seen a
pussy(pundai) in real before I tried to lifted her saree but she
didn’t allow me to see it. So I had to roam my hands inside to find
the hole. Finding me unable to locate it she took my hand & guided it
their. I pushed my index finger in & it slipped in .It was very wet &
hot inside, she breathed heavily as I worked my finger in & out of her
vagina. I inserted my three fingers & she left out a cry that made me
almost cum in my pants. I stood up & guided her hands towards my penis
but she blushed & turned her head away. She said that she couldn’t so
I rushed to the bathroom & jacke d myself off. When I returned she was
in the kitchen cooking lunch. I went behind her & grabbed her breast
from behind & clinged to her body tightly tightly. My now semi-soft
penis was hard in a flash & was pressing against her crack over her
saree. She was all the time just blushing & stirring the Curry over
the gas. I moved my hands slowly down & sat down on the floor. Then
touching her ankles ,I moved my hands up beneath her saree to wards
her pussy & then lifted her saree to see her ass. It was very big ,the
ass cheeks were very soft ,I pinched one & it became red .It made me
so excited that I started kneading her buttocks. Her pussy was visible
from behind between her legs. It was so wet that I could see drops of
her juice on her pussy hairs .Caressing her inner thighs & buttocks I
moved the thumb of my both hands towards her pussy& slightly parted
the lips. She threw her head up & amp; groaned slightly parting her
legs. I was now fully convinced that she can’t stop me from fucking
So I pulled her from her hand to the bedroom & pushed her on the bed
.She lay there in front of me all fours & breathing heavily. I pulled
her saree off & in my excitement tore open her blouse. She sent a
naughty smile & pulled my head closed to her breasts Repeatedly
murmuring “suck it ,lick it, bite my nipples”. She told me to circle
my tongue on her tits. She was massaging my head vigorously & pooling
me from my hairs to her mouth to kiss me. Then I unzipped my pants &
lowered my Underwear to expose her my nice hard cock & jumped to enter
her. She smilingly said wait. She now made me lie down on the bed &
she stood up . The sight of her breasts bouncing when she stood up
made me very hot. She touched my penis & said so you are a big boy
now. She rubbed it up & down Squee zing it very hard which made few
droplets of pre-cum ooze out on the tip of my penis. She looking me in
my eyes slowly just touched her tongue to my pre-cum & then licked it.
She fondled my balls & squeezed my penis .I told her that I would cum
before I entered her. She said she wanted that I should first cum in
her mouth so that she can make me hard again & then let me fuck her as
that way I would be able to fuck her for long time without cumming
quickly. She licked my balls & with her tip of tongue licked the inner
site of my cock to it tip. Finally she took the cock head in her mouth
& sucked hard making slurping noise .She would take the entire cock
till her throat & bring it out then rub it for few seconds & would
again take it in. She sensing that I was about to cum concentrated
only on sucking .The slurping sound of her made me cum loudly in her
mouth . That day I might have cummed for almost a min ute as if
sending a gallon of cum in her.
She swallowed it in & started licking my cock clean .I was too
exhausted to look at her while she was cleaning me. When I looked at
her I saw a drop or two of my semen dripping down the corner of her
lips. That made my cock spring up .She was surprised & looked at me I
pointed her mouth which she understood & licked her lips of all the
semen in such an erotic way that I soon found myself hard again. I
grabbed her & pushed her on the bed. Parted her legs & guided my now
fully erect cock in her pussy she let out a moan .Slowly & slowly my
entire cock slipped into her wet pussy. I started pumping in & out
She started pushing herself up matching my strokes. It continued for
few minutes until she started screaming out “hmmmmm appadithaaan nalla
pannuda pl make me cummmm…… I beg u”. I obliged her by giving fast
& deep thrusts.Shelet out a scream as she threw herse lf back on the
bed & tried to catch some breath. I too seeing her cum again and fell
on her side of the bed. We both were very exhausted. Espescially me as
I cum in one day what I could cum in a month. She caressed my face &
kissed me. We lay there naked for half an hour & then she stood up to
clear the mess on the bed. She washed the bed sheets & we even had a
bath together. We both soaped each other clean & enjoyed. I afterwards
fucked her many times during her stay but would still never forget
that day. This is a true story & not a fiction if you enjoyed reading
as much as I enjoyed doing then do send me your comments
any girl/aunty in lahore/ can also contact me.privacy will be
maintained.any unsatisfied aunts or widows can mail me to have their
needs fulfilled
Thank you

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اکتوبر 21, 2009 at 6:22 am

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Enjoyment With Friends (part 2)

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Hi! I m Johnny. Ye ek real story hai jo k meri or mere dosto ki apni GFs k saath hai. Umeed hai apko ye kahani pasand ae gi.Muje ap k comments ka intazar rahay ga. Ap ne meri kahani ka part 1 parha. Muje e-mail zaroor kijiye ga. Mera e-mail ID hai (johnny_raazi@hotmail.com) Me apko apnay further experiences b doo ga. Itna me bta do k me es kahani k charaters k names change ker chukka hoo. Or ye meri apni story hai. Ab me apni story ki taraf ata hoo.

ye kahani aj se 4 saal pehle ki hai or ye mera or mere dosto ka 2nd sex experience tha. Us wakt hami ages 21-23 saal theen or Masters ker rahay thay. Me Johnny height 5’10” or mera penis 10’ lamba or 3” mota hay. Mera dost Aneel height 5’6”(penis7’ 3”), Raazi height 5’9”(penis 8’ 2”),Shaani height 5’10”(penis 10’2”), Sabeen Height 5’6” figure(34-22-32), Fari height 5’4”(34-24-36), Maham height 5’3” (36-22-34), Hina height 5’5” (32-26-34).
Apko pata hai k Ham sub ka ta’aluk Karachi se hai. Or hum log flats me university k near rehtay thay. Jo k mere father ne liye thay. 1 flat me girls or 1 me hum dost. Humaray parents bohts close thay es liye unhone hamari asani k liye hamain ye flats diye thay. Hum weekend pe ghar jatay or pher wapis flats pe a jatay. Hamaray smester exams kareeb ae to hunm logo ne ghar na janay ka faisla kia. Or ikathay baith k parhtay thay.
Pehla paper Monday ko hua tha or her paper k baad 2 chutiyan theen. Hum ne apni Gf’s ki choot to mar li thi. Or ab 2nd paper k baad hamara irada un sub ki gand b marne ka tha.
Ham log ikathay parh rahay thay 3rd paper ki tayyari k lie. K achanak hum ne 1 game khailnay ka faisla kia. Wo game kuch aisay thi k girlz ne hum sub se four four Q’s karne thay or hr correct ans pe un logo ko apna dress remove karna tha. Jub k wrong ans pe unho ne apna dress pehn’na tha. Ye game waise he hai jaise strip games hoti hain.
Me ne sub ko games k rule samjha diye. Or waise b girls hum se kafi khul chuki theen. Or sharmati nai thee pehli dafa ki tarah. Ek baat or jo me btana bhol gya k hum friends drinking, cigrete etc nai kartay.
Hina: “Theek hai! Jaldi game start karo raat k 11 to ho rahay hain.”
Raazi: “Sabar to karo Sweet heart! Hum log tum se ziada jaldi ma hain.”
Es pe Hina Sharma k chup ho gai. Phir game start hua or hamari Gf’s ne hum se Q’s poochne start kie. Hum sub dost dinning haal me chairs le k baith gae. Hum sub ne pehle Q ka ans theek dia. Unho ne apni Qameez utar di. Sabeen ne red colour k dress k neechay red bra or penti pehn rakhi thi. Fari ne off white suit k neechay skin colour ki or Hina ne blue suit k neechay or Maham ne white suit k neechay white bar or penti pehn rakhay thay. Dosra Q ka ans b sub ne theek dia. Or hamari Gf’s ko ani shalwar utharni pari. Ab wo log sirf bra or penties me thay jb k hmara khud pe control mushkil ho raha tha. 3rd Q ka ans me ne galat de die to Sabeen ne shalwar pehn li. Muje khud pe bohot gussa aya. Khair baki sb girls ab sirf penties me thee. 4th Q ka ans Raazi ne galat dia to Hina ne apni white bra pehn li. Ab Maheen b sirf red bra or penti me thee. Ab Fari Shaani ki god me chali gai or Fari Aneel ki god me chali gai or wo log hamari game khatam hone ka intazar karne lagay. 5th or 6th Q’s k ans hum ne theek day diye or wo dono nangi ho k hamari goud me baith gai. Ab asal game start karna thee.

Me Maheen ko kis karne laga. Aneel ne fari ko, Raazi ne Hina ko or Shaani ne Maham ko chumna shuru kar diya. Hum logo ne almost 10 min tak french kissing ki. Hamain bara maza aa raha tha. Humain josh ane laga or hum sub ne apne kapray utar die or un ko dinning table pe lita k un k tangain upper utha k un ki choot ko choomna shuru ker dia. Q k un sub ki chikni clean shaved chootain daikh k es baar hamara dil b machal gya. Ye hum sub ka pehli dafa tha es lie shuru me kuch ajeeb laga pher maza ane laga. Un sb k mounh se oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh……… aahhhhhhhhh…. Ssssshhhhhhhhhh…………… orrrr…………. Karo…………… pppplllllllllllllllllzzzzzzz………. Ab nai bardasht ho raha………………..sssssssss ki awazain nikal rahi theen. Thori dair bad hum ne un ko neechay utara or apne lund choosnay ko kaha pehle to un sub ne inkar kia lekin pher maan gaeen. Pehle hamaray lund k top ko choosa or pher ahista ahista poora lund mounh me lene ki koshish karne lagee or hum maze se behaal hone lagay. Khair hum un ko wahan se le ker drawing room me a gae or un sub ko zameen pe lita k un ki tango k neechay 1 1 pilow rakh dia. Es se un ki choot upper ho gae. Pher hum sub apni Gf’s k boobs ko suck karne lagay or sath he hum ne apne lund un ki boor me dalne shuru ker die. Un sub ko dard to ho raha tha lekin pichle dafa ki tarah nai. Es baar wo sub kafi relax then or enjoy ker rahi theen. Poora lund ander jane k bad hum ne jhatkay dene start kie or ahista ahista apni speed taiz karte gae. Un k mouh se oooooooooo………. aaaaaaaa……………. sssssssseee………. jaaaaaaannnn……….. or taiz……………….. or taizzzzzzzzzzzz………………… uuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…… bohhhhhhhhot………… maaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzza…….aaaa……. raha………. Hai………. nikal raha tha. Jo k hamain or ziada josh dila raha tha. 5 min baad hum ne positions change ker lee or un ko doggie style me ker dia. Kamray me dhap dhap ki awazain gunj rai theen sath he Sabeen, Hina, Fari or Maham ki oooooooooooooooo……………… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………… or taiz………………….. booooooooohhhhhhhhhoot maaaaaaaaaaaaza aa rahaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaay………uuuuuuuuuuffffffffffff……………… haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………. aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiisssssssaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy hhhheeeee jjjjaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnuuuuuuuuu……………… ki awazain hamain or josh dila rahi thee. 10 min aise hi chudai karne k baad hum logo ne un ki gand marne ka faisla kia.

Hum ne apne lund un ki boor se bahar nikal lie to wo peechay mur k hamain daikhne lageen. Wo sub 2 bar jhar chuki then magr hamari pyaas abhi baaki thee. Hum ne un se kaha k ab hum aap logo ki gand marain gay to wo bohot dar gaeen or hamain mana karne lageen lekin hum ne kaha k aisa to hum ker k rahain gay. Khair thori behes k baad wo maan gaeen. Hum ne un sub ki gand or apne auzaroo ko oil se chikna kia. Me ne sabeen ko agay ki or jhuka k us ki gand me ungli karna start ker di. Ungli pehle phans k lekin phir aram se andar bahar hone lagee. Es tarah me 2 unglio se us ki gand marne laga or pher 3 unglio se. pher me ne apna lund us ki gand pr rakha or 1 zordar jhatka mara. Mera lund 3’’ tak us ki gand me ghus gia. Wo dard se cheekhne lagee magar me ne us ki perwah na ki or 4-5 zordar dhkay maray or mera 10” ka poora lund us ki gand me chala gya. Wo zor zor se rone lagee or agay bhgne lagee magar me ne apna lund us ki gand se nai nikalne dia wo zameen pe ulti lait chuki thee. Me us ko frech kiss kerne laga or us k boobs ko masalne laga. Ahista ahist us ko sukoon milne laga lekin dard khatam nai hua. Aneel ne apna 7” ka lund ahista ahista Fari ki gand me ghussa dia. Raazi ne apna 8” ka lund Hina ki gand me ahista ahista gum ker dai. Jub k Shaani ne apna 10” ki lund jub zordar jhatko k saath Maham ki gand me dala to wo bohosh ho gai. Jis per hum sub pareshan ho ker uth kharay hue or apne lund un ki gand se bahar nikal lie. Or Maham ko hosh me lanay ki koshish kerne lagay. Khair 10 min baad us ko hosh a gya. Or hum ne apna khail dobara start kia.
Es baar hum ne ahista ahista un ki gand me apne lund ghussa diye. Or ahista ahista un ko chodne lagay pehle un ko dard ho raha tha magar pher maza ane laga or un k mounh se ssssssshhhhhhhhhh…… ooooooooo……… aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii…………. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….. ki awazain nikal rahi theen. Jub k hamari speed ahista ahista taiz hoti gai. Me ne Sabeen ki choot me finguring shuru ker di or us k honto ko mounh me le ker choosne laga. Realy muje to bohot maza aya or Sabeen ko b. 25 min gand ki chudai k baad hum sub bari bari jhar gae. Or hum ne un ki gand me hi apna maal chor dia. Or hum log alag ho ker apni saansain theek karne lage. Bed sheet hamari Gf’s ki gand se nikle khoon ki waja se jaga jaga se kharab ho gai thee. Hamari Gf’s theek se chal b nai pa rahee theen. Raazi medical store pe gya or kuch pain killers le aya. Hum ne unhain pani garam kr k bhaap di or pain killers khilain ta k wo relax ho jain.
Ye kahani abhi khatam nai hui hai Q k es k baad b hum ne kai bar un ko choda or ek ek ko charo ne mil ker b choda or kis tarah choda ye next story me btao ga.

Muje apne comments zaroor dijiye ga phir aap ko next story parhnay ko milay gi. Abhi to bohot si stories mere pass hain.
Mera e-mail ID hai:

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Multan Ki Garam Ladki

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H R U ALL???Mera naam Tahir hai aur main MULTAN Pakistan main rehta hon.
Aaj main ap ko jo kahani sunany ja rha hon wo bilkul sachi hai.
yh baat aj sy 3 sal pehlay k hai jab main 18 sal ka tha.meri cousin ki shadi thi.Jo k humary khandan main sab sy ziada khobsurat thin.sab log apni apni tayariyon main masrof thay.meri aik cousin js ka naam Eman hai,age 20 years.rishtay main wo meri phupho ki beti hai.isi doran usy apny ghar py kam para to us ny mujhy sath chalnay ko kaha.Us k sab ghar waly meray chacha k ghar hi thay aur un ka ghar bilkul akela tha.main us k sath us k ghar chala gaya.Dopehar k 2:30 Bajy thay Sakht garmiyon ka mosam tha.Jab main us k ghar pohancha to us nay mujhay aik room main bithaya jis main A.C laga howa tha.aur wo apny kamray main jatay waqt mujhay yh keh gai k ap yahan bethain mujhay thora kam hai.phir hum wapis chaltay hain.yh kh kar wo chali gai kuch dair bad wo meray liye bottle lay ae jo main ny pi li aur wo phir sy chali gai.
takreban aik ghanta akelay bethnay k baad jab main usy dekhnay k liye bahir nikla aur us k kamray ki taraf gaya.us k kamray k darwaray par jalli si lagi howi thi jis sy andar khara banda nazar a sakta tha aur aus k andar b dawaza tha wo bilkul band tha.jab main ny us ka door knowk kia to koi jawab na aya.jab main ny zor sy knowk kia aur meray musalsal knowk karny k bad us ny sirf andar wala door hi open kia aur jalli wala band rehnay dia.kia dekhta hon k wo baghair kameez aur brazzier pehnay sirf shalwar pehnay khari hai.us k 34 size k boobs dekh kar mera lun full khara ho gaya.to main ny us sy kaha k darwaza kholo.par us ny bari sakhti sy darwaza band kardia. aur andar chali gai.kuch dair baad us ny door open kar dia.to main andar chala gaya us ny kamez pehni hovi thi.churo churo main dil dhak dhak karny laga but himat kar k us ko kis karna chaha.to us ny nakhray kiye bat bad main wo razi ho gai aur main use us k bed per le gaya.aur French kissing start ki.phir main ny us ki kamez utarna chahi to wo kamez ko churany lagi aur nichy karny lagi.phir main ny bari mushkilon sy us ki kamez utari.aur jo boobs jaliyon main sy dhundlay nazar aa rhy thy unhay saf dekha us ka figure 34-26-34 tha.yh mera zindagi ka saab sy pehla chance tha jaab main ny kisi larki ko nanga dekha.is sy pehlay main ny use b is nazar sy nai dekha tha.phiir main ny us k pinkish white boobs aur un ki pink nipple ko kiss kia aur sucking karnay laga.phir jab main ny us ki shlwar utarna chahi to wo rony lag gai.aur main ghabra gaya.but use chup karana laga aur manany laga.na chahty howe bari mushkilon sy kafi manany k baad wo agree ho gai.aur main ny us ki shalwar utar di.phir main ny apny kapray b utar diye. aur mera 8″ lamba aur 4″mota lora jab us nay dekha to us ny apni ankhon py hath rakh liya.main ny us ka hath hataya aur use apna lun pakarwaya.to wo sharmaty howe thora muskarai aur lun ko agy pechy karny lagi.aur main use kiss karny laga.thori dair mainwo garam ho gai aur main b garam ho gaya.main ny use tail ka pocha to us ny kha samny table par rakha hai.main ny tail uthaya aur dobara bed py a gya.aur main ny use lun chusny ko kaha to kehny lagi k mujhey vomiting ho jae gi to main ny kha k kuch nai hota use tasalli dilanany k bad us ny mera lun apny mun main liya aur foran nikal diya aur kehni lagi yh bohat bara hai.main ny kha isy lolipop ki tarha chuso aur us ny mera lun mun main liya aur meray lun ko chusny lagi aur meray lun k topy ko chatny lagi is par mujh sy rha nai ja rha tha aur wo b ab tak ziada garam ho chuki thi.main ny usy lita diya aur us ki safiad bina balon k phuddi par tail lagaya aur usy apny lun sy ragarny laga aur wo siskiyan bharny lagi.aur “cccccccccccccc” aaaaahh” jesi awazain nikalny lagi jab main ny us ki phuddi main apna lun ghussana chaha to wo aik dam say uth gai aur kehny lagi nai main ny aaj tak yh kam kisi k sath nai kia main ny suna hai is main bohat dard b hota hai.nai main nai karongi.to main ny foran sy us ko french kiss kia aur aik hath us k bobay pakary aur aik hath ki ungli us ki phuddi par pherny laga.us us ki puddi ka dana ragarny laga.aur usy pagal bana dia.aur wo mera lun cusny lagi aur kehni lagi tum yh baat kisi sy kehna mat k main ny tum sy aisa karwaya hai to main ny kaha theek hai.to us ny mere lun ka topa apni phuddi k sorakh par rakha.to chun k main b aisa pehli bar kar raha tha aur wo b lakin kuch blue films dekh kar andaza tha is liye main ny us ki tangain khol din aur thoda zor laga kar apna lun andar dal dia lakin seel band hone ki waja sy mera pora lun andar nai ja raha tha.2,3 bar aisa karny k bad main ny aik zor dar jhatka laga aur mera lun pora ka pora andar chala gaya aur us ki phuddi sy khon behny laga.aur us k moon sy aik zor dar chekh nikli aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.aur wo behosh ho gai main ny thoda sa pani us k mun par dala aur wo hosh main ai aur main ny phir chodna churu kar dia kuck dair to wo dard sy bahal rahi par thori dair baad usy maza any laga aur wo b jhatky marny lagi phir main ny us ki tangain apni kandhon par rakhin aur zor lagany laga to kamray main “chap chap chap thap thap tak takh” ki awazain any lagin aur us k mun sy

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Sali Puri Gharwali

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When I saw my wife’s sister first time, she was in her school uniform. Ritha was taller for her age but the most prominent thing was her hips. Her buttocks were bulging like two foot balls glued together. She was at tenth grade at that time. I was horny about my sis in law from the first sight. Ritha worn loose dresses at home which revealed lot of her body. Many times I couldn’t help staring to her hour glass shaped body. It was only after five years of marriage I could put my hand on Ritha’s body. It was a family function and my wife could not attend it due to her bad health. I grabbed Ritha’s thin waste when I got a chance. Later we chatted a lot on internet and I was able to express my wish to have a sexual relationship with her.

First she was reluctant to cheat her sister, but I was able to convince later. Then also we did not get a place or opportunity to fuck. Then she got admission to post graduate course in physics in a distant town and before she left she promised to make the things work as soon as she join the college. Ritha telephoned me from her new place when she had settled. She was staying at a hostel. I reached the place in two days and met her in the hostel. She had told the warden that her big brother has reached for an official trip and therefore she will have to stay with me for a week. When she packed her bag I reminded her to take the school uniform she had brought from home. We reached in the hotel I stay at 5.15 p.m. As soon as we entered the room Ritha asked why I insisted on bringing the uniform from home. “I will answer you while we eat some ice cream at the restaurant.”While we were eating ice cream I told her about the fantasies I have. It was about fucking my sister in law in school uniform.

I also hinted about my desire to explore her lovely ass. Ritha was exited to hear about this. She suggested that we would make real each fantasy real during coming days. It was day 1 evening Ritha came after college, she had a shower and she changed to her good old school uniform. I felt an instantaneous hard on when I saw her in my favorite fantasy. I stared her for sometime. She had out grown the old garments. Skirt has become short revealing those lovely pair of thighs. Also shirt was tight and her small breasts were struggling to free from that. I could see her brassiere through the shirt, which provoked me further. She had not forgot to wear tie as well as a belt, which were elements of school uniform. After I enjoyed much of the front-view I moved to her back and looked at her beautiful hips. Her ass was popping out more than usual due to the tight skirt and belt.

I could not help approaching her and embarrassing from back. Caressing her small boobs I told her that I had never expected this would happen. She replied “I knew someday this would happen How. “You were always staring on my ass and I felt a burning sensation in my asshole which tempted me to yield. ” My prick, which now fully erected was pressing just bellow her buttocks since she was as tall as I was. I kissed on her lips and put my tongue into her mouth. Her great pink tongue plunged deep into my catching hold of my tongue. She closed her eyes and called my name. I felt my rod would explode in the softness of Ritha’s ass. She rubbed her ass buns against my stiff cock. Same time I lifted her short skirt and caressed on those lovely thighs.

Then I removed her tie, belt and unbuttoned the white shirt. Her small breasts were firmly packed in 32″ white brassier. I wrapped those tits over brassier cups with my palm. I couldn’t help kissing on bra straps running over her soft back and cutting into her flesh. Her breathing became heavy and she knew this man is going to do wonderfully naughty things to her body. Sony is going to penetrate where no one has dared to go and he is going to make Ritha scream with intense pleasure and lust. Ritha began to scratch her nails into tissue of my hairy chest.

This excited me and I kissed over the fabric and then unhooked the bra. For the first time Ritha was revealing her tits in front of a man.. The feeling of my lips wrapping around her hard nipple send shivers throughout Ritha’s body. As my lips move down from my breasts to belly, I caressed her smooth thighs and pressed my mouth on her naval. Soon I unhooked her skirt and it fell down around her feet. Ritha was now in pink panties with her ass standing out remarkably. I kissed on both of her buttocks alternatively. The n Ritha turned 180 degree and her vaginal mount was projecting profusely, only millimeters away from my face. I stared on that and pressed my lips to it. Aha! The smell was so good.. My hands finally stopped over Ritha’s vaginal mount. My palm pressed through the silkiness of her panty and found it wet. I inserted my hands in the waistband of her panty and pulled down it slowly to reveal one of the best hairy cunts I had ever seen. Her pubic area was lengthy and covered with thin hairs.

I said, ” I knew that your cunt is not bald.”How did you know?”Ritha, one day I inspected your panty you had put for drying and I found few thin pussy hairs on it”Do you love seeing ladies panties?”Certainly! That day I smelled your panty and masturbated”Have you smelled any other girl’s underwear?” A lot. On every chance I did! Actually I Had stolen many of these including my cousin sister’s as I love the feminine smell and therefore used ones are best.”Oh! Panty thief! Saying this Ritha rubbed the panties just removed from her body on my face. I inhaled deeply so that I can enjoy the smell of the little cloth that was covered her cunt and ass.. Suddenly Ritha felt honey oozing from her cunt. In the room Ritha laid across the bed with her legs spread and her pussy winking at me as she continued to rub and play with it ever so often letting her finger dip into her cunt and letting out a little moan as she hit her G spot ether on the in or out stroke. I dropped my robe and joined her on the bed, my cock by now was at the point of no return and there was a little dollop of pre-cum glowing on the tip.

She looked at my cock and quickly took it between her lips and slurped the droplet with her tongue and made a face while saying how good it tasted. I made a dive for her cunt and buried my face in her pussy until I thought Ritha was going to take my entire head into her slit which was moist an very t asty as I grabbed her cliat between my teeth and nibbled gently as she arched her back and let out a scream as my mouth was filled with her cunt juice as she came like a waterfall. “Oh shit!! Put your cock in me now, I need to feel it , I need fucked and fucked hard.” I of course was ready to respond and I slowly entered Her juicy cunt with just the tip of my cock slowly until just the head was buried up to the ridge. Oh, it was tight unlike her sister’s which I enjoy daily but our love-juices lubricated it.”Oh you panty thief” she moaned “give me the whole thing I want to feel you hit bottom.”

She cried in pain and pleasure. I slowly drew my cock out until I felt the lips of her cunt start to grip the end of my cock, then I pushed it back in till I felt the same lips grip the ridge of my cock. “Please don’t tease me” Ritha said almost crying in ecstasy, “Put your cock the whole way in.”I continued to do the slow fuck with just the head of my cock until I felt her st art to cum, then I plunged the entire length of my cock in to her super hot pussy, as I did several things happened, she came and it felt as though I had put my cock into a vice as she clamped down hard with her pussy muscles. I continued to pump her and noticed something real strange. Her cunt seemed to get deeper and tighter, then I realized that I had entered her uterus and was for the first time having a true deep fuck, something that I had only read about. Ritha continued to moan and thrust her hips as I pumped her twat in a slow steady movement. “Don’t cum inside me” she squealed

“I want to taste it, cum in my mouth, pleasssee. “I didn’t know if I could hold it long enough to get out of her cunt and into her mouth, but I was going to try. I slowly exited her cunt and rolled on my back, beside her on the bed, my cock was pointing toward the roof and I felt that if a fly flew past I would shoot cum to the moon. I raised to my knees and let my balls rest between h er tits and the head of my cock brushed her waiting lips which opened to receive my swollen cock. She raised her head and took my cock into her mouth and applied suction to it an I felt her throat start to give the head that swallowing feeling, she was deep-throating my cock, granted it’s not that long but by now her nose was buried in my pubic hair and my cock was down her throat, and she continued to suck for all she was worth. I felt as though my balls were going to blow-up. I told her that I was going to cum, and she only sucked harder and faster.

When I did let go I thought that that I would never stop I came like I never have before I shot and shot until I noticed cum seeping out the corners of her mouth and running down on to my balls. She never missed a drop and still swallowed greedily until I stopped coming and let out a sigh of pleasure. She rose to one elbow and let my cock slip out from between her lips. As she did a drop of cum glistened on her lips and fell to my stomach, which she quickly licked up. As I laid there spent, she showed that this was going to be a long afternoon. Before I knew it she was busily licking my cock and balls clean of every drop of cum in sight. She laid back an looked me in the eye and said “Damn that was good, but we’re not done yet, unless you want to stop” What could I say “No I can last as long as you can but it will take me slightly longer to come back. “

“No problem I can amuse myself and you too” she smiled and I wondered just what the fuck she had in mind. We laid there for several minutes and I was just enjoying the after glow of good sex, when I felt her moving on the bed and then I felt her hair brushing my leg as she dropped between my legs and started to lick my balls and push my sack in and out with her tongue, as she did this she pushed my legs Back and her tongue dropped to my ass hole and I felt her tongue toying with my sphincter as she tried to push the tip in.”Your sister never sucks me.””Oh! I never had a woman tongue my ass before” I moaned as she continued to tongue fuck my ass hole. She looked up at me and suggested that we take a shower to recharge our batteries an so she could show me something else that she liked. We got up and walked toward the bathroom I looked at her and said, “I have to use the facilities first””You going to piss?” Ritha asked in a strange sort of way.

Yea,Why” I replied “Don’t just hold it until we’re in the shower I love to see a man taking a piss” she replied. “Ok” I replied what ever turns you on. Ritha fussed with the water controls as I sat on the toilet and looked at her cunt and ass hole winking at me. “Ah, just right” she cooed and stepped into the tub,”Come on in and join me. ” I stepped into the shower and felt the warm water splash over my chest and run down my cock and balls, “Boy, that almost feels as good as sex, ” I laughed and reached for the soap and was stopped in mid reach by Ritha as she said “Let me” and took the soap and worked a lather between her hands and started to soap up my chest and then started to work lower, by now I had a combination piss and sex hard-on and Ritha was soaping it up for all she was worth.

“I got to piss, ” I said through half open lips as she continued to rub and lather my cock and balls. “Ok, ” Ritha said, “let it go, i’ll aim. ” She giggled as she took a firm hold of my cock and I felt the piss start to flow from my bladder. Suddenly Ritha dropped to her knees in front of me and directed the golden stream over her tits and onto her face and open mouth, letting the piss fill up her mouth and run down her chin and on to her tits. She then squeezed my cock and cut of the stream, now you all know what that feels like I thought that I was going to explode.”Ritha, Holy Hell that feels like I’m going to explode. ” She didn’t say a word, she just squatted in such a way t hat her cunt was pointing toward me an she let go of the pressure on my cock and the piss started to flow right on and into her cunt hole and pussy hair. I don’t think I have ever taken a longer piss but the longer I pissed the more she moaned and seemed to cum over and over again. When it slowed to a dribble she took my cock into her mouth and swallowed the last drops of piss that flowed from my bladder. “I love golden showers almost as much as I love to fuck” Ritha said in an almost apologetic sounding voice. “Hey, like I said what ever turns you on. “

“Have you ever seen a pussy pissing?” she asked.”No, why?” I asked in a questioning sort of way. “Well I gotta piss and well here it comes” she no sooner finished that statement and I felt a warm stream of fluid hit my leg I looked down and watched as she pulled her pussy open to give me a good look at her pussy pouring piss out in a stream that any man would be proud of. We then soaped each other up and paid close attention to the special parts that we each enjoyed to lather and wash. After letting the hot water run cold we decided it was time to get out of the shower and dry off. I had some of those big fluffy bath sheets and I got two out for us. Ritha took the towel and draped it around her shoulders and too the other one and started to dry me off, as she did she knelt in front of me to dry my legs and took my cock into her mouth and sucked me hard as she dried me off. Thinking turn about was only fair I took her towel and proceeded to dry her off when I got to her tits I took each nipple in turn into my mouth and gave each one a little suck as I dried her stomach and started to go lower toward her pussy.

To dry her legs I knelt at her feet and started to dry the back of her legs as I did I drew her cunt closer to me and plunged my tongue into her waiting hole. She climaxed almost the instant my tongue brushed her clit, and pussy juice flowed into my mouth and dribbled down m y chin. I knelt back down and turned her around to dry her back as I did her ass cheeks brushed my face and I couldn’t resist the cheek-to-cheek reference, which was met with a groan. I proceeded to dry her back and legs and as I did I stuck my tongue up her ass hole which caused a wiggle and squeal as I continued to dry her legs and tongue fuck her ass hole.

Next morning I had an official appointment in the morning. Ritha was free as she has no class. I instructed her to shave her whole body and wear micro skirt and T-shirt. But when I came back by noon I found her in the housecoat. When asked she could not shave every as she needs my help to reach some parts. “My razor is on the table top” saying this she lifted her nighty to the waist and kneeled on the bed with her ass high on the air. I was stunned at her guts to expose her ass in front of a man especially her brother in law. For a moment I stared at the crack of buns and small portion of cunt visible. Soon my shock disappeared understanding that her butts are so lovely and that’s why she dared to showoff. Her buttocks and asscrack was wheat-colored and fairer than rest of her body. Ritha’s asshole was perfectly round and looked like a rose bud. Some thin hairs were there around that hole. Carefully I shaved off those hairs. Then I couldn’t help pressing my lips to the thick rim of her back door. Ritha screamed with pleasure when I moistened her forbidden hole with my tongue.

Then I turned her to have a look at shaven cunt. Her sweet cunt was baby-like and a feast for eye. The vaginal area was large and projecting. I bent to lick the shiny pink and red folds of tender skin and lapped the juices already flowing there. Indeed Ritha was delicious. I began to suck at her little clitoris and fuck my tongue around it. Ritha writhed wantonly on the floor, moaning even louder, and pressing my face to her pussy, which contracted violently beneath my tongue probes. Then R itha wanted to suck me. So I stood up. Eagerly she pulled down my jeans and grasped my erect and throbbing member, and kissed it all over from tip to base, massaging my testicles all the while with her hot hands. Ritha sucked tip of my prick, running her lips all around it then circled at the piss hole with her supple tongue. She then slid my cock inch by glistening inch, into her mouth She moaned with excitement for a moment. I began to fuck her mouth slowly while she held her lips tightly around my wet shaft. I didn’t want to waste my cum; so I stopped thrusting and asked Ritha to get into fours. When she kneeled with her ass high I kneaded her big buns and caressed the ass crack. Then I began to work on her dark pit. My tongue once again teased the soft muscles of Ritha’s sphincter, moistening them and relaxing them with warm saliva. Next I nibbled on the tiny hairs surrounding her anus.

All of a sudden Ritha felt my finger sliding into her puckered pit. It plunged deep and I rotated it to enlarge opening of Ritha’s bowels. The lip of asshole was soft and rubber like and now I was sure that I could make a penetration in her rear orifice. After some more rimming, I positioned my cock so it rubbed gently against Ritha’s ass cheeks My chest was pressed against her back, spoon- like, and cradled her body against mine. I reached around her to cup her small, almost girlish breasts in my hands, stroking and kneading them and feeling her nipples slowly gain erection. I moved my left hand down to her groin, pressing into the soft vaginal lips and began stroking there too. She responded by pushing her ass back against me, parting her legs in the process.

Then, in her assertive way, she reached between her legs and took my cock in her hand, guiding it to, but not into, her. Still behind her, almost passive, my half-erect cock was between her legs, and she was rubbing it in a slow, circular motion against her clitoris. When I changed my position slightly in an obvious effort to slide myself into her, she pushed the shaft back, then whispered, “Uh-uh. Not there; I want you here, in my ass. ” So saying, she placed the head of my cock right in the middle of her anus, then rubbed it back and forth across the diminutive opening.

“Just do it. I want to feel your cock inside my ass, ” she said softly. She rubbed the cockhead a few more times against her nether opening. “Mmm, Sony, I want it deep inside my ass” My cock was already so wet from being rubbed between her moist pussy lips that it broke the sphincter plane with surprisingly little effort. She grunted as the cockhead broke the barrier, then hissed between her teeth. “Slowly,” she said, “work it in slowly.” She shifted her hips slightly to accommodate the unaccustomed presence of something inside her ass. “Am I hurting you?”A little,” she replied, punctuated by a gasp of breath. “Oh, it feels so fucking big!” I squeezed her breasts hard, flattening t hem against her chest, as I softly kissed the nape of her neck. “I don’t believe how tight you are!””Are you in all the way?” she gasped.

“I feel like i’ve been split in two!””Just a little more. “I pressed my cock forward, then felt it being tightened like a vice by her sphincter muscle. I seemed to gain ground only by easing back slightly and then pushing forward. She grunted and moaned a few more times before I finally pressed my wiry pubic hairs into her lower ass. “How’s that?” I whispered. Finally I plunged my thick and slightly bend organ past her sphincter and Ritha felt joy and pain in her intestines. With one more thrust my brown Indian cock was firmly inside of her and was driving deeper and deeper into the butt. If you like my story, if my story had made u horny n even if Any women like real fun please mail me at ghosh.subhra.luck.mack.com.

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My Wild Story

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Ye kahani sachi hai.meri age 34 hai,me Lahore me rehta hun aur mera naam aamir hai or meri girl friend ki age 25 aur uska naam seemi hai wo bhi Lahore me hi rehti hai..hum dono ki mulakat ik resturant me hoi aur humne ik doje se phone number exchange kia. Usko baad hum daily baat karne lagay. Or phone pe hi hum itne frank ho gaye k humne khulay aam sexual batain krne lagay. Me bohat ziada horny aur sex ka shokeen hun. Or mene seemi ko bhi sex k lye mana lia. Phir humne milnay ka program bnaya or mene usay pehle se decided place se pick kia or usay apne friend k khali flat pe le aya. Humne ander jatay hi kissing shoro kr di mene kiss kartay kartay uske mammo ko dabana shoro kr dia kyun k me us wakt mukammal madhosh ho chukka tha or muje usay kiss krne ka bara maza araha tha. Mere kiss karne or mammo ko dabane se seemi bhi maze me a rahi thi. Itni dair me mene uski kameez ko unzip kr dia or phir utar dia. Or usne meri pent ka button khol dia or meri zip khol k mere 7 inch lambay lun ko bahir nikal dia. Mera lun full tight tha wo ghutno k bal baith kar mere lun ko suck krne lagi me maze se pagal hone laga sath sath wo thuk laga kr muth marti or phir suck krne lag jati.15 min tak wo ye karti rahi me chutne wala ho gaya tu mene usay pakar kr utha lia or usay lip kiss krne laga phir mene uske baki kapray bhi utar diye ab wo bilkul nangi thi me uske mammo ko chosne laga phir usay ghori banaya or uski gand or phuddi chatne laga.wo maze se sexy awazain nikalne lagi uski phuddi me se bari meethi smell a rahi thi jo muje or pagal kr rahi thi.phir mene usay seedha lataya or uski phuddi ko chatne laga wo full garam ho chuki thi or muje kahne lagi k meri phuddi ko apni zaban se fuck karo mene uski baat pe amal kia or zor zor se uski raseeli phuddi ko zaban fuck karane laga wo maze se kehne lagi k meri phuddi ka sara rus pee jao. Phir mene uske phuddi k danne ko suck karma shoro kar dia or sath sath uski phuddi me apni 2 unglian dal k usay fuck krne laga. Uff bare maze ki juicy n smelly phuddy thi mera tu kha janay ka dill kar raha tha. Wo mere mouh me hi farigh ho gai or me uski sari mani chaat gaya. Ab me late gaya tu wo dobara se mere lun ko choosne lagi or sath sath muth marne lagi mera lun or tight ho gaya usne mere chado me papian ki or mere tatay choosne lagi aaahh oii kya maza tha wo mere lun k cap ko danto se scratch krti phir pora lun moun main le jati or bahir nikalte wakt zor se mouh band kr leti kabhi pora tata mouh me dal leti or sath zor se thok laga k muth marti. Ab mera dil uski phuddi marne ko betab ho raha tha so mene usay lataya or uski tangain utha kr apna lun uski phudi pe ragra or uske danne pe zor zor se mara tu wo kehne lagi jaldi muje chodo janu. Me ne lun uski phuddi k sorakh pr rakh kr zor laga or ahista se andar karne laga bari tight phuddi thi muje bara maza a raha tha usay chodne ka wo b maze se awaze nikal rahi thi or apni kamar uchaal uchaal kr mera pora lun apni phuddi me le rahi thi or kehne lagi chodo muje meri phuddi ki sari aag bhuja do tu mene kaha maze se chuwao na jani 15 min isi tarah krne k baad mene usay ghori bana kr chodne laga uski kamar pakar kr me zor zor se apne lun ti taraf khenchta usne peche murr kr muje dekha or kehne lagi janu tumse chudwane ka bara maza a raha hai or zor se chodo na janu or me zor zor se usay chodne laga or wo chuut gai tu mene lun bahir nikal k uske mouh me de dia or wo chosne lagi phir me chuutne laga tu lun bahir nikal k sari mani uske mouh or mammo par gira di or baki ko usne mere lun se choos kr saaf kar dia.
Ab hum hr week me 2,3 dafa sex krtay hain seemi ne ye baat apni dost ko bhi batai tu wo bari excited hoi. Phir humne socha q na hum usko bhi sath mila kr sex karay is tarah ik din wo apni dost ko bhi sath lai or hum teeno ne mil kr bara maza kia or mene un dono ki phuddi mari. Pehle mene or seemi ne mil kr farri(seemi ki dost) k mammay chosay ik usne mouh me dala ik mene or ik hath se seemi sath sath uske phuddi k danne ko ragrne lagi or mene mamma choste hoe uski phuddi 2 unglion se marne laga.phir mene or seemi ne bari bari uski phuddi chaati or usko khob maza dia. Jab me farri ki phuddi mar raha that u seemi ne uske mammay chose or uske danny ko raghra phir wo bhi seemi k mammay chosne lagi or uski phuddi me fingering krne lagi ye sab krtay hoye wo mujh se chodwa b rahi thi. Bad me mene seemi ko bhi isi tarah choda. Jab seemi mere oper baith kr chudwa rahi thi tu farri kabhi seemi k mammay chosti or kabhi mere tattoo ko chosti. Ab tu farri hr wakt hamare sath sex krne ko betaab rehti hai or seemi bhi aksar usay sath le ati hai. Hume is terah sex ka ziada maza ata hai.
Is lia pyari larkio agar koi mera or seemi k sath sex krna chahti hai tu hum se rabta kare hum usko khob maza dain ge. Or agar koi larki apne kanware pan ko khona nai chahti or maza lena chahti hai tu hum uski bhi madaad kare gain or ye guarantee hai k usay lun se fuck nai kia jae ga. Or ye sab secret rakha jae ga.if any one agree then contact damvampire@hotmail.com

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islamabad Fun

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Hello friends umeed hai aap ne meri bhot si stories parhi hon gi.or umeed hai aap ko pasand bhi aai hon gi. or kai friends ne mujhy mail bhi kiye or answer diya or kai unties & girls ne mujhy mail kiya or mujhy bulaya bhi for sex, or maine un ky sth sex kiya bhi,, ohhooo, main aap ko apna introduction to karwana bhool hi gaya sorry!!!
My name is rehan from islamabad , i m 21 years old, good looking handsome, acha main aap ko asal story sunana to bhool hi gaya, mere bazoo waly kothi main aik larki rehti thi jis ka name Mehwish tha wo bhot hi beautiful.nice figures,34″28″36 ki hogi. mujhy wo bhot achi lagti thi yeh baat us waqat ki hai jab main naya naya rehny ky liye yahan aaya tha,,
aik din main jab apny home ki first floor par charah to main ne dekha ky wo apny kamary main akeli thi(us ka room mery ghar ki chat sy bilkul saaf nazar aata tha)to maine dekha ky wo apne hair ko kanga kar rahi thi to mujhy us ki Gaand bilkul saaf dikhai de rahi thi. mera 8″ka lun bilkul lohy ki tarah foran khara ho gaya.or mera dil us ki gaand marny ko bara chahata tha magar chance nhi milta tha, bus phir kya tha main usy dekhta raha or apni floor par hi sy Handself karny laga or main kareeb 2 mins baad jhar gaya phir us ne mujhy peechy murh kar dekh lia usi halat main, phir maine apni Pent ki zip band ki or main niche chala gaya. phir next din 2:30pm par main floor par gaya to maine dekha phir mehwish apne bedroom main akeli leti thi or mujhy saaf dikhai de rahi thi main abhi us ko dekh hi raha tha to us ne mujhy dekh lia or meri taraf dekhty huay sexy smile di to main heran reh gaya phir us ne mujhy apni taraf aany ko kaha to main bhi bilajhijak us ki taraf chal diya or dewaar phlanag kar us ke room main chala gaya or us ne apna room door band kiya hua tha, main ne jaa kar kaha ke jee aap ko kya kaam hai?????
phir us ne smile dety huaye kaha anjan mat bano main sub janti hoon. us din tum apni chat par khary ho kar kya kar rahy thy to mujhy or honsla hua or maine usy apni bahon main le liya or apne hont us ky honton par rakh diye or kiss karny laga or mera aik hath us ki gaand par or aik us ka boob par jo usy shela raha tha main takreeban 10mins kiss karta raha or us ki zuban or niche wala hont chusta raha , phir 10mins baad main maine isi halat main usy bed par litaya or main us ky uper char gaya or usy choomne or choosne laga, (us din us ne pink coloure ka soot pehna hua tha.jo ke bilkul hi fit tha jis main sy us ka gora badan saaf nazar aaraha tha jo bhot hi khoobsurat dikh rahi thi,) phir maine us ki kameez ka aik butten khol diya or us ka aik boob bahir nikal kar paglon ki tarah choosne laga mujhy choosty huay bara maza aa raha tha dosto jo main apne lafzon main bayan nhi kar sakta,, to phir 2mins baad choosny ky baad maine us ki poori kameez aik hi jhatke main phaar di or us ki bra bhi uttar di to us ke gory gory sufeed mamae mery samny bilkul nangy thy or is tarah nikly jis tarah koi kedi jail sy bahir niklta ho, or us ki shalwar bhi utaar di us ne niche kuch nhi pehna tha or us ki pussy bhi bilkul tayar thi mujh sy or bardash nahi ho raha tha. phir mehwish freezer sy custered nikal kar lai or late gai phir maine custered us ke poore jism par daal diya or usy achi tarah chaatne laga or choosny laga mujhy bhot maza aa raha tha or us ko bhi bhot maza aa raha tha ye mere liye duniya ki sub sy lazeez cheez thi. phir maine jab us par sy sara custered chaat lia to maine kaha ke kya tum tayar ho to us ne kaha jo karna hai karo aaj ke din mujhy apni bivi smjho or jo karna chaho karo main tumhy nhi rokon gi, phir kiya tha friends maine ne apni pent ki zip kholi or 8″lumba or 3″ mota lun nikala or us ki pussy par ragarne laga or ahista sy us ki pussy ke ander dalne laga magar na jaa ska kiun ke wo abhi tak kanwari thi is liye us ki pussy bhot tung thi to maine usy oil(tail) lane ko kaha to wo oil le aii or late gai maine kafi sara tail us ki pussy main dala or kafi sara tail apne lun par lagaya or usy maslne ko kaha to us ne sara tail mere lun par mal diya us ka hath mere lun par party hi mera lun or tight ho gaya or phir wo late gai or maine aik jhatky main 1″ lun us ki pussy main ghussa diya or phir bahir nikaal kar aik or zordar jhatka mara or poora ka poora lun us ki phuddi main ghussa diya jis se wo chilai rony lagi cccccccccccc.hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaaaaaaaar gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii…. plz aaaaaaaaahistaaaaaaa kaaaaaro maaaaaaaainn maaar .,/,/ jaaon gggggggggggiiiiiiiiiii
plz sahir choro plz phir main kuch deer ruk gaya or us par lait kar us ke boobs ko suck karne laga or phir 2mins baad jab us ka dard kam hua to maine phir sy lun ander bahir karna shuroo kar diya wo baar baar ccccccccccc aaaaaaaaaa oiiiiiiiiiiiii kar rahi thi is rythem music sy meri speed main or izafa ho gaya or maine ander bahir karna shooroo kar diya phir main jab 25min baad jharne wala hua to maine kaha ab main jharne wala hoon to us ne kaha ander hi chor do bhala aisa moka kab milta hai main ander hi jhar gya or sari mani us ki phuddi main hi reh gai wo is doran 2 martaba jhar chukki thi phir maine 2 mins us ki choochi ko piya bilkul bachon ki tarah,jab main hosh main aaya to phir hum ne jaldi se apny apny kapre pehne or aik french kiss ki or main diwar ke rasty apne ghar aa gaya or nahaya. ab humain jab bhi moka milta to phir hum sex karty ho apni pyas mitaty phir us ki shaadi ho gai or wo apne husband ke sath canada chali gai,
to friends yeh thi meri kahani agar aap ko meri kahani passand aai ho to plz mujhy mail zaroor karna,, or haan, agar koi aunty ya koi girl mery sath sex karna chahy to mujhy mail lary or apna full address or apna contact number mail main zaroor dy yeh baat 100% segha-e-raaz main rahe gi.
my email is boy_reason@yahoo.com.. dont hesitate to mail me ladies/girls… it will be totally secret… u can chat with me or talk on phone first… i will wait for ur mail females

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Meri Student Hira

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Hello dostoo.. Mera name Shah hai aur mein kafi arsy se urdukahani.cn pr sexy stories prta aa raha hun… chunky mujhy porn videos dekhna bura lagta hai isliye mein ye kahanian prrh kr mazy leta hun.. rozana sny se pehly ik kahani prrna mera mamool hai.. Kahanian prr kr mera bhi dil chahta hai k mein apni story aap logon tk phonchaon.. aaj mein aap ko apni story sunata hon.. ye taqreeban 2 saal pehly ki baat hai jb mein aik 14 saal ki larki ko tution parhata tha.. os k ghar mei sirf do log thy ak who student (hira) aur os ki maa kion k os ka walid foot ho chukka tha.. ye log mujh pr bhut aitbar krty thy isiliye aksar oqat jb mein ghar ata to hira (student) mujhy akeli milti thi kion k os ki mama aik working lady thi aur onki job nature aisi thi k onhy aksar bahir rehna parta tha…

kehny ko to hira 11 saal ki thi per who apni omer se ziada janti thi shayad is ki wajah ye thi k maa beti akeli thi aur maa ne osy sub kuch smjhaya hoa tha , tha k agy koee msla na bany.. ab tk hira pr kaee gali k larky try kr chuky thy pr who kisi k hath nahi ati thi kion k waqt se pehly he barhi ho chuki thi.. who mujhy sb kuch batati thi kion k hum bhut ziada frank thy.. hum larty bhi thy, mastian bhi karty, is had tk k aksar mein osy gudgudi bhi krta, mathy ya gaal pr choom bhi leta, aksar wo mery lap pr sir rkh kr so bhi jati pr hum dono k beech kbhi ghalat khial na ata..

Ab mei asal kahani ki taraf ata hun… hira slim smart larki thi aur chehry se bhut masoom… meri niyat tb boghri jb aik din mein os k ghar gaya to wo short nicker aur sleevless shirt mei thi.. mery any k baad os ne kapry badal liye magr tb tk mein os k figure ka dewana sa ho gya tha.. khair tb se mein mooqy talash krny laga.. ab mein jan bhoj kr aisy environment banata k who mujh se larti bhirti aur mein bahany bahany se os k boobs ko choota ay pheet pr haath phirta aur jb who lap pr sir rkhti to meri koshish hoti k mera lun os se tkhraye.. khair pr direct hamly se darta tha.. mein ne osy internet sikhaya, sexy sites favorites mei add kein, aisi films deta jin mein sexy scences hoty pr no use.. akhir mujhy aik plan banana para..

Aik din mein ne neend ki teen tablets medicine ki shop se lein.. aik pepsi ki disposable bottle li.. thosri se pepsi peeny k bad mein ne who tablets os mein dal di aur achi tarah shake kia.. phir meiin jb os k ghar gaya to osy who bottle de peny ko yeh keh kr mujhy aur nahi peni.. who ghata ghut pee gaee.. meri kismat os din mera saat de rahi thi.. pepsi peny k bad os ne kaha k who naha k ati hai phir parhengy.. mein maan gaya.. os ne kapry press kiye aur bathroom chali gayi.. mujhy pata that k tablets ka asar bhut ziada hoga kionk os ne first time tablets wala drik piya hai.. abhi 5 minute b na guzry thy k mujhy bathroom se cheekh sunai di.. jb mein drwazay pr phuncha to os ne kaha k os k hath pair jawab de gaye hain aur who oth nahi skti.. mein ne kaha mein andar aa kr os ki help kr deta hun who kpry dabl ly to os ne jawab diya k who bilkul nahi hil skti pr andar any se mana kr dia.. pr mein ye moqa kaisy hath se jany deta.. mein ne aik laat se drwaza ki dakha diya to lock toot gaya aur mein andar dakhil ho gaya.. who pori trhan nangi pari thi aur ghanodgi mein thi.. os ne ghusy se dekha pr mein ne bahana banaya k is waqt os ki halt theek nahi aur os ki sehat important hai.. mein ne osy aik lamby toliye mein lapita aur bahir la kr bed pr lita diya.. os ne kaha k osy kapry pehna don kion k agar ammi aa gaee to masla ho ga..mein ja kr os k kapry le aya.. pehly mein ne osy panti pehnaee aur pehnaty waqt os ki pussy ko chera.. phir osy bra pehnaya or ppehnaty waqt apny hathoon ko boobs se ragrra.. phir osy shalwar pehnaee aur pehnaty aqt os ki BUTT ko ragrra.. phir mein ni osy kameez pehnaee.. ab mein ne osy kaha k mujhy lgta hai k os k BP low ho raha hai isliye mein ne os k hath aue pair ragrny laga.. mujhy pata tha k wo ab ready hone wali hai kion k ye pehla time tha k os k jism k poshida hison ko kisi larky ne choa tha… pr mein anjan bana raha jiasy mujhy os ki fikr ho rahi ho..

tablets ka asar thori aur bara to ab mein ne apna kam shoru kia.. mein ne osy hontoon pr kis krna shuro kr dia.. owh bhut raseely thy mujhy aisa maza pehly kbhi nahi aya tha.. kion k ye mera second time that kisi larki se romance ka.. os ny mazahemat ki koshish ki pr taqat na thi.. ab mein ne os k boobs ko sehlana shuru kr dia.. ab osy b ahista ahista maza any lga aur os ki ssany ukharny lagi.. pr os ne kaha aisa mt karo.. mein ne kaha k os ka body temprature tazi se ghir raha hai aur ye ab majburi hai meri k mein os ki jan bachany k liye apni jism ki garmi osy doon.. mein ne apni kameez otar di aur os ki bhi aur os se lipat gaya aur kis krny laga.. who pehla tajruba hony ki waja se mey banhooo mei bhut ksmasaii.. phir mein ne os k boobs ko bra k oper se chusna shuru kr dia 5 min k baad os ne khud apny boobs bra mein se nikal kr mery mein mei de diya.. os k boobs bhut bray na thy os ka right boob adhy tk meiry moon mei chala gaya.. mein left waly ko hath se sehla raha tha who aaaao aooooo aaaaa jaisi thandi aahein bhr rahi thi.. phir mein ne os k left boob ko moon me le kr tezi se chososny laga.. aur sathe he apna hath os ki shalwar mei le ja kr os ki pussy ko ragedny laga..

who mazeed hot ho gaee.. phir mein ne apni aur os ki shalwar utar di.. phir mein ne os ki panti utar di.. aur 69 ki position me agaya.. apna lun mein ne os k mun mei dala aur andar bahir karny laga sata sath os ki pusssy bhi chatny laga.. is tarah mujhy mazeed 10 min lag gaye aur mein jhadny k qareeb ho gya to apna lun nikal kr bath room gaya aur pani chor diay.. wapis aakr mein ne os k pury jism ko kiss ksrna shuru kr diay aur mera lun thori he daer me phir tun gaya.. ab mera dil osy chodny ko chah raha tha pr mein os ki seal nahi thorna chahta tha pr mein tb heran hoa jb os ne khud request ki ab os se bardhast nahi hota.. tb mein ne os ki tangy apny kandhon pr rkhi aur apna lun os ki chut pr set kiay aur halka sa Dhaka lagaya to mery lun a topa os mein gus gaya aur who dard se tarpi kion k who bhut tight thi.. mein ne mazeed zur lagaya ko who cheekh pari k bahir nikalo bhut dard ho raha hai pr ab mein janoon mein agaya tha.. mein ne os k mein takya k kona de diya aur utna he lun aagy pchy krny laga.. bed table se cream othai aur apny lun aur os ki chut pr bhi bhut laga di.. ahista ahista mein ne speed barha di.. kareebn 5 minute bad osy bhi maza any laga aur eo mera sath deny lagi.. ab mein mazeed teiz ho gaya aur wo bhi apni buttock uchal uchal kr mera sath de rahi thi.. karibn 20 min bad mein os ki chut mein he jad gaya aur tb tk who 2 bar jadi.. phir mein ne apna lun nikal kr saff kiya.. who ab pory hosh mein thi kion dard ki waja se tablets ka asar khatum ho gaya tha.. mein ne phir 69 ki position mein ja kr os ki chut chatny laga aur who mera lun chosny lagi.. tkreban 5 min baad mein phir tayar ho gya aur osy aik bar phir chuda..

phir mein osy bath room legya jahan haum nahaey.. phir kpry pehen kr baith daye aur kissing krty rahy.. who boli osy bhut dard ho rah ahi aur who chal nahi skti.. mein ne kaha waisy bhi tumhari mama raat ko late aaeingi tum os se pehly so jana aur subh ko on k bad jagna ta k onhy pta na chaly.. os ne kaha k ab mein hamla ho jaongi to mein ne kaha k mein kal tumhy aik injection laga donga to aik saal tk tumhy koee msla nahi hoga.. os ne kaha humein aisa nahi krna chaheiye tha mein ne kha ye os ki jan k liye lazmi tha pr chodny ki request tm ne khud ki thi.. mein ne poocha osy kaisa laga to os ne kaha k aisa ehsas to who bayan he nahi kr skti.. is k baad hum akar chudai krty hein.. mei ne osy kaee mrtaba dogi style mein bhi choda hai..

mujhy mail kr k zaroor bataiga k meri story aap ko kaisi lagi.. agr koee meri khidmaat Peshawar ya charsadda mei lena chahta hai to mujhy sexy.shah84@ymail.com pr mail kry..

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Zindgi Ka Safar

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aaj main apne bare me bata doon, ki main ak midium family se belong kara hoon , mera naam aman hain. meri age 26 years old hain , mere sabhi dost kahte hain hain jiske sath bhi main
main hota hoon uski sari problem apne aap katam ho jati hain , mere naam se koi bhi dost kanhi bhi paisa lagata usi ko profit ho jata per main dusro ke liye lakky tha ,

baat aaj se 4 saal pahle ki hain ak din ham kuch dost darjling gumne gaye huwe the , wapis aate samay hamare pass paisa nahi bacha per wapis to aana hi tha hamne bina ticket train me
chal diye , NJP station se Delhi station Tak 36 gante ka rasta tha , uske ander kisi TT ne hamko check nahi kiya or sheet bhi khali mil gai , jis sit per hum bathe the to uske samne wali sheet
per 1 joda betha huwa tha wo apne nuksan ki baat kar ranhe the or tensen me lag ranhe the tabhi main puch batha kya baat hui sir aap tensZen me lag ranhe ho ,
unhone kanha ki muje bahut bada nuksan huwa hain or kanhi pasie atke huwe hain , hamne kuch rai thi or apna no de diya kanha ki sir kabhi jarurrat ho to kabhi bhi call kar lena
ghar aane ke 2 din baad hi call aai ki sir aap meri co. ko jaoin kar lenge kya , main us samay padai karke hata hi tha isliye haan kar di, , mere jaane ke baad uska kaam apne aap hi joro per chal pada
or kahne laga ki sir aap mere bahut laki hain , huwa ye usne rahne ke liye muje apni ghar me rahne ke liye jagah or khana muft kar diya ,

kuch din ghar rahne ke baad uski ghar wali se dosti ho gai , meri kabhi bhi uske bare me galat nahi socha tha , uski umar 32 years old or naam arpita hain ,muje unki co. me kam karte huye 3 sal ho chuka tha ki ak
raat ki baat hain usne muje kanha ki main aapko pasand karti hoon ki main aapke bina main rah nahi sakti , or muje kisi na kis bahane se chedne lagi thi , ak raat wo mere
kamre me aakar mujse lipat gai or boli chup chap lete ranho nahi to sor macha dungi ki tum meri ijjat loot ranhe the , usne sare me kapde nikal diye or mere land ko muh me chusne lagi
thodi der me mere land ne pani chod diya or wo sara pani pi gai , or tab tak mera control bhi katam ho gaya or maine usse lita kar uske boobs ko bahut chusa or uski chut me land daal diya 30 -40 minut
tak uski chut marta ranha us raat maine usse 3 baar choda , per main subah kuch gilti mahsus hui tabhi main co. me jakar resine de diya or co ko chod diya
aaj bhi co ka malik muje daily phone karke bolne laga ki tum aajao, muje pata laga ki usse daily nuksan hone laga tha aap hi bataye muje jaana chahiye ya nahi meri
email id hain loveguruwb@yahoo.com

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Real Sex Kahani

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hi mera naam hai muneez me karachi meh rehta o yeh mera phela or real story hai ap ko pasand hahega or jis ko b pasand hahe wo muje mail zaroor kare plzzzzzzzz agar kisi ko mere pass chudwana o tho muj say rabta kare me har time free hota o or mera land 7.4 inch hai ok mera eamil adresss hai

sajidronaldhino@yahoo.com or sajid_torres@hotmail.com

tho jaisa k meh ap ko apne real story k bhare meh bhatana chahta tha yeh ek bilkul sacha stori hai ap ko pasand hahega or mail karna bilkul mat bhuliyega ok.

me jaha rehta o us say thori e door me ek aunty rehty hai jis k 3 bhete or 3 bhetiya hai jin me say ek bheti ki shadi hochuki hai.
aunty hamre gar bhoat hati jati ti or me b hata jata tha us ki bheti b muje bhoat pasand ti me us ki bheti ko pasana chata tha magar wo phele say e mere couson say set ti muje bhad me pata chala tha or mere couson ne 2 bhar chod b liya tha usay us ka name shabnaam tha bhoat e kubsuraat ti me ne us k boobs ko b hat lagaya hai or gaand ko b muje maza hata tha or wo kuch nai kheti ti bhag jati ti tho ab us ki mah yahni aunty us ka wakiya bhata tha o .

me us ko hamisha say chodne k sapne dhikta tha or bhoat martaba muut b mara hai anuty k name ki
kya figur hai age 38 tak ki hogi us k boobs bhoat e kubsurat teh or me us say bhat b karta tha kai bhano say use touch b karta tha shaid usy mehsoos nai hota tha ek din me ne soucha aunty hamre gar haegi tho me usy paker kr kahoga me ap say bhoat pyar karta o har time ap k bhare me souchta o ap ko chodna chata o ..
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Comfort Boy

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Tab tak main vahan rahne ke liye mentally set ho gaya tha. Ab mujhe mauke ka intezaar tha. Khair jaldi mujhe mauka mil gaya. Hamare makaan ke paas ek mandir mein bhandara tha. Mujhe bhi invitation tha. Raat ko prasad vitran ke baad langar ka programme tha. Kyonki bhandare mein langar ka bhi programme tha isliye rush bahut jyada tha, prasad lene ke liye. Meri kismat achchhi thi ki neha line mein mere aagey hi khadi thi. Main to firaq mein tha ki kisi tarah uski body ko meri body touch kar jaye. Tabhi bheed badh gai aur kisi ne peechhay se dhakka diya. Dhakke ki vajah se main aagey ki aur aa gaya aur neha ki peeth meri chest ke takraane lagee.

Aap samajh gaye honge ki kya hua, mera lund uske hips ke peechhay takrane lagaa. Ab maze ki baat dekhiye usne bilkul object nahin kiya aur apne hips ko peechhay ki ore kar liya. Kareeb 1 minute hum is position mein khade rahe. Mera lund tan kar rod ki tarah tight ho gaya. Excitement mein maine peechhay se dhakka diya , to bhi vo kuchh nahin boli, balki vo aagey ki aur jhuk gai jiske kaaran ab mein uske hips ke beech ki chhed ko ekdam saaf feel kar raha tha. Maine uske chehre ko dekha jo ki excitement ki vajah se ekdam red ho raha tha. Main samajh gaya ki vo ek chalu ladki thi, jisne abhi tak lund ka swaad nahin liya tha lekin vo lene ke liye poori tarah taiyyar thi.

Khair us incident ke baad main jab bhi use dekhta, to voh najaren neechi karke muskura deti thi. Main samajh gaya ki line clear hai, lekin aisa koi chance nahin mil raha tha ki main use fuck kar saku. Khuda sabki sunta hai. During this period i was able to maintain good relations with that family. Priya was weak in her studies, so one day her father asked me, if i could give her some tuitions. It was a golden chance for me, so i said, ” kyon, nahin, mera bhi time pass ho jaya karega, kyonki office se aane ke baad main bhi bore ho jata hun.” I started to give tuitions to mamta, but for a week I could not collect courage to prepare her for all what I want.

One day, when it was sunday and her parents had gone to restaurant and her brother and sister also went with them, in the afternoon she came to my house and asked that she had got problems in maths, isliye agar main usko voh exercise padha sakun. Maine kaha, ” han, han kyon nahin, main bhi akela baitha bore ho raha hun”. Main neha ke ghar chala gaya. Wo chai banakar le aai. Maine usase poochha.

” uncle, aunty nahin dikh rahe.” Usne kaha,”

Aaj restaurant ki chhutti hai, isliye vo hamare relations mein aburoad gaye huve hain, ghar par koi nahin hai aur main akeli hun, vo log evening mein 9 baje tak vapas ayenge.” Usne akeli shabd par jor dekar kaha tha. Main samajh gaya, isase achchha mauka nyks beta tujhe nhi milega.

Main use maths ki exercise padhane lagaa. Lekin meri aankhen baar-2 uske boobs par atak jati thi, jab vo likh rahi thi, maine gaur se dekha usne shirt ke neechay bra nahin pahan rakhi thi, jabki jab vo mere ghar aai thi to jahan tak mujhe dhyan tha usne bra pahan rakkhi thi. Maine imagine kiya ki usne panty bhi utar di hogi. Yeh vichaar man mein aate hi mera lund ekdum tight ho gaya aur mera bermuda phool gaya jise shayad usne kanakhiyon se dekh liya tha.

Voh likhte-likhate muskura rahi thi. Is samay noon ke 12 baj rahe they. Maine time waste karna theek nahin samjha. Aaj main kisi bhi tarikay se usko chodne ke mood main tha. Aakhir maine usase poochha, “neha, ek baat bataao, us din jab mandir mein, main tumhare peechhay khada tha, to tumhe bura to nahin lagaa.”

Voh boli, ” kyon, kya hua tha.”

Maine kaha, ” us din meri haalat bahut kharaab ho gai thi.”

Neha phir boli, “kyon, aisa kya ho gaya tha.”

Main, “sach batana, tumhe achchha laga.”

Voh chup rahi, maine phir kaha, “us din tumahari body ko touch karke main bahut excite ho gaya tha. Tum sach batana, kya tumhe achchha laga.” Is baar voh gardan neechay karke muskura di aur kuchh nahin boli. Maine kaha, “neha, tum mujhe bahut achchhi lagti ho, I love you. Unexpected response mujhe mila, ” I love you too.” Yeh sunte hi maine uske hathon ko apne hathon main le liya aur uski ankhon mein dekhne laga. Uska chehra sharam se lal ho gaya. Phir mainen dheere se uske gore gallon ko choom liya. Mujhe vo taiyyar dikhi to mainen uske raseelay hothon mein apne honth de diye, aur kafee der tak tak main uske hothon ko choosta raha.

Neha bahut jyada excite ho gai thi. Aur ab vo bhi mere hothon ko choos rahi thi. Uski saansen bahut bhari ho rahi thi. Bina waqt khoye maine uske ek boob ko daba diya. Lekin uska dhyan kissing ki taraf hi tha. Kiss karte-karte maine uski shirt ke button kholne shuru kar diye. Mere surprise ke according hi usne neechay bra nahin pahni thi. Kiss se usko hatakar maine uske donon bobay haath main le liye aur kaha, “maine itne khubsoorat boobs aaj tak nahin dekhe, mamta tum shaandaar ho,” yeh kahkar mainen donon bobon ko masalna chalu kar diya. Tabhi neha boli, “arre, darwaje ki kundi to lagai hi nahin hai, main darwaza band karke aati hun.” Apni shirt ke button bund kar voh darwaja band karne chali gai. Main jaate hue uske gol nitambon ko dekh raha tha. Maine nahin socha tha voh itni aasaani se phans jaayegi.

Vaapas aakar voh boli, ” chalo andar vale room mein chalte hain” andar vale room mein aate hi maine use khade-khade hi pakad liya aur phir uske hothon mein apne hoth de diye aur peechay se uski skirt ko upar utha kar uske gol-gol chuttaron par haath phirane lagaa. Mere surprise ke according hi usne neechay panty nahin pahan rakkhi thi. Main samajh gaya, ki aaj voh mujhe bharpur majaa degi. Phir main uske chuttaron ki golai par haath phirane lagaa aur unhen daba-dabaa kar priya ko apni taraf khinchane lagaa. Main aaj use apne se chipka kar uske badan mein samaa janaa chahata tha. Maine use bed par patak diya aur paagalon ki tarah use chumane lagaa uske bobon ko jor-jor se dabaane lagaa. Vo boli,

“jaraa, dheeray-dheeray dabaao,mujhe dard hota hai.” Maine kaha, “

Meri raani, main kab se is pal ka intezaar kar raha tha, aaj mujhe jee bhar kar pyaar karne do.”

Tab voh boli, ” mere raja, jee bhar kar mujhe pyaar karo, main ab tumhari hun. Jee bhar kar meri chudai karo, main is chudai ke liye bahut dinon se tadap rahi hun.” Uske muhun se chudai shabd sunkar main bahut uttejit ho gaya. Ab mera lund bermudae ko phaadkar bahar aane ko betaab tha. Par usase pahale main use poori nangi karke usake poore sharir ko chumna chahata tha. Phir maine uski shirt aur skirt donon ko utaar diya. By god, uska gora chikna badan dekhkar main hairan rah gaya. Uske bobay ekdum tight tane hue they. Pink nipple ekdum khade they.

Phir maine uski janghon ki taraf dekha, ekdum keley ke jaisi chikni bhari-bhari thighs dekhkar main aapko bataa nahin sakta mera kya haal ho raha tha. Uski gori thighs ke beech mein uski gori-2 choot kaley-2 bush-hair se dhanki padi thi. Aaj 16 years ke baad bhi uska description likhte hue mera lund rod ki tarah khada hai aur jeans ko phaad dena chahta hai.

Meri haalat ekdum paagalon jaisi ho gai thi, saansen bahut bhari ho gai thi. Par main use excitement ke ultimate level tak le jana chahata tha. Maine pahale uske hothon mein apne honth de diye, kareeb do minute baad main uske gore-gore bhare-bhare boobs tak aaya aur unhen masalane ke baad maine uske ek nipple ko muhun mein le liya aur use jor jor se choosane laga. Mamta ne apni eyes bund kar rakkhi thi aur voh halki halki siskariyan le rahi thi. Kareeb do minute tak uske ek mummay ko choosne ke baad maine uske doosray mummay ko bhi buri tarah choosa. Phir main uski jaanghon par aa gaya aur jaanghon se lekar uske pairon tak ko chooma aur use bahut achchha foot-job diya.

Iske baad maine use ulta lita diya. Kya shaandar chuttar they uske. Kamar se ekdum uthe hue aur kya ghazab ki golai thi uske chuttaron mein. Main deewanon ki tarah uske gore-gudaj badan ke ek-ek pore ko choom aur chaat lena chahata tha. Uske gore gol chuttaron ko maine 7-8 baar apne daanton se kaata.. Neha itni uttejit ho chuki thi, ki voh boli, ” mere raja, ab na tadpao, ab daal bhi do, meri haalat bahut kharaab ho chuki hai, zaraa meri choot ki taraf dekho, kitna paani chhod chuki hai.” Maine sachmuch dekha ki uski choot ke paani se uske jhaanton ke baal geele ho chuke they. Maine kewal uski choot ko sungha aur mujhe majaa aa gaya.

Par abhi main uske saath aur khelna chahata tha. Maine kaha, neha, kya tum mera lund dekhna aur use pyaar karna nahin chahogi. Usne kahaa “mujhe maloom hai, aapka lund kitna lamba hai, pichhlay sunday main, aapke ghar par aai thi, to maine aapko hast-maithun karate hue dekh liya tha. Aapne aankhen bund kar rakkhi thi aur maine aapko kareeb 5 minute tak aapke room ki side wali khidki se dekha tha. Aapka virya nikalte hue bhi maine dekha tha. Tabhi se kareeb har raat aapke lund ke baare mein sochkar main bhi apni imagination mein aapse chudwati rahi hun. Aaj mera voh sapnaa poora kar do.”

Maine apna 6″ lund bermudae se bahar nikala aur uske haath mein de diya. Usne haath main lekar kaha, ” arre, ye to bahut garam ho rakkha hai” phir thodi der hilaane ke baad usne lund ke supaade par apni jeebh chalaani shuru kar di. Aur phir mere lund ko apne muhun mein lekar neha ne apni aankhen bund kar li aur lund ko andar bahar karne lagi. Mera lund uske muhun mein itna tight ho chukka tha ki uska muhun chhota pad raha tha, par vo saali sindhan ladki jaise mere lund ko kha hi jaana chahati thi. Pataa nahin ye sab usne kahan seekha tha. Ab meri haalat itni kharaab ho chali thi.

Ki maine socha ki ab thodi der bhi lagi to main uske muhun main hi discharge ho jaaoonga aur chudai ka majaa lene ke liye thoda intezaar karna padega. Uske parents ke baare mein pataa lagne ke baad maine decide kiya tha ki unke aane tak main mamta ko kam se kam 4-5 baar chudai ka sukkh doonga. Uske muhun se apna ling bahar nikaal kar maine usko seedha litaya aur uski choot jo ki abhi bhi bahut geeli thi, ke muhun par apne lund ka supada lagaya aur aagey ki taraf dhakka diya, par uski choot bhale hi geeli thi, mera mota lund jagah na banaa sakaa aur ek side ko phisal gaya.

Neha ki choot bhi bahut tight thi, 17 years ki hi to thi voh. Khair maine apne lund ke supade pe apna thook lagaya aur uski choot ke point par rakkha aur usase kaha, ” neha, apne badan ko tight kar lo aur apne daant bhi zor se bheench lo” usne aisa hi kiya aur mere ek karaare jhatake se lund kareeb 1″ uski tight choot main phans gaya, voh zor se chillai, “hi, main mar gai, isko turant bahar nikalo, varna meri phat jayegi.” Maine uske hothon ko apne hothon se dabaa liya taaki uski cheekh mere liye pareshani na khadi kar de. Kareeb 1 minute tak main isi position mein uske upar pada raha.

Uske muh se gu-gu ki awaaz aa rahi thi. Meanwhile jaise hi mujhe feel hua ki choot raasta de rahi hai,

Maine ek aur dhakka diya.adha lund choot main ghus gaya. Maine uske muhun se apna muhun hataa liya aur poochha , ” neha, dard thoda kam hua ya nahin.” Voh boli, ” abhi bhi bahut tez dard ho raha hai. Please ise bahar nikal lo, mujhe nahin karwana.” Maine use thoda idhar-udhar ki baton mein uljhaya aur phir poore jor ke dhakke ke saath maine apna poora lund uski choot mein daal diya. Kuchh der main aise hi uske upar pada raha, phir maine aagey- peechhay dhakke lagane chalu kar diye. 2 minute baad maine usase poochha, ” ab kaisa lag raha hai, neha.” To voh kuchh boli nahin bus apni aankhen bund karke padi rahi.

Main samajh gaya, ab use dheeray-dheeray masti aa rahi thi. Kareeb 2 minute aur karne ke baad usne bhi neechay se response dena shuru kar diya aur boli, ” nyks dear, mere raja, zor se karo, meri choot ko ragad daalo, kya shaandar chudaai karate ho tum,aaaaah ufff bahut majaa aa raha hai, aur tej, ye main gai aur uske poora sharir jaise jhanjana gaya. Usne jabardast paani chhoda tha jise maine tab feel kiya jab usne kas kar mujhe pakad liya aur mere gaalon, gardan par kiss karne lagi kabhi kaatne lagee. Uski choot itni tight thi, ki mujhe lagaa ki main bhi uski choot main hi discharge ho jaaoonga par maine apne lund ko bahar nikala aur use muhun kholane ko kahaa aur apna saara maal uske muhun main daal diya jise voh bade shauk se pee gai.

Uske parents ke aane tak maine neha ko 5 baar aur chodaa. Poori saavdhani rakhte hue maine apna maal 1 baar uske muhun main aur 2 baar uski chuchiyon par chhoda.5 baar uske saath chudai ke session mein maine usko alag-2 position main usko choda aur aaney wale sex programmes ke liye use expert kar diya iske baad bhi kareeb 8.1/2 mahine tak neha ke saath jab bhi mauka mila, hum donon ne khoob mauj-masti ki, yahan tak ki uski gaand ko bhi poori tarah khol diya.

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