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Tasmia Madam ki Chudai

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Now i am going to tell you a story, which happened when i was studying my 12th. First, let me tell you about myself, . The incident, which i am going to narrate, is happened 2 years back. In our college, there was a teacher named tasmia who teaches physics. She was in her mid 30s, married and has one daughter of age 6.
She was a gorgeous woman with good boobs and nice structure. I do not know the size since i have not measured, but it is a huge one. I tell you, her sexiest part is her tummy. No one can escape with out seeing her breasts, hips and tummy. The tummy portion was white and sexy. All students will be eager to see it at least once daily. When we were sitting in the class, we used to observe her body very closely. As she used to wear saree’s when she for moments lifted her left hand, we could see her white tummy and the side of her bulging breasts. Oh, that view would make all of us mad. Though i was strong in physics, i decided to go for tuition to tasmia mam who is not at all ready to take tuitions at home. However, students forced her to take tuitions. Ten students from our class joined the tuition. We used to go to her house daily and she will always be in sarees only. Her husband is an officer in a private concern but concentrates more in making money.
Our class friend\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s sister\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s marriage came, all of us decided to start by 2.30 p.m., and we got permission from tasmia mam for leave by previous day itself. However, suddenly, in the morning i got headache and i informed my friends about my non- availability. All of them agreed. However, i had some doubts in the subject so i wanted to get clarification from tasmia mam. I went to her house with smart dressing and a she was in her blue chiffon sarees very transparent with deep neck blouse.. She looked very gorgeous and so far no cruel intention on my mind. She asked why i did not go to marriage and i explained the reason to her. Then i sat on the sofa, she sat just opposite to me and started teaching on my doubts.
It was around 7.00 pm, and her husband was getting ready to go to mumbai for board meeting. Therefore, she asked me to wait for sometime and started doing packing work for her husband. He started from the home at 7.30 pm.. Tasmia continued her lecture. Suddenly, it started raining heavily and power went off. She was searching for candles, matching box, and went to kitchen her daughter and i too followed her to help. Suddenly we both collided each and when she was about to slip i caught her hips. It was a terrific touch, which made me horny. I do not know what she thought in her mind. Then she lighted candles and there is no sign of rain stopping. She asked me stay that night there itself. I had no problem since no one was there in my house.. They have all gone to attend a function in the village. Due to heavy storm, candles went off and again there was dark. She came near the sofa to light candles and i was about stand from the sofa, again we collided each other and this time she fell on top of me in sofa. I caught her hips this time too and pressed forcefully there. She did not say anything i knew she was also enjoying the moment. She decided to prepare for dinner quickly since the candle were about to end. Then we all took dinner together. After that, her daughter fell asleep and she slept in the bedroom.
Now the candles went off and we were sitting and chatting about the college happenings. In the dark, nothing was visible. She decided to search for another candle, which may be in the storeroom. She proceeded to the room and asked me to accompany her since it was too dark. She searched on the top of a shelf. For that, she raised both her hands, at that time i was out of control and i dared to caught hold of her hips from behind and squeezed gently. She did not object to it and this gave me more confidence. Therefore, i raised my hand and gently ran hand on her tummy. Oh, it was so hot and then slowly moved up and for the first time in my life pressed the boobs. She turned towards me and kissed me on my lips. Now she was turning towards to me, and i kissed on her neck and lips. Suddenly, both of us parted and we found a candle and proceeded towards the hall. This time she sat adjacent to me in the sofa. She locked all the doors and only candle light surrounded the room. She started first and said that she really enjoyed what happened in the storeroom. I was speechless.
I touched her hip very boldly this time and squeezed. She came nearer to me and kissed on my lips. We both stood up, i kissed her hips and navel part. Until now no nudity. Then i proceeded towards boobs and kissed it from sideways. Then she asked me to have a dress change. She gave me a lungi to wear and i did not wear any shirt or banian that night. I was in lungi and she remained in the blue saree. Then we chatted for sometime. Rain did not stop. I slept on her lap, turned towards her stomach part, and kissed. She rolled her hand on my bare body. I raised her saree and squeezed the milky thighs with my hand. Wow, what a wonderful feeling. She kissed deeply this time on my lips. I asked her for a pain balm since i was having headache. She proceeded towards the shelf to take it, i followed and caught it from behind and planted a kiss on her neck. I turned her face towards me and french kiss started. By doing this, we proceeded to a corner of the hall. This time i took her pallu off, and removed the saree completely. Wow! What a site it is…i squeezed those melons with blouse on. I dipped my face on that partition and squeezed boobs on my both hands. I raised her petticoat, took that bare right leg in my hand, and rested it on my hip. The candle was about to finish, so i decided to see my queen in nude quickly. I opened her blouse slowly and she removed my lungi. Now she was in her bra and petticoat and i am only with my undergarment. Her boobs were trying to come out of that bra, so i released it and removed petticoat too. She took off my undergarment. Now both are in nude. I squeezed the boobs and sucked those nipples. She moaned and said, ‘slowly! Please! Today mine is yours! Common take me!
Those words made me mad and i left no parts untouched on her body through my lips. She kissed on my neck, lips by holding my lund in her hand. I took her to the sofa and i fell on top of her, and both bodies twisted with each other. She said that she feel very painful in her back and shoulder. She asked me to apply oil, which relieves pain. She gave it to me. I was sitting on the edge of the sofa and asked her to sit on my lap facing towards me. She said you are so naughty… And sat on my laps. I pour some oil on my hand and proceed towards her boobs to apply. Oh, darling! This is not my back, she guided my hand towards her back and i applied there.
I pushed her back towards me and her boobs were squeezed on my chest. I hugged her tightly so that there is no gap between us and spreader the oil through out her back. I took some oil again on my hand and applied on her shoulders and this time i slowly came towards her breast and spread the oil there. I asked how u is feeling now. She said fantastic. While doing all this, she was sitting on my lap. Now she took oil in her hand applied on my chest and my back and now we both are hugging tightly and i was eating her completely. Now the candle is off completely, nothing is visible. However, we are hugging each other. Now i made her to sleep on the floor, since the bedroom is occupied by her daughter. I slept on her top. With much difficulty, i went inside her. We were overjoyed and we were like this for quite sometime. Now she came on top of me, and finally our body pleasure was quenched…
In the morning, we woke up quickly and i was about to leave for my house. Her daughter was also ready to go to school. Tasmia was ready to go to college in red cotton saree with low hip. I said that i am not coming to college today. When the daughter was about to leave she asked for pencil and scale. Tasmia went to the storeroom to take it. I followed her by saying something about the college so that her daughter does not have any doubt. As usual, i caught her hips, squeezed, and kissed on her lips non-stop for 2 minutes. Squeezed those round breasts and i said goodbye, she said oh, naughty come again. Then i left to my house… Oh, what a woman she is! I again had a sex with her. Any lady/woman from pakistan especially from punjab/rawalpindi/islamabad between 15 to 45 wanna have sex,phone sex or any type of relationship with full secrecy .mail me at boy_reason@yahoo.com

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جون 17, 2009 at 12:28 pm

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That Beautiful Old Lady

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mera naam rehan hai aur mein islamabad mein rehta hun.ek baar muje mere boss ne apne ghar par bulwaya, kisi meeting ke bare me discuss karna tha. Jab main uske ghar per phauncha to wo wo kahin bahar jane ke liye ready tha. Mujhe dekhate hi wo bola, ki main abhi kise zaroori kaam se ja raha hoon, jaldi hi laut aaunga , tum mera yahi wait karna, mere boss kareeb 50 saal ya usase kuch jyada ke the. Main drawing room me baith kar uska wait karne laga. Tabhi uski wife, jo ki kareeb 40 saal ki hogi, waha aa gaye, our boli. Kuch chaiye? Main kaha, aap muje toilet ka rasta bataye. Wo mujhe toilet le gayi. Maine toilet main ja kar ander se darwaja band kar diya. Muje bhaut jor se mut ayie thi. peshab karne ke bad maine dekha ki bathroom me bahut sare adult magazine the, main chup chap unko dekhne laga, jisase mera lund khada ho gaya. Mere dil muth marne ka khyal aaya, iss leye maine apni zip kol kar apna lund fir bahar nikal liya , tabhi maine dekha ki, darwaze ke key hole se mujhe koyi dekh raha hai.main samaz gaya ki boss ki biwi mujhe dekh rahi hai. Maine apne 7.5 ich lambe aur mote lund ko darwaje ke taraf kiya aur uska darshan usko acche tarha se karwaya. Maine socha shayad mujhe muth marne ki jarurat nahi padegi mere majboot lund ko ye choot aaj mil jayegi..

Our phir 5 minute ke baad main bahar aa gaya. Wo drawing room me mere pass aa kar baith gaye our mere bare me puchane lagi, ki mere shaadi hoyi hai? Maine kaha: nahi. Muje uske aakho me wasna aur ek azeeb bhukh dekhi.. Uski nazar mere pant ke fule huye bhag par ja rahi thi, kyuki mera lund abhi bhi tight tha. Wo usi ko dekne lagi. Wo mere samne baithe huyi thi, per main uske halat samajj chukha tha. Uska bare me bata doon, uski umar shayad 40 thi lekin wo 30-32 ki lagti thi. Uski chunchiyan kasi huyi aur 36 size ki hogi, pet ekdum sapat tha aur kamar patli 30 se bhi kam hogi, aur gaand ..uff. kya mast gadrayi gaand thi.. chootad mano table the jinhe bajane me maja aa jaye. Pher maine uske choocheyo ko dekh ne laga. Wo bhi ab mujj ko apne choocheya dekhane lagi. Usne low cut ka blouse pehna tha aur uski gehari ghati ekdum saf dikh rahi thi. Usne jhukte huye apni chunchiyan aur saf tarah se dikhaya. Gori gori chunchiyan ka nipple ke siva baki sab kuch dikh raha tha. Phir main samajh gaya ki wo mere lund ko dekh kar garam ho gayi hai. main apna lund dikhane ke liye mere pair faila ke baith gaya, pant ka fula hua bhag aur saaf dikhane laga tha. Hum ek dusre ke ek dum samne batye the. Wo mere lund ko dekne lagi. Hum ek dushse se koyi baat nahi kar rahe the per lag raha tha ki hum apane apane man me ek dusre se baat kar rahe hai. Tab usne apne tango ko ek dusre per chada diya taki uski saadi kuch unchi ho jaye our main uske tange dekhu. Aab meri bari thi, Maine kaha yahan bahut garami hai aur pehale maine apne shirt ke button khole. Maine andar kuch pehna bnahi tha, meri chati ke ghane baal usne dekha. Uska thodi der bad maine apni shirt utar di our side me rakh de. Ab usne apane mammo per se apni saadi niche dhalka di. Ye sab wo is tarah kar rahi thi mano anjaane me ho raha ho. Neeche gire Aanchal ko usne thik bhi nahi kiya. Mera lund ab tight ho chukka tha, pehale maine apne khade lund ko pant ke upar se sehlaya aur dabaya.. Fir maine apne pant ki zip kol di, mai underwear nahi pehnta hoon isliye zip kholte hi mera lund bahar aagaya. Wo mere taraf dekh rahi thi. Aab bhi hum kuch nahi bol rahe the. Ab mai uska paas gaya aur maine kaha apko bura laga.. usne kuch kaha nahi.. maine use apni taraf ghumaya.. mera lund uska chehare ke samne fadak raha tha.. mai niche jhuka.. maine usase pooncha ye pasand hai.. usne sirf haan me sir hilaya.. fir kya tha.. maine use kiss kiya.. usne mujhe pura sahayog diya. Maine uski chunchiyan par blouse ke upar se hath rakha.. aur dabaya.. uska munh se siiiiiiiiiiiiii. .uuuuummmmm. . ki awaz nikli.. maine usase kaha mai tumhari chunchiyan ko pyar karunga.. bahut mast hai..Usne jaldi se apne blouse ke button kholne shuru kiye.. maine bhi khole aur usne uska blouse khul gaya aur black bra me kaid uska makhkhan jaisi chunchiyan mere samne aa gayi. Wo mere lund ko dekh rahe the, our main uske choocheeyo ko. Wo kafi der tak mere khade lund ko dekhte rahi maine usase kaha ise pyar karogi? Usne kuch nahi kaha, maine uska ek hath pakda aur mere lund par rakha, usne hath hata liya , maine fir se uska hath mere lund par rakha our phir usne usko pakad leya. Ab usne kaha.. ye bahut lamba aur mota hai.. mai pehali baar itna mota aur lamba lund dekh rahi hoon.. maine kaha tumhe pasand hai? Usne haan me sir hilaya aur mere lund ko kiss kiya supade ko jeebh se chata aur apne muh me le liya. Main chup chap uske choocheya masale laga. Wo itani tezi ke saat mere lund muh me ander bahar kar rahi the jaise wo pahali baar kar rahi ho. Saat saat main wo usko dekh bhi rahi the. Maine, pehalli baar Lund ko dekh rahi ho kya? Wo kuch nahi boli , maine uska peeth ke piche se uska bra ka hook nikala to uski chunchiyan bahar aa gayi, uska gore gore stan ekdum khade the.. bina bra ke bhi.. aur gulabi nipple kadak ho chuke the. Maine uska sir apne lund par dabaya our wo mere lund ko chatne lagi, mere lund ko usne apne cunchiyon ke bich me rakhkar apne chunchiyan ko dabane lagi, our mere tarf dekh kar boli : ha , pehele baar hi itane lambe aur mote mazboot aur kade lund ko dekh rahi hoon. Mere pati ka lund kabhi bhi khada nahe hua. Maine kaha: tumhari shaadi ko kitne saal ho gaye hai? Wo boli 20 saal , our main ab tak khade lund ke liye taras rahi ho. Meri choot Kunwari hai. Maine kaha ki boss ne tum ko kabhi nahi chooda, wo boli: kabhi nahi. Wo sirf mere choot me figuring kar dete the. Per kabhi bhi lund nahi dala mere choot me. Maine usko kaha ki ooh fir to tumhari choot ki seal bhi nahi tuti hogi mujhe tumhari choot dekhna hai tum apni choot mujhe dikhao. Usne apne saadi ko ek jatke me khol diya. Maine uska petioat ka nada khincha wo niche ja gira . usne ek jalidaar black panty pehani huyi thi. Maine uska ****ad ki taraf hath dala aur use panty ke andar daal ke jor se niche khincha.. panty fat gayi.. maine puri panty faad dali…ab Uski gulabi ubhari huyi choot mere samne the. Sach uski choot ekdum nayi aur bina chudi lag rahi thi. Abhi take gori aur gulabi. Maine kaha wah kya choot hai. Ekdum 18 saal ki ladki jaisi. Wo boli ki unka pati ka khada hi nahi hota, kabhi kabhi daane ko ungli se ragadte hai isase aag aur bhadak uthati thi, jab usne ye baat apne pati ko bataya to usne uske liye bahut saare vibrator la kar deta tha, maine kaha dikhao.. wo nangi hi andar gayi aur usne apne saare vibrator mere samne laa kar rakh diye. Maine kaha, tub 20 saal se iss se apna kaam chala rahi ho. Wo boli: ha, yeh he muje kuch sakoon dete hai. Maine kaha, aap ka dard main samjh sakta hoon. Wo boli: aaj jab maine tumhara khada mota aur lamba kadak und bathroom me dekha to mai ek dam garam ho gaye. Maine pooncha kya kabhi isme se koyi vibrator pura andar liya hai? Usne kaha nahi.. sirf upar upar se ragadte hoon. Bahut dard hota hai.. mai bardasht nahi kar pati isliye thoda andar daal kar ragad leti hoon.

Maine kaha , aaj main aap ke sari kami puri kar dooga. Wo bahut khush ho gayi, our boli: main umar me tum se badi hoon per tum mujhe se kuch bhi karne ko bolna , main wohi karungi, tab maine kaha , chalo pehele ye pata kar le ki boss kab wapas ayenge.. wo hansne lagi. Usne kaha arey wo aaj din bhar nahi ayenge. Tumhe meri chudayi karne ke liye hi to yahan bulaya hai. Agar tum pehal nahi karte to mai khud hi tumhe chudayi ke liye mazboot karti. Maine kaha to fir mai chahunga ki tumhari rasili choot ko achche se pehale chat loon aur tum mere mote lund ko achche se chuso.wo man gayi aur wohi sofe par apni tange faila kar let gaye. Mai uska pairon ke bich me aya… choot ko dekha.. ek bhi baal nahi tha..aaj hi saaf kiya tha shayad. Sirf ek darar dikh rahi thi. .Maine uske choot per ek kiss diya. Wo tadap gaye , our boli, plz apne zubaan se isko chaato, maine kaha, darling umar to tumari 40 ki ho gayi ho, per aaj bhi tum kachchi kali ki tarah apne choot chatwane ko tadap rahi ho. Wo boli, kya karu, meri choot to abhi bhi kachchi kali hi hai na..meri choot se bahut paani nikalta hai.. please mere choot ko chattoo na. Maine uske choot ke lips ko khola.. daane ko anguthe se ragda wo sisiya gayi…aahhhhh…aur fir apni jeebh pehale choot ke charon taraf ghumaya.. wo apne chootad matkane lagi …si..si..si…si. . fir maine uske choot me apni gili jeebh daal de, aur ander bahar karne laga. Mere jeebh ki chudayi se wo..aahhhhhhh. ishhhh… haayy…ye maja mai jindagi me pehali bar le rahi hoon. .aur andar karo..achcha lag raha hai…aaaaahhh. . pehali baar meri choot ko maja aa raha hai… mai tezi se choot chat raha tha.. fir usne apni choot mere munh se jor se chipka di…aahhh sanjayyyy.. meri choot ka pani niklegaa.. haayyyyyy.. kehate huye usni choot ne mano jor ka fauwara chor diya .. Mere munh me juice bhar gaya aur chehra bhi bhig gaya….sach uski choot se bahut pani nikla tha.. maine choot chatna jari rakha. ab wo thoda shant ho gayi. meri jeebh ki chudayi se uska pani nikal gaya, maine kaha itane jaldi tum jhad gayi darling? Wo boli pehali baar meri choot me koi jeeb gayi hai. Isleye yeh nikal gaya, tum hato main saaf kar deti ho. Maine kaha darling yeh bhi koyi saaf karne ki cheez hai, yeh to hum mardo ke liye tum aurate nikalte ho.isliye ise mai pura chaat lunga. Phir main uska saara pani pee liya our phir main uski choot ko zoor zoor se chatne laga. Wo chillane lagi. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaa aaaaaaaaaaa.
Aur zoor se karo, aaaaaaaaaaaaa maja aa gaya. Maine usko kaha ki aab hum 69 position me ho jate hai, tum mere lund ko chooso , our main tumari choot ko chaatoga. Maine use uthaya aur mai uski jagah par let gaya.. use kaha tum apni choot mere munh ke upar rakho taki mai niche se puri jeebh tumhari choot me daal saku. Usne vaisa hi kiya. Use badi jaldi thi mere lund ko chusne ki .Wo mere lund ko apne muh me lene ko besaabar ho rahi th. Wo jaldi se samne jhuki aur mere lund ko pakda pehale supade ki chamdi ko niche khicha.. supade ki motayi dekh kar boli.. itna mota to ek bhi vibrator nahi hai.. bahut hi mazboot aur kadak lund hai tumhari.. lehate huye usne supade ko kiss kiya fir pure lund ko jeebh se chata.. mai bhi gan gana utha.. mera lund aur fulne laga. Uska baad usne apne honto me mere supade ko liya , thodi der me hi . usne mere pura ka pura lund apne muh me ley rahe the. Mera lund 7.5 inch ka hai, mera lund uske gale tak ja raha tha. Wo mere tattoo ko bhi saath me munh me lena chahati thi. Maine usko kaha, darling tumhari, choot bahut tasty hai. Wo boli: yeh ek dum fresh choot hai, yeh baat alag hai ke main tumse badi hoon lekin meri choot ekdum kamsin aur fresh hai.. Maine uske clitoris ko apne muh me ley leya our usko chusne laga, jis se wo itani garam ho gayi ki wo kapne lagi. Main uska clitoris ko zor zor se chat raha tha, saath saath me usko kaat bhi raha tha. Uski choot se isna pani nikal raha tha ki main bilkul gila ho chukka tha. Wo mere upar the our main uske neeche, wo mere lund ko muh se bahar nahi nikal rahe thi, main uske clitoris ko apne daanto se halka halka chabha raha tha. Main janta tha ki uske clitoris ki wajah se hi uske choot se itna pani nikal raha hai, mere pura muh uski pani se bhar gaya tha, per uska pani nikale hi ja raha tha. Usko multiple orgasm aa rahe the, jis ko wo bhaut enjoy kar rahe the.. Wo apni choot mere munh par dabaye ja rahi thi.. uski gaand bhi mast thi chootad bhi ekdum shape me the. Maine ****ad dabate huye uska choot ke paani se ek ungli gili ki aur uski gaand me daal di.. wo chilla padi..oooooooh. .nooo.. pehale meri choot ko kholo apne lund se fir udhar hath lagaana.. maine kaha mai gaand me interested nahi hoon haan pyari gaand ho to pyaar jarur karta hoon..

Wo mere lund se nika pani ek baar pee chuke the. Mere lund ek baar phir apna pani chodne ko tayyar tha. Maine usko bola darling tum baith jaao mai tumhari pure chehare par apna cream lagaunga.. wo uth kar baith gayi…mai uska munh ke samne apna funfanata lund le kar muth marne laga.. aur wo apna munh khole jeebh nikal kar mera cream nikalne ka intezaar karne lagi. Yeh nazara aap kud sochiye kiasa hoga , jab ek 40 saal ki auart , wo bhi bilkul nagi , jiski choot bilkul geeli ho, wo aap ke samne apne ghutno ke bal baith kar aap ke lund se pani nikal ne ka wait kar rahi ho. Wo itani gharam ho chuki thi ki mere muth marne ke saath saath wo apna vibrator on kar ke apne choot me ragad rahi the. Tabhi mere lund se ek pichkari nikali, jo sidhe uske muh me gaye, phir maine uske poore chehare par apna pani chhoda jo uska gaalon par naak par aur uska mast chunchiyan par girne laga.. chehare ka maal wo jeebh nikaal kar chaat rahi thi aur chunchiyan ka cream usne aoni chunchiyan par faila kar masaag kiya. our boli our nikalo naa. Main kaha, kaisa laga mere pyari raand? Wo boli: jaannat ka maza mila hai aaj mujhko. Maine kaha jaannat to tere choot main hai saali, wo boli: tumara lund bhi kuch kam nahi. Wo muhj se boli: aaj tak kiitne choot mari hai, maine kaha bahut sari mari hai, per 40 saal ki ek dum taazi choot aaj pehali baar chaati hai. Maine kaha tumhari choot ekdum naram hai aur kitni gulabi hai.. abhi take iski lips bhi nahi khuli hai.. Wo boli: meri choot aab bhi kisi 16 saal ki ladki ki choot se kaam nahi.

Aab main thak kar necche bat gaya. Wo boli: , aaj tak mere choot me koyi lund nahi gaya hai, tum ne to do baar pani nikal diya hai, aap meri pyaasi choot ka kaya hoga? Maine kaha: darling tum mere lund ko phir se chatna shuru kar do, yeh lund 5 baar pani nikal sakta hai. Wo bahut khush ho gayi, our mere lund ko apne hatho me liya sehlaya bahut kiss kiya aur fir se chusane lagi. Mera lund fir se khada hone laga.. aur thodi der me hi kadak ho gaya. Maine punchha.. darling kaisa taste lag raha hai mere lund ka? wo boli: bahut hi mazedaar .kaash yeh lund muhje hamesha ke liye mil jaye. Maine kaha , tumhare choot ne aaj muhj ko pura gila kar diya hai. Itna pani maine kabhi kisi aurat ke choot se nahi neklate dekha jitna tumhare choot se nikla hai. Wo boli: sara pani maine ttumhare liye hi nikala hai, tum hi to kah rahe the ke aurate ke choot ka pani mardo ke leye hota hai, maine kaha, tumhare choot me se kuch jyada hi nikala hai. Mere pure badan per uske choot ka pani laga hua tha. Maine usko bola ki lund ke saath saath tu mere badan ko bhi chaat lo, wo tayyar ho gayi our apni jeeb se mere badan se apni choot ke pani se saaf karne lagi.uske liye ye ek naya experience thausne mere chehare se shuru kiyia aur niche chati par gayi.. usne mere nipple ko chata fir munh me liya jisase mai aur josh me aa gaya.. mera lund aur fufkarne laga.. Uska ek haat ab bhi mere lund per tha, jisko wo hila rahi the, uski chamadi upar niche kar rahi thi.. wo mere lund ko aur kada karke apne choot marwana chahati thi.

Wo mere doono nipple ko apne daanto se kaat rahi the. Mujh ko dard hone laga , main bola, saali, katati hai, wo boli : sanju hum aurato ka bhi dil karta hai ki hum bhi tum mardo ke chati ko dabaye our unko chate, maine kaha tum inko chuso , wo bhir mere nipple ko choosne lagi. Ab mera lund bahut kadak ho gaya tha. Maine usko kaha, darling tumhari choot ko faadne ke leye mera lund ready hai. Usne mere lund ke supare per ek kiss kiya aur mere lund se boli: hey mere pyare laude, aaj main aapne choot tujh ko deti hoon, tum isko aaj faad dena, agar isme se khoon bi nikale, tab bhi is per raham nahi karna, main kaha, chalo ab tum ghodi banjao. Maine uske muh deewar ki taraf kiya, our uske gaand ko kuch upper kiya, our apne lund ko uski choot per ragadne laga. Mere lund ke saparsh se he wo tez saasse lene lagi. Maine uske choot se apna lund tezi se ragad raha tha. Wo boli: hiii.. kyu tadpate ho ab to is choot per taras kho , our isme apne garam lund dal do, please 20 saal ke garmi nikal do. Maine ek jhatke ke saath hi uske choot me apna lauda dal deya. Mere lund ka supada uski 40 saal ki Kunwari choot ka munh kholte huye andar dhans gaya.Mere laude ke jate he wo cheekh padi ooooohhhhh.. marr ..gayiiiiiiii… .. kitna mota haiiiiiii.. bahut dard ho raha haiiiii…aaahh. . maine kaha . jaan abhi to pura lund bahar hai.. usne kaha ..mat dalo.. maine kaha.. fir choot fategi kaise..kehate huye maine dusra jor ka jhatka mara uski kamar pakad kar..aur mere lund ne uski seal tod di…aur is baar uski cheekh bahut jor ki thi..oooh..maaaaa… nikalo…. Meri choot ke chithade ho gaye… nahi chudwana mujhe..mai thoda ruka.. aur samne hath le ja kar uski chunchiyan ko dabane laga…aur usi halat me lund ko aage piche karne laga.. uski choot se bahut khoon nikal raha tha…aur wo niche floor par tapak raha tha..usne bhi niche ye dekha aur kehane lagi.. meri choot to gayi.. bahut jalan ho rahi hai.. maine kaha abhi thik ho jayega.. aur dheere dheere dhakke marta raha.. choot sach me bahut tight thi.. ek to uski is umar tak kunwara pan jisase choot ke andar ka bhag faila nahi tha aur dusari aaj take uski choot me kisi lund ka na ghusna. Maine ab supade take lund ko bahar khincha aur puri takat se andar dhakela.. mera lund uski choot ko cheerta hua.. pura andar ghus gaya aur mere dhakke se wo bhi samne bed par gir padi.. maine use kamar se pakad kar uthaya.. maine dekha uski seaansoo nikal rah the. Mai ab ruk gaya. Thodi der baad uska dard kam hone baad maine pura lund bahar nikal kar chodna shuru kiya.. mere dhakke jabardast the. main bhi aaj iske choot fadni ki sauchi the.. 40 saal ki choot ka mukabala ek 25 saal ke lund se tha. Main janta hoo ki choot kabhi bhi thakti nahi hai. Per maine soch liya tha ki aaj isko itna chooduga ki iske 20 saal ki saari kasar nikal jayegi.

Ab Maine apna lund tezi se ander bahar kar raha tha, uski choot bhi paani chhor rahi thi.. aur ab use bhi maja ane laga tha. wo muj se aur tez , aur tez , zor se, zor se. Boli ja rahi thi. Main 20 minute tak non stop uske choot me apna lund dale jah raha tha, uske choot mere lund ke tezi se ek dum laal ho chuki thi per wo mujhe.. aur tez, aur tez kaha kar garam karti ja rahi the. Maine usko chodate chodate uska ek vibrator uttaya our uski choot ke paani se gila kiya. Maine dekha ki choot me dhakke khate wakt uski gaand bhi ful –pichak rahi thi.. maine wo uski gaand ke ched me lagaya.gaand ke ched me dalte hi wo bahut jor se chillayi..nahiiiiii… mai mar jaungiiii.. plz.. aisa mat karo.., ab to wo itna tezi se chilane lagi ki mujhe lag ne laga ki koyi bahar se aa najaye. Maine bola chup kar harmazadi, kyoi aa jaye gaya. Wo boli, mere gaand me vibrator kyo daal rahe ho, maine bola, tujh ko maaza dene ke leya. Wo boli, vibrator meri gaand me mat dalo mujko bhaut dard hota hai, maine kaha mujhko bhaut maja ata hai , jab tumko dard hota hai, wo boli, tum bhi apne gaand me ek vibrator kyo nahi dal deyte. Maine kaha chup kar sali , randi, lund ki pujanrin , maine vibrator ki speed full ki , our uski gaand me phir se daldiya, saath saath mi main uske choot bhi fad raha tha. Wo bhaut chillane lagi, mujhe bhaut aacha lag raha tha, main ab vibrator ko nikal kar uski choot me de deya jo ki aaram se ghus gaya kyuki mere lund ne uski choot khol di thi…our apna lauda uski gaand me de deya. Vibrator gaand me dalne se uske gaand ka ched bhi khul gaya tha, jisse mera lund uski gaand me araam se challa gaya. Ab usko achhha lag raha tha, choot me vibrator, our gaand me mera lund, wo boli, aaj tume ne is aurat ko bahut khushi di hai. Maine meri zindagi me socha bhi nahi tha ki kabhi itane shandar lund se meri itani mast chudayi hogi.

Maine uski gaand ko khub choda , wo bhi apne gaand uchaal uchal kar muhje se apni gaand marwa rahi the. 40 saal ke iss araut ne mere laude per upne tight coot aur mastani gaand se jaado kar diya tha. Maine fir use bed ke kinare par sidha kar ke litaya uska pair mere kandhe par rakhe aur fir uski gaand ke niche ek takiya rakha.. khuli huyi laal choot mere samne thi… maine lund ko uski choot par rakha aur is baar ek hi dhakke me pura lund andar jad take ghused diya.. wo chilla uthi… aaahh… dheer… mai mar jaungi.. lekin mai puri berahmi se uska chod raha tha.. uski gaand ka ched bhi khula dikh raha tha.. mai kabhi kabhi lund uski gaand me bhi pel deta tha.. is tarah bahut hi jabar dast chudayi shuru thi.. Main kabhi uski choot marta to kabhi uski gaand. Kareeb1 gante ke baad maine uske choot me puri gehrayi me apna lund daal kar apna pani nikal diya. Maine uski choot aur gaand ko dekha ..dono ka hi munh khula hua tha.. aur uski choot se mera pani bahar nikal raha tha. Maine kaha chalo ab tum mere Lund ko chat kar saaf kar do. Usne mere Lund ko apne jeebh se ek dum saaf gar deya. Maine aunty ki choot per kiss kiya our bola, mera laund aap jaise aurat ke liye hamesha tayyar hai. Aap ko apni choot jab bhi muj se marwani ho , aap mujh ko phone kar dena. Phir maine usko apna mobile number de diya.pher main apne kapde pehan liya , aur drawing room me ja kar boss ka wait karne laga.tabhi boss phone unki biwi ke mobile par aya.. wo nangi hi bahar ayi aur usne kaha ki wo aaj raat me der se ayenge.. isliye apko intezaar karne ki jarurat nahi hai. Mai jane laga to usne kaha.. abhi to bahut time hai.. baad me jana… maine uski taraf dekha nangi wo bahut hi sundar lag rahi thi.. uski chunchiyan ko dekh kar mera lund fir harkat me ane laga aur mai ruk gaya.. uska baad to maine use bathroom me aur uska kitchen table par bahut hi jabardast choda aur last chudayi bed room me ki to uski halat uth kar baithane ke layak bhi nahi thi.. uski choot ekdum laal ho gayi thi.. aur bahut ful gayi thi.. uska ghar se mai sham ko 8 baje nikla. Uska baad to wo mujhe khud phone kar ke bula leti hai.. kayi baar to boss jab tour par jate hai to 3-4 din mai use kapde pehanane hi nahi deta. To ye thi ek madmast 40 saal ki Kunwari aurat ke chudayi ki daastaan.
agar koi aunty/larki pakistan mein especially lahore,islamabad,rawalpindi ya nearby places mein mere sath mukamal raazdari k sath kisi tarah ka bi relation rakhna chahti hai ya sex karna chati hai to muje mail kareen at boy_reason@yahoo.com

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Farhana ki Real Story

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Hello friends. mera naam farhana he. hum 5 sisters hen. new karachi me gher he. pehle hum hyderabad me rehte the. 3 sisters ki shadi ho chuki he. aur woh apne gher me khush hen. yeh sab kuch meray hi naseeb men hona likha tha jo men aap ke sath share ker ka apnay dil ka bojh halka kerna chahti hoon. hamaray walid ek ghareeb mazdoor hen. lekin jab se ek terrorist tanzeem ko join kia he, gher men bohat khush hali aagai he, shayed yeh sab kuch isi haram ki kamai ka nateeja hay.

Jab hum hyderabad me rehtay thay to bohat ghareeb thay. Roti roti ko mohtaj thay. Meray begherat baap ne mehnat kernay ke bajaey apni hi beti ko bechna shuroo kerdia. Us waqt me bohat choti thi lekin ek raat meri aankh shor honay se khul gai. Ek larka meri baji ko zor zor se chod raha tha aur baji rotay huay keh rahi thi keh peechay se mat karo me mar jaon gi. Phir who larka meray baap ko pesay diay bagher jany laga to bohat jhagra hua. Us din se me bhi yeh sab kuch samajhnay lagi. Jab hum bohat badnam hogay to karachi aagay.

Yahan aaker baap ne terrorist ko join kerlia or logon ko qatal kernay ka kaam shuroo kerdia. Mujh se 3 bari sisters ki shadi apnay hi jesay logon se kerdi. Ab hum itna badnam ho chukay hen keh koi hum se rishta kerna to door ki baat, shakal tak dekhna gawara nahi kerta he. Merah bara bhai baap ki herkaton ki wajah se qatal hogia. Chota bhai na janay kahan jail me hoga.

Bari sisters ko dekh dekh ker mujhay bhi sex ka shoq hogia tha. Bari mushkil se baap ne meri shadi apnay bhanjay se kerdi lekin shadi ke 2 month k baad usko kisi ne sab kuch bata dia to us ne mujhay foran talaq de di.
Meri choti sisters saima bhi jawan hogai he. Usko bhi sex ka bohat shoq he. Lekin ab yahan mohallay walon ne hum ko gandi herkaten karnay se rok dia hay. Ab hamnari samajh men nahi aata keh apnay jism ki piyas bujhanay kay liay kia karen.

Men pehlay apnay chotay bhai zafar se chdwati thi lekin woh pata nahi kahan he. Suna he baap ne meray liay phir kissi dallay ke bachay ka intazam kia hay. Lekin shadi honay tak hum dono sisters blue CD dekhtay huay 69 sex kerti rahen gi.
Yeh meri 100% true story hay.

Meri chut ki piyas bujhanay k liay koi larka chahay to rabta ker sakta hay. Kash koi larka mujhay aur meri choti sister ko meray baap se dur lejaey. Hum mazeed is tarah nahi reh saktay. Meray baap se hoshiar rehna woh qatil he.
Kash koi meray baap ko qatal kerday, who daulat ka bhooka zalil begherat janwar he. Us ne hum sab aur najanay kitnay logon ki dunya aakhrat tabah kerdi.

Mera number yeh he 0345-2542495,

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My Love Experince

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Ab main apko mere ek real xperience k baare mein batane ja rahaa hu. Ye un dino ki baat hai, jab maine job join kari hii thi… Mere ghar k neighbour hood me 1 punjabi family rehti thi. Unka restaurant ka business tha. Isliye uncle aur aunty dono zyadatar restaurant par hii rehte the. Kul-milakar achchhi standard family thi. Unke 2 ladkiyan aur ek ladka tha… Badi ladki ka naam Neha umar 17saal thi dusri ladki ki umar 15 saal aur ladke ki umar 11 saal thi…Neha ka fig. Bahut hii sexy tha height 5’7”,complexion wheatish, boobs n hips were in gud shape… Use dekhne ke kuchh hii dino me wo mujhe khatakne lagi thi ..evening time me jab wo bhai – behen aur aas-paas k bachcho k sath khelti thi to shirt n skirt pehenkar khelti thi. Main evening me chhat par baithkar dekhta tha. Uske boobs n hips ka movement dekh mera 6″ ka lund khada ho jata tha,jise main raat ko shant karta tha.

Tab tak main vahan rahne ke liye mentally set ho gaya tha. Ab mujhe mauke ka intezaar tha. Khair jaldi mujhe mauka mil gaya. Hamare makaan ke paas ek mandir mein bhandara tha. Mujhe bhi invitation tha. Raat ko prasad vitran ke baad langar ka programme tha. Kyonki bhandare mein langar ka bhi programme tha isliye rush bahut jyada tha, prasad lene ke liye. Meri kismat achchhi thi ki neha line mein mere aagey hi khadi thi. Main to firaq mein tha ki kisi tarah uski body ko meri body touch kar jaye. Tabhi bheed badh gai aur kisi ne peechhay se dhakka diya. Dhakke ki vajah se main aagey ki aur aa gaya aur neha ki peeth meri chest ke takraane lagee.

Aap samajh gaye honge ki kya hua, mera lund uske hips ke peechhay takrane lagaa. Ab maze ki baat dekhiye usne bilkul object nahin kiya aur apne hips ko peechhay ki ore kar liya. Kareeb 1 minute hum is position mein khade rahe. Mera lund tan kar rod ki tarah tight ho gaya. Excitement mein maine peechhay se dhakka diya , to bhi vo kuchh nahin boli, balki vo aagey ki aur jhuk gai jiske kaaran ab mein uske hips ke beech ki chhed ko ekdam saaf feel kar raha tha. Maine uske chehre ko dekha jo ki excitement ki vajah se ekdam red ho raha tha. Main samajh gaya ki vo ek chalu ladki thi, jisne abhi tak lund ka swaad nahin liya tha lekin vo lene ke liye poori tarah taiyyar thi.

Khair us incident ke baad main jab bhi use dekhta, to voh najaren neechi karke muskura deti thi. Main samajh gaya ki line clear hai, lekin aisa koi chance nahin mil raha tha ki main use fuck kar saku. Khuda sabki sunta hai. During this period i was able to maintain good relations with that family. Priya was weak in her studies, so one day her father asked me, if i could give her some tuitions. It was a golden chance for me, so i said, ” kyon, nahin, mera bhi time pass ho jaya karega, kyonki office se aane ke baad main bhi bore ho jata hun.” I started to give tuitions to mamta, but for a week I could not collect courage to prepare her for all what I want.

One day, when it was sunday and her parents had gone to restaurant and her brother and sister also went with them, in the afternoon she came to my house and asked that she had got problems in maths, isliye agar main usko voh exercise padha sakun. Maine kaha, ” han, han kyon nahin, main bhi akela baitha bore ho raha hun”. Main neha ke ghar chala gaya. Wo chai banakar le aai. Maine usase poochha.

” uncle, aunty nahin dikh rahe.” Usne kaha,”

Aaj restaurant ki chhutti hai, isliye vo hamare relations mein aburoad gaye huve hain, ghar par koi nahin hai aur main akeli hun, vo log evening mein 9 baje tak vapas ayenge.” Usne akeli shabd par jor dekar kaha tha. Main samajh gaya, isase achchha mauka nyks beta tujhe nhi milega.

Main use maths ki exercise padhane lagaa. Lekin meri aankhen baar-2 uske boobs par atak jati thi, jab vo likh rahi thi, maine gaur se dekha usne shirt ke neechay bra nahin pahan rakhi thi, jabki jab vo mere ghar aai thi to jahan tak mujhe dhyan tha usne bra pahan rakkhi thi. Maine imagine kiya ki usne panty bhi utar di hogi. Yeh vichaar man mein aate hi mera lund ekdum tight ho gaya aur mera bermuda phool gaya jise shayad usne kanakhiyon se dekh liya tha.

Voh likhte-likhate muskura rahi thi. Is samay noon ke 12 baj rahe they. Maine time waste karna theek nahin samjha. Aaj main kisi bhi tarikay se usko chodne ke mood main tha. Aakhir maine usase poochha, “neha, ek baat bataao, us din jab mandir mein, main tumhare peechhay khada tha, to tumhe bura to nahin lagaa.”

Voh boli, ” kyon, kya hua tha.”

Maine kaha, ” us din meri haalat bahut kharaab ho gai thi.”

Neha phir boli, “kyon, aisa kya ho gaya tha.”

Main, “sach batana, tumhe achchha laga.”

Voh chup rahi, maine phir kaha, “us din tumahari body ko touch karke main bahut excite ho gaya tha. Tum sach batana, kya tumhe achchha laga.” Is baar voh gardan neechay karke muskura di aur kuchh nahin boli. Maine kaha, “neha, tum mujhe bahut achchhi lagti ho, I love you. Unexpected response mujhe mila, ” I love you too.” Yeh sunte hi maine uske hathon ko apne hathon main le liya aur uski ankhon mein dekhne laga. Uska chehra sharam se lal ho gaya. Phir mainen dheere se uske gore gallon ko choom liya. Mujhe vo taiyyar dikhi to mainen uske raseelay hothon mein apne honth de diye, aur kafee der tak tak main uske hothon ko choosta raha.

Neha bahut jyada excite ho gai thi. Aur ab vo bhi mere hothon ko choos rahi thi. Uski saansen bahut bhari ho rahi thi. Bina waqt khoye maine uske ek boob ko daba diya. Lekin uska dhyan kissing ki taraf hi tha. Kiss karte-karte maine uski shirt ke button kholne shuru kar diye. Mere surprise ke according hi usne neechay bra nahin pahni thi. Kiss se usko hatakar maine uske donon bobay haath main le liye aur kaha, “maine itne khubsoorat boobs aaj tak nahin dekhe, mamta tum shaandaar ho,” yeh kahkar mainen donon bobon ko masalna chalu kar diya. Tabhi neha boli, “arre, darwaje ki kundi to lagai hi nahin hai, main darwaza band karke aati hun.” Apni shirt ke button bund kar voh darwaja band karne chali gai. Main jaate hue uske gol nitambon ko dekh raha tha. Maine nahin socha tha voh itni aasaani se phans jaayegi.

Vaapas aakar voh boli, ” chalo andar vale room mein chalte hain” andar vale room mein aate hi maine use khade-khade hi pakad liya aur phir uske hothon mein apne hoth de diye aur peechay se uski skirt ko upar utha kar uske gol-gol chuttaron par haath phirane lagaa. Mere surprise ke according hi usne neechay panty nahin pahan rakkhi thi. Main samajh gaya, ki aaj voh mujhe bharpur majaa degi. Phir main uske chuttaron ki golai par haath phirane lagaa aur unhen daba-dabaa kar priya ko apni taraf khinchane lagaa. Main aaj use apne se chipka kar uske badan mein samaa janaa chahata tha. Maine use bed par patak diya aur paagalon ki tarah use chumane lagaa uske bobon ko jor-jor se dabaane lagaa. Vo boli,

“jaraa, dheeray-dheeray dabaao,mujhe dard hota hai.” Maine kaha, “

Meri raani, main kab se is pal ka intezaar kar raha tha, aaj mujhe jee bhar kar pyaar karne do.”

Tab voh boli, ” mere raja, jee bhar kar mujhe pyaar karo, main ab tumhari hun. Jee bhar kar meri chudai karo, main is chudai ke liye bahut dinon se tadap rahi hun.” Uske muhun se chudai shabd sunkar main bahut uttejit ho gaya. Ab mera lund bermudae ko phaadkar bahar aane ko betaab tha. Par usase pahale main use poori nangi karke usake poore sharir ko chumna chahata tha. Phir maine uski shirt aur skirt donon ko utaar diya. By god, uska gora chikna badan dekhkar main hairan rah gaya. Uske bobay ekdum tight tane hue they. Pink nipple ekdum khade they.

Phir maine uski janghon ki taraf dekha, ekdum keley ke jaisi chikni bhari-bhari thighs dekhkar main aapko bataa nahin sakta mera kya haal ho raha tha. Uski gori thighs ke beech mein uski gori-2 choot kaley-2 bush-hair se dhanki padi thi. Aaj 16 years ke baad bhi uska description likhte hue mera lund rod ki tarah khada hai aur jeans ko phaad dena chahta hai.

Meri haalat ekdum paagalon jaisi ho gai thi, saansen bahut bhari ho gai thi. Par main use excitement ke ultimate level tak le jana chahata tha. Maine pahale uske hothon mein apne honth de diye, kareeb do minute baad main uske gore-gore bhare-bhare boobs tak aaya aur unhen masalane ke baad maine uske ek nipple ko muhun mein le liya aur use jor jor se choosane laga. Mamta ne apni eyes bund kar rakkhi thi aur voh halki halki siskariyan le rahi thi. Kareeb do minute tak uske ek mummay ko choosne ke baad maine uske doosray mummay ko bhi buri tarah choosa. Phir main uski jaanghon par aa gaya aur jaanghon se lekar uske pairon tak ko chooma aur use bahut achchha foot-job diya.

Iske baad maine use ulta lita diya. Kya shaandar chuttar they uske. Kamar se ekdum uthe hue aur kya ghazab ki golai thi uske chuttaron mein. Main deewanon ki tarah uske gore-gudaj badan ke ek-ek pore ko choom aur chaat lena chahata tha. Uske gore gol chuttaron ko maine 7-8 baar apne daanton se kaata.. Neha itni uttejit ho chuki thi, ki voh boli, ” mere raja, ab na tadpao, ab daal bhi do, meri haalat bahut kharaab ho chuki hai, zaraa meri choot ki taraf dekho, kitna paani chhod chuki hai.” Maine sachmuch dekha ki uski choot ke paani se uske jhaanton ke baal geele ho chuke they. Maine kewal uski choot ko sungha aur mujhe majaa aa gaya.

Par abhi main uske saath aur khelna chahata tha. Maine kaha, neha, kya tum mera lund dekhna aur use pyaar karna nahin chahogi. Usne kahaa “mujhe maloom hai, aapka lund kitna lamba hai, pichhlay sunday main, aapke ghar par aai thi, to maine aapko hast-maithun karate hue dekh liya tha. Aapne aankhen bund kar rakkhi thi aur maine aapko kareeb 5 minute tak aapke room ki side wali khidki se dekha tha. Aapka virya nikalte hue bhi maine dekha tha. Tabhi se kareeb har raat aapke lund ke baare mein sochkar main bhi apni imagination mein aapse chudwati rahi hun. Aaj mera voh sapnaa poora kar do.”

Maine apna 6″ lund bermudae se bahar nikala aur uske haath mein de diya. Usne haath main lekar kaha, ” arre, ye to bahut garam ho rakkha hai” phir thodi der hilaane ke baad usne lund ke supaade par apni jeebh chalaani shuru kar di. Aur phir mere lund ko apne muhun mein lekar neha ne apni aankhen bund kar li aur lund ko andar bahar karne lagi. Mera lund uske muhun mein itna tight ho chukka tha ki uska muhun chhota pad raha tha, par vo saali sindhan ladki jaise mere lund ko kha hi jaana chahati thi. Pataa nahin ye sab usne kahan seekha tha. Ab meri haalat itni kharaab ho chali thi.

Ki maine socha ki ab thodi der bhi lagi to main uske muhun main hi discharge ho jaaoonga aur chudai ka majaa lene ke liye thoda intezaar karna padega. Uske parents ke baare mein pataa lagne ke baad maine decide kiya tha ki unke aane tak main mamta ko kam se kam 4-5 baar chudai ka sukkh doonga. Uske muhun se apna ling bahar nikaal kar maine usko seedha litaya aur uski choot jo ki abhi bhi bahut geeli thi, ke muhun par apne lund ka supada lagaya aur aagey ki taraf dhakka diya, par uski choot bhale hi geeli thi, mera mota lund jagah na banaa sakaa aur ek side ko phisal gaya.

Neha ki choot bhi bahut tight thi, 17 years ki hi to thi voh. Khair maine apne lund ke supade pe apna thook lagaya aur uski choot ke point par rakkha aur usase kaha, ” neha, apne badan ko tight kar lo aur apne daant bhi zor se bheench lo” usne aisa hi kiya aur mere ek karaare jhatake se lund kareeb 1″ uski tight choot main phans gaya, voh zor se chillai, “hi, main mar gai, isko turant bahar nikalo, varna meri phat jayegi.” Maine uske hothon ko apne hothon se dabaa liya taaki uski cheekh mere liye pareshani na khadi kar de. Kareeb 1 minute tak main isi position mein uske upar pada raha.

Uske muh se gu-gu ki awaaz aa rahi thi. Meanwhile jaise hi mujhe feel hua ki choot raasta de rahi hai,

Maine ek aur dhakka diya.adha lund choot main ghus gaya. Maine uske muhun se apna muhun hataa liya aur poochha , ” neha, dard thoda kam hua ya nahin.” Voh boli, ” abhi bhi bahut tez dard ho raha hai. Please ise bahar nikal lo, mujhe nahin karwana.” Maine use thoda idhar-udhar ki baton mein uljhaya aur phir poore jor ke dhakke ke saath maine apna poora lund uski choot mein daal diya. Kuchh der main aise hi uske upar pada raha, phir maine aagey- peechhay dhakke lagane chalu kar diye. 2 minute baad maine usase poochha, ” ab kaisa lag raha hai, neha.” To voh kuchh boli nahin bus apni aankhen bund karke padi rahi.

Main samajh gaya, ab use dheeray-dheeray masti aa rahi thi. Kareeb 2 minute aur karne ke baad usne bhi neechay se response dena shuru kar diya aur boli, ” nyks dear, mere raja, zor se karo, meri choot ko ragad daalo, kya shaandar chudaai karate ho tum,aaaaah ufff bahut majaa aa raha hai, aur tej, ye main gai aur uske poora sharir jaise jhanjana gaya. Usne jabardast paani chhoda tha jise maine tab feel kiya jab usne kas kar mujhe pakad liya aur mere gaalon, gardan par kiss karne lagi kabhi kaatne lagee. Uski choot itni tight thi, ki mujhe lagaa ki main bhi uski choot main hi discharge ho jaaoonga par maine apne lund ko bahar nikala aur use muhun kholane ko kahaa aur apna saara maal uske muhun main daal diya jise voh bade shauk se pee gai.

Uske parents ke aane tak maine neha ko 5 baar aur chodaa. Poori saavdhani rakhte hue maine apna maal 1 baar uske muhun main aur 2 baar uski chuchiyon par chhoda.5 baar uske saath chudai ke session mein maine usko alag-2 position main usko choda aur aaney wale sex programmes ke liye use expert kar diya iske baad bhi kareeb 8.1/2 mahine tak neha ke saath jab bhi mauka mila, hum donon ne khoob mauj-masti ki, yahan tak ki uski gaand ko bhi poori tarah khol diya.

Aapko ye story kaisi lagi.girls ladies if u want any type of relation in pakistan sepecially in rawalpindi and nearby places with 100 percent secrecy than mail me at fahad_azhar66@yahoo.com.. i will wellcome ur mails..and respect ur privacy at any cost… so u shudn’t be worry about that.. feel free to mail me….

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Bhanji Ki Seal Todi

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Yeh meri pehli kahani h jo k main ap ko sunanay ja raha houn.Mera naam khursheed h aur main Lahore ka rehnay wala h.yeh aj say koi 10 saal pehaly ki baat h,us waqat main M.sc main parhta t.meri aik behn jo k muj say kafi barhi t us k 4 bachay t aur un main say sab say bari beti ka naam aarifa t jo k un dinoun 10th class main parhti t. in sub bachoun ki meray sath kafi frankness t kion k main un ka iklota mamoon t.mera un k ghar kafi aana jaana t kion k hamara ghar b usi muhallah jahan k wo log rehtay t.Baji b muj say buht piar karti t aur aksar main un k ghar hi so jata t.aarifa ki umar us waqt 15 saal k qareeb t aur bari attarctive body t us ki magar us k sath frankness honay k bawajood main nay kabi usay galt nazar say nai dekha t aur na hi us nay kabhi koi aisi harkat ki t.Aik dafa aisa hova k faisalabad main hamaray aik relative ki death ho gai.Baji aur un k husband ko wahan jana t aur un ki wapsi 3 din say pehlay mumkin nai t.unhoun nay mujay kaha k main in dinoun main bachoun k pass rahoun tou main razi ho gia.aarifa say chotay 3 bachay t jin main 2 larkay aur aik larki t.aur saray hi school going t. Us din jab yeh log school say aaiy tou ham gapain laganay k ilawa luddo kheltay rahay. sardion k din t aur jald hi sham ho jati t. Rat k khanay k baad hum log tv lounge main baith gay aur tv laga kr drama daikhnay lag g. rat 10 bjay tk baqi saray bachay wahan say uth gay aur sirf main aur aarifa wahan reh gay t.hum donoun is tarah baithay t k munh aik dosray ki tarf t aur baqi jism razai k andar chupa hova t. us waqat aik channal pay aik english fight film chal rai t. main nay apni tangain seedi ki tou meray paon aarifa k paon say touch hovay jis ki tarf aarifa nay tou shaid dhian na mgr meray jism ajeeb sa current sa dor gia aur main nay pehli dafa aarifa ko sex k angle say dekha tou mujay wo buht hi sexy lagi.main nay apnay paon ka angotha us k paon k sath touch kr ahsta ahsta hilana shroh kr dia. Thori dair bad aarifa nay meri tarf daikha mgr kaha kuch nai tou meri himmat aur barhi main nay us kaha aarifa idher aa jao meray pass tou wo uth k meray pass aa diwaar k sath tak laga k baith gai,ab hum donoun bilkul sath sath baithay t.meri aik leg us ki leg k sath touch h rai t aur mera lan khara hona shrooh h gia t.main nay razai k andar apna hath us ki leg rakh dia aur fingers say us leg ko ahista ahista chairnay laga.wo chup chap baithi rahi jis say mujay aur hosla hova aur main us ka hath pakar k ahsta ahsta dabana shrooh kar dia phir apna aik baazoo us k sar k pichay say guzaar k us k dosray shoulder par rakha aur phairna srooh kar dia.thori dair bad wo hath main agay ki tarf lay gia ahsta say us k mammy ko chova aur hath phairna shrooh kar dia.phir mammay ko pakar ko dabaya tou aaarifa nay kaha,mamoo kia kar rahay h main nay kaha tum pay buht piar aa raha h aur us ki gal ko chom lia.phir us k hontoun pay French kiss ki aur mammy ko sahlanay laga.main nay poocha aarifa maza aa raha h y\tou us nay sharma k munh neechay kar lia.main nay mammy ko daba k zr say hontoun pay kiss ki aur ussay kaha k main yeh chomna chahta hn wo aur sharma gai.main uth k lounge k drawazay ki kundi laga di t\aur us ki qameez oupar karnay laga tou us nay thora resist kia mgr phir kr di main nay us ki bra ki hooks kholi tou itnay piaray mammay daikh k daikhta hi reh gia is say pehlay main nay sirf filmoun main daikhay t aarifa k maamay goal aur sufaid t npls ka colours pinkish t. main nay pehlay choma aur phr munh amin lay chossnay lg gia aarifa b garm h rai t us nay siskarian bharni shrooh kr ufff… ahhh aur meray sar main hath pahirnay lagi.us k mammy buht tit h gay tjinain main main kafi chossta raha pahir us ki qameez utar di aur jism pay hath phairnay lag gia jis say arifa buht garm h gai t aur enjoy kar rai t main nay us ki shalwa uteri tou nay koi itrazz na kia.uff kia phuddi t us ki choti c white aur pinkish,lips bilkul sath milay hovay aur chota sa sorakh.garm honay ki waja say us ki phuddi main say pani nikal raha t jis wo geli h gai t. main nay apnay kapray b utar diay aur apna lan us k hath main pakara dia.kehnay lgi yeh tou buht garm h.phr main nay us k face pay lan pahira aur us hontoun Say lgaya aur usay kaha k munh main lo pehlay tou won a mani magar israr krnay par us mera lan munh man dal lia aur chosnay lgi.mujy itna maza aa raha t k bata nai skta main sath sath us ki phuddi pay hath phair raha t.phir main usay apnay sath lga lia aur us k hont suck krnay lga mera lan us ki legs k darmian us ki choot k sath takra raha t.usay main nay neechay lat lia aur us k jism k sath apna jism ragarnay laga.phr apna lan us ki phuddi pay phaira tou wo mazay say pgal honay lagi aur kehnay lagi k dalain.main nay nay zehni taur pay tayar ho jao drd ho g tou boli main bardasht kar loun ap dalain.us nay apna dopatta munh main lay lia ta k awaz na niklay.main nay us ki legs khol k oupar ki aur lan pay aur phuddi pay cold cream laganay k bad sorakh pay rakh k dabaya tou topa andr jatay hi wo tarpanay lgi mgr kaha kuch nai main zr say jtka dia tou aik dm mera 7 inch ka lan us phuddi main guss gia dard say wo buri tarah uchli aur us kay chehra red h gia us ki aankhoun say aansoo nikal aiy.us ki seal toot gai t aur phuddi main say blood nikal raha t main thori dair us k oupar laita raha. Phir ahsta ahsta phairna shrooh kia, ab usay b maza anay laga t aur wo nechay enjoy kar rahi t aur ahhh, hyyyy….oohhhhhhhh……….uffff……….haaaa………… ki awazain nikal rahi t thori dair wo chot gai aur ka pani nikalnay lag gia main nay usay adha gant chodaha aur phir us ki phuddi hi main waga dia.phr hum aik dosray lipt kar lait gay us rat main nay usay 3 dafa choda.ab us ki shadi h chuki h aur aik beta b h mgr phir b jab kabi mauqa milta h muj say zaror chudwati h. kehti h apnay husband say ziada maza ap k sath ata h.aarifa k alawa main ab tk 4 larkion ki seal khol chukka h.lahore ki kisi larki nay seal khulni h ya kisi aunti nay chudwani h tou mera e-mail h khursheedbtt1@gmail.com

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Desi Playboy ki Kahani

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Mein south delhi mein rehta hu,Mein ek jawan aur sundar ladka hu. Meri age 22 yrs hai main B.com. Kar chuka hoon. Mere lund ka size 8 inch lamba or 5.5 inch round yani mota hai Ab aapko jyada bor na karte huye apani kahani pe aata hu.ye kahani kuch 6 mahine pehle ki hai, normally mein roz subhe 8 baje nikal jata tha aur phir dopeher main ata tha. Mere padosi Mr. Sharma rehte hai. He is a businessmen. Unaki ek mast si wife hai HEENA, jo pass ke ek school main Teacher hai. Wo subha 8:00 AM per school jati hai aur 1:00 PM per ghar aa jati hai. Phir din bhar ghar main akeli reheti thi.ek din mara holiday wala din tha toh main aaram se so raha thaa mom neh mujhe jagaya or bola ki door lock kar lo main office ja rahi hun main neh uth kar door lock kiya or phir soo gaya karib 30 min baad phir door bell baji.

Maine door khola aur dekha to HEENA samne khadi thi.main heran ho gaya or soch raha tha ki yeh hot women aaj mere ghar per keyse? Need main main yeh bhi bhol gaya ki main sirf underware main hun woh mujhe badi goor se dekh rahi thi ki tabhi woh acanak husneh lage or boli ghar main kapdeh nahi hai kya main neh neechye dekha or bhag kar aapneh room main gaya or short and sando pehen kar aaya tab tak woh haal main byeth gayi thi. Main neh puch ki kahiye kese aana huaa woh boli ki kal hamare school main fath party hai main uss ki ticket’s bech rahi hun 2 ticket’s bachi thi soch aap ko de dun mein neh kaha ki aapneh bilkul theek socha main neh unse ticket’s le li Thodi der bat chit huyi. Phir usase meri acchi friendship ho gayi thi.

Hamari mulakat ke kuch 15 din bad wo mere kamare main baithi thi. Main uske sath masti kar raha tha. Masti masti main maine uske chochiyo ko dabaya, phir wo uth ke chali gayi. Phir dusare din wo mere kamare me phir se ayi. Lekin jab wo ane wali thi usake pehele maine apne computer pe sexy movie laga ke rakhi thi, jab wo kamre main ayi to usane dekha ki sexy film chal rahi hai. Tab maine wo phatak se band kar di, mujhe pata tha ki wo mujhe puchegi ki tum kya dekh rahe the. Aur usane wahi pucha to maine kaha kuch nahi wo tumhare kam ki chiz nahi hai. To wo jid karne lagi, tab main use kaha ki main sexy movie dekh raha tha. Tab wo boli ki mujhe bhi dekhni hai. Phir maine movie phir se on ki.

Thodi der bad main usake kareeb ja ke baitha to usane mujhe pucha kya tumane kabhi eesa kiya hai? To maine kaha han. Aur maa samj gaya ki who mujsa chudwana chati hai, Maine use jhat se pakadkar kiss karne laga shro main woh na nahi karneh lagi per nahi mana toh woh normalho gayi. Phir dhire dhire use chumata raha, jab mujhe ehesas hua ki wo puri garm ho chuki thi to maine usake kapde utarna shuru kiya uuse tite saree bandh rakhi thi jis main wohbahot sexy lag rahi thi. Usake kapde utarne ke bad usaki komal najuk jawani dekhkar main thodi der dang sa rehe gaya. Uska figure bilkul Ideal figur tha, uska figure yehi koi 36-28-34 tha. Uske boobs to bade-2 aur gore-2 the. Uski chut pe ek bhi baal nahi tha aur gulabi rang wadi rasili chut thi.

Phir maine aapne kapde bhi utar diye jese he main neh aapna underwer uttara toh woh mera 9 inch lamba or 5.5 inch mota lund dekh kar dang reh gayi uske muh se ek haaaaaiiiiiiiiii nikli or boli kya main isko jhel paungi main bola mere jaan ager tum khud aapne kuhle uttha uttha kar mera pura lund aapne chut main na lo toh mera naam badal dena phir mainne usse aapna lund muh me lene ke liye kaha. Tab Wo boli ki kitna bada hai tumhara lund main to mar jaungi. To maine kaha chinta mat kar meri jan main dhire dhire karoonga phir wo mera lund muh mein le kar 20 minut tak chusati rahi. Woh pehli baar ye sab kar rahi thi lekin kisi tajurbekar ladki ki tarah ye sab kar rahi thi.thodi der baad hum 69 potion main aa gaye woh mere upper thi or mera lund khub jor jor se jitna ho sakta thaa utna aapneh muh mein le kar choosss rahi thi mein bhi uski chut chatne aur chusne laga.

To woh chhatpatane lagi. Meine meri jibh uski chut me dal ke use jibh se chodne laga woh muh se mmmmmaaa aaaaaaaahhhhhh kar rahi thi use ab 2 maze mil rahe the ek toh chut chatneh ka or dusra lund chosne ka. Mera lund lohe ki tarah sakht ho gaya tha ab meine use bed pe lita diya aur mera lund usaki chut par rakhkar dhire dhire andar dalne ki koshish kar raha tha. Lekin chut tite hone ke karan wo andar nahi ja raha tha phir main uttha or tel la kar uski chut per or kuch aapne lund per laga kar uski chut ke ched per lund rakhne ke bad maine uske lip per mere lip rakh ke use kiss karne laga aur ek jor ka jhatka diya aur pura lund uski chut mein andar tak dal diya. Uske munh se ek chikh nikal gayi lekin mere munh ke andar dab gayi. Uski sil tutne ki wajah se usaka blooding shuru ho gaya tha aur woh rone lag gai thi. To mein thodi der uski tight aur rasili chut me mera bada aur mota lund dale huye bina hile dule uske upar pada raha aur uske boobs dabata raha aur use kiss karata raha.

Phir thodi der bad use jab accha lagne laga tab maine jhatke dena shuru kiya. Mein uski bilkul fresh chut mein mera bada aur mota lund under-bahar kar ke use chod raha tha aur woh bhi niche se uske kulhe utha-utha ke maze lekar mujse chudwa rahi thi. Uske munh se badi azib si awwazein aa rahi thi oooohhhhhhhhhhh BABLU mere raja aaj mujhe orat bana do is kali koh phol bana do. Woh pura lund le rahi thi aur muje lalkar rahi thi. Aur zor se chodo apani rani ko. Aaj tumne muje swarga ka maza diya hai aaaaaaaaahhhhhh. Ab to mein tumse hi rozana chudwaya karungi. Faad do apani rani ki chut ko, bana do uska bhosada.

Uske munh se aisi batein sun ke muje bada josh aa raha thaa or jor jor se uski chut chod raha tha har dhakke main woh ek do inch upper ho rahi thi takreban 40 min ki chudayi keh baad woh boli mera BABLU raja main jhdne wali hun oohhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh lo main jjhadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii usne mujhe aapne lag’s keh beech main jakad kiya tha main bhi ruk gaya woh jab puri tarha jhad gayi toh boli BABLU meri jaan aaj tumneh mujhe phol bana diya hai main neh puch tum khus to hona woh boli aaj se pehle main kabhi bhi itni khus nahi hui main bola theek hai abhi mera jhdna baki hai aab tum dogy styel main ho jaoo main tumhe peeche se chodunga woh turant ghum gayi peechye se uske kulhe bahut mast lag rahe the phir main neh puch ki kya main tumhari gand main aapna lund daal sakta hun woh boli jo cahe karo bas mujhe mazaa anaa cahiye main bola shroo main thoda dard hoga toh woh boli pata hai main na bhi karun tab bhi tum jabardasti meri gand jarur marogye wese main bhi gand chudwaneh ka maza lena cahti hun bus aaram se marna meri gand ko main neh kaha theek hai phir main neh tohda tel liya or uski gand per lagaya or kuch aapne lund per.

Phir main neh uss ki gand ke ched per aapna 8 inch lamba or 5.5 inch mota lund rakha or ek jordar dhakka mara uss nh aapneh hot daba liye jisse uski ciikh bahar nahi aa saki main ne dekha woh ro rahi thi main neh puch HEENA kya dard ho raha hai toh rehne dete hai woh boli nahi BABLU plz aapna lund mat nikalna pura lund meri gand main daal do main bhi nahi rukka or pura lund bahar karke ek jordar Jhatka mara ki pura ka pura lund uski gand main sama gaya phir main rukka nahi or khub uski gand marta raha uski gand uski chut se bhi jyada tite thi mujhe uski gand marneh main bahut maza aa raha tha or woh bhi meri chudai ka maza le rahi thi or ohhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhh maro BABLU or jor se maro meri gand jita cahee marte raho mujhe tumse chudwaneh.

Main bahut maza aa raha hai takriban 30-35 minut use chodne ke bad mainne HEENA ko kaha ki meri jaan main ab jhadneh wala hun toh woh boli plzzzzzzz playboy meri gand ko aapneh anmol ras se bhar do main tumhara bahut ehsaan mand rahungi is doran main aapni seema par aa gaya thaa or khub jor jor se apna lund uski gand main dal kar chod raha tha woh aaaaahhh maaaahhhhh maro maro chilla rahi thi ki tabhi main jhadne laga main ne aapna pyara ras usaki gand main dal diya.jhadneh ke doran usse bhi mera ras aapni gand main mehsuse ho raha tha jab main pura pani uski gand main nekal kar aapna lund bahar kiya toh oski gand se mera pani bahar aa raha tha phir woh uuth kar bathroom gaye or kapde pehne.

Phir mujhe kis karneh lagi mian ne HEENA se pucha ki tum toh married ho phir tumhari chut se blood kesa woh boli ki plz kisi ko batana nahi mere pati mujhe theek se chod nahi pate hai unka lund 3-4 inch se jyada nahi hai jiski wajeh se mere seel bhi nahi tod sahe hai woh toh 1 ya 2 min main hi jahd jate hai or main pyaasi reh jati thi tum toh jante ho SONIA ko woh mere good friend hai.jab main neh use aapni problem batai toh usse ne mujhse promise liya or bola main teri problem theek kar sakti hun ager tum mano toh phir main neh SONIA se kaha ki mian waada karti hun ki yeh baat mere siwa kisi ko pata nahi calegi us keh baad usneh mujhe tumhare or uske relation ke bare main bataya or kaha ki tum cahoo toh playboy ko pata sakti ho or uske lund ka maza le sakti ho phir main ticket ke bahane tumse mili or dhere dhere tumse khul gayi main us ki baat sun kar heran tha par mujhe kya mujhe toh chut cahiye thi jo mujhe mili or woh bhi fresh phir usne pucha ki BABLU jab kabi sex karne ka moka melega to kya tum mujhe chodogye main neh kaha ki tumhe na karne wala koi pagal hi ho sakta hai tum jab bhi mujhe yaad karogi main aa jaunga phir woh mujhe kiss kar ke cali gayi.

Phir do tin din tak wo mere yaha ayi nahi. Leking uske badd jab bhi hamein moka milta hai main usse khob chodta hun. Aaj tak meine use kitani baar choda hai yeh muje bhi yaad nahi hai lekin aaj bhi mein use bade pyar aur maze se chodta hu aur woh bhi chudwati hai. Agar koi ladki, bhabi ya koi bhi unsatisfied aurat agar khud ko satisfied karna chahe to mujhe call kar sakti hai is email par main karen playboy_southdelhi@yahoo.com Aap sab ko meri story kesi lagi plz mail karna or batana. Satisfaction ki puri jimme wari aur hamara samband puri tareh secret rahega. Ek baar le kar tho dakho pura maaza milaga, aur kisi ko pata bhi nahi chalaga.

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Saima Ki Desi Story

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Arab Ki Romantic Nokrani

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Hi,I am Raja m26 from Dubai u.a.e.you know ? Aapka Arb storys wrighter.apni story arb ki college girl me mene riple me kisi ke ta,assurat pdhe ki usne meri kahiniyo ka apna ek alg mja btaya he.vakai khushi hui.thanks dost.aaj aapko ek or kahani sonata hu.baat aaj se 2 saal pahle ki he jb me sait pr lebar tha.ek din formen kisi ghar me marble utaar kr dusra lgane ke liye bola.ek meson ustad or uska lebar me aapka Raja.kher vo kisi gao jesa mahalla tha.kafi sare ghar the.mene vaha ye baat not ki ki har ghar me fillipini or indonesiya ki nokraniya kaam karti thi.mrd pura din ghar se bahar rahte the or dopahar ke vkt to 4 ghante tk pura mohalla suna rahta tha.kyu ki garmi bahut jyada thi sab a.c me soe hote the.mene to pahle hi din vaha ke gharo me kaam karne vali nokraniyo ka jayza leliya tha.bs kisi pyasi javani ke ptne ka intijaar tha.kher jis ghar me ham kaam kar rahe the vo to khali tha,vaha koi nahi rahta tha.fir kisi nokrani ko ptane ke liye me khali botal lekar pani mangne jata tha.me jakar ghar ki bell bjata koi nokrani bahar aati thi ,me usse kahta ki pani chahiye.vo pani lakar dedeti.or me uska andaj dekhta ki patne vala he ya nahi.kher me har baar alg alg ghar se pani lene jata tha.lekin muje 8 gharo me to kisi bhi nokrani ne lift nahi di.mgr me mayus na hua.fir ek baar dopahar ke vkt me kisi ghar me pani lene gya or mene bell bjai,to darvaja khula.us vkt takriban pura mahalla so raha tha.koi bhi bahar dikhai nahi de raha tha.kher darvaja khulte hi mene dekha ki darvaje pr ek bahut hi khubsurat Indonesian ladki khadi he jiski umr kreeb 28 ki hogi.kya maal tha yaro me to uske najaro me kho gya.achanak vo arbi me boli ki kya chahiye? Mene khali botal dete hue kaha ki pani chahiye.kher vo botal ko lekar andar gai or pani bhar kar vapas lai.or muskurate hue botal di.mene kaha ki shukran.to vo boli ki aap kaha kaam kar rahe he.mene use makaan btaya.fir vo boli ki aap kaha ke he mene kaha ki lagta kaha ka hu? To vo boli ki Pakistani.me muskurane lga.fir mene uska mulk pucha vo boli ki indonesiya.fir usne pucha ki aapki shadi ho gai? Mene kaha ki nahi.vo boli ki vo kyu? To mene kaha ki kya kru aap jesi khubsurat koi mili hi nahi vrna shayad ho chuki hoti.to vo hasne lgi.or boli ki aap bde shararti lagte he.mene kaha ki shararate to bahut sari karna aata he bs moka nahi milta.vo meri baat samajh chuki thi,isliye hans pdi.fir mene usse naam pucha to vo boli ki rubina.mene kaha ki me Raja.fir mene usse kaha ki mujse dosti krogi? Vo boli ki kyu nahi.fir mene apna hath aage badhaya or usse hath milaya.or uske hath ko ks ke pakad liya.vo drte hue boli ki kya kr rahe ho choro koi aajaega.mene kaha ki 1 sharat pr pahle vada kro ki kal dopahar ko us ghar me jaha me kaam kr raha hu mujse milne aaogi.vo boli ki o.k me vada karti hu pr pls jaldi hath choro,koi dekh lega.mene uske hath pr ek pyara sa kiss kiya or chor diya.vo muskurati hui darvaja bnd karne lgi.mene dhire se kaha ki bayyyyyyyyyyyy.vo hansti hui chali gai.or me vapas sait pr aagya.dosto ye sari bate me urdu me bta raha hu taki aap samaj ske.lekin ham arbi me kr rahe the.yaha ye bhi btadu ki me ek kitaab bhi likh chukka hu.
Jiska naam he ”Raja Urdu arbi dictionary,, jo ki yaha arb emarat me bhi dastyaab he.jiske jriye kai log arbi bolna sikh rahe he.kher me vapas story ki trf aata hu.fir me sait pr jakar kaam karne lga.pr mera bilkul dil nahi lag raha tha.baar baar muje rubina ki yaad sta rahi thi.me to jese uske pyaar me divana ho chukka tha.uski surat bilkul hiroin Rani mukharji se milti julti thi.ab me usse milne ke liye betaab hone lga.ustad ne pucha ki kya baat he tum kahi khoye khoye se lagte ho.to mene use puri story batadi.vo bola ki raaj thoda dhiyan se milne ye dubai he kisi ko shak bhi pad gya na to musibat ho jaegi.mene kaha ki aap fikr na kre,raja in khelo me naya nahi he.isko to L.G. ki digri mili hui he.vo bola ki L.G ye kon si digri he? mene haste hue kaha ki L.Gyani love guru.to vo bhi hasne lga.fir sham ko ham apne camp me chale gae.khana vgera khaya.pr muje raat ko nind kidhar aani thi.me to fir se rubina ki yado me kho gya.soch raha tha ki kal vo aaegi bhi ya nahi? Mgr dil jor jor se dhadak kar tasalli de raha tha ki jrur aaegi.ese hi sochte sochte puri raat gujar gai.pr kya mushkil se gujri ye to me hi samaj sakta hu.itni lambi raat ho gai thi ki mene raat bhar me 4 cup to chay ke pi liye.kher subah bhi aai or ham fir se us purane ghar me duty pr gae.ab dopahar ka intijaar bhari pad raha tha.me to sunn sa ho gya tha.kaam to vo ustad hi kar rahe the.me to betha soch hi raha tha.dopahar bhi aagai.mgr rubina na aai.aakhir mene himmat karke dubara uske ghar me khali botal lekar pani ke bahane gya.bell bajai ,to darvaja usne hi khola.or boli ki me tayyar ho rahi thi,bola na me aaugi fir tum kyu aae.me vapas chala gya.me jaha kaam kar raha tha us makan me kreeb 10 room the.jinme marble nae lagane ka hmara kaam tha.ustad ek room me marble lga raha tha.use mene ishara kar diya ki aap is room se bahar na nikle.rubina aa rahi he.me 10ve room me use lejauga.vo bole ki raaj tum fikr na kro,me nigrani karta rahuga.agr koi paresani hui to miss coll kar duga.ab mera sbr tutne lga rubina ka intijaar bhari pad raha tha kya hua vo ab tak kyu nahi aai.itne me ek nakaab posh andar dakhil hui ,or andar aakar usne muje dekh kar nakaab uthaya.mene dekha ki vo rubina thi.us vkt uski khubsurati byaan se bhi bahar thi.kya lag rahi thi vo.offff me to dekhte hi chakra gya.fir vo meri taraf dekh kar muskurane lgi.or boli ki kya andar nahi le jaoge? Ki yahi muje ghurte rahoge.mene uska hath pakda or last vale room ki taraf le gya. Ham dono room me gae or mene darvaza bnd kiya.fir uski taraf dekha kya lag rahi thi vo.srapa husn thi.mene uska hath pakda or chuma.to vo kasmsane lgi.fir mene use pakad kar lip kiss karna suru kiya,or uske galo ko chuma.fir uske mammo ko dabana suru kiya.or uski gand pr hath fera,to vo pahle to churane ki kosis karne lgi,fir mene uske pure badan pr apna hath fera,vo grm ho chuki thi.usne muje chumna suru kiya,or mere pure badan pr apna hath ghumana suru kiya.ab mera loda tankar chodne ki tayari me tha.fir mene uska kmiz upr karke utara.or ab vo blaus or salvar me thi.use fir mene uski salvar ka nada pakad kr khinch diya.salvar utr kr niche gir padi.or uski penty njr aane lgi.mene uske mamme blaus se aajad kiye or apne hatho me pakad kr chusne lga.vo sssssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh karne lgi.uski aavaz muje or bhi madhosh kar rahi thi.fir mene uski chut ko penty se aazad karke apni ungli usme dali.uffffff ek to garmi ka mahina,or upr se chut jese bhatti.mene ungli andar bahar karni suru ki ,ab uski chut or bhi jyada grm ho chuki thi.uska jism itna garam ho gya ki mano bukhar ho gya he.ab vo tadapne lgi.or raaaaaaaaaaajaaaaaaaaa jaldi se land ko chut me daldo,ab bardast nahi hota.plsssssssssssmene uske nange jism pr apna jadui hath ferna suru kiya.or uske hotho pr apni ungli rakhi,uffffff usne meri ungli ko danto me pakad liya.or for chusne lgi.or raja plsssssssssraja.jaldi se chut me kuch daal do ise bnd kardo vrna ye apni aag ugl degi.mene use litakar uske dono pero ke bich me aakar uski chut pr apna loda tuch hi kiya tha.vo siskiya bharne lgi.fir mene ek dhakka mara,to loda uski chut ki bhatti me ghus to gya,pr uski garmi se jalne lga.vo madhosh ho chuki thi.fir drd ke mare chillana bhi chahti thi.mgr mene uske muh pr apna hath rakh diya tha.loda andar ki jagah me chen ki sans le raha tha.itne me usne lode ko chodne ki ijazat bhi di.ab to loda andar bahar hone lga.or vo siskiya nikalne lgi.chut ki bahut jyada garmi ki vjaah se loda jhulas chukka tha isliye discharj ho gya.vrna raja ka loda or itni jaldi discharj ho ye to na mumkin he,kyu ki 3 arb ladkiyo ki chuto se kusti kr chukka ye pahalvaan kaha itni jaldi haar manne vala tha.kher mere sath vo bhi pani chod chuki thi.ek to garmi or pasine se haal kharab,dusra usne muje kss ke pakad liya tha.or mujse chimti hui thi.10 minat tk ham aapas me chipke rahe.fir alg hue.pani piya or bate karne lge.thodi hi der gujri thi ki vo dubara masti me aane lgi,usne muje litakar apne boobs mere lode se tach kiye.uske naram naram rui jese mamme mere lode ko msl rahe the.or usko jaga rahe the.kher usko bhi to kaha itni gahri nind aai thi jo jagne me der karta.uske psine ke gile gile mamme itne pyaar se lode ko jga rahe the.to loda bhi bina takhir kiye jaldi se khada hokar mammo ko chumne lga.itne me chut jo kai der se mammo or lode ke pyaar ko dekh rahi thi,vo fir se lode ke fkt didar se hi grm bhatti ki tarah ho gai.mene uski gand pr hath ferna suru kiya.gand chut ko lode ki garmi ki dastan bta rahi thi.ab chut ne mammo or gand ko vaha se hatne ka hukm diya,or apne liye medan khali chodne ko bola.mamme or gand uski farma bardari karte hue foran lode ke paas se hat gae.or chut ne lode ko tach karke kiss karna suru kiya.loda is kiss ka javaab den eke liye uski chut ke surakh pr khada hokar andar aane ki ijazat lekar bina takhir ke andar ghus gya.itne me chut ki rani rubina sisak uthi.pahle to chut ki garmi ne lode ko jaldi farig kar diya tha mgr ab bari lode ki thi.usne bhi to chut se is be ijjati ka badla lena tha.lihaza vo andar jakar apni garmi chut ko dikhane lga.chut me andar bahar hone lga.ab chut ko lode ki garmi ka kuch jyada hi ahsas hone lga or chut ne aansu bahane lgi.yani chut se pani nikal pda.rubina thandi ho chuki thi.raja ka loda raja apni jeet ka fir bhi andar hi jashn mna raha tha.or andar bahar jakar enjoy kar raha tha.mgr rubina ne muje kss ke fir se pakad liya.ab me jhatke nahi maar sakta tha.or loda bichara chut me kuch der rest karne lga.intijaar me tha ki kb chut use fir se andar bahar aane jane ki ijajat de.kher me rubina ke mamme dabata raha or chusta raha aakhir chut me fir se aag lagne lgi,chut fir se jang ladne ke liye teyar ho chuki thi.loda jo ki pahle se hi tayar hi tha.usne bhi morcha sambhal liya.is baar chut ne upr aakar lode ko chodna suru kiya.churi kharbuje pr gire ya kharbuja churi pr katna to kharbuje ko hi he.iski tarah chudna chut ko hi tha.chahe vo lode ke upr aa jae.kher chut chudne lgi.or kafi der tak rubina mere upr chadh kr muje jor jor se chodne lgi.vo chodne ke sath sath apni gand se jese muje maar rahi thi or apni haar ka badla le rahi thi.aakhir kuch der baad ham dono jhar gae.or kafi der tak chipak kar pde rahe or ek dusre ki garmi mahsus karne lge.fir hamne kapde pahne.rubina boli ki ab muje jana chahiye vrna meri malikin jaag jaegi.mene usse pucha ki tumare ghar me kon kon he.vo boli ki bs ye budhi arbi orat hi he muje iski dekh bhal ke liye nokri pr rakha he.or arbi kafil or unki bivi saudu arb me rahte he.kbhi kbhi apni is maa se milne yaha aate he.or kuch din ruk kar vapas chale jate he.fir rubina boli ki vakai aaj chudai me jitna mja aaya he utna jindgi me kbhi nahi aaya.meri chut tumhare lode ka shukriya ada karti he.jisne iski barso ki pyaas ko mita diya.mene pucha ki rubina fir kab milege? Vo boli ki pta nahi me fir aaskugi bhi ya nahi.aaj bhi bdi mushkil se aai hu.vo bhi us budhiya ko nind ki goli dekar.vrna aajka vada bhi tut jata.itne me mere master maind me ek idia aaya.mene rubina se kaha kit um jakar apni budhi malkin se kahna ki mere mulk indonesiya se mera ek kazan aaya he vo 2 din apne ghar me rukna chahta he.usko ijazat he? vo to khushi se uchal pdi.or boli ki raja tum dimag ke bhi raja ho.ye to idia kbhi fel bhi nahi ho skta.fir vo boli ki me tumko fon karke vapas javaab dugi,tum intijaar karna.fir vo apne ghar chali gai.vaha jakar usne apni malikin ko mere bare me jhut btaya ki mere ek kazan mulk se yaha aae hue he visit pr.nokri ki talash me.vo 2,3 din hmare ghar rukna chahte he kya aapki ijazat he? to vo budhiya boli ki ye to khushi ki baat he.ki tumse milne koi mulk se aaya he.unse kaho ki jb tk nokri nahi mil jati tum hmare ghar me ruk sakte ho.vo hmare mahmaan he.rubina unki khub khidmat karna.rubina to mare khushi ke jhumne lgi.or thodi der me mere mobail pr uska fon aaya,or usne muje khush khabri suna di.me to jese hva me udne lga.mare khushi ke meri ninde ud gai.bs msla tha company ka.to me office gya or mene bahana kiya ki mere ek kazan mulk ja rahe he,isliye muje 3 din ki chutti chahiye.hmara khadus meneger bhi maan gya.or bola ki 3 din se jyada vaha mat rukna.ab to meri khushi ka koi thikana na raha.sara rasta saaf tha.mene bhi rubina ko ye khush khabri fon karke suna di.vo or bhi jyada khush ho gai.mene rubina se kaha ki chut ki ghee se malish karke rakhna,bahut jld mera loda use 3 din tk musal sal chodne vala he.to vo hasne lgi.or boli ki chut to aankhe bichae apne mahmaan ka intijaar kar rahi he……………………………………..uske baad kya hua.aainda likhuga.aap bhi intijaar kijiye.or muje E mail ke jriye btaiye ki meri kahani aapko kesi lgi.ummid to yahi he ki pichli kahaniyo ke mukable ye jyada pasand aaegi.
Aapke maktubaat ka intijaar rahega.maktubaat milte hi aage ki kahani bhej duga.tab tak ke liye good bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Aaj bhi Raja apni tamam raaniyo ko ye pegaam deta he ki girls,ladys aap jaha bhi he,muje e mail kijiye.or arb story wrighter Raja dubai se dosti or mohbbat kijiye.to jaldi e mail bheje.Raja.dubai 86 @ yahoo.com.
Your love guru [Raja.dubai86@yahoo.com]

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Dubai Ka Chudai Ghar

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Hi friends, I am Raja m26 from dubai U.A.E. ek baar fir se aapki khidmat me ek or Arb ki kahani lekar hazir hua hu.ummid he ki pichli 3 kahaniyo ki tarah ye bhi pasand aaegi.Mera mulk me ek dost he jiska naam he faruk.vo 27 sala nojvaan he.taxi chalata he.use kisi ne dubai ke dirham ka sapna dikha diya.ab vo bs har vkt dubai jane ke khavab sajane lga.uski shadi ko 2 mahine hi hue the.usne to kmana bhi chod diya or bs dubai jane ki kosiso me lag gya.uska chacha jaad bhai dubai me tha usne pass port ki copi or foto use bhej diye or jaldi se jaldi visa niklvane ko bola.us bhai ne puri kosis karke ek arbi ke ghar me nokar ka visa nikalvaya.faruk khush tha.or dubai jane ko beechen tha.aakhir vo din bhi aaya ki dubai ke liye ravana hone lga.to uska baap bola ki ye pese mene logo se karza karke liye he beta,inko utare bger vaapas mat aana.nahi to yaha me jindgi bhar bhi nahi utaar pauga.usne apne baap ko tasalli di.or dubai ke liye ravana ho gya.vaha Air port par uska arbi kafil or uska bhai lene aae.bhai ne btaya ki ye tera kafil he.fir vo bhai se milkar kafil ke sath chala gya.kafil ke ghar me uski 36 sala bivi or 18 sala beti hi thi.or 2 indian nokraniya kaam karti thi.sabke alg alg kamre the.kafil ne faruk se kaha ki ye dono nokraniya khana bnaegi or bartan ,kapde saaf karegi or tum rojana pure ghar ki safai karoge.faruk ne kaha ki o.k janab.arbi jyadatar mulk se bahar hi rahta tha.ghar me vo charo orate hi rahti thi.kher 2,3 mahine to u hi gujar gae.faruk har ek room me jakar safai karta.ek din faruk ek nokrani ke room me din me 12 bje safai ke liye gya ,to darvaje se ek dhire se aavaj suni ah…….ah…………..ah…………….to usne socha ki ye kya he ? andar jhank kar dekha to kya dekhta he ki vo nokrani apni chut me ungli daal daal kar mze le rahi he vo nangi bethi he or masti me ah….ah……..ki aavaje nikal rahi he.faruk ke tohosh hi jate rahe.kyu ki vo to khud nai dulhan ko chorkar aaya hua tha.or vo bhi tanhai ki aag me din raat jal raha tha.use dekh kar vo vahi khada raha or apni muth marne lga.itne me us nokrani ki njr us par pad gai.usne use dekh kar andar aane ka ishara kiya.or kahne lgi ki ye tum kya kar rahe ho.to faruk bola ki me bhi tumari tarah apni aag bujha raha hu,to vo boli ki me to 3 salo se akele pan ki aag me jal rahi hu.yaha kisse chudvau.dr lagta he ki kisi ne dekh liya to nokri bhi jati rahegi.fir usne faruk ka hath pakda or boli ki pahle to koi mrd nahi tha isliye ungliyo se khud ki pyaas bujhani padti thi.mgr ab tum meri pyaas bujha do.faruk jald bazi me darvaja bhi band karna bhul gya tha.usne use pakda or chumna suru kiya.fir uske mamme dabane lga.vo bahut grm ho chuki thi.usne faruk ki pent kholi or uska loda pakad kar khushi se muskurati hui boli ki aaj kitne salo ke baad esa pyara loda dekhne ko mila he,me ise aaj khul ke pyaar karugi.ye kahkar usne uska loda pent se nikala or bhuki ki tarah chusne lgi.faruk bhi kafi mahino se chut ka pyasa betha tha usne uske kapde utare or uske nange mamme dabane lga.fir dhire dhire uski chut me apni ungliya daalne lga.vo tadap kr rah gai.or sis……….sissssssssss kar rahi thi or boli ki jaldi se apna loda meri chut me daal do ab sbr nahi ho raha he.faruk ne apna loda uski chut pr lgaya to vo beechen ho gai or boli ki jaldi dalo jaldiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii meri chut me daloooooooooooooofaruk ne jor se dhakka mara to loda pura andar ghus gya.vo masti me aahe bharne lgi.fir usne dhire dhire shot lagane suru kiye.mgr vo to apni gand uchaal kar kah rahi thi ki jor se or jor se faad do meri chut kooooooooooooo faruk ne jor jor se chodna suru kiya.vo pura mza lene lgi.or kreeb 10 minat ke baad jhad gai.faruk bhi uske thodi der baad andar hi jhad gya.vo dono ek dusre ke upr nange pade the.itne me dusri nokrani ne darvaze se dekh liya.or vaapas chali gai.fir un donone jaldi se kapde vgera pahne.or faruk apne kamre me chala gya.usne socha ki kisi ne nahi dekha.dusre din vo dusri nokrani ke kamre me safai karne ke liye gya to dekha ki vo apne kamre me jese usi ka intijaar kar rahi thi.fir vo nokrani boli ki faruk kal to bde mze le rahe the.faruk chonka ki isko kisne bta diya.vo dr raha tha ki kahi ye kafil ki bivi ko na bta de.mgr vo to khud pyasi javani thi.faruk ne pucha ki kya usne tumhe sab kuch bta diya? To vo boli nahi meri jaan me khud apni aankho se dekh kr gaithi.kl tum donone darvaja khula chorne ki galti jo kithi.faruk bola ki pls aap kisi ko na btana.vo boli ki ye to thik he mgr ek shart he.faruk bola ki vo kya? To vo boli ki meri pyaas bhi bujhani padegi.faruk to man hi man me khush ho gya.ki ab to mze hi mze he ek sath do chut maarne ko milegi.or faruk ne darvaja bnd kiya or use pakad liya or uske pure badan ko chumne lga.vo beechen ho gai or usne bhi faruk ke lode ko pakad kar chumna or chatna suru kiya.ab ye dono puri masti me the.faruk ne use nanga karke uske bistr pr litaya or uski chut pr thoda pani giraya.ohhhhhhhhh vo to jhulasne lgi.fir faruk ne apne lode ko bhi pani se gila kiya or uski chut pr lgakar ek dhakka mara to loda fisalta hua andar chala gya.fir jor jor se dhakke marne ka silsila kuch der chalta raha or dono jhad gae or ek dusre se chipak kar pde rahe.is tarah donone apni pyaas bujhai.fir faruk kaam me lag gya.ab to ye maamul bn gya ki faruk un dono ke room ki safai ke liye dophar ko jata or unki chut ki khaaz mitata.ek baar to usne un dono ki ek sath chudai bhi ki.kai din gujar gye mgr kisi ko pta na chala.ek din faruk dopahar ko ek ke room me uski chudai kar raha tha,itne me arbi kafil ki bivi ne use aavaj di mgr usne nahi suna.to vo kafil ki bivi usko dhudhne ghar ke dusre kamro ke paas se gujri achanak ek kamre se usne kuch aavaje suni.vo ruki or usne suraag se andar jhank kar dekha to heraan rah gai ki faruk uski nokrani ko ghodi bnakar chod raha he or vo drd se aaa uuuuu kar rahi thi.kafil ki bivi kuch nahi boli or vaha se apne kamre me chali gai.mgr vo brabar us manjar ke bare me hi soch rahi thi.sochte sochte uski chut me bhi khaj chalni suru ho gai.usne apni chut me faruk ke tasavvur me ungli daalni suru kar di.use kafi mza aaya ki jese faruk usko chod raha ho.vo thodi der me jhad gai.or vo faruk se apni pyaas bujhane ka program bnane lgi.kreeb raat ko 10 bje usne faruk ko apne kamre me bulaya or apne paas bethne ko kaha.vo beth gya.fir arbi kafil ki bivi ne usse pucha ki kya ye sach he ki tum dono nokraniyo ke sath sex karte ho.to vo dr gya.or bola ki medam nahi.to vo boli ki muje mt bnao muje sab maalum he.ab faruk to kaanpne lga ki ab to nokri gai.fir vo boli ki teri medam ki chut me kya kaante lge hue he jo tu nokraniyo ko chodta firta he.tu nokri to meri karta he or khush un haram jaadiyo ko karta he.faruk bola ki medam me kuch samja nahi.to vo boli ki loda tere paas he to chut to me bhi rakhti hu.tuje to pta he ki tere kafil to jyadatar mulk se bahar rahte he ,or me yaha akeli tanhai ki aag me jalti rahti hu.me tuje mala maal kar dugi tune agr meri pyaas bujha di.faruk to hkka bkka hi rah gya ki sari pyasi chute yahi par he kya.

Fir medam ne uski pent ki chen khol kar uska loda pakda or sahlane lgi.vo to pura masti me aa chukka tha.usne medam ke mamme pakadkar dabane lga.fir usne medam ke kapde utaarne suru kiye.ab medam uske samne sirf bra or penty me khadi thi usne bra nikal kar uske mamme aajad kiye or chusne lga jese koi bacha chusta he.fir uski penty nikal kar uski chut me ungliya dali vo tadap uthi or usne faruk ke lode ko kass ke pakad liya.ab dono me aag bhadak chuki thi,usne madam ko ghodi bnaya or piche se apna loda uski chut pr rakh kar ragda to vo tadapne lgi or boli ki jaldi dalo.fir usne ek dhakka mara pura loda uski moti chut me chala gya.or vo mje lene lgi.kuch der baad faruk ne loda nikala or usko pani se gila kiya or thoda pani uski chut pr giraya fir loda andar kiya to dono mst ho gae or chudai ke mze lene lge.or kuch 10 mint tk chudai karne ke baad dono jhad gae.arbi medam ki chut fulkar moti dabal roty ki tarah ho chuki thi.us raat unhone kreeb 4 baar chudai ki.ab faruk thak kar so chukka tha.ab uska kaam bhi safai ka arbi medam un nokraniyo se karvana suru kar diya,ab faruk ka kaam sirf chudai karna hi rah gya.use khub mja aata.ek raat faruk medam ke kamre me unki chut maar raha tha,arbi medam ki ek 18 sala beti thi jo aksar apne kamre me hi rahti thi usko raat me sr drd hua to vo apni ma ke room me jane ke liye chali ,andar se uski ma ki masti bhari aavaje aa rahi thi usne andar jhank kar dekha to ma ghodi bni hui thi or faruk piche se uski chut me land daal kar dhakke maar raha tha.vo ladki ye manjar dekhti rahi jb vo dono jhad gae or ek dusre ke upr pad gae to vo ladki apne kamre me chali gai.subah usne bhi faruk ko moka pakar apne room me bulaya or bate karte hue boli ki muje bhi to apne lode ka svaad chakhao.faruk ne kafi mna kiya kyu ki vo darta tha ki ye abhi tk kuari he agr bacha vgera thahar gya to musibat ho jaegi.lekin vo nahi mani or boli ki,agr tumne muje nahi choda to me baba arbi kafil ko sab kuch bta dugi.ab faruk majbur ho gya.or haan bol diya.vo boli ki abhi chodo.faruk ne uske kapde utare or uski kuari chut ko masalne lga or uske mamme bhi dabane lga vo masti me aa chuki thi fir faruk ne uski chut me ungliya daali vo havas me divani ho chuki thi jaldi jaldi chilla rahi thi.faruk ne apna loda uski chut par rakhkar dhakke mare mgr vo andar nahi ja raha tha kyu ki chut bahut tait thi or kauri thi fir faruk ne apne lode pr tel lgaya or uski chut par bhi tel lagaya or lode ko dubara chut pr rakh kar dhakka mara vo chut ko chirta hua andar chala gya.us ladki ka mare drd ke haal bura tha.faruk ne uske muh par apna haath rakh diya isse vo chilla bhi nahi ski thodi der baad usko bhi mja aana suru hua.ab vo mje le lekar chudva rahi thi.fir faruk jhad gya.mgr vo nahi jhadi.uski pyaas na bujhi vo boli ki muje dubara chodo.kafi der baad faruk ka loda khada hua or is baar esa choda ki vo ladki jhad gai.fir ab to faruk us ladki ki ,or uski ma ki yani arbi medam ki,or dono nokraniyo ki khub chudai karta.fir faruk ka jism dhalna suru ho gya.vo ab chod chod kar bor ho chukka tha.use apni bivi ki yaad aai,to usne socha ki agr me sara loda yahi pr barbad kar duga to meri bivi ko kya muh dikhauga.ye soch soch kar uska bdn kamjor hone lga.khana pina bhi acha na lagta.or tensan rahti.ab usko mulk se aae hue 6 maah ho chuke the,krza bhi utarna kafi baki tha,or yaha chudai ghar me rahna bhi mushkil tha.usne ek din apne chacha jaad bhai ko jo dubai me hi rahta tha,or usi ne visa niklaya tha,use fon kiya or apne paas bulaya.or ek kamre me le jaakr sari bate btai.vo sunta raha or fir bola ki me teri medam se baat karta hu.ye kahkar vo medam ke room me gya.medam ne darvaja bnd kar liya.or kafi der tk vo bahar nahi nikla,shayad vo bhi uski arbi medam ko chodne lag gya tha.kafi der baad vo bahar nikla or faruk ke paas jakar bola ki yaar kya mushkil he yaha.ye log bahut ache he.tu yahi par rah.mene medam se baat kar li he me bhi har hafte tujse milne aata rahuga.kyu ki usko bhi chaska lag chukka tha.ab faruk ka ghar se bahar nikalna bhi bnd ho gya tha.vo log use bahar bhi nahi jane dete.vo paresan ho chukka tha.usne ghar pr fon kiya or apne baap se bola ki me mulk aana chahta hu,mgr uska baap gussa karne lga or bola ki abhi tk to karza bhi nahi utara or ghar aane ki bate karta he.agr tu yaha vaapas bina karza chukae aaya to me tuje ghar se nikal duga.ab faruk or bhi jyada tensan me rahne lga.uske dubai vale bhai ne uske ghar fon karke ye bol diya tha ki iske malik or malikin bahut ache he mgr iska to kaam karne ka dil bhi nahi karta,bs har vkt bivi hi yaad aati he.isliye bahane bna kar aana chahta he.faruk har taraf se paresan tha.uske smj me nahi aa raha tha ki kya kre.or ghar valo ko sach bhi to kese batae.aakhir usne ek din apne jijaji ko fon kiya or sara maajra bataya.is par jijaji ne use bhagne ka masvra diya or kaha ki ghar valo ko me samjha duga.aakhir faruk ek din moka dekh kar bhag gya.or kuch din idhar udhar bhataka or fir pulice me pakda gya.pulice ne pucha ki apne kafil se kyu bhage,to vo bola ki muje ghar jana he or ye chutti nahi de rahe the isliye .pulice ne arbi kafil ko bulaya or baat chit ki usne ba khushi mulk jane ki ijajat dedi.kyu ki vo un sab bato se anjaan tha.fir faruk chutti ke naam se mulk vaapas aaya or fir vaapas kbhi bhi nahi gya.kafi din aaram karne ke baad dubara texi chalane lga.usne mulk aane ke baad ghar valo ko sari baat bta di thi isliye vo kuch nahi bole.or use kuch nahi kaha.fir dhire dhire usne apni bivi ke sath sohbat karni suru ki or ab uske 2 bache bhi he.usne to jindgi bhar ke liye dubai ke naam se bhi toba karli.ab vo khush haal he.or mulk me hi kaam dhanda karta he.to dosto,ye thi mere dost ki kahani.aapko kesi lgi jarur batae.or ladys ko friend ship ke liye or pyaar ke liye Raja invait karta he.girls jarur E mails bheje.Arb Emarat me kisi bhi jagah ki ladys ho ya India me kahi ki bhi ho vo mujse friend ship kar sakti he.bahut jld fir se ek nai kahani lekar haajir houga.tab tk ke liye good bayyyyyyyyyyyy

Aapka Arb story wrighter or dost — [Raja.dubai 86 @ yahoo.com ]

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مئی 15, 2009 at 5:56 pm

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Ghalat Fehmi Ki Saza – True Story

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Hi friends, I am Raja m26, from dubai.”Arb ladkiyo ki chudai ,”Arb ki khubsurat chut ,, in do kahaniyo ke baad ek baar fir aapki khidmat me tisri kahani lekar haazir hu.jiska naam he Galat fahmi ki sza.padhiye or apne ta,assuraat E mail kijiye.
aaj me aapko ek sachi kahani sonata hu jo mene mere ek dost ke sath pesh aai.uska naam he Babu.or lohar ka kaam karta he.uske 3 bache bhi he.din bhar loha kutkar apne ghar ke akhrajaat chalata tha.or garibi se paresan tha.ek din uske gao me uske bachpan ka dost jo Saudi arab me rahta tha vo aaya.uska naam tha munna.munna koi salo se Saudi me he.usne jins T shart pahna tha or kapdo me sent ki khusbue aa rahi thi ,muh me paan tha.or usne babu se salam dua ki.babu ne kafi der bate karne ke doran pucha ki yaar tu to pahle kesa tha or aaj to bodi bn gai he or raees bhi bn gya he.aakhir kya raaz he.to munna bola ki Saudi me kaam karta hu ,vaha ka 1 riyal yha ke 14 rupae bante he.is hisaab se me har maah bis hjaar rupae ghar bhej deta hu or kuch khud bhi kharche ke liye rakh leta hu.kher babu fir apne ghar chala gya,or munna ki bato pr gor karne lga.aakhir usne bhi Saudi jane ka fesla kar liya.usne dusre din munna se koi visa vgera ke liye kaha or apne pass port ki kopi or foto diye.kuch din baad munna chala gya.yaha babu ne apni bivi se Saudi ke bare me baat ki.mgr vo to bilkul khilaaf ho gai.aakhir babu ne use samja bujha kr mna hi liya.babu ne logo se krza karke pese liye or vise ka intijaar karne lga.aakhir munna ne kosise karke uske liye vise ka intijaam kar hi diya.visa sicoriti gard ka tha.babu bahut khus tha.fir uska flait hua.or vo Saudi pahucha.vaha Air port pr munna use lene aaya.vo munna ke sath uske room me gya or 2 din uske paas raha.vaha munna ne use kafi kuch samjaya.fir babu ka arbi kafil [arbab]use lene aaya.or babu uske sath chala gya.arbi kafil ne btaya ki aapki duty mere ghar pr rahegi.ghar ke darvaje pr pahredari karne ka kaam tha.fir arbi kafil use apne ghar le gya.vaha usne babu ko apni femeli se milvaya.uski ek bivi 35 saal.or ek ladki 20 sala hi thi.or tisra vo arbi khud tha.vo arbi ek bijnas men tha aksar mulk ba mulk sfr pr rahta tha.piche ghar ke kamo or dekh bhal ke liye usne babu ko raklha tha.yaha ye bta du ki arbi kafil urdu jabaan puri jaanta tha.or uski bivi bhi urdu jaanti thi mgr beti nahi jaanti thi.kher babu ne sbse mulakaat ki ,fir babu ko uska room dikhaya gya.jo ki arbi orat ke room ke bilkul samne ki trf tha.babu imandari se 8 ghante darvaje pr duty karta.or fir apne room me jakar kha pi kar so jata.or hafte me ek din chutti milti thi juma ko.dhire dhire babu kafil ki bivi se ghul mil gya.ghar ke kaam me hath batata.soda saman vgera bajaar se lakar dedeta.or sare ghar vale uske kaam se khush the.arbi kafil jb bhi ghar me dakhil hota to pahle babu ke room ki trf jakar use salam karta.fir haal chal puchta or fir apni bivi bacho ke paas jata.babu arbi kafil ko kafil or uski bivi ko mama kahta tha.kafil ne ek din bato bato me babu se pucha ki tumari shadi hui ya nahi ? to babu ne jhut bola ki nahi abhi tk kuvara hu.fir usne pucha ki or kon kon he tumare ghar me ? to babu bola ki mere 2 bhai he jo shadi shuda he.ma baap nahi he me yteem hu.is pr arbi kfil ko bahut raham aaya.

Vo bola ki esa na kaho.allah ne muje beta nahi diya.me tumhe apne bete ki tarah rakhuga.kher vkt gujarta raha.babu dino din unka ajeez bnta gya.vo arbi kafil jb bhi videsh se aata to apne ghar valo ke liye or babu ke liye kuch tohfe jarur lata.babu ghar ke kai kamo me hath batata.vo arbi mama bhi use kafi pasand karti thi.arbi kafil ki beti se sirf uski slam dua hi thi jyada baat chit na thi.iski vajah ye he ki vo parda karti thi.or apne kamre me hi rahti thi.kher vo dono arbi miya bivi use apne bete ki tarah rakhte the.use ghumne ke liye ek car bhi di hui thi.or jb 1 saal ke baad vo apne mulk gya to un arbi miya bivi ne use kafi sara saman dilaya.khub tohfe diye.ab mulk me babu ka sara karza bhi utr chukka tha.or babu kafi khush tha.babu ne apne liye mulk me ek ghar banvaya.or apne bacho ko English midiam school me dakhil karvaya.or 2 taxiya bhi kharid kar kirae pr chalane ke liye dedi.babu kuch din rahkar vaaps Saudi arb aa gya.yaha bhi ghar jesa mahol tha.uske aane se pure ghar me ronak aa gai.fir vo mje se rahne lga.din me duty deta or raat ko room me T.V dekh kar so jata.or vo arbi kafil or uski bivi ka pyara bn chukka tha.uske mulk se aane ke kuch maah baad ki baat he ek baar arbi kafil dusre mulk bijnes ke silsile me gya.or koi din vaaps na aaya.babu din me duty dekar raat ko room me T.V dekh raha tha.t.v pr hot dance dekh kar uske jajbat be kabu hone lge.usne room ke bahar jhank kar dekha saamne vale room me 0 blb ki rosini thi.or arbi kafil ki bivi ulti leti hui koi kitaab padh rahi thi.raat ke kreeb 10 baj chuke the. Vo baar baar karvte bdl rahi thi.babu ne socha ki iska shohar kai dino se bahar he isliye ye bhi javani ki aag me jhulas rahi he.or idhar me bhi bivi se kai maah se door pada hu.kyu na dono pyase mil kar ek dusre ki pyaas bujhae.ye soch kar uska loda steel ki tarah tite ho gya.or vo tanhai ki aag me jalne lga.ab usse sbr karna muskil ho gya.to vo uthkar us arbi kafil ki bivi ke room ki trf gya or bahar se jhank kar dekha.uska darvaja khula tha isliye najara saaf dikh raha tha.babu ne dekha ki mama ulti leti hui he.or uski naiti kuch upr uthi hui he jisse uske gore gore pao jaangho tk njr aa rahe he.ye najara dekh kar babu ki halat or bhi kharab ho gai vo uske darvaje par khada ho gya.itne me usne mahsoos kiya ki koi darvaje pr he.to vo palti dekha to babu khada tha.vo muskurakar boli ki babu bahar kyu khade ho andar aa jao.to babu ne socha ki ye bhi yahi chahti he isi liye to isne muje andar aane ka kaha he.babu khusi khusi andar gya.usne apni palang pr use apne sath bithaya.ab to babu bekabu hone lga.pr sbr karke chup chap beth gya.usne babu se kaha ki kya baat he beta nind nahi aa rahi he kya? To babu ne haan me sr hilaya.usne babu ka haath pakad kr pucha ki tumari tabiyat to thik he na bete ? ab to babu ki tadap or bhi badh gai.fir usne pyaar se uske sar par hath ferte hue kaha ki bete sar me to drd nahi he.to babu bola haan.vo boli ki me tumhe goli deti hu goli khakar so jao subah tak thik ho jaega.babu uske khubsurat badan ko dekh kar pagal ho raha tha.bde bde mamme.gora rang gulabi hoth dekh kar babu bekabu ho gya.or usne use baho me jakad liya or bola ki muje to teri jarurat he.tu bhi pyasi he or me bhi pyasa hu aa ham k dusre ki pyaas ko bujhate he.babu ne ye kahkar use jabardsti chumna suru kiya or uske mamme dabane lga.or uske chutro pr haath ferne lga.itne me usne apne aap ko aajad karvaya or………………………………

Babu ko ek jor se thappad mara ,or boli ki mene tuje apne sge bete ki tarah samja or tu itna harami nikla.ruk ab tu dekh me tera kya haal karvati hu.ye kahkar usne apne shohar ko fen kiya or boli ki jitni jaldi ho ske ghar aao.usne bahut pucha ki kya baat he ,mgr usne fon par kuch nahi bataya.ab babu ka pura badan kaanpne lga.or vo apne room ko chala.kyu ki babu jaanta tha ki Saudi me jina ki sza mot hi he agr is orat ne sab kuch bta diya to yaha ki hukumat mera sr kalam karegi.ye soch soch kar babu pl pl mar raha tha mare khof ke uska dm ghutne lga.use har taraf apni mot najar aa rahi thi.vo samajh nahi pa raha tha ki kya kre.ye raat itni lambi ho gai ki din nikalne ka naam hi nahi le raha tha.babu khof me laraz raha tha.jesa usne socha tha vesa kuch nahi tha.vo orat use apna beta samajti thi,usne jese ek ma apne bete ko shafkat se sar pr hath ferkar uska dil bahlati he usi tarah usne bhi ma ki tarah babu ko shafkat dene ki kosis kit hi mgr babu galat fahmi ka shikaasr ho gya,or usne shahvat ke hatho majbur hokar na karne ka kar dala.mgr ab pachtae to hota he kya jb chidiya chug gai khet.babu gahri soch me duba hua tha.kb din nikla kuch pta bhi na chala.aakhir din me 12 bje arbi kafil apne ghar pahucha or apni aadat ke mutabik sidha babu ke room ki taraf gya,or use salam dua karke haal chal puchne lga.babu ne bnavti andaz me kaha ki thik he.fir arbi kafil apni bivi ke paas gya or un dono miya bivi ne andar se darvaza bnd kar liya ab andar kya baat hui ye sirf vo hi jane.thodi der baad arbi kafil baahar vaapas aaya.or usne babu ko aavaaz di.babu room se nikal kar darta hua uske paas gya,or jate hi uske kadmo me gir gya or kahne lga ki mujse galti ho gai kafil sahib, muje maaf kar do.kafil bola ”mene or meri bivi ne tujpar bharosa kiya,tuje apni olaad ki tarah samja,tuje sab kuch diya,teri madad ki,htta ki ham dono ne yaha tk soch rakha tha ki ham apni ikloti beti ki nikaah bhi tujse kar dege,or tuje is sari jaydaat ka maalik bhi bna dege.mgr en vkt pr tune teri jaat dikhadi.tune esi gandi harkat ki jo ki maaf karne ke bhi like nahi he.tu sala agr iski jagah teri apni ma hoti to uske sath bhi tu esa hi karta.acha hua vkt pr hamne tuje pahchan liya,vrna umr bhar hme apne visvaas pr sharminda hona padta.agr me chahu to tuje Saudi hukumat ke havale karke tuje sjaae mot bhi dilva sakta hu,mgr nahi me tuje esi jindgi ki baddua deta hu ki tu jinda to rahega mgr pl pl mot ki tamanna karega.or fir usne babu ka visa censil karva diya ,babu usse lakh maafiya mangta raha mgr usne uski ek na suni.or use Air port tk chodne chala.vaha pahuch kar usne babu se kaha ki ghar jakar sukr ada karna ki mene tere itni nich harkat karne ke baavjud bhi jinda bhej raha hu.agr me chahta to kuch bhi karva sakta tha mgr mene tujpar raham kiya.fir kbhi jindgi me kisi ke sath esi gandi harkat nahi karna.kisi ke visvaas ke sath esa khilvad mt karna.babu ka ro ro kar bura haal tha.aakhir flait ka vkt ho gya or babu apne vtn ko vaapas chala gya.mulk me bhi babu ko kaha sukun tha.har vkt jese gm lg gya tha.uska kahi pr bhi dil nahi lagta.jo maal jma kiya tha usse ghar kharch chal jata.babu ghar me ek kamre me bnd rahta.or kisi se bhi nahi milta tha.aakhir ghar bethe khane se to baadshaho ke khajane bhi khatam ho jate he.babu ka sara jma maal bhi dhire dhire khatam hone lga.uski gaadiya bhi bik gai ,or uska ghar bhi bik gya.bacho ko fees jma na karane ki vjaah se school se nikal diya.or bache bhi ghar beth gae.halat dino din kharab hone lge.

Kyu ki babu ko us arbi ki baddua lgi thi vo dino din barbaad hone lga.aakhir ek din vo naya ghar chorkar apni purani jhopdi me chala gya.apni femeli ke sath vaha rahne lga.logo se karze lekar ghar kharch chalata.ab to karze maangne vale bhi paresan karne lge.babu ka jism jese haddiyo ka sa ho gya.vo har vkt udaas udaas rahta.fir usne loha kutna suru kiya.ab uske bache bhi javaan ho chuke the vo bhi apne baap ke sath din bhar loha kut te or apne ghar ka kharch chalate.to dosto ye thi babu ki jindgi ki vo hakikat ,jise vo aaj tak bhi bhula nahi paya.aaj bhi vo jinda he ,mgr be jaan insane ki tarah ghar pr pda rahta he.ye kahani jb mene suni to mene koi logo ko sunakar ise mash hur kar diya.aap sab ko ye babu ki kahani kesi lgi, muje E mail jarur kare.ye Raja dubai ki tisri kahani he.muje aapke mails ka intijaar rahega.
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